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This game can be very annoying...


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I hate that the game forces you to rely upon auto-aiming when doing drive-bys, and that it's targeting system while not in a car is so ambiguous. It's also annoying that cops don't pursue you at 1-star wanted levels. It makes it way too hard to take down a cop car but you can still get busted by beat cops. It is also annoying that you can't use chevrons if ANYTHING is in their vicinity.


That being said, the game is still great. I just needed to vent because some of these aspects can be frusturating.

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It's true the car aiming system can be annoying on occasions but you have to wonder how else they would be able to implement a way of aiming while driving. All buttons that could be used are already taken up and it would be hard to use the touch-screen for aiming while keeping the ability to drive properly.

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The Horror Is Alive

Throwing grenades/molotovs is difficult as it is.

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You could always put driver in first person mode and slow it down making it easier to take aim at victims sly.gif

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You could always put driver in first person mode and slow it down making it easier to take aim at victims









no you couldn't.

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[GTA Man]cycon77foamy[GTA Man]

Yeah the aiming system takes awhile to get used to. Its annoying to switch targets since they have to be right next to person your are aiming. what I mean im aiming at a ped and if theres a cop next to him I can switch targeting to him with the L+D-Pad combo. But if the cop is a little bit further away doing the L+D-Pad combo makes me lose the lock on of the ped and re-centers my camera making it disoreinting.




Also my other problem is the police heli. Is it just me or is the helis gun a bit overpowered. It shred me to bits in seconds even when trying to sprint away.

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A'ight you got me. I ain't playin' chinatown wars but at times like these that's always gone be the answer for me moto_whistle.gif It's always somethin' when you start out a new grand theft adventure. Good luck dog. I don't think I'm going to be headed up chinatown way, or lost and damned. San Andreas is all I need rampage_ani.gif

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