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Vice City Review; the archive!


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Welcome, to the collaboration of user-submitted reviews on the game Grand Theft Auto:Vice City!


This topic is going to be complete with reviews, and nothing but, posted my members of this very forum. They are of a very high standard, and I'm sure you will have an interesting experience reading through them all. The first segment of this topic was created a few days ago, and can be found here. In that topic you can read and reply to each posted review, to give your opinion/tips on each review. This topic will not allow such thing, because it will be in a read-only format. That means that this will be locked, and only the most impressive reviews will be archived here.


Don't worry, you have not missed your chance to post your very own review about the game. You can either PM it to me, or go ahead and post it up in the first segment of this topic (Link provided above). As has been stated in the first segment, it doesn't matter if you love the game with a passion, or loathe the game with a passion, providing your review is somewhat informative and decent, it will be archived here. I'm sure it will be an honour to be archived at the very top of this sub-forum, for as long as this topic shall remain pinned, so get writing your own review!


Rules & pointers in full detail can be found in the first segment of this , so be sure to read through the first topic on the Vice City Review before posting your own. Right, onto the reviews...

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Review by: Vercetti27


Review of GTA : Vice City


GTA Vice City was the second 3-d GTA and was set in Miami in 1986. Playing as a man called Tommy Vercetti who was just come out of jail after 15 years. His old mob boss, Sonny Forelli, gives Vercetti a job in Vice to keep in off the streets in LC. His job is to secure a drug deal.


The deal goes wrong and Vercetti is stuck in the city with bent lawyer Ken Rosenberg. Vercetti has no money- and neither does he have the drugs. He has to work with Ken to get back the money before Sonny comes down to Vice City.


I love the game becuase firstly the first custscenes leading up to "The Party" gives a very good introduction and lets you know what is happening . The characters are introduced early and the voice acting is great.


Secondly, the first missions are all important to the plot unlike other games. Anyway, I think that each mission is important to the plot and they get steadily harder until you need to take over the assets.


The atmosphere of the game is bright, cheerfull and the 80's "vibe" is strong throughout. The radio plays a big part in your first impression of the game. With stations like "The Wave", "Flash", "Emotion" etc it is easy to tell when the game is set and most songs are recognisable and will always remind you of Vice City from now on.


You work with different bosses all through the game. Drug dealers like Ricardo Diaz, and Colonel Cortez, from Rock bands to gang bosses, rich texans and film directors. All these characters are brilliant and bring something special to the game.


Also you will need to own different assets and complete asset missions to get full control of the city. These assets range from print works, film studios, taxi compnays and boatyards.


The most significant improvement from III are the vehicles and the damage. Cars have better physics and look more relalistic. Cars like the infernus have been massively improved to keep with the 80's vibe. And another improvement from III are the inclusion of bikes. Bikes are a great way to move around the narrow backalleys of Vice and you can feel the air move against the bike as you ride.


Also, boats feel more accesible than in III and in this game it gives you more satisfaction to cruise through the narrow, blue waterways of Vice than the dark, deep & scary depths of Liberty's oceans. Boats are used a lot more in missions and they can be used to reference the 80's crime dramas of the time, Scarface, Carlito's way and Miami Vice.


Another thing big in the game is references. If you've seen the movie "Copland" then you'll love the mission which shares the name. You work with lance to blow up a mall store using cop cars as your disguise and steal cop uniforms.


The plot is interesting but simple enough so you can understand why you are doing what you are. There are plenty of fun things in the city to do if you get bored. Taking a stroll down ocean drive, going to the malibu, collect cars for sunshine autos, get hidden packages and also race remote controlled planes, cars and helis.


The variety of missions in the game is staggering. You jump roof to roof on bikes, shoot out of a heli, take down a construction site using a remote controlled version- and assasinate men planning a bank robbery. The people who enjoy this game the most will tell you the music is the best in any gta.


I haven't quite decided but if you , like me enjoy flying a chopper in the air listening to classic 80's music this is the only game you can- unless you get VCS tounge2.gif . The graphics aren't the strong point in the game but if you bought this game back in 2002 and just wanted a brighter, more stylish III then you'd never care. It's whats inside that counts monocle.gif .


The weaponary in this game is something I love. You've got your molotovsrenades, machetes and also your miniguns. These weapons are fun to operate on innocent civilians and moreso on the notoriously tough VCPD.


Whenever I have a doubt that this isn't the greatest peice of video game ever- I take out a speedboat and cruise around the city just listening to the music and just having fun. I usually re convince myself again.


If you like rampages then this is the best game for them. There are 30 in the city and all range from different weapons. I always get a buzz when I'm slicing off cubans heads with a chanisaw getting blood on the camera and working within a time limit to kill al 20.


Starfish island is the single best island in the game and the Diaz mansion which you take from..Diaz- is the best safehouse ever. It's maze, waterside location, swimming pools and greens are really brought to life. And to keep you company are the mario men or "Vercetti gang".


Obviosuly the storyline is pretty short- so I usually try and keep to 3 missions per day while on re completion- but it doesn't really matter with a game this good.


Overall I rate this game a 9.9/10

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Review by: Tyla




user posted image


The year is 1986. The illegal Cocaine business is booming in Vice City, Florida. Cue Sonny Forelli, the biggest mob Don on the East Coast. He and his family, the dominant Forelli Family(who you may remember from GTA III) want to expand “down south” and into the lucrative drugs trade, although the other Liberty City mob families are traditionally anti-drug trade. They decide to send a soon to be released from prison member of they’re family to Vice City, with the intention of building a Drug Cartel on behalf of the Forelli’s, allowing them to take a cut of the profits without revealing their intentions to the Liberty City Mob. A drug deal is established to take place in Vice City, with the Forelli’s buying 20 kilo’s of Cocaine from two sellers for three million dollars. However, it’s an ambush, only two people manage to escape alive, with the drugs and money being left behind. Your erratic aide rushes you away from the scene to his place in the city, from where you will take your first steps, welcome to Vice City.


