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GTAForums.com Dictionary




GTAForums.com Dictionary


This topic is about the words and abbreviations that are common used at this forum, but aren't as a matter of course for new members. I made this topic after reading somewhere "TC", which directed to the first post. I didn't know what the characters stand for, but it was very easy: Topic Creator. That's how I came up with this idea: a GTAForums.com Dictionary. Of course I forgot some important words and/or important abbreviations, so I ask you to help me extend this topic! Thanks in advance!






Word Explanation
Admin/Administrator The "highest" members of the crew, have access to (almost) all functions of this forum.
Annual Awards This is a contest, organised in the crew, in which members can vote for their favourite in more then one category.
Area Moderator This moderator can only moderate in a (few) subforum(s). You can find a list here.
Avatars Small images that can be uploaded by members, or choosen from a avatar gallery. It shows up next to your posts and in your profile.
Ban Look at "permanent ban".
BBcode This is for the lay-out of your post. You can find a tutorial about it here.
Beta Most of the time, this is about modifications. It's a first version of a modification, which most likely isn't completed.
Bug A mistake or failure in a game (or other software). It is not intended by the makers.
Bump a topic Reply in a topic, so that it raises in the index. For example: someone asked something 3 years ago, and now somebody else replies.
Clans A group of people which play on regular base a multiplayer game together.
Commendation A commendation is a medal for very good contribution to this forum. It will be showed next to the posts. Moderators and Admins can award them to members.
Crew The crew of this forum are the admins, moderators and area moderators, which try to keep the forum clean from rubbish.
Double posting Posting two consecutive times. Don't do this, just use the edit button.
Duplicate account This is prohibited on this forum. It means that you have two accounts, only one is allowed.
Easter Egg A secret object or image, that programmers hide in the game on purpose. Most of the time it is a joke or a reference.
Edit You can edit your post, so you don't have to double post.
Flame Post an insulting or verbally abusive post.
Flood control This is a way to prevent serious spam. You have to wait 10 or 20 seconds before searching again, and 60 seconds to post again.
Glitch Look at "bug".
Groups There are at the moment 15 groups at this forum. These includes for example Official Gangs and Crew groups.
GTAGarage The modding site of the community. You can upload your own mods, or download others.
Led By Look at "Area Moderator".
Lock When a thread isn't appropriate for the forum, it will get locked (or deleted). It means that nobody (except the crew) can post in that thread.
Member Log Every member of this forum has a member log. A member log contains every (verbal) commendation and warnings. Only the crew can see them.
Merge The crew has the opportunity to merge topics, so two topics become one.
Mod(erator) Members of this group can moderate everywhere. They can also give other members bans, warns or commendations.
Modding Crew These members are the area moderators of the modding forums, and moderator at GTAGarage.
Modification An adaption to a game. For more information, look in the modding forums.
Noob A negative name for a new member, who, for example, is short-tempered.
Newbie A new member. In contradiction to Noob or n00b, this most of the time isn't negative.
On-topic Post that has something to do with the subject of the topic.
Off-topic Post that has not something to do with the subject of the topic.
Permanent ban After a member really misbehaved himself, he could get a permanent ban. That means that he isn't welcome on this forum any more.
Piracy Look at "Warez".
Poll Poll stands for "Public Opinion Location Library". When someone adds a poll, he wants to know the opinion of the members with a few choice opportunities.
Quote You can quote somebody's post (by pressing "quote" or use the opcode [ quote=...] [/ quote]. This way you can reply to a specific post.
Reminder This is used by light violations. When a member does the same thing again, most likely there will follow a harsher punishment.
Report When you are seeing a post/topic that is against the rules of this forum, you can press the report button. The crew will get a note of it.
Ripping Release something that is made by others, under you own name. Of course, this is prohibited.
Signature The signature will appear under every post. It will also be visible in your profile. Be sure you don't violate the signature size rules.
Skin The layout of the forum depends on which skin you are using. You can change it in your controls (Skin and Languages).
Spam Posting many messages that are unwanted, for example abusive messages or advertisements. More generally, spamming is posting lots of offtopic messages or messages that aren't useful.
Spoiler Giving information about a movie, game, book, etcetera, which might spoil the plot of it. When you give information about the plot of a game, please use the spoiler tags: [ spoiler] [ /spoiler].
Subforum It's a part, a subdomain, of the forum.
Temporary ban The member can't post for a period. After that period, the member is allowed to post again.
Track Topic At this forum you can track topics. When you turn on "Do you want all subscribed topics displayed on the sidebar?" in your control panel, the topics will displayed on the sidebar of the forum.
Triple Posting Post three times after each other. Use the EDIT button instead.
Verbal Commendation It is a reward for members that put effort in things for this forum. It isn't a medal, just a way to say thank you from the staff.
Verbal Warning Formal warnings, when someone violates the rules.
Warez Illegal software and games. Things like emulators and no-cd cracks are also warez.
Warez Request Asking questions about warez (for example where to find it).






