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Unique Jump Glitch Problem.

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Hi there, I wonder if someone could help.


I've been playing GTA Vice City (PC) for a while and got to 70% completion. I have just bought the Film Studio and am attempting the Unique Jump that involves flying over this property. However, when I try and do this - it goes to that scene that occurs when a unique jump is being performed - BUT, it stays that way. I can move the bike around - in the distance, but it's in slowl motion and I end up having to reload the game - without the unique jump having been done! I have tried the jump on another loaded game - that I abandoned ages ago and it works. So I don't know what's going on - any ideas? Any ideas how I can solve it?


It looks like I am going to have to abandon that game and start again - which is infuriating as I am on 70%!!!!


Any ideas would be great,




Neb Rm.

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1st You posted in the wrong section (Vice City Stories is not the same game as VC, try here: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showforum=62 ).


I don't know what causes your problem, but the same thing often happens in SA when a trainer is in use.

Also dismounting the bike will usually terminate a stuck slow-motion effect in SA.

Sorry, I didn't realise. I have posted in the 'Troubleshooting' forum - which I found after posting here colgate.gif


The slow-mo thing occurs even when I fall off or get off the bike!


Neb Rm.

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Please people when you see a topic that needs moving, just report the topic and leave it, don't post "this shouldn't be here it should be in blah de blah".

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Any ideas of the problem/how to solve it would be great, cheers  smile.gif



Please please pleeease can someone help me - or at least give it a try? I would really appreciate it...it's slowlydriving me nuts!! cryani.gif


Neb Rm.

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Hey buddy, try not to make double & triple posts in the future. You have to be patient with the VC sub-forum, as, at times, it can get a little slow in the Troubleshooting section.


As is the case with a lot of problems, you can find the solution to a specific problem in the Buglist with Solutions (PC, PS2 & Xbox) topic, which is pinned at the top of this section.


I've searched through that topic, and found a potential solution for you to take a look at -





Problem #12:

When performing a Unique Jump, the camera locks in slow-motion and does not release the view - it just stays in slow-motion.


Solution: This is not so much a fix but a work around. ALT+TAB out of the game. Once out, click on Vice City on your task bar. ALT+TAB back in. If this does not release you, repeating the process a second time should do the trick.


Alternatively: A fix/patch was created by Demarest to fix this bug, available here.



Give that a whirl and then report back. smile.gif


[EDIT] the site where the fix is located is offline. Fortunately, Spuds725 has re-hosted it here. To get this working properly, replace your main.scm with the one above and it should be fine.

Edited by flicko
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The fix (that I re-hosted) doesn't really fix it but (from what i've been told) works around the bug by disabling the slo-mo thing entirely-- you should still be credited with any unique jump that is completed correctly-- just realize you won't get the slo-mo cut scene you are used to.

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Sorry, my apologys - thanks for letting me know about that particular forum protocol smile.gif


Thanks for your help, guys. I did the ALT+TAB thing a few times and at first - it only stopped the slow-mo thing - without registering the jump. However, after trying it a good few times, it has now registered the jump!


Thank you ever so much!! icon14.gifbiggrin.gif


Neb Rm

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