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DT-boy presents


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PART I - Shooting Wave 1

You've got a Rifle and some chinese mates and you need to hunt down the FBI agents.

PART II - Shooting Wave 2

Same as above but with better agents.

PART III - Following the Notes

The FBI leader is escaping, but he left the door open and all his notes are on the roads now! Get a car, follow the notes, and kill the leader.

PART IV - Key to the Flight

You've got the keycard for your "flight". Get back to the others, and check it out.



No idea how to post one! :\



"Click Here"



Rename the file to DYOM<1-8> to make it work!


Please rate!

I hope you like it... smile.gif

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Good work,

Next time, you can simply upload the DYOM0.dat file, without packing it in a zip file. That way the site will present users with the option to download a file for the slot of their liking, and they don't have to rename it.

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