Enter the shoes of Tommy Vercetti, a brutal hitman notorious for the Harwood incident in 1971. He was dubbed “The Harwood Butcher” after he found himself ambushed by 11 men in Harwood, Liberty City. Sonny Forelli, Tommy’s boss, sent Tommy to kill just one man. Tommy successfully killed his mark and faught back against the rest, killing them all before being captured by the police. He was spared the death penalty after Sonny Forelli called in favors from corrupt judges, and sentanced to 15 years in a Maximum Security prison charged with Manslaughter.


By his own admissions, Vercetti isn’t a no balls all talk kind of guy. He’s physically intimidating, standing tall and prison built, able to rough up whoever he needs to talk. One of the major differences between Tommy Vercetti, and the series’ prior main character is that Tommy is able to talk. And who is to voice Tommy Vercetti other than Ray Liotta? Of Goodfellas fame, Liotta’s voice and tone suits Tommy’s personality to a tee, and soon forges a connection with the gamers imagination. Tommy talks tough and fights tough. If surrounded by a group of enemies, Tommy is able to strike them from either direction, and in front and behind, using a variety of headbutts, kicks, elbow strikes and punches.


user posted image




user posted image


Moving around Vice City, you’ll soon be engulfed by it’s sheer amount of atmosphere. Around the corner from your starting your point is Ocean Beach, a long sun baked strip populated with neon clad nightclubs by night, and with a beach full of golden sand and sunbathers sitting opposite. The bright Florida sun will shine through the palm trees and onto your screens as you move along the strip.


But Vice City isn’t all sandy beaches. Moving to the West Island, you will encounter the poverty striken ghetto’s of Little Havana and Little Haiti, populated by fueding Cubans and Haitians who tear the area apart. The area’s look worn and torn with incredible detail, with rusted car shells sitting on the sidewalks and rotting shacks making up the housing.


user posted image


There are four bridges between the islands, each in different area’s of the city. The southernmost bridge is located in Washington Beach, an area dominated mostly by the Washington Mall; a brightly lit shopping center opposite the Ocean View Hospital, where you will end up if you should find yourself on the receiving end of some serious damage. Another of the bridges leads you to Starfish Island. Starfish Island is occupied by Vice City’s elite, who show their power by purchasing one of the massive luxury mansions on the island. The largest of these will later belong to the player, as they forcibly take it from its previous owner. Starfish Island is a far cry from Prawn Island, arguably one of the most run down areas of Vice City. The area is occupied by Street Gangs, who live in three ran down mansions at the main point of the island. The only touch of glamour on the island is a failing Films Studio, which will later be transformed into a booming business by the player. Even though the area is overshadowed by the large skyscrapers of the Downtown business district, it’s still an amazing show of detail by developers Rockstar North. The northernmost bridge leads from Leaf Links, a golf course consisting of small islands of lavish greens. By exploring the city, you will most definatly be absorbed into the atmospheric recreation of 1980’s Miami.




user posted image

"The pinstripe suit gives Tommy a more formal look"


As the player progresses through the game, they will unlock numerous clothing options for the main character. They range from a light Pastel Soiree Suit, to a Golf Uniform, Casuals, Tracksuits and a more formal pinstripe suit amogst others. The Pastel Suit gives the player that feel of being in a 1980’s world, while the infamous blue Hawaiian Shirt remains one of the most recognizable pieces of the game.


user posted image

"A tracksuit is an essential piece of clothing for the aspiring Italian Mobster"


People and Gangs


user posted image

"Burt Reynolds as Texan property mogul Avery Carrington"


Gangs are back in Vice City, and they’re tougher than before. They range from Cuban and Haitian street gangs at war with each other, to a Columbian Drug Cartel and Street Kids pushing for there place in dominance. Another gang that appears are the Vice City Bikers. The player will do missions for a variety of gangs in Vice City, allowing the player to see the Vice City underworld.


During the course of the storyline, the player will come into contact with various figures from the city. Each character will have the player connecting differently to them. Animations are solid, and the voice acting is top notch, with actors such as Philip Michael Thomas, Gary Busey, Tom Sizemore and Burt Reynolds lending their voices to the game.


user posted image

"Philip Michael Thomas as smooth talking Lance Vance"


New Additions


user posted image

"The Malibu Club is one of the locations the player can purchase"


One of the major additions to Vice City was the ability to buy property and real estate. After passing a mission in the later stages of the game, the player will be able to buy businesses such as Film Studio’s, Nightclubs and a Car Showroom. Each of these will have a specific set of missions for the player to complete, with the reward being earnings that can be collected at the end of the game day. A notable mention is The Malibu Club, a 80’s nightclub resembling “The Babylon” from Scarface. The floors of the Malibu are filled with dancing civilians enjoying themselves to the sounds of “Dance Hall Days”, “Call me” and “Automatic”.


user posted image


A big addition to the veichle line up is the ability to see Vice City from the air, in a helicopter. A variety of choppers are available, including a police helicopter and sea skimmer.


