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[E.A.R.] Titan

GTA 4 and Teamspeak


[E.A.R.] Titan

Right i sign in to my Clans TS server to chat etc, and then when i go to play GTA 4 i get a sound issue


any audio played from the game stutters or is quicker than should be and sounds as if it is switching on and off very quickly. Also while in TS the others say my voice sounds terrible and is worse than usual


I have suspisions that it might be my Audio Drivers, or my sound card, but it TS doesnt affect any other program/game i have installed


does anyone know what i should do


( I am running XP, and have a 5.1 audio setup with Creative Drivers plus the Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS full package)

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3 answers to this question

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[E.A.R.] Titan

Right i have re installed my sound drivers, and im still getting the same issue, cant anyone help?, or is it you chose not to?

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Try changing the device in Sounds and audio devices in Control panel.

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Dj Paragon

Hi !


I got the same problem. Everything is fine in game, but if I use TeamSpeak while playing, all sounds and musics are too fast and crunchy. Even the loading song. I got a bloody RealTek sound device.


All other games I have works fine with TeamSpeak. And I don't mean oldies like Doom 3 or Max Payne... I mean Crysis, Dead Space, Grid, Fuel, Prototype, UT III, etc...


Is this patchable ?

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