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GTA2: Zombie Mod?


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I love GTA 2, it's a brilliant game and i still loving playing it all the time, but i love zombies and i've always wondered was there ever a mod for it? IS there one for it?


Could somebody make one? please!?

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Script/graphic/map/sound mods are possible.


There have been people starting work on a zombie mod but none were ever released. The engine doesn't really allow you to make peds that move like zombies but you can make a gang, set it to remap 24 (yellowish skin) and tell them to punch the player. They don't swarm like zombies. They just walk around and about four at a time will try to punch you to death. If they kill you then you could change the player remap to look like them.



This is what gang members set to remap 24 look like:

user posted image


This is a normal ped set to remap 24. Normal peds are smaller than gang members and look greener.

user posted image

Edited by Sektor
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How do i do that?




Now i really need to know!

Edited by Sektor
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Please DON'T quote PICTURES.



To make different peds you must write scripts

Here are some tuts:







For peds specially




Download Mispad to create scripts easily


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Uncompress to GTA2\data and start it using GTA2 debug manager, GMP = zombies.gmp, STY = ste.sty, SCR = zombies.scr

You could also start it by creating a multiplayer game, select the Zombies map and play it alone.

Edited by Sektor
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