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helena glitch

Riding like Rider

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Riding like Rider

ok so i went to blueberry, and got helena to be my girlfriend. i saw a message saying that she was my girlfriend now. so i was like where's her house? because i didn't see the heart on the map. so i went in my car, drove a round the block, and went back up to the roof to talk to her... and all i did was stand next to her and my progress level with her kept going up, like every 5 seconds! im sorry if this has been discovered all ready, but my search thing doesn't work...


so all you have to do to get this glitch to work is immediately after you two are bf/gf, walk away from her. then walk right next to her, and your progress will kepp going up.



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Riding like Rider
Will this work on pc?

im not sure if it will work on pc, because i did it on the ps2. but if you play the pc version, try it and tell us.

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  • 4 weeks later...

yep, it also works for every other girl except Denise and Millie considering that you can't find them on the map. It works for Katie, i tried it on Barbara (it works!), Helena and Michelle. This is an awesome glitch! (playing on xbox)

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So what do I actually do?


Like I meet Barbera and do what? I get her as me gf and i just go round the police station and she dosen;t dissaper and The relationship bar goes up? Wha?!?!

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McAfee Security Center

This is very interesting, I'll have to try this sometimes...thanks!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Does it make any difference if you have "Things To Do in San Andreas" installed? I do and I'm not getting this to work.

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  • 3 months later...
Jack Reacher

I think i have a save just before getting Katie, can someone confirm it for PS2, i dotn want to backtrack too much of my master save but it would be awesom eif we could get it to 100% as we can finally get some new clothes!

I cant even find helena before the first mission so am i right to assume this only works with Michelle, Katie and Barbara?

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Jack Reacher

Sorry for the double post but i can confirm right now it is a useless glitch. You could have told us TC that it doesnt actually go any higher than 15%


The progress bar keeps coming every 5 seconds yes, but it doesnt actually increase. it just shows a green bar, a + but it stays on 15%. Been getting it for like 5 minutes now still 15%

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