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[REQ] Avatar

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Name: N/A


Size: 64x64


Theme: Spinning, transparent (similair to current avatar)


Resources: This image


Colours:N/A (see resource)


Additional info:

I would like the image to be spinning at the same speed as my current avatar, 3D like my current and transparent. Basically, the flame and the text spinning.


I really need this, thanks biggrin.gif.

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I can't make it (Just the text and flame) transparent at the moment so for now ill post this

Carcer city's Police dept sure can though, so i'd wait around for his response


-Removed- Since you dont need it now

Edited by M|chael

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Thanks for your attempt M|chael, your work in the GFX dept. is outstanding, If CCPD doesen't post something withing 24 hours I'll use yours smile.gif But Im afraid that I would much prefer it transparent.


BTW, id it something to do with the software you're using which prevents you from using transparency?

Edited by Pr0xy_fl00d3r

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Yes, i need an extra programme on top of the one im using to make the logos spin

I used to be able to do it, before the 80 day trial ran out, and I dont want to pay for it tounge2.gif


For me anyway, to make a logo spin, I first have to make a font out of it. Thats because the only input into Xara3d is through type.

So, anything I can 'Type' into it, I can make spin. The skull I made for AOD was simply the 'V' or something, from the 'Webdings' font.

For other more tricky logos, I just make the picture a texture over the letter 'R'? I think from 'Webdings', which is a square.

What I used to do, was use a fontmaker to make a custom font with someones logo as one of the letters. I'd then 'type' that into Xara3d, and add the animation and effects, etc..


However there is also other ways about it. I think theres another Xara package, 'Draw', or something, which easily allows you to make graphics, as well as fonts rotate, .. or maybe its just a fontmaker in disguise,... I dont know, I havnt used it, becuase you have to pay extra for it. smile.gif

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Thank you very much icon14.gif

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