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Please be aware that this is not a tutorial request forum! Use the appropriate topic for the effect.

[IV] Import and export a WFT with ZModeler

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Maybe the Stallion has some extra parts in its model and you edited them. The extra parts are randomly shown in the game. (for example a car with or without the capote)

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yeah it does have those extra parts but they are not the problem, because the schafter does have such extra parts too.


I solved it by importing it as merit. what do you say?


user posted image

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I have a huge problem!

I used to use zmodeler a lot but i got a new PC and for some reason it's not importing, it does not return an error or anything, it does not load the 3d file or the selections in'Scene nodes'

my pc specs are Win7 ultimate on 8GB Ram 2TB Rom 4.20Ghz quad core processor and im running zmodeler on 'Software' however i tried both.

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can you put sa rims on gta 4 vehicals

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I made a tutorial for beginners that I translated in english too. The tutorial explains how to import and export properly a WFT file. So everyone can start to mod the 3D files.

Before following this tutorial make sure you have the latest version of ZModeler properly registered.


Tools required: Zmodeler 2, SparkIV, General vehicle texture pack.


1. Download the General vehicle textures pack and extract it somewhere (here we'll call the folder "DIR").

2. Run SparkIV, click Open and select the vehicles.img file located in


3. Choose the vehicle you want to export, eg. the Comet, so select comet.wft and comet.wdt and click Export.

4. Export both files in the "DIR" folder where we have the other textures extracted in the first passage.

5. With SparkIV click on comet.wdt and click View, then click Save All Textures.

6. Save all the texture in the DIR folder as before.

7. Summarizing: in "DIR" folder you should have the WFT file, all the textures from the general vehicle pack and all the textures extracted from the wdt with SparkIV.

8. Now you can run ZModeler and click Import (be sure you have checked PNG, Collision and Sliced Model).

9. Select comet.wft and it will be imported.

10. Here you need some ZModeler skill to modify the file as you want. Don't change the hierarchy tree.

11. When you finished to modify the model you can export it clicking Export.

12. Save the file where you want, don't replace the original wft file.

13. Run SparkIV again, click Import and select the new WFT.

14. Run the game and you should have your new Comet.



Hope it helps. smile.gif

how to export it to wft files?? becoz cant export wft files it just has gta san andres,3dsmax and etc

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