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-The Green Lantern Movie- (Coming 2010)

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In brightest day, in blackest night,

No evil shall escape my sight

Let those who worship evil's might,

Beware my power... Green Lantern's light!


Words form one of the most underrated superheroes of all time.

"The Green Lantern"


This movie has the potential to be a great epic. If you look at my topic description it says, "Combine Ironman, Star Trek, & The Watchmen."


Ironman: Because Hal Jordan is simply a Human Being with an extraordinary weapon. Also like the Ironman movie, DC comics wants this to be the cornerstone for other projects within the same universe ala' Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Justice League, etc...


Star Trek: Because Hal Jordan was just a simple test pilot who ended up falling into a very important roll. Also because of the range of his journey, which takes him all through the galaxy.


The Watchmen: Because he is not alone in his fight to protect the universe, he also has the Green Corps.


With all that said, this story is so much more than just a combination of characters, it has character.(Main Difference) I am proud to say that this movie is a worthy adaptation to the big screen. The script is A+ (a fanboys dream.) I'm a Green Lantern fanboy indeed.


(Summary of script) (Quote)

First off: this movie is going to be EPIC. Writers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green seem to have really captured the essence of the Green Lantern comic: namely that the Green Lantern Corp is a force of good trying to police the universe, and that Hal Jordan, with his indomitable will, is the greatest Green Lantern of all.


(It always gives me chills when I know the filmmakers have recognized the essence of the source material.)


A second thing you should know: this flick will be going extraterrestrial from frame one, baby!


[spoiler ALERT!]


The script dives right in introducing Oa, home of The Guardians–little blue munchkins who created a Central Battery to power the emerald rings of an interstellar police force, the Green Lanterns. The rules get established, (the ring can conjure anything the wearer can imagine and sustain through sheer will power; the rings need to be recharged every so often, has no effect on the color yellow, etc.,) and then it’s on to the action as the Green Lantern for Earth sector, Abin Sur, crash lands to Earth having been fatally wounded in a battle with the hive-minded colossus known as Legion. Abin Sur picks test-pilot Hal Jordan to be his successor, seeing good in the man; Hal tries to learn how to use the ring, stumbles, then travels to Oa for training; in climatic showdown Hal Jordan helps the Green Lantern Corp battle Legion and save Oa, earning The Guardians’ respect and a permanent position as Earth’s new Green Lantern. The movie is packed with guest stars, including Hal Jordan’s mentor, Kilowog; a cameo by future Green Lantern Corp bad-boy, Guy Gardner; a story arc with GL arch-villain Sinestro, which the guys over at IESB refused to elaborate on, except to say that “the writers were very careful to stay true to the character without blowing their load on the first film.” And, of course, set ups for Green Lantern prequels and sequels galore. (Rumor has it a certain Mr. Kent might also make an appearance in the film.)




DC comics is willing to give Director Martin Campbell(Casino Royal) any budget he needs to match this amazing script. With the success of it's latest films, "Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, & The Watchmen" it seems DC is going more for quality, than quantity & commercial appeal unlike Marvel Pimping Agency. LOL


So, who's up for the role of Green Lantern?

Rumors have Ryan Gosling, Nathan Fillion, & Chris Pine at the fore-front of casting. However, IESB has gone on record saying,



It's more than just a rumor...




How do we know?


According to my sources "THE OFFICIAL OFFER is out Chris Pine for the role."


At press time, Pine hasn't either accepted nor declined the role.


Green Lantern is scheduled to begin filming mid-September in Australia.


IESB is known for breaking such stories as Heath Ledger playing Joker, and Brandon Routh as Superman. Both of which are DC properties.


If you don't know who Chris Pine is, he's the guy who will be playing Captain Kirk in the upcoming Star Trek movie. (Trailer)



Since the character's are quite similar, Pine should have an easy transition into the role of Green Lantern. DC plans to start shooting this film in September 2009, and have it ready for the big screen by December 2010.


Movie#1. The origins of Hal Jordan, The Birth of earths first Green Lantern, The epic battle of The Green Corps [vs] Legion a.k.a. The Lantern Killer, and the setup for the sequel (Green Lantern [vs] his mentor Sinestro) I think that the guy who played Agent Smith in The Matrix would be great for the role of Sinestro. To those who don't know who Sinestro is, he's Green Lanterns equivalent of Joker to Batman. Just imagine, with a strong enough performance, the sequel could be just as good as The Dark Knight. Move over Marvel, DC is gonna show you how it's supposed to be done.


So all in all, this movie is going to be a great story, a lot of mythos, compelling villains, sequels and possibly prequels, and a very entertaining watch.


sly.gif I can't wait.









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(5 Badass Reasons Why Fans Will Love The Green Lantern Movie)


#5 - Respect for the Fans


It's hard to make a film adaptation when there is almost seventy years of source material to choose from. We all know that certain compromises have to be made because certain things don't translate well from the comic book to the screen, but the writers of the Green Lantern did a damn good job of respecting their source material. The film centers around Hal Jordan, the best-known Green Lantern, and his origin story stays respectfully accurate to the comics. Hal is a test pilot, which is a huge part of the entire script, and his willpower is the driving force of the entire movie. The writers also managed to craft a great story where other key characters in the Green Lantern universe have great roles. Abin-Sur is a big part of the film's first act, Thaal Sinestro, Tomar-re and Kilowog get good screen time as well.


