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BoGT + Future DLC Wishlist

Recommended Posts


I'd like to see this new game mode:




How it works:


Drug Runners: The people who are doing the drug run will spawn in the second city at a predetermined spot. Depending on how many people are in the room, a certain number of boats will spawn (4 people, 1 boat). The people who are doing the drug run will all have an AK-47 and everyone will have infinite ammo. The goal of the drug runners is to make it to a drug deal with the drugs. A meter will determine whether or not the drugs are able to be sold. If the meter is half way down from damage, you loose money from the deal. If the meter is depleted completely, the drug deal is called off and you have to go to another location and pick up some more drugs.


Once you get to the drug deal, you park your boat along the dock and meet up with the AI characters who do the deal. If the Police come during the drug deal, the AI characters will take cover wherever they can and shoot up at the police helicopters. If all of the AI characters are killed, the drug deal is called off and you loose. But if you end up killing all the police in the area, the AI will go back to the deal, but this time they will be more anxious to get the drugs and leave. If you complete the deal, you will then have to go to your warehouse and pick up another boat pre-loaded with drugs and take it to another drug deal location. You can shoot at the persuing helicopters if you are not driving, but if you are driving, you cannot shoot. And all the drug runners can pick up body armor when they spawn and the game first starts before getting in the boats. Thats basically how it would be with the Drug Runners.

Police: If you are the police, you spawn at a police station that you cannot walk out of and there are multiple Annihilators. Once you enter the helicopter, you cannot get out. When you spawn, you spawn in another place somewhere in the third city away from the drug runners. All the police get body armor and an M4 with infinite ammo. The people who are a passenger in the helicopter have to shoot out of the helicopter and attempt to damage the drug runners boat. While in the chopper, there will be a meter in the top left showing the health/damage done to the boat. The police's job is to either damage the drugs and force the drug runners to go to the warehouse and get more drugs or to ruin there drug deal and kill the AI characters. The whole point of the pilot flying the helicopter is to keep the chopper steady and next to the boat so his team mates can shoot the drug runners.


Everyone who is a police officer automatically has there guy look like a S.W.A.T. Member. If the drug runners shoot the pilot out of the helicopter, the helicopter automatically catches fire and spins out of control (Very much like they do in campaign when you shoot the AI out of the cockpit). Some new customizations and add on's to character model could be a pilot mic or pilot helmet.



Number of game rounds: There will be 4 rounds total in each game. If the Drug Runners drugs are damaged a total of three times, a new round starts. If the AI drug dealers are killed two times, then a new round starts. When a new round starts, the people who were on the police side are now drug runners, and the people who were previously drug runners are now police. When a new round is about to begin, a countdown will show up on the screen counting down from 7 saying: "Next Round Begins In 7, 6, 5, etc."


Location of Warehouse: The location of the warehouse will be somewhere along the shore in the first city. The police are not aloud to enter the warehouse or fly around the warehouse (To prevent camping the drug boats and ending the game early) and when you pull up to the warehouse, everyone who is in that boat will have a short cut scene appear where it shows a crane transporting the drugs onto the boat in a compartment. The cut scene will only last a max of 5 seconds.


Location of Drug Deals: There are various locations for the drug deals. Im sure Rockstar can figure out good places to put them. The police will not know where the drug deals location is at (Each game it is random where it will be and there are multiple spots possible) and can only follow the Drug Runners to find out.





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I had an idea the other night for the Club bouncer mini-game.


Every one loves Lazlow on the radio, so now he thinks he's famous enough to get into one of Tony's clubs.


Whats follows is a barage of funny one-liners, and quotes. One that came to my mind was as he was entering (if he got in)


"What, its a gay bar?! Oh well!"


Other, random things I am hoping to see:

The APC to be as good as it looks (hopefully with a big explosive turret on top, to pack the extra punch)

Brass knuckles, as it would go with the whole "Fight Club" scene

Having ALLL the cool stuff from both DLC's in Free Mode.


slightly off-topic


VICE CITY FM! hint towards the next GTA's location (See you in Miami comes to mind right now)

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Derelict Frog

Although this is more TLAD related, there is no thread in the TLAD section about EFLC.


I hope that in the EFLC TLAD (and I guess also in BOGT) they update the street sweeper shotgun and sawn-off animations, so that when you blind fire the sawn-off you don't pump it like a pump-action. I also hope that with the street-sweeper when blind-firing you don't have to cock it after every shot, rather than autoing it from blindfire. Why would you need to? You don't when firing normally. Same goes with the sawn-off: having to pump it just makes the weapon less powerful (can't blind-fire off two shells in one go) and also just shows lackadaisical animation on R*'s part.

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I'd like to see something like how the Showroom missions in San Andreas were, but made in to a minigame. You call up the contact, they describe the car to you where it was seen last, and you have to go and steal it and bring it back with the least amount of damage and the fastest you can.

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in hindsight, funny how so many of these ideas got into TBOGT...

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Wow, we are opening 1- year threads now.

Anyways for a 3rd dlc I wish some map expansion

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toni cinpriani
Wow, we are opening 1- year threads now.

Anyways for a 3rd dlc I wish some map expansion

yeah, and some f*cking usable planes for god's sake!

