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the heli


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found these AR code where u can change the hearse in the auto merchant shop into a heli, cycle it back to the hearse


92222A30 00000000

02222AF8 00000003

D2000000 00000000


btw its kinda hard to control, use B and Y to go up and down


and once you get out you cant hop in again confused.gif

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second heli :


92222A30 00000000

02222AF8 0000005F

D2000000 00000000


downsides of using that cheats:


- the helicopter won't have radio working (you can choose stations but they won't play

- once you leave the heli you can't reenter and will have to go back to the seller

- the helicopter weirdly has no sounds when you fly, though it has them when you buy it and if you get out of it


Aside from this ? it works, takes a bit to get used to the controls and shows that the games graphic engine isn't build for flying too high up. you can shoot out of the heli with your regular weapons and throw grenades, molotovs on the ground (lol).


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hmm i think they wont keep it as an unlockable feature maybe they had some polygon issues like in LCS where you can only access one by skipping the yellow marker in the mission "FALSE IDOLS"

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The Horror Is Alive

Well, if it's not possible to get in them using a conventional side door, but it IS possible to fly them, I'm gonna assume that flying helis was an early feature that was scrapped.


IIRC I do remember reading something about being able to fly helis.

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