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[PSN] The Blacklist


Recommended Posts

Leroy, keep at him mate!




Deejay, TASO, lets have a 3way this weekend! Anyone else within our vicinty is welcome too!

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TASO & Deejay !


Lets have this 3way!


You both choose the settings for 3 races each.

I won't choose any as I'm the lowest of the 3.


6race series, 3points 1st, 2points 2nd, 3points 3rd


Now lets get it onnnnnn!

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Throw ME in for any mass meet for the top 5...


or one w/Leroy...


or one w/King...


or a 3-way??? smile.gif

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Doc Rikowski

Well, I'll be online tonight around 10.30 pm to host I vs C. We might 4way after that cool.gif

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Im up bojs, but Ill be on litle later than I thought confused.gif Please wait for me till 23h, Ill do my best to get on even before smile.gif


EDIT: Ajm sori bojs!! confused.gif


I felt in sweet dreams right after dinner, and right before I logged on! bored.gif


I accept to slide few positions down for this no show last night..but Ill try to get my position back !! sneaky2.giftounge2.gif

Edited by TASO
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So it kinda turned into a mega-meet with 3-9th* represented.


We had 7 races, and I distributed points 7-1 dependent on position.


1st. J4ADM 42 Pts

2nd. GTAKing 35 Pts

3rd. deejayb1874 34 Pts

4th. docrikowski 28 Pts

5th. Taso 22 Pts

6th. ChristopherD 20 Pts

7th. BigMike 15 Pts


As an aside, ChristopherD had a poor nights racing by his standard. He did, however, win the last race, then claimed we gave him the race. I can assure you that this wasn't the case Chris man, you finally PULLED IT TOGETHER for one of these mega-meet races. Maybe you found the right level of beer to consume dude!




*alx has forfeited his place, and I guess is in 15th.

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Doc Rikowski

Yeah. Good races.

So now it's like that:


1st stev

2nd leroy

3rd J4

4th king

5th Dj

6th Riko

7th TASO

8th Chris

9th Mike

etc etc


I say we open to other members cause alx will be out for a while, SCARFACE is PS3less, nASH andSammy do not play GTA anymore.

Don't know about Crystal and Andy.

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We'll see soon (Hopefully) tounge.gif


But i hereby challenge you! leroy46... the only man in my way before the legendary STEV !


Lets get it onnnnnn


@Chris, apologies for side swiping you in that industrial race. it was an accident and at least you didnt crash in the aftermath. + you more than got your own back 2/3 corners later LOL

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Ok...New Rule: NEVER listen to ANYTHING ChrisD says while drinking! blush.gif


@J4: Your bump was just that...a bump...I really ran u into the pilon cuz I was frustrated with my performance (I had a 'GTAking' moment...lol [jk, King])... blush.gif My sincere apologies.


And in general, I have had some bad nights before, but THAT was rediculous! I had absolutely NO consistency whatsoever! Hell, I kept in the top 3 (and led several) in almost every race in the 1st lap, but just couldn't keep it up...lost 5 spots in one meet... blush.gifblush.gif


No excuses, but have been trying not to drink so much in the last cpl months and it had been weeks since my last drink, so by my 4th beer, I was trashed (which is where I usually just get started...lol).


Anyway, I WAS a bit of an ass that night, so sorry to everyone.


So I guess TASO is my next target to start the dificult trek back up the ranks.


But am qsyched about Doc's Leaderboards (which I think every one of us left here is participating in), so if you want to concentrate on that for a little while, TASO, Im all about that too! icon14.gif

Edited by ChristopherD
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J4 we never raced before i think, i know you have fast laps, but i'll try to postpone your challenge with stev, i want to be at least once in FIRST place. lol.gif


We'll race one of these eves.. icon14.gif

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Chris: why not, TASO never give up! tounge2.gif I hope we will meet once during week, if not lets do this on weekend.


Best of 3! sneaky2.gifcool.gifbiggrin.gif

Sounds good...and I WON'T be drinking...lmao

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Best of 3.

No warm up, no losing of time.


leroy Vs J4ADM ... 2:0


Industrial action: Modern - Sentinel, 2 laps, drizzle

Bowhans Dash: Sport - Banshee, 2 laps, drizzle



Still in second, coming for the fourth time for you PerfectStevo lol.gif


Good games J4, in first you made some big mistakes, my ride was pretty clean all the time, in second both made mistakes and you catched me in the last corners, but i had some advantage from before. Lot of luck for me, was really not in the mood for racing, but like the action on the leaderboard. I am sure it would be a different story in dry, but i am "hosting" icon14.gificon14.gificon14.gif


Made it for all of you comerades, VIVA LA DDZN.

Edited by leroy46
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Yeah props leroy!

Not a big fan of the drizzle tounge.gif


The mistakes I made weren't exactly my fault(rain/poles etc) but I'll accept the defeat, and the better man won!


Also I think you've found my kryptonite with drizzle/rain haha


I'm booking a rematch when you have once again raced stev! (unless you beat him!!!!)

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