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Omnia sunt Communia

Does the world still need religion?

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Ari Gold

The most important thing which people must retain, regardless of their religious beliefs, is respect. So many people nowadays, whether Catholic, Orthodox, Jewish, Muslim or Atheist, seem to place immediate contempt upon someone else just because they have differing religious beliefs, and argue in vain to try and 'convert' that person, one way or another. In most cultures nowadays, religion doesn't define personality, so why all the ingrained hatred? I'm an Orthodox Christian by birth, but I'm extremely secular, to the point where I don't even think about religion, at all. But, I have friends who are of all faiths: Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Muslim, and I never judged any of them because they went to a Synagogue for a Bar Mitzvah, or because they practised Ramadan. Hell, my three 'best' friends are all Catholic, and only one is practising. As Claude Speed. said, only true friends will understand a person's religious decision, yet it also takes a true friend to truly respect another friend's religious choices. Once most people realise that (and to be fair, most people in Western cultures exude this), religion, and the tensions associated with it, won't be as problematic. icon14.gif

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Clem Fandango
I seriously think everyone in the world should read this thread or at least the main post. I went to school the other day and told my friends a secret that I have been keeping,I am atheist. Why did I hide it? Well because as soon as I told my friends,they told someone else,then like a whole bunch of Christians said they "should beat my ass". Why? It is my Constitutional right to have freedom of religion. It's like,if you aren't Christian,then you are a bad person. I don't get it. I feel like a weirdo now. I am like the black sheep. By now,everyone knows I am atheist. This is just ridiculous. Everything that we once thought "god" made has been proven to be made in another way. Of course we don't need religion anymore.

Do you live in a major city?

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No,I wish I did though. This place is sucks.

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