user posted image


Boats have also been expanded on, with Speed Boats and luxury Sailboats available to the player to obtain. The best of the transportation additions are Motorbikes. The PCJ600 is a super bike, perfect to cruise down the Ocean Beach strip in the sunshine. The Sanchez is a dirt bike, equally as good for stunting as the PCJ. The Sanchez and PCJ both sound realistic and are a joy to ride. Also, the Freeway and Angel are two hogs, which handle heavier and aren’t meant for stunting on. The Angel is the choice of bike for the Vice City biker gangs. For car-lovers, a vast amount of 80’s style veichles make an enterance into GTA. A Ferrari Testerossa lookalike, the “Cheetah”, the “Stinger”, a Ferrari Daytona similar to that of Sonny Crockett in Miami Vice, the “Banshee”, a 80’s Chevrolet Corvette, the “Infernus”, a Lamboghini, as well as Muscle Cars such as the Sabre and Phoenix


user posted image




user posted image


The weapons system had a complete over-haul for Vice City. Weapons are catorgized by their type, for example “Handgun” and “Sub-Machine gun”. This means the player will be handling a lot of new firepower, including a Colt Python, 9mm Uzi, Tec 9, M60, Ruger, PSG-1 Sniper Rifle and a host of new melee weapons, such as a Chainsaw, Hammer and meat cleaver. The aiming system can be a bit dodgy, making it difficult to navigate between multiple enemies at times, though the PC version has a manual aim system, the console versions do not. People react differently when they are shot – some heads will explode and limbs will spray blood. The player can also crouch, improving Tommy’s aim.


user posted image




user posted image


The soundtrack to the game is flawless. Combining a mix of 1980’s pop hits, new wave, power ballads and rock, each track will fit the mood of the city, sutible for any moment. A personal favorite was completing the mission “The Driver”, where the player races another character who has a considerably faster car, to the backdrop of Blondie’s “Atomic”. There is something for every taste, with songs from the likes of Michael Jackson, A Flock of Seagulls, Cory Hart, Dave Lee Roth, Grandmaster Flash, Rick James, Run DMC, Mister Mister, Toto and Reo Speedwagon. Also included in the mix are two chat shows which focus on the Vice City lifestyle, providing humerous moments and banter between guests and DJ. Rockstar also included a band made up of game characters, 80’s rockers “Love Fist”, who will provide Tommy Vercetti with missions during the storyline. Love Fist provide two songs, written by Rockstar North.




Overall, the game has something for everyone. The casual gamer may just want to complete the storyline, taking Tommy Vercetti from a mob employed nobody who will eventually rise up against his employers, to a Drug Lord reigning in control of the city. However most people will love exploring the different options and side missions the game provides, with new additions such as Pizza Delivery, and the “Top Fun” van challenges. Rampages provide hours of endless fun. Whichever way you play the game, you’ll love it.


I give Vice City a full 10/10.

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Review by: flicko





Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. A blessing in my life. The only game I cannot stop going back to. The legend.


To me, Vice City is the epitome of greatness. I've played the game constantly since it's release, which is reaching it's seventh anniversary. It still holds a very special place in my heart, one that will never go away. There are so many vast and diverse reasons as to why I love the game, I'm going to have to break it down into sections. The first one being-


Gameplay factor

What would a game be without it's Gameplay factor? Vice City certainly thrives in this aspect, not only does if have an immense Gameplay factor, but it's re-playability factor is one that is incomparable to me. So many times if something in life is getting me down, or I'm feeling extremely bored, the only game that will spring to mind is this one. When I said I've played the game constantly since way-back-when, I meant it. Seven straight years of consecutive gameplay. I've racked up thousands of hours, hundreds of thousands of kill, I've died thousands of times, fed thousands of fish, been in a prison cell thousands of times, failed thousands of missions, passed thousands of mission, slept with thousands of prostitutes, bought millions worth of weapons, acquired billions of dollars. Why? Because no matter if I tried my darnedest to not play this game, I wouldn't be able to. It's become an addiction, but this addiction isn't like one for nicotine, it's goo, and I'm proud to have played, encountered and achieved so much on a game as revolutionary as this one. Over the years I must have had at least twenty different copies and versions of the game. If ever I have a problem with one game, I'll go and buy another. I've also bought all of the available versions to me, to see what is different, if there is anything new I can experience. Such a joy.


The Soundtrack

Many a gamer herald the Vice City soundtrack as simply astounding. Quite frankly, I'd agree with them. I'm relatively young, and was unfortunate to not be around when the '80's generation was in place. But when I first played Vice City, I actually got a feeling of what that '80's generation was about. I felt like I was amongst everything, the soundtrack transformed the way I looked at music, and really opened my eyes to help me expand on my boundaries. Since listening to the soundtrack, my love for the '80's style of music has only grown, I now search and take the time out to listen to renowned 80s tracks, and that's all down to one thing; Vice City. With stations like Emotion 98.3, Flash FM, Vrock, Fever 105, which contain artists like Michael Jackson, Bryan Adams, Blondie, Toto, Foreigner, Pointer Sisters, In-deep, Yes, Hall and Oates and even the custom Love Fist, who cannot love the soundtrack? The diverse genres of the songs were all chosen fantastically, and each one gives you a great feeling when you're behind the wheel. So much so, that I actually went to the trouble of purchasing the official game soundtrack when I purchased my first car only a few weeks a ago. there's nothing quite like cruising down the motorway whilst listening to the awesome tracks. It really takes me back.


Added to that, the chat show stations were also top draw. Not only was every single radio host comical in their own way, but every single chat show host and their guests were even more comical, and gave the game a different approach. I used to find completing multiple taxi fares consecutively very tedious, that was until I discovered VCPR. I completed one-hundred fares in a row whilst listening to VCPR for the first time. It had me laughing throughout, and also diminished the boredom factor that completing taxi fares initially possesses.


