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Tips for flying and flying school

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colgate.gif ok so here guys. as i saw everyone is most irratated in flying school and flying also if they pass school.so here i am with some tipis for you in flying in gta san andreas



1.well with basic and steady, if you get time in san andreas you can try to fly planes via airport. well we all know that getting into airport into earlier game time in not possible by just through gate you need to use that fence and car. get on top of your car and get into pilot cabin and then jump inside airport.ok if you haven't finished los san tos early mission you can go into airport for flying dodo or shamal. i know it will be very very difficult but remember that- PRACTISE MAKES PERFECT[/size7]


now you won't get chance for flying helicopter in ls so go ahead in storyline a little when you unlocked san fierro.

her also same trick for getting inot airport. however i know it feels so cool for so so much planes in that airport but they all locked until flying school

angry.gif so only a helicopter as maverick will be unlocked. well before flying school only that heli appears into sf airport. anyways lets get ahead. for those reading this topic once they in san frerro can't use planes. so they have to learn bit from helicopter only but i tell you way for flying school in which plane mastery gets perfect sly.gif .so first thing i wanna tell you is that guys change your controls from o and p to some good controls. you can see plane up and down control as something like up steer and down steer which are as o and p as defeault so change them as it helps alot.


now once you done with sf comes your desert which means closer to flying school suicidal.gif but don't worry when a guide on help cool.gif anyways once you bought abonded airpport ........ comes your flying school which is necessary fpr advancement in missions. now is the ultimate time for your tests in whole of my guild i said . now i give tips on flying school.


1 test- take off- eventually the easiest. game will give you that controls only which you set as i said. use them wisely as accelarate then use the down steer button for take oiff and once in air use your rectract landing gear button by default 2. then once you in air go to corona. then use steer down for steering down to next corona and then up again for the final corna. thats it take off test. remember my note- gold not important important is 70% above. now second test


secnd test landing of plane- in this you will learn land plane. well this is also quite easy when you start test use your rectract landing gear button landing gears in then... use yoru brake button slowly glide down and taxi along runway and don't use hard time use soft time wwhich means use softly and tap the button instead of crashing your fingers on them and resulting in less than 70%. now 3rd test which is idiotic test


3.test- circle airtrip- k you ahve learnt in first two about how to take off and land here you will learn how to circle around with plane.ok first take off and then as soon as you reach first corona, you will be said to bank to left or right( depending upon the clockwise direction you choose). ok use your moevement keys for turning and little help with rudder keys you will be given. then bank little and be careful about each turn and also turn softly and carefully by using combination of little left movement or right movement depending upon corona direction and rudder . go through coronas slightly and last corona for passing this. it is quite damn hard but not impossible with little effort . next one is this one based only but little different


4test- circle airstrip and land-ok this test same use the same method as in previous test i told you. same sslight movement but as soon you will hit same last corona it will say you to bank and land on runway and this also good because you know how to land. just land carefully and in marker for passing the mission.


5 test-helicopter takeoff-ok this is also simple and more more easy if you followed my topic first part sarcasm.gif . anyways use your up arrow key or up movement key for rsing helicopter into air. when it rised enough automaticaly game says you to leave that button . a quick way. use rudder to turn opposite side heli facing as it saves your 5 secs oir you have to turn . when you turned use your steer down buytton and with up arrow key go through corona. next test also slight easy.


6- helicopter landing- again simple if ou folloed topic start biggrin.gif. anyways glide through runway and when game syas you to stop accelarate button stop and there will be a marker go o top of that marker. and use capslock to hover your helicopter and it makes easy for landing and land in marker for finishing test.


7.test - Destroy targets- apperantly the most difficult test on pc and most easy on ps2 whatsthat.gif


ok here we need some confidence.! as even in my topic start hunter heli is the heli which fires rockets and guns but it won't be available in early game whatsthat.gif

so here is it- go to end of runway and read the line- it says you which button for miniguns and rockets. after reaching end either use rockets or guns for destroying those trucks standing and after that stabe your heli little and don't let it touch ground as it makes test fail. so after stabling go to cars and this time use guns only becaus ethey have auto aim as once you started shooting they automatticlaly hit the target close to him so cars will vanish cool.gif after that land the heli. i know this mission the most difficult and slightly difficult but try it by my guide.


8.test- loop lopp- well you are given stuntplane and apparently same attidtude so just accelarate and soon as you hit corona pull your steer dow button until you do a loop and game tells you to fly into final corona.


9.tets- barrel lol- again easy keep flying saem attitude now once you reached there use your turning left steer key and you wil do a barrel lol plane and fly into final corona.

10.- parachute into target- lol the easiest test


ok once you start test i say i really sya never never ! mpve cj left or right as he is falling exact in the same place. once the game says open parachute my button open it and glide through the marker. its easy .


and here we have flying school finished.

i hope it helps you Shifty41s_beerhatsmilie2.gif

i love flying devil.gif

and note0- worst plane is stuntplane


video.watch the video of mine made XD. it shows complete flying school. well no audio in it as i have fraps trial version. anyway i hope it helped all suffering from flying problems.

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but as soon you will hit same last corona it will say you to bank and land on runway and this also good because you know how to land. just land carefully and in marker for passing the mission.



Well, I can't imagine how many times I crashed/stopped far from the marker to fail the mission.


My problem usually is that I cannot lose enough speed after that sharp turn.





It really helps to swith to a view where you don't see the plane at all. (3rd or 4th camera view)

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good thing. for that just as you take sharp turn try to land just on the end of runway far from checkpoint and taxi carefully along runway keeping to loose your speed and maintain some balance smile.gif


and remeber this topic is for all who want help in flying and flying school so feel free to ask me in replies.

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Don’t we already have a topic coving Pilot School?



In fact there’s a link to it at the very top of this page:

user posted image







There’s also a Mission Tips Topic to help people through missions, with sections specifically about certain tests on Pilot School.

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lil weasel

Yes ...

and it's no big deal to jump up to the roof of the guardhouse to gain entrance to the airports.


Fly the Schmeal for 20 minutes, the Dodo for 30 minutes and/or the helocopter for an hour to gain the 'pilot' access to the fields via the gate.

Just fly in circles (be careful not to enter the forbidden airspace.)


Plus the game is designed for the use of a GamePad. Get a USB GamePad with at least 12 buttons and really have fun flying/driving/walking.

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i was just trying to help people as i see most of people having problem in flyings dontgetit.gif



Fly the Schmeal for 20 minutes, the Dodo for 30 minutes and/or the helocopter for an hour to gain the 'pilot' access to the fields via the gate


well even for flying those planes for getting pilot license you still have to use that trick for first going into airport i mentioned and zmoonchild i know theres a link there but still i was helping people smile.gif

Edited by hetment

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i hope this is helping people bored.gif

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i hope this is helping people bored.gif

If it is, they'll post. Please don't keep on bumping the topic. smile.gif

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ok grishb smile.gif

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