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How to use -memrestrict to fix stuttering

Rockstar Toronto

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Alright I want to give this a shot but where do I find the file to add the command line to?

You have to create a commandline.txt file in Notepad, add the command to it, save it and copy the file to your GTA IV folder. Post your results and observations in the topic that you have created.

-memrestrict 188743680 LOW TEXTURES (256M Video Cards)

-memrestrict 209715200

-memrestrict 230686720

-memrestrict 262144000 MED TEXTURES (512M Video Cards)

-memrestrict 293601280

-memrestrict 314572800

-memrestrict 629145600 HIGH TEXTURES (1Gig+ Video Cards)

-memrestrict 650117120

-memrestrict 681574400


I tried 4 different settings. For the 3 high ones I got 20-40 fps randomly with it dropping down to 1 fps for periods of time. With medium there was no change. The lowest one it went from 10-50 with it still dropping to 1 fps at times.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi friends! When I use the -memrestrict, I have less stuttering , but textures, buildings and objects are slow to appear! What can I do to have little stuttering and my textures doesn't take too long to load? sad.gif My videocard is Ati Radeon 5770

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Hi friends! When I use the -memrestrict, I have less stuttering , but textures, buildings and objects are slow to appear! What can I do to have little stuttering and my textures doesn't take too long to load? sad.gif My videocard is Ati Radeon 5770

I have the same problem altough my card sucks more as it's Nvidia GForce 9600 (512 MB) and I have the texture-pop-up bug even without memrestrict, when I actually use memrestrict it gets better but after a hour of playing I'm f*cked. It's very strange, this happened out of no where, I just installed IV. A year ago I had the same PC, and IV worked well without any f*cking texture pop ups.

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Yes. The number is bytes, the one you presented here is about 681mb.

So for example:

-memrestrict 751574400?


Would be 750mb.

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The higher the -memrestrict the less the stuttering? Using this commandlines will not give me problems, right??

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I don't know, it depends. In my case the higher the memrestrict the better textures loading but worse speed (more stuttering) and memory leaks.

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  • 2 weeks later...
Rabid GTA Gamer

Note that the commandline.txt file has to be ANSI encoded... It does NOT work when saved as UTF-8! (The BOM must screw it up) sneaky2.gif


What is ideal for crossfired 6950 2GB cards? (-memrestrict 681574400 ????)


My Performance And Rain Glitch Topic


Edit: so VRAm doesn't Stack up? Why does GTA4 think it does? sarcasm.gif


Also, I've tried various numbers, and they don't help!!!! sigh.gif

Edited by Rabid GTA Gamer
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  • 3 weeks later...
what commandline is good for me?



ATI RADEON X1900(HD3200)249 MB



Shifty41s_beerhatsmilie2.gif  cool.gif  biggrin.gif

The appropriate memrestrict command depends on your texture quality setting which in turn depends on your system specifications. Your graphic card is too damn weak. I doubt if any command is going to help you run the game better.

Still, assuming that your texture quality is set to low, use this command:


-memrestrict 188743680


first of all i have 5470 which is not good as a 1900X still i play gta 4 on medium settings here are my benchmarks:


Average FPS: 26.25

Duration: 37.22 sec

CPU Usage: 55%

System memory usage: 78%

Video memory usage: 52%


Graphics Settings

Video Mode: 800 x 600 (59 Hz)

Texture Quality: Medium

Render Quality: High

View Distance: 7

Detail Distance: 37



Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic

Video Adapter: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470

Video Driver version:

Audio Adapter: Speaker/HP (Realtek High Definition Audio)

Intel® Core i3 CPU M 370 @ 2.40GHz


File ID: Benchmark.cli

so the problem for weaker cards lies in the patches released by R* so dont patch the game at all n use xliveless to play offline atleast sigh.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...

Do I have to calculate 1000x2048x2048 with a HD 6950 2GB?

I don't get it completely, I'm dutch.

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It's more of a try and miss thing, start with that number, then try using lower/higher values.

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  • 3 weeks later...



I have a brand new laptop

ACER Aspire 5552G-N954G75MNrr.



AMD Phenom II Quad-Core N950 2,1 GHz

2 MB L2 Cache

4 cores

Max TDP: 35 W



4 (2+2) GB DDR3 1066 MHz


Graphic card:

ATI Mobility Radeon HD6650 1024 MB

DirectX 11, Shader Model 5.0, OpenGL 3.1


with Windows 7 Home Premium


Now the problem... The game runs smooth with amazing graphic details on all different settings (low, medium, high).


