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Resolution Problem


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Basically, I like my game set at 800x600x32, but I have to do that every time I start the game because it always defaults back to 800x600x16

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Delete the gta_sa.set file from the User Files folder, run the game, set the resolution, quit the game and run the game again.


If it still resets the resolution, please post your entire system specifications.


# Operating system (Windows users: be sure to mention if you have XP or Vista, and which Service Pack you have)

# Video/Graphics card type + graphics memory

# Processor

# RAM (random access memory)

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  • 3 months later...

ok ppl i had that same 800x600x32 video mode problem

i hav a notebook pc and it meets all requirements of san andreas

some of guys here r saying this error is occuring bcoz of downloaded or illegal copy of game instead of bought game or some crack issue


basic problem is that gta:sa will not run on monitors not having normal resolutions like 800x600 or 1024x768 and so on...

and that's most common case with notebook pcs. they don't support these resolutions e.g. mine has a resolution of 1024x576 instead of 1024x768



i searched google 3 hours to find a solution but hell nobody has any solution to it!

however, i hav resolved it myself

as far as my notebook pc is concerned, it has an external monitor outlet i.e. i can connect it to another monitor,

so wat i did was simply connected a monitor

and while display appearing on that monitor instead of my notebook, i just ran SAN ANDREAS and VOILA!!!!



So if u hav got an external monitor option, just transfer display on it and u CAN run the game!


for those who don't hav one, well sorry but u need a new pc if u want to run this game



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If you want to change the resolution, you must do that BEFORE you either start a new game/load a save game, or it will crash.


Laptops play the games just fine, as long as your specs meet the requirements to play the game. I can run the game on an XP laptop, Vista laptop and it ran fine on my old laptop that was below the minimum specs. You do not need to plug your laptop into an external moniter to play, besides, that just defeats the purpose of having a laptop.


Also, @ undeadmilitia, why do you keep posting the same thing in all your topics, you posted the EXACT same thing in this topic that you did in another topic here, and that was over a one year bump as well.

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that 800x600x32 error appears the instant u run the game

that means u never get to see even the intro or main menu, so question of changing resolution doesn't arise


@ minimum requirements: yes, this game can run below the minimum requirements. i ran it on pentiumIII 1ghz, 512mb ram with just 32mb Geforce2 GTs, whereas it says minimum is 64mb tounge.gif


about external monitor, i was just putting forward a solution that, well, at least worked for me


besides about posting the same post, lol i was just trying to help everybody with this problem. that's y i posted it on all topics with asking about this problem and didn't even notice the date wink.gif

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@ undeadmilitia: I know the game can run on below minimum specs, because I used to play it on an AMD Sempron processor(798MHZ) and 256MB Ram, and an SIS/VIA Video card with 32MB VRAM-on a laptop, so there's no question the game can't run at below minmum specs. I was just pointing out about the game running at a decent frame rate, because on the above PC, I only got about 10-15fps, and 5fps while recording wih Fraps. tounge.gif


If you are having problems with crashing before it gets to the start screen, then try right clicking on the .exe and clicking the "run in 640 X 480 resolution" and see if the game will get to the start menu that way. There are 5 settings there to play with besides the Compatibilty mode section. It is under Start, All Programs, Rockstar Games, GTA San Andreas, then right click the .exe instead of left clicking-this will give the above info. Hope this helps.


I was just trying to say in my last post, that if you plug your laptop into an external monitor, than that would defeat the purpose of having a laptop. About the same posts, I was just curious, I wasn't saying it was bad or anything-except for the one that was a 1 year bump-lol. For all we know, it might prove to be useful for somebody. After all, that is one of the points of the forum-to help other people out.

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