The 80s atmosphere

As I have stated, I wasn't around in the 80s, so couldn't really get a feel of the atmosphere. But I also feel that Vice City captured it perfectly, and gave me an insight to what 80's life was like. The beaches of Vice City, with the beautiful sunset gleaming along the ocean, the long stretch of road on the beachfront in Ocean Beach with the neon lighting, the palm trees, the women in bikinis, the men in Hawaiian shirts. Practically everything about the game created a fantastic vibe, and really put me in a brilliant mood. quite often I'd save my game at either the Ocean View hotel, or at my mansion for a certain purpose; to be greeted by the fantastic atmosphere every-time I loaded my game. It made me even more in the mood to play, and quite often cruise around in an open-top vehicle as I lavish in the vibe. The atmosphere of the city, complete with the soundtrack of the game both tie-in together perfectly, and make the gaming experience that bit more pleasurable. I love cruising along the beach in my Sandking whilst listening to Vrock, as I crush all of those who happen to cross my path, whilst at the same time the sun's glares are beating down on me. It's quite majestical.


The storyline

Every game needs a good story. I think Vice City's story was awesome. I admit, in some places it seemed a little confusing, but those places were only of a minor scale. I was gripped, and still get gripped with the storyline every-time I play through the game. I've completed the story well over twenty-five times now, and it never gets dull to me, nor does it make me want to not play the game. Each and every mission is great fun, and most of which offer a demanding challenge, making you step up to the plate and show your true capabilities. The brutal deaths you give out, and are on the receiving end of, are all worth re-playing so many times. The missions are diverse as well. For example, one minute you could be driving at full speeds, literally, for your life, and slowing down too much will result in death, and the next minute you're tailing a male psychopath whose impersonating a female. The cut-scenes made preparation for each mission that bit more laid back, they were all very comical. And what each mission entailed really appeals to me. I'm sure I'll have completed the storyline of this games many more times by the end of the year, it's fabulous!


The protagonist

The Harwood butcher; Tommy Vercetti. Ruthless, brutal, extremely deadly calm, collected, comical, aggressive, assertive, powerful, dominant. I could go on and on. this man is a savage, one not to be taken lightly. If you get on the wrong side of him you're dead. I love his easy-going, care-free nature to sticky and tense situations, and his rather compact, confidential personality only emphasises on his already menacing ego. People in the street are very wary when Mr. Vercetti is in the vicinity. He's a man with Big Cojones, and doesn't give a damn who he has to kill to get to achieve his goal. Stigmatised by Sonny, betrayed by others, Tommy still comes out on top and really shows he is the Don of the city. I love playing the game, in control of this legend of a character, it gives me an added buzz, the game would be nothing without him. He makes killing hundreds of people child's play, and doesn't give a damn about anything but himself. Rockstar certainly played their cards right upon designing him. He was portrayed perfectly.


The Characters

Like many of these points, what would the game be without a great selection of characters ad voice-overs?! The folks behind the scenes, those who decided the types of characters and pedestrians that were going to be in the game made some extremely good decisions. You've got the sublime Ray Liotta suiting Tommy down to an absolute tee, Burt Reynolds suiting Texan Avery Carrington down to a tee, Gary Busey suiting Phil Cassidy down to a tee, Luis Guzman suiting Ricardo Diaz down to a tee, Danny Trejo suiting Umberto Robina down to a tee, Bill Fichtner suiting Ken Roseberg down to a tee, as well as practically every other voiceover suiting their respective characters personalities and appearances perfectly. None Of which are particularly annoying, and all of which are extremely comical, in their own little ways. Ken Rosenberg is the sociopath, paranoid, drub-abusing low-life. Ricardo diaz is the arrogant, stumpy, assertive loudmouth Colombian Drug-lord. Umberto Robina is the self-conscious, panic-ridden Cuban Warlord. Auntie Poulet is the kniving, sly, old sweetheart. Steve Scott is the wild-card, sex-obsessed, self-righteous director. The ice-cream lady, as described, is simply psychotic, hating every person who has ever been a child. Delores is the one with the short fuse, much like Diaz. The list goes on and on. To this day, even after completing the game dozens of times, I still watch every single cut-scene. They really crack me up and get me more in the mood to play the game, as well as giving a useful insight to the plot. It was a nice little touch to add so many humorous characters into the game, they make it what it is!


Also, the random outbursts of hundreds of pedestrians, with lines so ridiculous they make you hysterical also adds a lot to the game. There are over six hundred pedestrian voices available to be heard in Vice City, and every single pedestrian is guaranteed to make you chuckle. the things they say are so unbelievably random, you can't help but bust a gut half of the time. Quite often, I'll turn on my game and then go to a place where a lot of pedestrians spawn, a la outside the Hyman memorial stadium in Downtown, and just stand around a group of people, listening to what they randomly say. It really is hysterical, if you do not do this I seriously suggest you do, you won't regret it.


The Vehicles

Wow, what an awesome feature of the game. These vehicles really define the game, and only add to the immense atmosphere and vibe it already holds at large. A total of Ninety-nine vehicles, all varying in size, looks, speed and performance, is well enough to keep you occupied for a very long time. There's the sports cars, the speed demons like the Infernus, Stinger, Comet, Cheetah, Banshee, Phoenix, Deluxo and of course the ultimate land vehicle; the Hotring Racer. All of these are simply fantastic for fast speed race, or high altitude police chases, or just for cruising around the city at ferocious speeds, and all of which make for a very pleasant journey, no matter what the circumstances.


And then there's awesome attributes of the VCPD vehicles. The Police car is extremely fast, and opens up the road when you enable the siren. The Police Cheetah has all the attributes of the original Cheetah, only complete with it's very own siren which, much like the Police car, will open up the road for you. The FBI Washington is pretty much the same. Moving on to the Enforcer, you've not only got immense speed for a large vehicle, the ever-so useful siren and the armour add-on you will receive upon entrance. But the vehicle is also extremely powerful; barely anything will do damage to it upon contact, it really is a great endurance vehicle. The military vehicles are certainly not to be messed with- The Barracks OL, much like the Enforcer, is very very powerful, hardly anything will do damage to it. The FBI Rancher is considerably faster than most in-game vehicles, and is also surprisingly tough for a regular sized vehicle.


