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Chinatown Wars Updated FAQ

The Horror Is Alive

Recommended Posts

The Horror Is Alive

The first FAQ, I find, is quite out of date. I've made a better one for your enjoyment. If you have any more info, post and I'll stick it in smile.gif


Release date


America: 17th March, 2009

Europe/Australia: 20th March, 2009


How much will it cost me?


Australia: $70

America: $35


How will the game play?


It is not 2D. It is isometric 3D, sort of like Max Payne on GameBoy Advance. The reason for this is that the DS can't handle the sort of detail that the PSP can, and Rockstar wants to make the most out of what they've got without comprimising everything for a full-on third person viewpoint. The top screen of the DS will be used to display all the action. The bottom screen will hold your all-in-one PDA for checking on statistics, money, and GPS position, and will also be used for touch-screen minigames.




Players will assume the role of Huang Lee, a 25 year old member of the Liberty City Triads, who is out to avenge his father's death and restore his family's street reputation. The story supposedly mainly revolves around recovering a stolen sword called Yu Jian, a priceless family heirloom that once belonged to Huang Lee's father.




Grand Theft Auto IV's rendition of Liberty City will be used in Chinatown Wars. However, Alderney (the far western island) has been cut because of presumed cartridge space reasons.


Online functions


Rockstar Games Social Club will be available for multiplayer games, item trading, statistic uploading, and a chat feature. One pre-order bonus requires the Social Club to be used, so it's pretty much certain that a Social Club account, whether offline or online, will be mandatory, just like in GTAIV PC.


Where's the latest media?






GameStop trailer


What do I get if I pre-order?


EB Games: An in-game code worth $10,000 and early access to Ammunation stores.

GAME: A sticker sheet.

Amazon: A bulletproof Infernus.


Other notes


- Dying during a mission will take you back to the last checkpoint, or something similar to that.

- Radio stations will most likely be instrumental, as heard in most trailers/feature clips.

- Drug dealing is a very prominent minigame.

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The Horror Is Alive

Can I suggest a pin?

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The Setting of Alderney is not removed because of Cartridge Space reasons. It is removed because mostly Italian gang members rule Alderney and that's not what this game is about.

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The Horror Is Alive

And your source?

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