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Niko Bellic


Recommended Posts

The newest updates look awesome. I gave the textures a try on SA, since I can't run IV (yet).

user posted image

Looks awesome, the newer textures will look a lot more natural though. I'll release it soon smile.gif

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Yep, it looks nice on SA engine. Can't wait for the next release, I'll surely try it on SA biggrin.gif. You've made beautiful eye textures btw. Good luck wink.gif

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Is the final texture gonna be 1024 by 1024?

Yes, but the previous version was the same size tounge.gif


About the other characters, can't promise anything, I might do more. Depends on how busy I am.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Awesom but it looks like a bit unreal , sorry but i think in the area between the eyes and the nose is a bit too blue, which looks like anything like this as if the 10 days, since no longer would have slept!

But I think he's really good but not so improved that he looks tired

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  • 5 months later...


*** HD Niko Bellic v.2 ***

I have been working on a new version of this mod, please look at the first post for some screenshots. I will post more later on.

I'd like to thanks everyone for voting on this mod. I would've never thought I would win another award so thanks!

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I already have it, but still great job! It's so awesome that you're putting so much work in this, really great job. Congratulations on your award too, I have (ofcourse) voted for you too.

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Thanks a lot. Here is a preview of the texture:

user posted image


I also made a shorter hair version and one with a mohawk which is currently exclusive for Fullmetal and EduardKoeleJuck.

Edited by GTAdedan
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i can tell you..this one is realistic like f*cking hell..Nice progres..good luck



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Picture doesn't work for me aswell and I'm really glad you got some more recognition for your work. Thanks for doing justice to Niko with your brilliant texture work, shamefully the version R* delivered us was rather disappointing (in my opinion).


Keep up the good work! icon14.gif

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This this mod begs the question, why the hell didn't R* make characters this sort of quality anyway, I mean you haven't made the texture any bigger, just more detailed, out of interest how are you making it, from scratch or using a real face as a base for the texture?

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I use small parts of several pictures to make the details, most is scratch made with a little help of certain brushes. I'm glad you like it smile.gif

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looks f*cking epic... but kinda looks blurry.. like an enlarged, badly exported JPG.. i hope it wont look the same ingame.

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  • 1 month later...

gtadedan, when will you post the v2 version? And, please, maybe you should make all of Niko's track pants HD, too. Or, maybe you should make all clothes HD, IF, you could. I liked your HD niko mod because I like HD things. If you like, I will send you a higher quality version of SOME of Niko's clothes. Also, I did not like the way you changed Niko's gloves, his gloves weren't leather, it was a wool. Sorry, if I was too prank.

Edited by DODI3OG
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oc student

It looks crisp but it doesn't feel as good as the original for some reason. Maybe the maps aren't done properly or something but his face looks like it's prebaked. If you know what I mean. But it's a awesome job keep it up.

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Are you maybe planning to make a HD version of Luis/Johnny?

Yeah, go on gtadedan. And, btw, maybe you don't need to change most of johnny's resolution because its already on 1024x1024 just change the look of his face.

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  • 2 months later...

sorry to ressurect an old topic, but any progress?! i'd like to see v2 and maybe some other chars done!

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  • 5 weeks later...

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