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Bringing a spawned vehicle somewhere

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Look through the main.scm as well, look at the mission Robbing Uncle Sam. Perhaps it will help you


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soo many objects, all the opcodes, ALL THE OPCODES!!! Why all the gosubs, so many indicators, no, NO! No more opcodes, no more objects, please, no... no more! confusing, confusing, CONFUSING!!!!!!!!!!!



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I looked for you in the main.scm. I think they did it like this:


0897:   car [email protected] collided_with_object [email protected]



Perhaps it's an idea to code that the objects has to be in a van (mule). I think that is easier, because you have an example in the main.scm.


You can do something like this (I didn't test it so I don't know if it works!):



while 0897:   car [email protected] collided_with_object [email protected] 100if01AD:   car [email protected] sphere 0 near_point [email protected] [email protected] radius 6.0 6.0 thenjump @endendend:fail// For example, jump to this if car is wrecked, or when the player exit the car:end



You can also try the following opcode:


0866: get_object_in_sphere [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] radius 5.0 handle_as [email protected] 


Then combine it with the following:


09CC:   object [email protected] model_is #CJ_COIN_OP_2 



Or perhaps the most easy way to check if a object is in a certain area:


04EA:   object [email protected] in_cube_cornerA 2774.308 -2405.28 12.6803 cornerB 2801.607 -2430.073 15.3896 flag 0 



Don't know if these possibilities work, because I didn't test them. These are just some examples of things you can try. You have to understand that you don't learn coding within a few days. Coding is really "try and error", you just have to test things if you have an idea.

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