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VisualIV is a graphic overhaul modification for Grand Theft Auto IV, bringing you a completely redone time cycle and improved color correction to add some life to Liberty City as well as a fixed rendering code, so your playing experience will be more smooth.

There are a lot of other tweaks included, like bigger density of cars and pedestrians on roads, removed depth of field etc.




- rewrited weather settings
- black clouds bug fixed
- fixed a bug with overbrighted bloom
- light adaptation added
- new water texture
- ambient light & shadows from moon added in all areas
- compatibility with ENBSeries


1.8 - https://www35.zippyshare.com/v/wDYXXcEq/file.html

Older, deprecated versions are available here - http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=7008



Edited by _CP_
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Omg this is too epic!!


Thank you so much, i don't know how but this actually increased my fps by almost 10 happy.gif


Also, it looks sooooooooo incredible, now while driving on the highway you can actually reflect the buildings and stuff, so sweet! colgate.gif


I hope that you perhaps could coop this mod up with kriller2 when he's releasing his v4 of realistic envirorments.

Perhaps ask him in PM or something before he works further on it smile.gif

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In new version add:

- real draw distance. Rain = 800, extra sunny = 3500 etc.

- off shadows in night and in rain, drizzle, foggy, lighting; +5-10FPS

- clear sky in extra sunny.

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You rock man! Very awesome



Could I upload it on my site? smile.gif obviously with credits as I do every time for every mod biggrin.gif


edit: thanks for permission via pm smile.gif

Edited by Fabio206
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Nice! Too bad the roads are too reflective. tounge.gif

Edit: hey, this mod actually looks good, even when it's dry! biggrin.gif

(But i prefer the timecyc of environment mod, colors and such, but still, this mod is AWESOME. What numbers did you change?)

Edited by ikt
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Yo people from Poland ;]

So, i already write what is bad (in polish forum)

I just even add - in water is no change, cars are "chrome", no prefomance boost ;]


But good job, nice (yet nice, we will see how to will be in future ;D ) graphic mod for GTA IV.

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Omg awesome !

Performance boost? I dont know.

I installed 1.0.4 + this mod, 5-10 FPS more oO !

Got 1.0.3 + Envi Mod, low fps.

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When I saw the screens I tough it would suck.

But now I'm using it and it's really more beautiful and I didn't lost any FPS.


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This photo was made by polish forum user named Leito, look at the shadow of Niko smile.gif

user posted image

Edited by City_Poke912
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This is a photo of Leito form polish forum, look at the shadow of Niko smile.gif

First, i dont know what are you talking about, second, the shadows looks normal. I dont see anything cool.

And about the mod: The reflections are not bad, but it doenst wokrs on my IV. I dont see any changes on my IV.

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Looks Great.... At night and raining.


i think i will keep this one.


and i have no different in performance.



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Im not sure which mod is my favorite, Enviroment or Visual...

I think the best thing in your mod are the car reflections.

Also I liked some weather types, especially the foggy...

On the other way there were too shiny moments in my opinion.

Is it possible to use the Enviroment Mod and your car reflections or is this a big thing which cant be seperated?

If it is, which lines in which file I have to change?


I know, my english isnt the best. ;-)

Edited by Zybba
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