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I was trying to buy up all of the safehouses to get one of my last trophies (Jeweled Key to the City- Own all (21) Safehouses.) But I cant find the last safehouse to get. I saw the map of all safehouses and dealers etc that someone posted, but there is one listed on the map that isnt there for me to buy. Are there any pre-requisites to get the last safe house?

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For a few you have to complete the story.


You win one with the "I'm Rich" scratchcards. Just look for a scratchcardshop, then play until you got it.


For the last one, probarly the one you are talking about, you have to do the 3 Wilhelm missions (Random character). After the last one, you get the keys to his house. Maybe someone else can give you info on those missions, I can't remember and I can't find info on the internet.

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There are two Safehouses which are not available to buy, for one of them you must get the top prize on the 'I'm Rich' scratch card which is three green houses. For the other you have to complete two missions for a Random Ped named Wilhelm. After you complete these two, you will have a third encounter with him and at the end of the cutscene you will get the keys to his Safehouse.

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There are at least 3 others that are only available by doing story missions. Your boss ends up giving you a safe house so you can be closer to your target in each case.

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thanks a lot. I had to do the wilhelm missions. got it.

It's a nice house isn't it? Probarly the best one in the game.

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