The default "Auto" setting is HIGH, densities set between 50 to 80 for different elements, and it shows that I still have quite a a lot "memory points" (this green "####/####" number in the bottom of the in game Graphics settings) left. Actually, according to my computer specifications, I should be able to enjoy the game on the highest possible settings. So here we reach the frustrating momentum...


So, the game runs somewhat sooth. Untill...:

- I enter a vehicle and steer left or right. Then the game freezes for 1 second. This happens only while steering and not always but basically 4 out of 5 times. This makes the vehicles unmanouverable.


- When Niko gets involved in a fight, the game starts to stutter so much that it is actually unplayable.


- Also slighter stuttering occurs while driving into objects (i.e. newspaper box, dustbins, etc...)


- In interiors (i.e. Soviet clothes shop on Hove Beach) there is an interesting glitch that the screen turns white with strange pixel flashing (actually, you could hear the in game sound and you can control the character but you don't see sh*t...)


- In the non-playable intro scenes (i.e. "First Date", when Niko enters Michelle's apartment, and others on), the screens fades to black and you won't see anything until the controlable part of the mission starts


- When reaching checkpoints (Roman, Michelle, etc.) the screen freezes and the picture trembles back and forth (again, the game engine is obviusly running, you could even see subtitles piling one on top of each other). It only unfreezes when the scene is finished, the friendly character leaves you and the game record a progress.


I've spent a few days researching how to solve this sh*t...


I tried:

- all -memerestrict settings as exampled in the top of this thread - none of them worked. Some might have had increased the performance a little but still not enough in order to make the game run somehow glitchless


- all patches. All of them corrupted the game (either dll issues, or "critical errors" or alike)


- I tried running the program in different compatibility modes (under Vista, XP...)


Nothing has helped.


Anyone has any suggestions on how to make the game working at least in a way I can actually accurately control the character? I don't give such a damm about the graphics, though it'd be nice not to play as good as possible.


Thanks alot in advance!



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No, you shouldn't enjoy the game at max settings, that GPU is average at best. Try disabling the windows event log service, that may help with the stutter, but for other stuff you should try lowering settings.

Thanks for the reminder.


I tried both of the two things you aadvised me to do:


1) I disabled to Rockstar Game Social Club - Windows Live application and the game ran a little smoother but still a few stutters occured. (Actually, I am not quite sure how to disable the Rockstar Game Social Club app - it keeps popping back onto my desktop, even if I quit it... Damn. )


2) I lowered detials to "medium" and rendomly surpressed the densities by some 40% each... Restarted the game. And the next time I entered the game, the 3D models and textures of vehicles and other various elements were invisible....




Thanks for eny further help!

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  • 1 month later...

HEYYYY , i got this idiotic prob .... my graphics card is not so good , but earlier patch 2 and patch 3 worked just fine ,i also used some trainers , but unfortunately i had to format my laptop and after that gta iv doesnt start !!!!! (after patching with patch 2). it shows some [email protected]!>king FATAL ERROR TEXP70 and the game doesnt start . PLEASE HELP ME SOMEONE I LIKE PLAYING IT VERY MUCH...................... nervous.gifnervous.gif

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  • 1 month later...

I have Palit Geforce gtx 260 1792 mb, best settings for me? very high textures

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 sp1

Edited by McGTA4
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  • 5 weeks later...

What's the Commandline for thise spec


8400GS Nav (512MB)

1GB Ram


can u help us plz :'( i keep lagging sad.gif

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when i am in House or in area i wasn't got lag or kill ppl

i got lag when i move with car 50 km/h

When i speed with car too faster game wasn't lag

so can u help me plz ? Memricts help me alot i just need any thing more?

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i fix it biggrin.gif

What i doing?

just enable window mode as 800X600(60HZ) biggrin.gif

and i can play as Meduim and Low

i test it now biggrin.gif

for all have PC Like my

8400GS + 1GB Ram

500GB HardDrive

if u use Commandline isn't doing any thing for me biggrin.gif

Just what to do?

in commandline do



And goto Graphics

800X600 (60HZ)

if u want low Game will be faster

if u want Meduim will be 1/2

just that is all biggrin.gif worked for me ehheheh

Now i playing with 25 FPS Thx Forum and Mike87 and making That Topic biggrin.gif

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