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GTA VC Photo Contest Vote & Reaction Topic


Recommended Posts


user posted image


This topic is for questions, additions, etcetera, about the GTA VC Photo Contest. This topic will also be used for the second voting round. Please don't reply at the other topic.


You can see the photo's in the announcement topic. Only votes with the following list will be counted:





The theme of the second round is:


Vice City Action


Take this in consideration when you want to vote!

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Loving the amount of sheer quality entrants... yet again! Decision-making is again going to be difficult for me, as some people have really captured the theme perfectly. Again, I'm looking forward to see who comes out on top this time around.


'Grats to AndySerb for his triumphant shot in the first round. It's shaping up to be a three/four horse race at the moment, but, as you know, anything can happen yet!

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1:The Morning Round

- I like the atmosphere in this one;the sun especially

2:Tommy The Swinger

- this is funny;it really looked like Tommy was dancing lol.gif

3:Say hello to..my little friend

- I also wanted to to do this and yeah, Scarface is my favourite! inlove.gif

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1: Best from VC police

2: Junkyard Jump

3: High in Vice City.


The first pic shows a nice action while the car on the air reminds me action movies. The second has nice stunt action even though it is not detailed but with the environment the aspect can be forgiven. Last pic is well captured with 3D environment of the buildings and scenic sea.

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1:The morning round

2:Junkyard jump

3:Vice city bike action


Although these pieces aren't an action packed bloodbath, they still portray a sense of life and each give off a beautiful vibe.



note: damn, just realised how much mine sucks tounge2.gif

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1: Junkyard jump

2: High in Vice City

3: Vice city bike action


Like the scenery in Junkyard jump

Both High in Vice City and Vice City Bike action reminded me of some great time in VC stunting and shooting videos.

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1. Say hello to my little friend

2. Nailing the law

3. Sending to Hell


All great Action and funny caption as well! The First one is really ace too. Loving the scarface style caption, although not much action, but i still like it.

Edited by AndySerb


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1. Junkyard Jump

2. High in Vice City.

3. Say hello to..my little friend


1. A great bike stunt. Something that represents action nicely.

2. A perfectly caught scene. The broken glass was caught in the best moment.

3. Great memories of the resemblances between this game and Scarface. This pic is also caught in a great moment with the smokey trail from Tommy's fired weapon.

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1: Say hello to.. my little friend - A nice, Scarface nod that fits action 100%

2: High in Vice City - Great moment of action there, beautiful framing too

3: Junk Yard Jump - Similar to above, nice jump that fits the theme


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1.Nailing the law.

2.Best of VC police

3.Say hello to..my little friend


Like to punish the law for chasing Tommy

They really want him by all possible ways

Great scarface screen. Tommy is great!!! Take them down, man!!!

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1: Junkyard Jump

2: Vice City Bike Action!

3: Jury Duty



1. It's the best picture this round has to offer in my opinion. The rider blends perfectly with the surrounding. The only con here is the daytime; it could be a little brighter and sunnyer.

2. This is just an amazing picture. The only reason it doesn't get first place on my list is because It's nothing original. The things that impresses me are mainly the weather effects and the birds/zeppelin in the background.

3. The above pictures were the best IMO, the others were all the other were all quite the same for me. The reason I choose Jury Duty over Best from VC police for third place is the feeling that the police picture was a rip-off from the IV Photo Contest. Jury Duty is an average picture for me, but I like the fact that it was some sort of an energy rush feeling. And it creates a neat blurry effect when minimized, like in a thumbnail size.


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1 Sending to hell

2 High in Vice City

3 Best from Vc Police




1 In this one i like the way they are all lined up to burn.

2 Nice action shot with the breaking glass.

3 What can i say this made me laugh the title gives it the extra humor.


Very good shots this round it was difficult to choose.

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1.Junkyard Jump

2. High in Vice City.

3. Sending to hell


Motivation: Junkyard Jump fits perfectly the theme and has a great angle, the second and third are also great action shots.