The Rhino is impenetrable, the ultimate warrior if you want to cause masses of carnage without suffering. It's strength and armour is nigh on impeccable, only a select few exploits have the will power to destroy this, it also destroys every single vehicle that is unfortunate enough to come into contact with it, aside from other Rhinos of course. You really do not want to mess with this, as it also has a turret, which shoots rockets out on the top as well. I f ever you're in the mood for endless fun, the Rhino is the vehicle for you. But it's not the ultimate, quite frankly, nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to the Hunter. The name says it all, it's a hunter, designed to be the most deadly weapon in the form of a vehicle. This giant chopper is insanely fast, very strong and is fitted with both machine guns, and rockets, which both shoot out of it at tremendous pace. Much like the Rhino, if ever you want to cause carnage, as well as have endless hours of entertainment, this is the vehicle for you. I've racked up countless hours doing Vigilante missions in both of these vehicles, for a brief period they were making me play the game so much so, that I almost forgot about my friends!


Other vehicles I absolutely love are high-speed boats. Such as the Squallo, Speeder and Cuban Jetmax. They're all rapid, and breeze across the water like it's not even there. They give you a bright outlook of the city, and enable to go places simply inaccessible to Tommy through any other means. There's nothing quite like breezing through the calm water of the oceans, as the sun glares beat down on you, whilst you rock out to the sound of Flash FM in a Squallo. It really is a great experience. Choppers and various other aircraft, which were new to the Grand Theft Auto universe at the time, also offer a different outlook to the game, a good one at that! They give you the opportunity to view the city you rule from a different perspective; the birds-eye view. You look over your businesses and realise how much of an influence you are on the people below you. They also give you the chance to get away from everything below, and simply thrive in the tranquil atmosphere it creates. Very good conventional features.


I also love the vehicles that excel on different terrains, vehicles like the BF Injection and Sandking. I don't know how many times I've said this in the Vice City sub-forum, but I absolutely love cruising along the beach in a Sandking, charging over all of those who happen to cross my path. Bikes are another type of vehicle I enjoy driving. I think I've covered the most mileage on the game, combined, in the ace PCJ-600. It's so fast, nimble, sexy and the noise it gives off is electric. Pulling wheelies with the Sanchez and performing stoppies with the Faggio/Pizza Boy has also took up a lot of my game time. I haven't used the Angel/Freeway so much because of it's dire handling, but I do enjoy riding them from time to time. Tommy's stance on the bike is sheer class. Don't get me wrong, I most certainly enjoy the more conventional-game vehicles as well. Vehicles like the Cabbie (and its Zebra Cab counterpart, complete with its taxi boost), the Mesa Grande, Blista Compact, Voodoo, complete with it's hydraulics. the Cuban Hermes, the Sentinel XS, the Love Fist limosine and the Gang Burrito all spring to mind. They all add something spectacular to the game, and were all designed brilliantly.


I could name and go into detail about all of the vehicles, in-fact, I already did elsewhere! Every single one is unique and special, but I'm sure you wouldn't want me boiling you down with more drivel. tounge.gif


The Weapons

There is a rather impressive total of thirty-two weapons in Vice City. Like the vehicles, they all vary in attributes, some are weak, some are poor, some are powerful, some are slow, some are fast, some are deadly, some are tame, but they are all welcomed to the game. You've got the projectile weaponry like the grenades, which are great for causing mass destruction, but you have to be very wary when launching one; leaving the vicinity is a must. Molotov cocktails and Tear Gas are two other projectile weapons that are very beneficial and effective, as well as visually stunning to see upon launch. These weapons are all well worth getting your hands on. Moving on to the heavy artillery, for sheer power, and deadly effect, the Rhino and Hunter will struggle to compete with the minigun, rocket launcher and M60. All three pose a venomous threat, and are very useful for taking down large vehicles/aircraft in split seconds. The Flamethrower, which is also a instant hit heavy weapon, doesn't quite pose the same threat as the above three, but it is still awesome for burning people to ashes. I love the Laser scope and Sniper rifle also. Their zoom-in function works wonders, and is very efficient for precision kills, the noise they make is blistering as well. As for handheld-sized guns, the colt python is the one you want, and the one I use the most out of all weapons in the entire game. It has a one shot, one kill mechanism on all random pedestrians, meaning it is fantastic for multiple deaths in quick succession. It also makes a whopping noise when fired, so is definitely a weapon I'd recommend.


Added to that, there are two more in-game weapons that I enjoy wielding, and they are the manual-aim Ruger and M4. Both are very powerful, and both do the damage in an instant. when you get the hang of the manual-aim feature, you really begin to reap the rewards of these guns, and are able to use them to scintillating effect. Although they're not as powerful as the heavy artillery weapons, both are very efficient, have a fast re-load and are able to fire multiple shots consecutively. Moving on to the sub-machine guns, I really do get spoilt for choice when deciding on which SMG to wield. The MP5 and Uzi are quick, powerful, deadly and enables you to record fast kills, and the Tec-nine and Silenced Ingram offer pretty much the same, only they enable you to shoot whilst running, which is a major plus. all four are great weapons, and add a certain something to the game. Much like the shotguns. Again, like the sub-machine guns, you'll be spoilt for choice when opting which shotgun you prefer to use. There's The Stubby, the Spas-12 and the regular shotgun, all of which perform brilliantly. There are a host of Melee weapons to choose from as well, and they include- Brass knuckles, screwdriver, Gold club, night stick, knife, baseball bat, hammer, cleaver, Machete, Katana and the scary Chainsaw. A large, and diverse list of weaponry, all of which are unique and provide for thrilling kills.


