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Liberty City Stories Trivia

Recommended Posts


I saw one of these but it's kind of old so I thought that this game needs one..so here it is:D


The questions are from all that is ment to be Liberty City Stories:gameplay,cars,missions,characters..etc


So please don't spam like quote a right answer and say"I was thinking at the same answer" or "You stolen my answers"..


You can do either riddles,or just plain questions


So the first question is mine:


-I am very hard to get


-When you see me you run away


-I can be obtained with a bit of skill


The answer is yours:D...waiting for them

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Some kind of helicopter?

Yes got it right...got to think about harder riddles,ok so now it's your turn:D

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-I am in all 3D GTA's, but in different colours.

-You are generally near me without realising it.

A rough guess...the police cars\helicopters?

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Come on,I am not the only one that is supose to answer or to post questions...I think that there are more than just 2 LCS players ( me and nerner ) just post please


On Topic: I have no idea


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The answer was the LCS map. You can ask a question if you want to...

Man it was a good question....good work nerner...too bad nobody got it colgate.gif


Oh and for the answer is it the hidden package?

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I'll give you guys 2 clues:


-I am featured in all 3D GTA's (and CTW)

-I spawn in quite many locations but here is a specific one: Capital Autos

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