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This was a very tough decision to make; I've looked long & hard at every picture, and for a while couldn't decide! Here's my final decision -


1: Junkyard Jump

2: Jury Duty

3: Chainsaw Massacre

Motivation Junkyard Jump was a fantastic action shot. It really captures what this theme is about, and is utterly stunning. I'm pleased to see that I'm not the only one who values this picture above the rest. Even though the others were fantastic, I think this pips them to the post, and really underlines the word 'action'.


I feel the same way about Jury Duty; it certainly fits the theme well. Tommy looks like a brute force, and the sparks only add to the shot.


It was tough for me to not place this in second place, because I love it when blood covers the screen! that_guy2057_evilgrin.gif This shot definitely capture the theme, was creative and is certainly action-packed.

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I wonder what has happened to the voting it has just went dead. Come on everyone don't be scared to vote.

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1. Junkyard jump

2.Vice City Bike Action!

3.Best from VC police


1- A nice action photo and reminds me of all the good time hanging around the junkyard

2- A cool pic from that bike.

3- Another nice action photo.


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1. Tommy The Swinger

2. Junkyard Jump

3. The Morning Round



1. I really like the Malibu and also the missions from there. A nice place where to groove and where that accent guy spent time biggrin.gif

Nice groovy pic! STOP! Hammer time!

2. Nice stunt picture. Reminds me also the junkyard. I wish the junkyard had a bigger meaning in the game. Not only for one mission. There could´ve been workers there crushing cars, dealing with trash and so on.

And from the picture you can also see a lil bit of Phil´s place wink.gif

3. The Leaf Links sure does look nice, when the sun is shining smile.gif

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I wonder what has happened to the voting it has just went dead. Come on everyone don't be scared to vote.

Yeah, seems to be a slow mover this week. I'm sure it'll pick up soon though; there are still a few people who I expect to vote over the next few days. icon14.gif

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1: Junkyard Jump

2: The morning round

3: Vice City Bike action

Motivation: Well for The Morning Round, and Vice City Bike Action I liked the way the sun shines into the pic, and I think these pics are good because of the sunlight which make them look attracitve. As for Junkyard Jump I think that this pic as a little gloomy but also think it's an amazing picture, and deserves to win.

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1.Tommy The Swinger

2.Sending to hell

3.Best from VC police


I think that tommy the swinger is a classic everytime I see it makes me grin.

The ammount of blood in sending to hell is incredible then you add in all the flames surrounding hte cops and you have yourself one incredible snap.

The third was a toughy but had to go with Best from VC police with the cop car which was almost verticle in the air, it reminds me of some crazy cop chases i've had in the game.


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1:Chainsaw Massacre

2:Sending to hell

3:Best from VC police


The first two show that mayhem tommy can cause in Vice City, and "Best from VC police" is just a nice "unplanned" shot.

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1: Tommy The Swinger

2: Jury Duty

3: High In Vice City


Motivation I just love this pic, I thought at first it was modded mercie_blink.gif never knew the village people were in the Malibu club. Jury Duty got my second place vote because I remember when I got Vice City I used to go around hacking things with the chain saw all the time. Finally third place goes to High In Vice City an excellent shot of one of my fave things to do in the game "stunt jumps".



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1: Chainsaw Massacre

2: High in Vice City.

3: Best from VC police

Motivation: Chainsaw Massacre is a beautiful picture. It's very creative, it's very good quality and it is perfectly linked to the theme. High in Vice City is perfectly timed, the broken window is beautiful. Third is "Best from VC police", because it's creative and well, just a nice photo. tounge.gif


It's exactly 01.00, thanks all for voting. The new reaction topic will appear online soon. biggrin.gif

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CharmingCharlie races to the close button


Yep onwards and upwards to round 3 which should be interesting, bet mine is the perviest though tounge.gif

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