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Who or What Am I: San Andreas

Recommended Posts

What the fakkin' sh***T?


damn I've never seen 30 clues in one question before...

EDIT: The Cemetery in LS? Or Grove Street?

Edited by Benjimino234
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one-third is about the answer and the other two-thirds is about stuff deliberately near the proximity or about the town


p.s. clue/hint 30

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This is getting a bit stupid. Just try to stay on topic please, smaisey and Ben. At least put a guess in your post at the least.


@Navillusk: The aim of this game is to make the clues less vague as the question progresses. I cant see any of this in your clues, so make your next ones as least vague as possible. You can see that your clues are a bit too wild.


@Question: Police Bribe on bridge in Easter Basin?

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Tommy Dickfingers

I haven't ventured off topic, you can see my guesses in my last few posts, my only other posts have been in relation to the standard of the clues, which is on topic.

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Drive-thru wedding chapel?

good job, wedding chappel is exactly what i was looking for.

i'll post the answers to the clues/hints later.

Edited by Navillusk
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I see nobody's guessing, so here are some more clues:


1. I am always in movement

2. You'll never could see me from a train

3. You can try catching me, but as soon as you touch me I'll run away.

4.If you chase me for too long, you will eventually die!


Good luck!

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Specifically, the Turtle? But, i guess that falls under The-San-Andreas-Man's guess.

No, I guessed a fish, since the person before me said dolphin. So turtle is fine.

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Haha, nah, you're alright, tom.

Sorry about yesterday, i wasn't able to get back.

Anyway, here's one:

1. I would've been used more regularly in the old days.

2. Now, im only used by the adventurous.



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