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Helos in poor weather


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I've noticed on several occasions that in poor weather (rain, storm, sandstorms) police helicopters doesn't appear, even if you have 3 or more wanted stars. Was it just a coincidence or have others experienced the same thing? And how about being chased by Hydras in poor weather?

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lil weasel

I've never been chased in foul weather, but I have flown in it.

and it ain't easy. I would think do to that difficulty that there's a no fly bit in the programing of the NPC vehicles...

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I can confirm Hydras pursuiting you in both Storm and Fog, experienced that on 4-star Barnstorming in the Chaingame, dunno how I did it. I dont remember helis in Sandstorm tho, altho I think they do chase CJ in Storm and Fog

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Haven't tried hydras, but sandstorms definitely turn the helis off. Try standing somewhere like the rock on top of El Castillo del Diablo (the mountain top where you take down the black choppers in Interdiction), getting a high wanted level and spending the whole night there. The desert night cycle always includes a sandstorm, and the helis stop coming till it's over. The Big Ear is another good location to test this.

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  • 2 weeks later...

They appear fine to me.


but from large long distances some of the props don't show.


Haven't tried Hydras

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  • 3 weeks later...

I can confirm that they chase you in the rain, and hydras chase you in sandstorms, but heli's, no.

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