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[PSN] The Blacklist


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user posted image



user posted image


As theres been interest in this since Jacky hasnt been on. Ive decided to run this as a 'temporary' event until he returns and takes this back, (if he wants to!).

However, this is still his event, and im in no way trying to take this off him icon14.gif



"The Blacklist" is the name given to Liberty City Police's 15 Most Wanted illegal street racers. The term has since become synonymous with success in the racing circuit, with members of The Blacklist considered to be the best of the best.



To join The Blacklist, you must challenge the #15 and win.

To advance up the ranks, you must challenge the member above you and win.

You cannot turn down another player's challenge.

If you refuse to play another member, or fail to reply, the challenger will immediately be promoted. (However, time must be given in order to arrange a suitable time to race!)

Matches will be played on PS3 via Race.

Game settings are chosen by the person being challenged. (As they have fought for that position in the past and have the right to keep it by races of thier choice)


Ive tweaked a few rules while im running this.


The Races which occur between places on the list will be in the 'best out of' format. Either 3-5 or 7, This must be decided on by both Players BEFORE the racing takes place.


If you dont have a place on the blacklist, but would like to challenge the No15 to try and establish a place. you must compete in the Midnight Club: Liberty City Event to show you have the skills to be in the BlackList...

Currently Not running anymore, post here in the thread if you want to challenge #15!!





1. Stev150

PSN: Stev150


2. Leroy46

PSN: Leroy46


3. J4ADM



4. GTAking33

PSN: xxGTAking33xx


5. deejayb1874

PSN: deejayb1874


6. Docrikowski

PSN: RikoBegovic





8. ChristopherD

PSN: ChristopherD


9. Bigmike72

PSN: Bikemike27


9. Alx-ndr

PSN: Alx-ndr
















Idle racers:



PSN: AndyGanteks



PSN: CrystalMez



PSN: psychosammeh


Gta lad




PSN: NotoriousASH


PM me the results of any challenges incase i miss any in the thread!



Edited by J4ADM
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Good job on taking the helm and getting this back J4ADM. Props to Jacky for the original idea.

Want a topic title change? You needn't call it 'temp', crediting Jacky will do. tounge.gif

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Yeah I wasn't in on this last time, I'll give it a go. I'm not bad behind the wheel, but J4 you're one faaast sonbitch.

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When the 15 places have been filled I'll set a date in advance to allow people to arrange the time to play.


Only 3 places left you pack of twats! colgate.gif

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Well, can we either start before the weekend, or next weekend? Some people like me may be busy during the week, and may not have access to a PS3.

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J4ADM..u are really fast bastard!! sneaky2.giftounge2.gif ..but whats wrong with you, GTAChaos???U dont know how to accept the loose??? suicidal.gif U know what Im talking about...

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Haha your quick too!


But me and chaos can't take losing? What do you mean?



I'll post a date later today...!

Edited by J4ADM
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Haha your quick too!


But me and chaos can't take losing? What do you mean?



I'll post a date later today...!

Not u..I saw that when u in lead, u kick everybody from behind so I kicked u when I won the last one but I didnt understand all that wroten in chat room from Chaos..like "wanker".."fa**ot".."pussy"..and so on..so I dont understan if it was a joke ( I dont like that kind of jokes btw wink.gif ) or was just "kompleks" problem??!! sneaky2.gif So GTAChaos??


P.S. I have a pic of that!! biggrin.gif

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Nah, me & Chaos always joke about like that. Its all playful, just swearing at J4 cause every race hes first.

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He is.


TASO, the rain on Bawhans dash, Wow, how the hell you did that race so well i dont know, Me & Chaos were battling the whole game & kept sliding on & off the road lol.gif

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