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Everything proof Admiral - acquiring 4 of them


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As many of you know you can easily obtain this special car by failing or passing the mission "Guardian Angels". Now the question is how many of them can you obtain and store them?


The East island has three safehouses with garages where you can store one car each:

  • Links view
  • El Swanko Casa
  • Ocean heights
The West island is still locked and it is impossible to jump the sea in between unless you employ cheats.


Here is a simple method to obtain Four Everything proof(EP) Admirals and keep them.


1. Trigger & fail the mission three times and each time take the EP Admiral and store inside the safe house garages in the East island mentioned above.


2. Again trigger the mission for the fourth instance & go through all the stages except the final phase where you have to give Diaz the Briefcase you picked up which ends the mission successfully. Diaz will be sitting in his Admiral which will be facing the South and the pink marker which you have to enter will be at the left side of the car.


3. Approach & enter the pink circle from the north moving in a southward direction parallel to the car and quickly move forward just as the cut scene ends which gives you a mission completed message. Then take a left turn on the road intersection and you will (always if done correctly) find in the middle of the intersection an Admiral (which will be the same which Diaz drives).

I made a short video of this procedure.





This Admiral is extra special than the previous three you obtained because of its spike proof & bullet proof tyres until you put it in a garage. You can use pay'n spray safely since it does not take away those special attributes. You can also save your game by parking it some where near by your safe house making sure the car doesn't disappear.


4. When you step out of the vehicle subsequently you will receive a call from Diaz to meet him at his mansion in Starfish island which is unlocked now. Go ahead and meet Diaz who will give you the next mission "The Chase" where you have to pursue a gangster and this car makes it a lot more easier.


5. "The Chase" mission begins in Vice point at a house near the Jewelery shop. The culprit you have to chase, runs from his hideout over rooftops in a northerly direction and jumps off to escape in a BF injection parked near a Faggio scooter. Before entering the pink marker at the house which triggers the chase, park the Admiral near that very same Faggio, facing East, keeping the doors open. When you pursue the BF Injection, the gangster will be shooting at your car with an assault rifle & the great fun thing is, that your car will take all the punishment without incurring a scratch or a dent thus making this mission a piece of cake to pass.


6. After passing this mission go again to Diaz' mansion in the same Admiral, parking it near the bottom of the stairs and enter the pink marker which triggers the next mission "Phnom Penh 86" where you will be handling the machine guns of a helicopter. When you complete the mission you will be transported back to the front patio of the Diaz mansion with your Admiral sitting nicely at the same place where you parked it before the start of the mission. West island is open now henceforth.


7. All you have to do then is to take the Admiral to Downtown in West island, purchase the Hyman condo safe house and put your special car in one of the three garages. So now you will have Four everything proof Admirals at your disposal.


Edit:Refined this walk through a bit.

Edited by laezy
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Nice walk-through there buddy. It was simplistic, but certainly to the point, and I'm sure this will be of beneficial use to many gamers out there. Thanks for sharing mate.


Would you mind if I added it to the Guides and Walkthroughs topic? smile.gif

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Thanks for your kind words. Please go ahead with your suggestion. I would be glad & honored if this guide is useful to anybody. I will also try to refine it later sometime.

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I don't know how a guide that tells people how to acquire four everything-proof vehicles can not be helpful to somebody! biggrin.gif


I've added it to the topic - here. Thanks for your correspondence.

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  • 1 month later...
The East island has three safehouses with garages where you can store one car each:
  • Links view
  • El Swanko Casa
  • Ocean heights
The West island is still locked and it is impossible to jump the sea in between unless you employ cheats.


Here is a simple method to obtain Four Everything proof(EP) Admirals and keep them.

Could I correct you please? You can put in every garage in East Island two Admirals, not only one and finally you'll have seven mercie_blink.gif Admirals, not four.

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@vasil72, Thanks for your reply. I believed that, since the garages in the East island safe houses being small couldn't hold more than one car. The garage doors also don't open when you approach with a car whilst there is still one inside them and you get the message that you cannot store more cars in that particular garage.


But after your suggestion i went ahead and tried storing two cars in the East island garages and it worked alright. I pushed the car already inside the garage so that it stood somewhat sideways but not fully horizontal. Then i drove another car right to the front of the garage almost touching the door, stepped out to make the garage door open(it stayed open) and somehow managed to shove the second car inside parking it almost parallel to the first car. When i walked out, the garage closed with two cars inside. I could also take out the cars for a ride out of the garage albeit with a little bit of effort of pushing & shoving.


So the conclusion is;


It is possible to store more than one car (medium sized - not tested with bigger ones) in the East island safe house garages and needless to say storing extra bikes/scooters is lot more easier than cars.It is also possible to take them out of the garage if you are patient and willing do some pushing With this knowledgeable input from vasil72 i stand corrected and now believe that it possible to obtain and store Seven(7) Everything Proof Admirals in East island


PS:One small doubt still lingers at the back of my mind. After cramming two vehicles in the garages meant to hold a single one, do the vehicles remain there for a longer time and not get eaten by the garage like the infamous Hyman condo garage.

Edited by laezy
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  • 2 weeks later...

It's possible to exceed the limit in any games but the risk is losing everything in it.

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