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youtube to psp


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okay, i used to have a website to go to to get youtube videos and download them directly to your psp, no conversion crap, but the site no longer works. Does anyone have a site to go to to download youube videos directly to your psp and be able to watch them on your psp

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okay, the one I used was pspube, and I cant run homebrew, I dont have cfw, so i am looking for a website that downloads mp4s directly to your psp, and keepvid didn't work for some reason.

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Here's a list of the usual suspects, then. They tend to stop working once in a while, or only let you get one or two, so it's good to have some options.









They all have psp/mp4 options, so at any given time, one is bound to work.

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Isn't Media Converter the one marketed with PSP? Sony's system had some bland name. There are conversions for most files to make them trans-portable. I saved my YouTube streams from Windows cache, they typically store as unassociated FILEs, so they need VideoLAN to play as a FILE type, you just associate them with any context menu that pops up. In PSP files, they have to be recognized by the firmware and it's updated support. So that's the thing that likely prevents me, I can't convert a FILE that has no association normally.

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1. Download PSPTube


2. Open up the psptube.cfg and press STRG + F and type in "DEV" and you will find "id=".


3. Then you need to register at YouTube and paste your ID in Dev "id=xxxxx".

Just where i put the x placeholders .


4. Copy the 200over folder in the GAME352 folder and set your Kernel to 3.5.2.


5. Then you remove the connection by pressing the circle button on the PSP and you can watch Videos directy on Youtube without downloading anything.


Tip: Deactivate all plugins icon14.gif

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