The weapons of vice City really make the game even more of a spectacle to play. Slicing people's heads off with a Katana, or battering somebody with a Hammer is quite the thrill, I think you'll agree.


Side missions & Miscellaneous

The definition of fun! These give me a reason to constantly return to the game, even after 100% completion. There are some extraordinarily entertaining mini-missions and tasks to take part in. All of which guarantee to keep me occupied for a lengthy period. PCJ Playground involves collecting a sequence of checkpoints, whilst stunting your way through the course. It requires speed, determination and a bit of skill. This is a very fun past-time. I can play this mission over and over in an attempt to beat my personal best time, it becomes all the more rewarding when you complete the challenge in a sub-one minute time. Great, fun little challenge, one that really defines your stunting and driving capabilities. The RC challenges are arguably the most ingenious additions to Vice City. There are three challenges; The RC Baron race (plane), RC Raider challenge (chopper) and RC Bandit race (car). Remote-controlled sized vehicles, all that spice up the game's fun factor, what is there not to like about these?! Not only are they a great challenge, but they are, much like the PCJ Playground, fantastically fun. I enjoy all three challenges as much as each other. The RC Bandit race is a great challenge and it gives you a great feeling on the beach. The RC Baron race is great fun, and gives you a great scenic view of Vice City as well as providing a challenge. And the RC Raider challenge is difficult and fun at the same time, which gives me more determination to play the mission over and over.


Moving on to the Chopper checkpoints. At first, they seem very difficult to pass, but since you do not have a set time limit to complete each course in, you can take as long as you want. With a lot of practise, I am now able to master the art of flying the Sparrow in difficult conditions, and thrive upon completing each course. Something diverse, not the same as other challenges in the game, and something to certainly test your flying maneuverability. The Cone Crazy challenge is rather peculiar. At first glance, the thought of collecting checkpoints on the top of a car-park, whilst avoiding cones in a Stallion of all vehicle gave me a genuine 'What the hell?' moment. But since then, I've really accustomed to the challenge. It's short and sweet, and at the same times rather difficult. Again, this will test your gaming and driving ability, and I really enjoy taking part in the challenge.


And then there's the Hyman Memorial stadium. Wow, I've had so much fun over the years taking part in the three challenges the stadium has to offer. The Hotring race is a tense, adrenaline-rush high-speed race. You take control of the fastest vehicles there is; the Hotring Racer, and compete with fifteen others in a bid to finish first. The Destruction Derby is exactly that' a destruction derby! A host of competitors gather together, all of which are in a bid to destroy each other, except for one person, you. I find this challenge to give me a right buzz, and I feel so full of pride upon successfully collecting all required checkpoints. The Dirt-ring is designed to test your biking ability, to see if you can get to obscure places, overcome difficult obstacles and collect all checkpoints in a quick time. This challenge is one I take pride in completing, as it is very difficult and not matter what time I record, I feel proud to complete the challenge each time. There are little mini-challenges in the game that are sometimes hard to come across. There's the Keepie-uppie beach ball challenge, in which you have to bounce a beach ball off your body without it touching the floor. That offers a lot of fun to the game, and is something I've actually become really addicted to, it's fantastic fun. You also have the ability to sniper seagulls and watch them blow to pieces, which tests your aiming ability and also offers for a fun past-time.


There are other tasks you are set out to complete in order to complete the game. These take a fair while to complete, and really do test your ability as a gamer. Only the elite will be successful with all three. Collecting one-hundred hidden packages requires skill, determination and grit. I can find all of them in a matter of hours, without an aid. That is when it really becomes a feat; if you are able to collect them all by yourself, with no guide to help you. Collecting all one-hundred is very rewarding as well. Rampages are designed to test your ability with various weapons, a challenge to see if you can kill so many people/destroy so many vehicles in a certain period. There are rampages which force you to wield Rocket Launchers, Molotov Cocktails, perform drivebys, slice people to bits with the Katana, blow people's heads off with a sniper rifle, the list goes on. Every single one is extremely entertaining, and I really enjoy completing all thirty-six. Completing Unique stunt jumps is designed to put your stunting abilities to the test. You have to complete a total of thirty-six jumps, and all require a large level of skill, as well as a fast vehicle. I enjoy completing stunts without rewards, so completing Unique stunts is something I am very fond of. Rockstar certainly knew how to test gamers boundaries, at the same time offering a bit of entertainment into the game. The final endurance challenge requires you to knock-off all fifteen convenient stores in the game, which is both rewarding and costly at the same time. I tend to try and knock-off all fifteen stores in one straight attempt, in the quickest time possible. Doing this has provided me with the most fun I've ever encountered in the game, it's definitely on par with completing the final mission, completing side-missions, the storyline etc. Certainly something that spices up the game.


There are other side-missions and whatnot, but these are the ones that stand out the most to me, and have made me extremely happy that Rockstar decided to implement them.


Competing for records

You know, me registering on GTAForums is largely down to this. I came here searching for recordbooks (along with a couple more reasons) where members compete with each other in a bid to attain the highest score on a certain stat. After not finding one, I took the liberty to create one myself back in January 2008. It is still running, and has been a great success! I've had a lot of pleasure from reading and competing with members in the recordbook, and owe a lot to the folks who have kept it running. This, of course, wouldn't be possible is Rockstar didn't have a stats page. Honestly, competing for records in specific races/missions has took up the vast majority of my game-time. I've had masses of fun in the process, and overachieved a number of times. If ever I was bored at home, I'd turn on my PS2, boot up vice City and start trying to beat my personal best score on each stat. In-fact, I still to this day do that (as well as create custom challenges for members of GTAF to try and complete). A lot of my teenage years have been consumed by this, and I do not regret anything. The fun I have endured is immense!