When it comes to villains, well, I'll get to that later. But don't worry, the fans will be happy. There are also great cameos that will be nods for the fans including a quick glimpse of a football coach with the name "Gardner" on his back, and a mother of a reveal at the end of the film that I wouldn't dream of spoiling. It always makes me happy when writers include things in the script that only the fans will understand. There are plenty of badass moments in this film that will only be amazing to a smaller audience who has the knowledge of years of comic books. So if you were one of those people who got chills during Iron Man when Col. Rhodes saw the Mark II armor and muttered, "Next time baby" get ready for some spine tingling chills during Green Lantern. These writers have done a damn good job staying close to the heart of the Green Lantern universe. Don't be worried about "organic webshooter-like" departures from the comics in this.


#4 - A Killer Dogfight


Look, airplanes fighting other airplanes is badass. Dogfights just look cool. And in this movie, damn do we get a cool one. Hal Jordan's a test pilot and we all know he's supposed to be a damn good one. In this movie we're going to get plenty of flying goodness. So get ready for a scene in the first act of the film where Hal goes head to head with three other fully automated and unmanned "Sabre-Jets." It's like a chess match between a grandmaster and three super-computers at Mach 1 with missiles and bullets instead of bishops and pawns. Hopefully the filmmakers will be able to pull off the same level of excitement on screen that there is in the script. I'm trying to think of dogfights that aren't awesome. Sure, Stealth wasn't Oscar material, but when they were in the sky, everything was just so damn cool. So get ready to add Green Lantern to the list of movies that have a sweet aerial showdown between billion dollar hunks of metal.


#3 - Power Rings


Of course this was going to contain power rings! It wouldn't be a Green Lantern movie without them. But after reading the script, DAMN, the things that the power rings do are awesome. While we still have a long time until that glorious moment when we see a trailer and see what they actually look like, I can assure you that the the things the rings DO are amazing. And yes, I said rings, plural. Start drooling now.


Hal will be summoning plenty of badass things from his ring including the classic green fist. But we also see nets, and tons of different weapons. Not to mention plenty of sheer blasts of energy, and one point in the script when Hal creates an entire city from the ring. It's a ring of seemingly limitless power, and we get to see tons of examples of it right from the beginning of the movie. Within the first fifteen minutes of the movie, we get to witness a battle between Abin-Sur and the most bad ass character in the whole script (I'll get to that next). The fight is going to be amazing. Ring blasts, shields, grabbing asteroids with the ring and slamming it around are all part of it, and as far as this movie goes, it's a mini-fight. The rings are the coolest things in this movie, as they certainly should be.


#2 - Legion


So let me get this straight. Legion is essentially the polar opposite of everything that is the Green Lantern Corps wrapped up in one golden yellow monster? Sign me up. Legion is so badass in this that my mind has a hard time wrapping itself around it. Imagine if you took every scary bad guy and combined them into one terrifying motherf*cker covered in armor. He's Predator, Jaws, Alien, Mordred (from Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series), and an octopus all rolled into one. He's described as the size of a whale with the grin of a shark and tentacles of an octopus. Sounds a little cheesier than scary. Until I think back to any video I've ever seen of an angry octopus that kills everything - then give it a shark mouth and lethal blasts of yellow energy. When you see the concept art of this guy you're going to wet your bed for a week.


Legion spends all of his time on-screen killing. That's all he does. At one point you think he might take a break, but after lulling his prey into a false sense of security, he lashes out and destroys everyone. Legion is such a badass, that a splinter of his armor that gets separated from him creates the Earth-based villain. So if a splinter of this thing is capable of creating an evil telekinetic madman, I can't even imagine the level of evil that Legion is capable of. He is the reason that grown men might need to wear diapers to this movie.


#1 - Epic Battles


After reading this script, I can't stress enough how magnificently HUGE it is. Green Lantern comics have always dealt with far more than just our measly little "Earth problems." So why limit our fights between on super powered good guy and one super powered bad guy? So the writers went with the approach of including epic battles that could cause a popcorn shortage when this movie comes out. The best part is the scale of these fights. Hal Jordan isn't the only one fighting in this movie. The entire Green Lantern Corps joins in to fight Legion. So everything you imagined Hal Jordan doing as a Green Lantern is actually multiplied exponentially when you seen hundreds of Green Lanterns fighting at the same time.


The battles in this movie are going to be what you would get if you took the entire Roman Army from the opening battle in Gladiator and gave each of them a ring of limitless power, then took every member of the Barbarians they fought against and wrapped them into one huge and terrifying motherf*cker (see above), and decided to have a half hour battle. Green Lantern deserves a galactic canvas on which to paint his badass-ness, and this script definitely delivers one. 2010 needs to get here. NOW!



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You can use

tage for that info dude. How did you get your hands on a script anyway?


I'll be seeing this movie for sure when it comes out, I've enjoyed pretty much every superhero movie released as of late.

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...And of course they use white Green Lantern.


Not Interested.

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...And of course they use white Green Lantern.


Not Interested.

Of course they did, Hal Jordan is infinitely better than John Stewart. Not to mention Hal Jordan's origin story is a lot more compelling than even Alan Scott's (the first Green Lantern). But f*ck, at least they're not using Guy Gardner.

user posted image

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