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GTA IV Photo Contest Vote & Reaction Topic

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You have only 2 hours left to vote!


1: Gangsta Killa

2: CharmingCharlie

3: Gangxxter


I like the one of Gangsta Killa, because it is orginal, creative and good quality. Besides that, it has some action in it and is very detailed. Explosions certainly aren't good for the environment. The second place is for CharmingCharlie. Again, he showed he is very creative, which is imo the most important for this competition. Finally, I chose Gangxxter. I like the way he took that screen, the angle is very nice. Nice to see the sun behind the flower.

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Gangxxter created simply an extraordinary screenshot, perfectly fitting the theme. Oldage Shows us some beautiful nature in LC, combined with some good cheap humor. OverThe Below shot a crisp image showing the serenity of Liberty island against the backdrop of a beautiful skyline

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Thus we come to the end of Round 3 ladies and gentlemen. Now Dutchy3010 is beavering away getting the screenshots up for final round (and my pic is soooooooooo gonna own) and will create a new topic to discuss round 4. It's been great fun so far and we are seeing some great screen shots keep it up peeps.


(yep I copied and pasted again bone idle that is me)

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