References & Secrets

We all know that Vice City is jam-packed full of references from various movies/TV shows etc. And every one is truly awesome. Vice City's area has a huge connection with Miami Vice. The storyline of Vice City is reminiscent in ways to the film Scarface, certain characters are references of films, a la Ken Rosenberg to David Kleinfield and his office is reminiscent of Kelinfields. Certain missions are references to films, a la Copland. I have found discovering each reference to be very exciting, and something that really interests me. There are tonnes of references in the game, and I am positive, that after nearly seven long years of constantly playing the game, I am still yet to find all f the references Rockstar have put into the game. That's the beauty of it, you really do discover something new every-time you play the game, and it never, ever gets old. Not to me, anyway. I can pretty much say the same about secrets. It's so exciting to search for secrets, like the Easter Egg, the body in the ocean etc., and I think it was a great little touch by Rockstar. One that has spurred much speculation and enjoyment, especially in my life. The references combined with secrets offer yet another outlook to the game, one that really keeps my gaming. And I bet, just like the references, after so many years of constant gaming, I'm yet to discover new secrets about the game. These two features really are gems, and will keep me fixated to Vice City more and more.


The technology

Even though Vice City used the same game engine as that of it's pre-decessor, you can hardly recognise it. The game runs smoothly, and the real time occlusion system is something that was welcomed with open arms. It offered something more, and actually improved the way the game runs tenfold. Before Vice City, indoor locations were unheard of. I used to love discovering new buildings that I could actually enter, yet again something that made me want to play the game over and over again. The graphics were, and still are immaculate for a game of it's time. You could actually see sun glares, lightning and rain drops. The game is realistic, and that is most definitely a plus point. The way Tommy wielded weapons, communicated with other pedestrians/characters was extremely impressive, just as it is impressive to see random pedestrian's in the street congregating with one another. It really was revolutionary. I love the graphics engine Rockstar produced. You can actually see reflections on vehicles, you can see the way different textures interact with each other. The game became much more delicate, and certainly made for a monumental success. The different districts were designed fantastically, and really did give off a distinct comparison to that of real life. I'm of the opinion that Rockstar did pretty much everything right in terms of design and production.


So that's it in a (rather large) nutshell; my review of Grand Theft Auto:Vice City! I could go on and on about this subject, the game had such an impact on my life, and I've never been so interacted with a video game in my entire life. Vice city has, and always will have a very special place in my heart. inlove.gif



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Review by: .AshRemains



user posted image


Vice City, for me, is the best video game ever created. Forget Crysis, Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead, because Vice City is dominant above them. I remember the Christmas I first played Vice City; Sitting in a room upstairs, on a mattress, playing a game on a 15inch brick of a TV was one of the best days of my life. The second I killed the chef in the alleyway, I knew it was going to keep me hooked, and I wasn't wrong; Years later I still play the game, whether it may be to stunt, play storyline missions or just reminisce about being in friends houses all day playing the game, I still love it.





Vice City, always kept me and my friends attracted for the sheer brilliance of the setting. Everything seemed perfect, it was laid out like the back of my hand - I know everything on it. It was great, just sitting on a PCJ on the beach, with a scenic camera angle, waiting for the sun to rise just so I could smile at the epicness of the game, and I'm sure many people have done this.




The storyline is one of the main reasons I keep coming back to the game; stories of betrayal and revenge have always kept me occupied, and being able to play those stories out as stone cold killer with access to whatever weapons he wanted just made it one of the best games ever. The storyline can keep anyone attracted; Killing Missions, Driving Missions, Racing, Flying, Boating or even simply just driving from one place to another is absolutely amazing.




Oh the soundtrack, where do I begin? Perfect sums it up pretty well. If you did not like any of the radio stations in this game, I'm pretty sure that you have a problem. There's pop, rock, discussion, dance music - It's perfect. Nothing beats driving down Ocean Beach in a stinger, switching from Flash to Fever and hearing Love Fists antics in between them, it's simply perfect.


Everything else:


The reason I keep coming back is just the customizability and secrets of the game; With a few simple clicks, you can change that boring Sentinel into a BMW, or change that slow Faggio into a rocket bike, it's great to be able to play how YOU want, and not be hardcoded as to how the producers want.


I find it great that, even though Vice City was released ages ago, we are still finding new secrets, bugs and glitches every passing day! Videos are produced, whether they be stunting videos, machinima videos, or just scenic panoramas, they are all great. That is why, my friend, Vice City is supreme.



Out of every game I have ever played, Vice City is the best game I have ever played, and I am happy to say wholeheartedly that I give this astounding game 10/10

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Review by: Flesh-n-bone



Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


Welcome to Vice City, 1986, where we finally get to leave the corrupt and dark streets of Liberty City to a sunny city instead where we can visit the sandy beaches which this time include people who want to have a nice time and chill to the nice weather. With Vice City, Rockstar takes it one step forward to the GTA series and brings us to a different atmosphere this time. Graphics are not the strongest point about this game but they look good for a 2002 game, that's my say on this case.




The storyline is solid and the main character is actually inside it instead of being a hitman for various bosses like we saw in GTA III. Tommy Vercetti after being out of prison where he lost 15 years of his life and his young days, is sent down to Vice City in order to cut a deal and then work as his former boss, Sonny Forelli's hitman. With next to no connections Tommy and his two Forelli friends get in the car of lawyer Ken Rosenberg while waiting for the deal to happen.


The dealers arrive in a helicopter however just as everything was running smooth, a number of three hitmen wielding strong weapons, hiding behind boxes, appear and ambush everything as well as killing everybody who takes part in the deal except Tommy who manages to jump onto Rosenberg's car and managing to escape with the drugs and money all left behind.


