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BoGT character speculation [spoilers]

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On WKTT during the lost and damned there is an interview with a woman called "Lurisa Slalom" I'm not sure if he name is spelt correctly as she doesn't show up on the LCPD database. But in her interview which she is talking about her new nightclub opening, she refers to Tony Prince as an asshole. She might have a small part in TBOGT Not sure if this has been mentioned, probably has, but meh.


if this quote is true then, i would figure it would be pretty likely that she has a small part in the story...

possibly the one who orders Gavin and Waterstreet to ruin Gay Tony's clubs?

I mean what other motives do they have besides being huge queer trannies?

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will dimriti or whatever be involved? and also will you see gracies dad. plus what will you do during the GTA IV mission Three Leaf Clover?  smile.gif

The three leaf clover question is an interesting one.


I am not entirely sure that it is going to be a playable mission from a luis standpoint. His role is that mission was the same as everyone else in that bank. It was a wrong place, wrong time thing.


I mean in real life when a bank gets robbed, i am not doing anything else but complying with people. Its stay down until the robbers leave and then go through 20 questions with the police.


The only feesable way I see him active in this mission is if he knew the bank robbery was taking place by the McCreary's and he was going to check the vault after they departed. Which would make everyone involved in the robbery a distraction for the police because i believe there was still money in the vault but they didnt have the time to grab it.


Otherwise i just think it will be something thats alluded to

I think Luis will go down into the vault to take what Niko and the others couldn't get.

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^^obviously, otherwise why leave the quick saying "I couldn't get everything" cleverly placed there....

But the question to me is... what will happen after? Will he get in police chase as well... or will he just walk out like nothing


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Why are we saying that Alonzo from "A Long Way to Fall" is Alonso Gomez? It's not even him.

theres AlonZo witha z (can be killed by niko) than thers AlonSo gomez.

Had it ever occurred to anybody that it could have just been a simple misspelling on R*'s part.


Teddy's name was spelled out at one point as "Teddy Benevides" on the subtitles when it was actually spelled out as Teddy Benavidez.

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