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XBL not connecting (IP address)


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I have just bought an XBox 360 Elite, I have a cable/DSL modem on this computer. I have connected the ethernet cable to the back of the modem and when I run tests on the xbox it reads "failed" on the IP adress section. Well, I have entered my IP address and my gateway, but the subnet mask is coming up with some cra psuch as "it must be in this format xxx.xxx.xxx.x".

This is a new xbox so it may require a different approac.

Help please.

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Have you tried looking on xbox's website for some information? Or even tried giving them a call? I've never had the same problem you had so I couldn't really help. But I'm pretty sure xbox will have something on the error.

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The Xbox should auto get the info from the modem.

Now if your modem has only 1 ethernet port on it and it had previously been connected to a PC then you're gonna get an error. To which you need to completely power down the modem for a few minutes then power it back up wait until it's ready then connect the ethernet to the Xbox. But even then you may have to contact your ISP for help, rare but it happens.


This is one of many reasons to use a router. Let the router be the one to deal directly with the modem and your PC(s) and console(s) talk to the router which can be configured in many different ways.


The modem (or router) will discover what the MAC address is from the device and take note of it that way.

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