With no choice and nobody to rely on, Tommy starts doing a couple of small jobs while on the phone being minded by Sonny all the time about how he has to get back the stuff before being dead. With no choice Tommy meets several of the city's underworld figures and starts to gain money through small time jobs while still awaiting a good move and the perfect time to look for the money.


Tommy eventually meets Ricardo "Mr. Coke" Diaz, who is one of the most suspicious persons he has meet which leads both Tommy, and great friend, Cortez suspect Diaz for being behind the ambush. Lance Vance another close friend of Tommy's, vengeful decides to get revenge for his brother's death and the ambush on Diaz in one occasion only to fail and be saved by Tommy, which forces both to raid Diaz's mansion to avoid being killed after blowing their cover.


They successfully take over the huge mansion in Starfish Island and start to threaten random stores to pay protection money while gaining higher profits through how far they have come. Tommy starts with his tough attitude and talks fearlessly to each property owner before purchasing each one. After a number of properties being bought and asset money gained from them, Sonny decides that it's time to come down and see the business.


However, Sonny let's his thugs do the thing at first. Tommy kills every single one of them and this angers Sonny. A huge group of Forelli's with him arrive at Tommy's mansion while Sonny angrily tells Tommy that he has done a lot for him only to avoid a longer jail sentence. None of this convinces the tough talking Tommy who tries to pay Sonny, fake counterfeit money. He doesn't get away with it and a calmed Lance, decides to change side and reveal where the real money is held. This engages a huge bloody gun battle where Tommy single-handedly takes down every Forelli thug on his way as well as Lance, who always whined about not getting a fair slice during the course of the game.


Sonny along with two of his thugs appears inside the mansion after seeing so many of his gang members slaughtered. He angrily tells Tommy that he had the "Harwood Butcher" accident set up and actually planned to get Tommy to enter the cell blocks. Tommy finishes off Sonny and a panicked Ken Rosenberg appears out of nowhere and together, the two celebrate their win and Tommy lives off with all the power and money he gained during all the time he ran around the city.




This game gives every character a fitting voice actor to their personality with some of them coming from the famous Miami Vice. Certain characters are also seen dressing or looking like actors from movies like Carlito's Way and Scarface. Each voice actor does a very good job at making the in-game character have an alive personality while remaining true to the situations. Names like Ray Liotta, Gary Busey and Philip Michael Thomas pop up in one's mind when talking about the voice actors.




Like the review started with, Vice City differs from the dark and corrupt Liberty City. Now expensive sport cars, sunny beaches, and peaceful streets of Vice Beach feel like a great place for the player to cruise through while listening to some music. Each districts represents one thing in every part of the city.


Around Ocean Beach, we got the nice houses, the lighthouse and a big part of the beach being around as well as Ocean Drive with the hotels nearby. Washington Beach is dominated by the mall which is responsible for many shopper's time. Vice Point takes the majority of the rest of the island up to the northern part with lower apartments, "special" properties like the Malibu Club, and also includes the notorious North Point Mall which has a lot of stores to enter while being able to have fun shoot-outs with the cops around as well as the gang members.


Moving onto the mainland, we have the airport on the southern section with the industrial part of the city being nearby. To the north we have the ghettos of the city with feuding Haitians and Cubans fighting to win the turf war while surrounded by shacks taking up most of this part of town. Further up, and northernmost we got the city's business district, Downtown. All the skyscrapers and main businesses belong here, we have the stadium which is a highlight for this area.


There are also a couple of small islands with Starfish Island standing out to all three with the big mansions. Prawn Island is completely run down with three also run down mansions and a movie studio. Leaf Links is just a place for golfers to hang out around and it's full of the green grass with security metal detectors on the door taking any weapon the player has if entering through the gate.




This game adds a bigger variety of vehicles aside from all the vehicles GTA III already had. Now we got even more cars differing from trucks to sport cars to sedans. But not only that, we also have helicopters, a sea plane, more boats and last but not least motorcycles.

Some vehicles have the same name from GTA III but a different model to fit the 80's vibe. One prime example is the Banshee which changes it's look to a Corvette. Now we have more than three boats too, a collection of sailing boats to speedboats and etc.





GTA: Vice City reorders the weapons in categories. We got melee weapons, projectiles, handguns, shotguns, sub machine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and a dedicated category to heavy weapons that don't fit into any of the aforementioned categories for being too heavy. The weapons also have various amount of range, look and also do random amount of damage each one. We have a minimum of 2 weapons for each category and players are able to have their own choice of weapons. The computer version has manual aim for all guns which is something the console version lacks for the majority of the weapons.


We have the .357 revolver pistol which is one shot, one kill and absolutely good to wield when doing some quick rampages. Then there's the MP5 which is also strong for a sub machine gun and a perfect choice. The minigun is a great addition and a fun weapon to use while messing around and blowing up cars in a couple of rounds. There are more choices and each gun make their own impact when used.





The game includes a very huge amount of top hits from the 1980's all of which fit the game's vibe and add a lot to it. I personally am not a big fan of the soundtrack but about 95% of the community admire it. Also, each station represents one certain genre and appeals to the fans when looking at their favorite genres. My favorite radio station is Wildstyle with a big number of electro and big hip hop hits which have an impact still to this day.



Side missions & replay value


Vice City expands upon GTA III's amount of side missions. More vehicle challenges are there for us, time limit tests, and vehicle odd jobs. The rewards are better this time and we can increase our health and armor by doing the Pizzaboy deliveries and vigilante odd jobs respectively. Getting 100% also adds a nice amount of rewards which can still keep the player keen on playing unlike the predecessor which lacked when it came to rewards for side missions. More rampages, unique jumps and all of that return plus we have the hidden packages back in a different look.




Overall I give Grand Theft Auto: Vice City a rating of 8.9 out of 10.

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