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[GTAIV|REL|BETA] ENBSeries graphic modification


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This is a mixture of various configurations on the version :  

WARNING!!! Screenshots thread moved here: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=480297   Please, share your presets also on my web site forum, not all users can keep track on thousand pages

A few from me.. getting my settings to work/look rite with the jump from low end Nvidia, to a higher than my last card-end Ati......         just took vehicle density down to 40 to clear th

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So Im literally racking my brain around this little problem. Anyone know why at nighttime; Street lights dim out prior to driving underneath the light, hell it can be 15-20 feet away and Ill watch it go out like a candle. sometime it happens right before.


here is a video to show what is happening



if you notice in the distance lights just keepin dimming out for whatever reason.....any explanations?




p.s. excuse me If I wasn't aware of a fix for this, searched and couldn't find much help.

That is a very nice enb, can you please share it with me? :D

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  • 2 months later...

My Enb Series 0.79, set by me using other files to the graphics. Sorry for english, I am Brazilian and I am new to forum. :lol:







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  • 4 weeks later...

Hi guys! I need help with the windshield's reflection.
1070. I'm using RealitIV timecyc with original ENB (latest) applied.
[CARWINDOWGLASS] settings doesn't seem to change anything.

The windows looks nicely bright from below and sides, but not from direct view as used to play at.
The ugly sun reflection texture is rubbish also.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Speedhack (which I don't know what does) is turned off, so glasses doesn't disappear when pressing num8. It isn't a problem anymore.
What I'm up to is the Reflection. ENB values doesn't change anyhting. I just want to make them brighter to match car's body reflections.
(Like iCEnhancer offers, but 99% of ENBs does not work on 1070, rest is ugly as hell)

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  • 6 months later...
  • 4 weeks later...

Any news of ENB for GTA V?


First, Boris Vorontsov visits this thread once in a decade so you won't get any direct info from him.

But he made a statement on his website, enbdev.com:



Modding is possible for any game, the question is how complex is it and much how long to develop tools for it. Rockstar once again failed to understand that the all long living games (except mmo) are moddable or got the tools for modding made by their fans. Decrypt game data is just a small part of the job required for modding and game developers have the power to break all the progress by releasing patches, as they did for GTA4, they are always one step futher. Latest Steam version of the game is the only one would be supported by modders obviously, but it can be patched at any time and as many times as developers decide to do that. A lot of players have issues even starting the game, so the patches will be released by this reason too. I wasted a lot of time on GTA 4 modding, because several months game was not playable with only background and main character visible, then every patch required many changes to be made in ENBSeries. I can't repeat this process again when i see how R* act against modders, modern versions of ENBSeries are no longer generic mods (use ReShade, SweetFX for that), tons of research and testing behind it, at this moment Skyrim statistics in Steam shows 1847 hours spent in the game, but i don't play it. Can you imagine how many times game was restarted and each time i watching intros and loading screens? I'll make GTA 5 mod only when certain conditions will be met, just releasing in first day simple version like for Dark Souls was not in my plans. At last, what i said about suicide have nothing in common with GTA 5, but with my life issues and lose of hell many hard earned money and health, i don't care about GTA at all and just saying my opinion (and other modders, Alexander Blade too).

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  • 5 years later...

Any news, any good ENB presets for low-end PC's? And is enbdev going to develop a new ENB version for GTA IV because even latest GTA IV ENB have lots of bugs.

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