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Best Wanted Level Fighting Area


Recommended Posts

What is your favourite place to have high (4-6) wanted level gun fights?


Mine are:

Los Santos:

Ocean Dock's


Los Santos International


San Fierro:


Easter Basin Naval Station

Da Nang Boy's ship from Amphibiouse Assault

San Fierro International



Area 69 (interior and exterior)


Las Venturas:

Las Venturas International

K.A.C.C. Miletary Fuel's


The reasons why:

Ocean Docks: run through the storage rooms in the National guard depot.

Ganton: Stay behind fence at The Johnson House


1. Cranberry Station

2. Worn down buildings in waste grounds

3. Crack Lab (before and after Yay Ka Boom Boom)

Da Nang Boy's Ship: Container room

Area 69: Lots of things to hide behind

K.A.C.C. Miletary Fuels: Lots of things to hide behind


What's your favourite area?

Edited by trickstar34
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Wang Cars is a good spot. Going inside the car showroom makes helicopters go away and the cops have a hard time getting to you because they spawn on the freeway. Sitting ducks.

If you take some damage you can run down to the nearby armor pickup.

When you're done just grab a car from the showroom or parking lot and use the Pay n' Spray.

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My favorite place is the Doherty Garage at San Fierro. I use the manual aim and walk right on the save pick up, then just fire away like crazy. When the cops really have me shot up and im about to die, I let go of the manual aim, and Then I save, regain health, lose cops and do it all over again. biggrin.gif

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The Sherman Dam. A couple of possibilities here:


1) The area behind the car park. This gets hilarious with copters spawning inside the mountain, and if you find just the right spot, FBI cars, tanks and army lorries flying over your head. Or knocking you into the lake if you're slightly off.


2) The walkways leading to the (?) hydro-electric intakes in the lake behind the dam. The cops will attempt to drive on to them...


The top of the mountain from the Interdiction mission is pretty fun too.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Nowhere, I rarely have high-wanted-level fights... the last I had started in Prickle Pine and went all around LV, including the Julius Thruway... with a everything-proof vehicle smile.gif

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I like using the tall building in LS. Create some trouble down below, go up and wait on some helicopters to shoot down, jump off and start more trouble.

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  • 1 month later...

those little towns all around SA..

jumpin' from roof to roof, with sniper/molotovs/nades


if im in a car, SF int. trieing to learn as much as possible cops to swim:)

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I tend to go across the whole state in an attempt to evade the police, certainly differing terrains and buildings.


It helps alot if CJ is really fit and healthy, as well as having top flying skills. icon14.gif

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Area 69 for a quick fix wanted level, or Easter Basin. Loads of good places though, My personal favourite is the desert for chases though.
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I use the NRG bike, and then do some big jumps and watch the police cars fall to their doom after me... biggrin.gif

You know that big jump on that mountain behind the Sherman reservoir that jumps from Bone County to Tierra Robada? I jump on it with a NRG 500 and 6 Ranchers made it the whole way and nocked me off the bike, it was cool when it was in slow motion seeing them spining in the air behind me.

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I always used to do it on I think the Fort Carson safehouse roof. Kill cops, and once they start getting annoying save or drive to the Pay'n'Spray.

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Anywhere...except the inside of the police station.

That is quite a good place in my opinion. stealth attacks around the corners of walls andd all that.

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I use the NRG bike, and then do some big jumps and watch the police cars fall to their doom after me... biggrin.gif

Or go next to some water and watch them drive right into the water.

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  • 7 years later...

EDIT: << Merged New topic into existing topic >>


Just discovered a fantastic spot where cops seem to be blindfolded when shooting (or straight up don't shoot) and you only have to worry about the casual Maverick


Both the health damage and the armor damage are pre-heat, I wasn't even scratched here.

In order to get here I used a derailed Brown Streak to climb up, but you can do this with the Jetpack and/or landing with a parachute.

Edited by lil weasel
Merged new topic into existing topic
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