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Maxim's Mission(s)


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Hey all this is my try at DOYM. This mission is planed as the first in a series.



Balla Missions


Mission 1: Ballas 4 Life


Difficulty: Hard

Time It Took To Make: About 6 hours

Link To Mission: http://dyom.gtagames.nl./?act=show&id=763

Video:Coming Soon

Strategies:After the first cutscene, go towards the gang member and shoot him. Make sure not to show yourself to the other gang member because he has a lot of health and can do a lot of damage. Then when you kill the target, you will see the cutscene. After the cutscene, run towards the body armor and the Sawn-Off Shotgun. Then run to the fence left of the shooting gang members. First kill all the non-targets by shooting them to the head with the Sawn-Off Shotgun and then kill the target. Be careful, your friend can get in the way and if he dies, it is Mission Failed! After you kill the target, you will see a cutscene of a grove gang member beating up a balla. After it ends, run towards the dead target's Ak-47 and then run towards the road(the one where the next target is at). Shoot him with your ak while crouching and you should get a cutscene(after you kill him!). After the cutscene, go towards the red checkpoint. You will then get another cutscene. After the cutscene, run left(towards the road) and jump the fence. Pick up the health if you need it , pickup the armor if you need it and pick up the Combat Shotgun(you will need it). Then go back towards the place where the checkpoint was and you should see a sniper rifle in one of the yards of the houses. Pick it up and snipe as much gang members as you can with it. Then get closer to the target and kill him with your Combat Shotgun. When he is dead, you will see a cutscene. Before you go to the checkpoint, you should pick up the m4 on one of the roofs of the houses. Then head to the checkpoint. You will then see a cutscene showing your friends getting executed. Right after the cutscene ends, run under the bridge and pickup the body armour and the grenades. Then run to the car wreck thing near the freeway to pickup the flamethrower. Then use your sniper to kill most of the enemies guarding the fat guy(grove 7th in command) and use the grenades to kill the rest. Kill the fat guy anyway you see fit(I often set him on fire with my flamethrower and then finish him of with my Combat Shotgun. After he is dead you will see a cutscene and you will be instructed to steal Sweet's new car(the infernus). Go to the alley way with the gang member in it and snipe him. Then snipe the other gang members(I think there are 20 in total). Be careful , as there are some gang members with snipers and some with RPGs. Also make sure not to destroy the car as that will fail the mission. Then when everyone is dead, take the car and drive it to the checkpoint. And you have Mission Completed!



More Missions coming soon!

Note: If you need any help with the missions or if you want to report any bugs, please post bellow.

Feedback Please!

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Maxim, Your mission is crazy... icon13.gif


I am not sure that you can beat it without cheat...

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Maxim, Your mission is crazy... icon13.gif


I am not sure that you can beat it without cheat...

The problem in this forum is that everyone uses the same reply in every f*cking topic:


"happy new year alien.gifalien.gifalien.gifalien.gif "




"beat it whithout cheat...............!!!!!!!!"


Anyway, remember to set accuracy next time.

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Accuracy is set, but it is higher when you get to the end because I wanted to give you a challenge. And you can always kill all the enemies with a sniper rifle without them even seeing you.

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