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The Mob


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2.The story

4.New weapons?




This is a new sort of "mod" as i like to call it. basically after being addicted to TLAD DLC for GTA IV i wanted to make something similar for GTA: SA. Due to my 0% of mission coding knolage i made missions using the mod that made coding history! DYOM!


The story---


Just like in TLAD the story takes place at the same time GTA: SA does. that means its 1992, and Carl CJ Johnson is back to town.


Hint: You (might) spot him in a few missions roaming the streets of LS


The mob is a "mafia" type of group run by Adam Burnwood.


There are 15 people in the mob. 16 if you count Adam in.


New weapons--- just like in TLAD i made new weapons that will replace old once. I am also editing their stats so they will have a diffirent effect.


New weapons done so far:




Daul barrel hunting rifle Shotgun

Python Desert eagle


Machete Katana



The main charecters of the mod will have new models made by me


So far done: 2


Coming soon:

Charecter names with pictures, downloads of missions


Missions finished: 2

Missions started and or finished: 3

Missions bugged: 1

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This sound so nice!


I hope this will get released fast, without lies. wink.gif


It's really good to see English Users of DYOM, that aren't Dumb tounge2.gif


It really makes breathe out when I see humans on there smile.gif

I have just started to make GTA Horror Movies on YouTube:



Official Lulz Addicted Clan Member & Supporter:



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