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Can I change my LIVE i.d. ?



I'm half way thru GTA IV, but I need to close the hotmail address (windows LIVE address) I use in the game.


Can I change it to another hotmail address without losing my progress ?


( Inside the game, I clicked 'home' and in my profile i've added a link to my new hotmail address. I thought I may be able to add the new one and delete the old one, but it doesn't look like it. )


cheers, Eon.

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4 answers to this question

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I think you can do so. Did you tried to log in via the Xbox LIVE site and change the email account associated with your LIVE account? I never tried that, but I think you should be able to do so... it's like changing the password.


You can't alter your nick though. For that you must create a new account, but if you just want to change the email address, give it a try.

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You can't change your email account linked to it. You must create a new account. If you wanted to change your alias (Nick, whatever) it costs 10 microsoft points (Or $5), but you must have access to an Xbox.

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Yes, you can change it to any other e-mail address that is not yet associated with Windows Live ID you want (it even does not have to be hotmail address).


1. Log in to https://account.live.com/ with your current email address.

2. You should see summary page of your Windows Live ID

3. Click on "Change" with is below your name and after your current email aadress

4. Fill in the form (insert your current password, check "Use your own e-mail address", insert your new email address which is not yet associated with Windows Live ID, click "Check availability" to make sure it's ok and then click "Save").

5. E-mail is sent to your new email address about how to activate your new email address.

6. You are done, you can now log into Live services with your new email.


One thing i'm not sure of - i don't know what will happen with your hotmail mailbox (will the mails be transfered to new mailbox or will they be deleted, i don't know), cause i did not use hotmail for mails.

Also i don't know what will happen with MSN (will the contacts be transfered to new one or not).



I did the same thing with my Live ID, as i changed my old hotmail address for gmail and it perfectly worked (all data related to GTAIV was in place, all achivements etc).



You can also change your Gamertag, but this can be done only in Xbox and will cost some money (800 points if i'm right).

Edited by Powerpuff

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Thanks powepuff, I'll try that.


cheers !

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