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Create pink markers on the map...

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Hey everyone i found this just last night,

Step 1. During the taxi side mission you have to take people to pink markers on the map, well do the 'taxi mission in any car' glitch and hop in a cop car, now there should be 2 people who need to be picked up, but only one will hop in, Collect the passenger who gets in and now 2 markers will show up, now kill yourself by drowning in the taxi.

Step 2. Now 1 marker will still be on the map!

{Repeat for more markers}


NOTE: The markers will PERMANENTLY stay on the map.



How to do the 'Taxi in any car' Glitch

Step 1.Jump in a taxi, press and hold R3

Step 2.Get out of the taxi still holding R3 and jump in the desired car

Step 3. Release R3


I see no point in doing this apart from having more markers on the map, But still it's pretty cool! biggrin.gif



EDIT:People i found this out just today, doing the glitch makes taxi missions IMPOSSIBLE, when entering a taxi i found no message comes up saying 'Press R3 to toggle 'Taxi' Missions on/off' so before trying this, do the taxi side mission.

Edited by Autocide101

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R3? Your guide is for PS2? Which button is R3?

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R3 is the right analog stick when pushed down

Edited by Autocide101

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Can I set the marker to pinpoint some locations? Like AmmuNation in Staunton, maybe, cause I just forget the place, unless I'm going to Asuka's condo.

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