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[GTAIV|REL] Nerdook's Side Quests Mod 1.1

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yeah a way to edit the hotkeys would be nice and like someone already asked a ride the bus only mod out of this one would be great wink.gif

Actually when I saw the ride the bus option in this mod, I thought exactly the same thing. I'm surprised the ability to use buses hasnt been modded yet.

exactly, i mean i got the mod where the busses drive around in the city and i got the ride along mod but still would be great if you could like enter the bus and be a bus passenger hehe

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Whoa !

This wont work with EFLC right ?

huh too bad . . . really nice mod from what Ive read .

Mybe I'll goin' to reinstall my GTA IV !

Keep it up

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I just downloaded this, sounds brillant, but I can't get to the key config or at least my key config isn't showing the controls for the mod, can anyone give me a list of them?

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whoa! this old mod is truly unique, too bad it got abandoned... i think u only press E to open the missions menu (u are instructed as u go)

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Somebody (wish I could) should take a look at the potential and remake this mod, or make something in the same spirit as this but more user friendly / controller friendly as well. Would be pretty amazing. (Sorry for bumping.... or am I?)

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Sorry for bumping this. Wanted to say that this is working amazing on considering that it is a very old mod. I downloaded it so I could ride buses. I just wish they would drive particular routes or would follow go to your way point.

Thank you for creating this amazing mod. It truly surprised me seeing it is working without issues.


This mod I feel should be known a lot more about. Hopefully bumping this may do exactly that.

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