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Scratch Card Addiction!


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Hi, my name is Grouch. I'm a scratch card whore. blush.gif


after i won the hotel suite i just visit the scratch card shops from time to time to replenish my armour for a low price. But everytime i'm in the shoppe i just can't stop scratchin. I have to buy the money cards over and over and over till i have 3 bullions. Only then i am satisfied.

Until my next visit. sigh.gif


Do i need help? anuj_cop.gif

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gta 4 gamer

Haha, I got a weaker/less addiction that yours, but still what I consider an addiction. I forse myself to win something. A good thing, not something useless. mad.gif Makes me angry.

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cold fusion 33

Yeah, I also spend a lot of time on scratch cards.. I only use the Ammunation, Im rich and Liberty Lotto ones though, I can't be bothered to go for those stupid WigWam or Burger Shot ones, I won't win enough money tounge.gif.

One question though, I won the saehouse in Star Junction on the Im rich cards, but are there any more houses to win on there? I don't want to keep scratching them for no reason tounge.gif.

Cold Fusion

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Scrathcards are boring, but once I start I can't stop until I made a profit. Which is after like 3 rounds.

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I don't need to go to Rehab Baby, No No No, I'm scratching cards am I crazy? No No No !


Yeah man, when I'm at work, I'm scratching them cards like a real addict, I won that hotel suite, ding ding ding. cool.gif

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I think the scratch cards are a great little addition to CTW am still to win the house yet though mad.gif

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cold fusion 33

The lotto has a maximum of $1000 while "I'm rich" maximum amount of money is $200, but you have the chance of winning a house.

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But you almost never get the $1000/House, so the I'm Rich cards give you more money.

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Did anyone get the house for a second time? I mean after winning it, can you get 3 houses again?

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Omnia sunt Communia

I only kept playing until I won the hotel suite. After that, I stopped. I don't really need to use them other than that. No rehab for me! tounge.gif

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I always save in the Meadow Hills safehouse, which is close to a Scratchcard shop. Then, when I need to wait for something for like 5 minutes, I start CTW, and scratch some Scrathcards, making like 1500 dollars.


Oh and this is epic. My 100th post is about Scratchcards, which fits my name... smile.gif

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