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'Fraid to Fly?

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I just went to Bangkok last week with my family and friends i'm quite used to flying because I've travelled to quite alot of places but I still felt quite nervous on the plane though.



user posted image


On topic: Flying rocks.

Jonathan Higgins FTW


I was at the airport here looking for a Craig's List seller to meet up, I parked on their North end which is all fences up with some US Army or Airforce security, forget exactly, but they had cops and security driving around patrolling. I had stopped to consult a map, but I was nervous doing that, figuring they'd wonder what I was doing stopped there! haha


Seems they have their planes along with the regular commercial flights here. I hadn't been out to the airport since I was filming planes with my then new camcorder. It's still very cool to see them come in and take off.

I think of that movie Pushing Tin, recall the two characters, John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton, they stand under the planes taking off as it lifts them into the air. I think I wound up dreaming that scenario! haha lol.gif

Edited by Slamman

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Interceptors are often stationed at various civilian airports. If you look on the aerial photos, you can some time see little hangars at the end of the runway. That's where they are stored.

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I fu*king love being in planes, i've always been fascinated with them ever since I was young... Landing is the best part for me icon14.gif


Although one time I was a bit put off by a prop plane I was to get going from florida to maine I think. It was tiny & neglected looking lol. I didn't really like that flight as the slightest bit of turbulence caused it to wobble around in the sky like a mo fo.

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Naw, whenever I fly a plane it doesn't bother me.

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