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the next DLC should be about cops. we all know the LCPD is corrupt so it would be fitting to make the character an LCPD officer.


the wanted system would need to be tweaked alittle so maybe this could be used in the next GTA game instead.. for patrol/crimefighting missions, have 8 stars instead of 6. the first 2 stars basically give u 2 strikes for police brutality. if u hit/shoot a perp once, 1 star will light up. if you do it again, the 2nd will light up and if you do it a third time, then it starts working as the normal wanted system and the cops come after YOU. (if u point a gun at a perp he will sit in the backseat of your squad car. if he tries to run at any time, just fire your gun to scare him. kinda like Roman's Holiday) and u can hear what the perp thinks of the LCPD on the way to the station lol


of course the crimefighting missions would only be 'side missions' and the main story would work as any other GTA. the police brutality 2 star feature would ONLY apply if there is an APB or warrant out on the individual or if someone attacks you first. if there is a shootout, a bunch of LCPD will come back you (and you can call for backup anytime u want as well just so long as you arent doing something illegal otherwise u would have to pay the cops to keep quiet)


this could open a whole new world of LC. we would be able to do things like walk into a Rusty Ring donut shop, see the mayor in person, go inside any police station,have tipsters all over town. try to single handedly bring down the corrupt LCPD while walking over a few dead bodies and making a few corrupt moves of your own with drug pushers, mafia, gangs, crooked politicians, your lieutenant, etc.


you are allowed to commandeer a vehicle ONLY if your squad car is damaged, otherwise you get 1 star wanted level for theft/misconduct. any cars you want to keep you can save them at the impound.


i wouldnt want this as a main game but it would be cool as either the 3rd DLC for GTA4 or a DLC for a future GTA game.


just a different take on GTA. something that shows the cops side of things for a change since we kill them so much, they deserve alittle bit of exposure.


good name would be GTA: The Fine Line Between Bad & Worse

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Mr. Scratch

Way to go dickhead

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maybe a new dlc with actual military vehicles from past gta's all redone. like rhino (M1A2 Abrams), hunter (apache helicopter), hydra (harrier jet), barracks truck, hummers, another apc, and a cargo jet.

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Honestly, a lot of these are solid ideas. What I want to see is Rockstar adding another DLC (yet, I know they won't). Rockstar knows that GTA IV and DLCs are still booming, 2 (almost 3) years later. The game is still being played by many people, and honestly, they need to respect that, and reward it by adding a new DLC. I like the idea of a police edition (I happen to think that is much needed), as well as a drug-lord edition. Rockstar needs to listen to what people have to say about their games, and include our ideas. Rockstar either needs to get their act together and make a new GTA, or add some new DLCs.


One idea I had for a DLC is bring back some guns and vehicles. A blast from the past would be great. Guns like the chainsaw, mini-gun, flamethrower, golf club (I loved that) goggles, heat-seeking rocket launcher, dildos, (thought those were hysterical), and the Jet-pack. I would also like to see the return of planes. I'm going to say it like it is… flying planes in GTA SA sucked, haha. They were very messed up and didn't fly very well. I'd like to see them fix them up and bring them back. I'm also upset that Rockstar changed the shotgun in TBOGT to an AA-12. The Pump-Action shotgun was much more fun in my opinion. The AA-12 is way over-powered. And the Pump-Action was great because when you shot people, there was a lot of blood in head shots. Also, the ability to drive the subways would also be great.


I think they should also bring back the ability to drive ambulances and be paramedics. A new thing to add might be taxi driver, like getting fares and driving people places (not for Roman, though.)


Honestly, I think GTA SA had the best collection of vehicles. Bringing some of those back would be great.

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the main thing i would love to see again is the car mod shops. take ANY car and trick it out the way YOU want. even engine modding, custom paint jobs, rims, spoilers, scoops, the works.


people usually dont save the crap cars this way every car in the game is potentially awesome! (super-charged turbo Blista Compact hehe)


they could do like Mafia 2 and make use of the gas stations to add realism.


the planes are a good idea would there be a way to integrate GTA4 and the next one?


for example, lets say the next game is in Los Santos. you can go to Escobar airport and fly to Liberty City then it will tell you to put your GTA4 disc in (since LC is programmed) and then you would do extra missions from the new game in LC or just roam around there using your player?


that way each disc contains a 'city' then we would be able to utilize all airports and fly to each city. though changing discs would get annoying, i dont see any other way it can be done.

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I want to see, Amir imperial towers.



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adding to my police idea


play as a cop/detective

have 3 mod shops around LC (one of them at your police impound)

be able to mod any car into a 'police special' (only at the police impound) which would consist of strobes, siren and bulletproof (would take alot more damage to destroy the car than usual)


ability to order ANY vehicle in the game whether online or at a dealer (with a week in-game wait period)


at the police station: bench to relax on (save game), your locker (has standard issued blue cop uniform, standard issue pistol, shotgun and RPM, your personal squad car (Police Stinger)


at the impound: police mod shop, ability to save up to 8 vehicles


at your apartment: your bed (save game), the rest of your wardrobe, your blackmarket artillery, ability to save 2 cars


on the streets: illegal street modding, illegal gun stores, snitches, ability to do w/e you want


two storylines. an all cop storyline (game mostly played through police station) and a civilian storyline (game played outside of police station) with both stories connecting

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Just a topic i looked for.


Well it could be nice with much more custimization.

New Weapons, i think theyre all very much like the same.


- ImLost. rampage_ani.gif



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i like the drug run idea too. the next GTA should take alittle from Scarface (but not be so repetetive)


you should be able to 'pimp' your safehouses, purchase properties or fronts, exotics, henchmen, diff. boats and cars that a driver will deliver to u with a phone call.


i know its GTA but the character should do more work to earn more money and actually buy things with it other than clothes, hot dogs, lap dances and car washes.

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