Abbreviation Explanation
1337 leet/elite
360 Xbox360
ACP Admin Control Panel
Admin Administrator
AFAIC As Far As I'm Concerned
AFAIK As Far As I Know
AKA Also Known As
ASAP As Soon As Possible
BTW By The Way
BUMP Bring Up My Post
CMIIW Correct Me If I'm Wrong
CW/CTW Chinatown Wars
DLC DownLoadable Content (GTA IV/TLAD)
EE Easter Egg
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FF FireFox
FFS For F*ck Sake
  1. First-Person Shooter
  2. Frams Per Second
FTW For the Win
GFX Graphics
GJ Good Job
GTA Grand theft Auto
GTAG GtaGarage
GTFO Get the F*ck Out
HTH Hope This Helps
IE Internet Explorer
IIRC If I Remember/Recall Correctly
IMHO In My Holy/Honest/Humble Opinion
IMO In My Opinion
IPB Invision Power Board
IRC Internet Relay Chat
JJ Just Joking
JK Just Kidding
KUTG Keep Up The Good Work
LCS Liberty City Stories
LMAO Laughing My Ass Off
LOL Laughing Out Loud
MMORPG Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game
MMORTS Massively Multiplayer Online - Real Time Strategy
  1. Moderator


  2. Modification
MP Multiplayer
MTA Multi theft Auto
NC No Comment
NM Never Mind
NP No Problem
NDS Nintendo DS
OMG Oh My God
OMFG Oh My F*cking God
OP Original Post
PBM Previously Banned Member
PM Personal Message
POLL Public Opinion Location Library
PS2 Playstation 2
PS3 Playstation 3
PSN Playstation Network
PSP Playstation Portable
REL Release
REQ Request
QFT Quoted for Truth
ROFL Rolling Over Floor Laughing
  1. Rocket Propelled Grenade


  2. Role-Playing Game
RTS Real Time Strategy
SA San Andreas
SA-MP San Andreas Multiplayer
Sig Signature
Specs specifications
STFU Shut the F*ck Up
STFw Search the F*cking Web
TBH To Be Honest
  1. Topic Creator
  2. Total Conversion
TLAD The Lost and Damned
tl;dr Too Long; Didn't Read.
TY Thank You
VC Vice City
VCS Vice City Stories
VC-MP Vice City Multiplayer
w00t We Owned Other Team - Exclamation of "Yay, I won!" or "Yes!".
WD Well Done!
WIP Work In Progress
WTF What the F*ck
WTH What the Hell
XBL Xbox Live
Corrections and additions are appreciated! Edited by Dutchy3010

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An abbreviation I have noticed; GTAG also reffers to GTA Gaming since several GTAF member 'evacuated' to GTA Gaming during the server failure.

99/100 times when someone is saying "GTAG" on this forum, it is meant for GTAGarage. It will only confuse people if I add a completely other site.


@ Banana.: added. smile.gif

@ yojo2 (below): not any more tounge.gif

Edited by Dutchy3010

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In Abbreviations section, "Invision Power Board" is listed twice.

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nm - nevermind. Should have a alternative abbreviation as nvm.

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One for abbreviations: NSFW: Not safe for work tounge2.gif

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PSML : Pissing myself laughing

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I can't beliieve on this forum of all forums you've missed off





They only really mean WTF, but they mean it so much better.


And you've also missed off


Catspiders - It should be in the GTAForums Dictionary. It means "A Mythical (or real) entity that exists in the Woods and lives in the Forums"


PS, In FPS, you've spelt Frames wrong wink.gif

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you should put an example of a sentence that is against gta forums rules



and ripping also comes under warez as people ilegaly rip games and put them on the net

Edited by johnathon956

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you should put an example of a sentence that is against gta forums rules

No sentence is against GTAF rules as long as you stay within the rules, which is basically, no spamming, no flaming, no warez or porn, no homophobia and everything else mentioned in the rules. And most importantly, use common sense. That's all. smile.gif

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May I suggest a new abbreviation for Milestone Topics? MST or MT for short?

Scratchcard should take credit for the sgt. slaughter. milestone topic,as I'm only suggesting. Is it allowed anyway? Sorry if it's not.


Thus it becomes SSMST or take out SS and only MST or MT.

Edited by maxrevv

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Well I wasn't the one who came up with MS(T), but still I don't think we should refer to all of them as Sgt. Slaughter's Milestone Topic. Just the failed ones.

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Agreed,but its only an example,mate.

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I know, and MST sounds fine to me, just not with the SS prefix tounge.gif

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