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Grand Theft Auto:Lincoln State

Recommended Posts


Before you read

Before you read you should know a little bit about this topic. Many of you may have clicked because of the fact that this has 80 pages of comments while 95% of the topics around here Have less than 3. I have to say that would not be possible if the people of this forum didn't support me and help me all the way. Some have said bad things about my idea, however.


Read the first comment for example. I was told not everyone could make these topics. Shortly after, an explosion of new ideas hit this forum. Some were short lived, others had up to 10 pages of comments. I think the reason mine lasted so long was I gave the reader an oppurtunity that before had not been available: being in control of the "game". I opened up to anything I was told would improve my idea. Nearly 50 pages of comments are dedicated fans working together to make little or big additions To Lincoln state.


I began work on Lincoln state in around febuary 2009. I made it out of inspiration of the previos mega topic, 08lasventuras' vice city v2. (note all the vice city posts on gtaV?, they are all pretty much standing on his shoulders.) I was inspired by the fact that an entire game was created by a fan. I realized it was a ground not covered. I saw a giant oppurtunity, and all I needed was a basic idea and it hit! An entirely new area not covered by rockstar, the area north of vice city, south of liberty city, and east of San Andreas. An area based on none other than the midwest and east coast, a state, called "Lincoln". I included cities previously unthought of: philidelphia, Chicago, and Washington dc. Before no one went further than London.


I do warn you, much of this remains the same it was a year ago. The post is very long, and unorganized. It is very difficult to navigate. Many ideas are almost a punch in the face to realism, and contain things you'de see in call of duty. It's also hard to read as the colors are Designed for the San Andreas wallpaper. That being said, everything else is perfect, so enjoy reading!


Grand Theft Auto: Lincoln State Set in 2004, based on the U.S. East coast and mid-west.

user posted image

First of all, please reply to this. Your feedback=My happiness. Also, try to read the whole thing.




Washington D.C.: Lincolnton

Philadelphia: Burrington (Top right corner)

Detroit: Carcer City (Top Left Corner)

Chicago: Sears City (Bottom Left Corner)

Springfield, Nashville, and Charlotte: Patriot Island (Medium Sized island in the middle)

Washington D.C, Baltimore: Lincoln (Bottom Right Corner)

Granite Island: Manchester, NH ( Small Island on the left side)

The map is about 4X the size of liberty city. Think of liberty city being the size of one of these islands.


You may have heard me talking about this but now its official. I understand how ridiculously long this page many be, and I apologize. I'll say this again, post ANY ideas!!! I really want to hear what you think!



My basic idea with this forum is to make GTA neXt equally realistic with GTA4, but also be expansive and outlandish, similar to San Andreas. I don’t necessarily mean making the game less realistic than the previous GTA title, I mean making it more over-the-top. I personally am a huge fan of every game Rockstar has to offer, and I don’t “Hate” anything about any of these games. It’s just that some things need improving. I want a game that has nearly everything to offer in the most well-done, innovative way possible. That is my goal with this topic. To give a basic idea to people about what I truly think should be done with this franchise. You can take whatever it is you like about this thread into your own unique perspective. I’ll be glad to hear what you think should be added to this thread. Feel free to post maps, weapon lists, comments, criticism(In a refined manner), or anything else you think I should know.








Lincoln State is one of the biggest states in the US, and is home to several cities, countless towns and villages and even more ignorant tourists like you taking photos of skyscrapers during rush hour. This short guide will help you understand more about the cities of Lincoln and make your stay as pleasant as possible.



Lincoln State has an incredibly diverse society, a chocolate fondue of different cultures, races and societies. Yell an ethnic slur on a crowded subway train and no matter how obscure or harmless it is, at least one person will likely draw a gun at you. Meaning you can eat a delectable variety of meals or buy a delectable variety of novelties and arts and crafts, the success of Lincoln State's multicultural society has been called an admirable template for the rest of the world. The people who called it that luckily forgot that most of the ethnicities have to live in slums and ethnic enclaves and face racism from someone, most likely a drunk hillbilly.



Whether it's NASCAR racing on Patriot Island, boardwalk games in Chiloquin County, staring at priceless works for art by dead guys you've never heard of in art galleries, buying overpriced slutty clothes on any downtown shopping street, watching and heckling corrupt politicians argue meaninglessly in Lincolnton or mountaineering and illegal street racing on Carcer Island, Lincoln State has something for even the nerdiest nerd and most suicidal daredevil to partake in. The diverse society and self-declared role in world affairs has made Lincoln filled with a brimming selection of things to do and things to see. It's a massive microcosm of the East Coast, Midwest and Deep South, all rolled into one (but still hating each other.)



The economy of Lincoln is as exciting and simultaneously dull as its politics. Farmhouses, small tourist resorts, commuter towns, business parks and service stops litter the countryside. Government bases also litter the countryside as well, but we can't talk about them. But the economy of the cities is what makes accountants ejaculate at night. Sears City is one of the biggest CBDs in the country, with loads of skyscrapers, popular shopping streets and upper-class residences. Sears is an exciting combination of different cultures and histories, and thus is home to media companies, oil companies, financial companies, art institutions and more. While the other cities have CBDs, their charm mainly lies elsewhere. Carcer City is home to a very large industrial and shipping area, and is known as the centre of the USA's motor industry. It is also one of the few places with legalised gambling in America, but don't go expecting the East's Las Venturas. Burrington, while business, retail and tourist orientated like many other cities, also has a small industrial area, but is the least specialised of the main city economies. Lincolnton is home to the nation's government. Yeah, go lobby there for a rocket launcher licence. The other cities and towns also have vibrant economies, but f*ck them, they can wait til later in the guide.



With the nation's capital, Lincolnton, in the region, you'd think Lincoln State to be home to some exciting political figures. You'd be wrong. The politicians are just as corrupt, ineffectual and hypocritical as every politician in the country. The state itself is Democrat with the main exceptions of Patriot Island and parts of Sears Island, but if you got bored of hearing whiny, apologetic Democrats, go to Lincolnton and you'll find as many angry, reactionary Republicans as you want.



Enjoy fast food and ethnic cuisine, Lincoln State style! From cheesesteaks to Sears pizzas, you can find all you want in Lincoln State. You can even sample from one of the many street vendors and smaller independent restaurants from throughout the region if you feel like being as vigilant as a cross between an FIB agent and a safety inspector.



This section will describe the basics of each city and its surroundings, and its rural attachments. I will describe the environment in which has many possibilities. The idea is very similar to San Andreas, except it’s not limited to 3 City’s. It’s based on the United States as a whole, summed up into four Cities’ with other references in between. Most of the city’s are in the eastern part of the United States, to differ it from the idea of San Andreas and make it unique. Countryside includes mountain's and rivers and even animals. The map will probably be bigger than San Andreas, but not like 6 times bigger like some other forums suggest. Rockstar cannot possibly design a city that big, at least not with the technology we have to use now. To get into more detail with the city, I will now describe each city individually.




The City you start out with. Burrington is the only Island in the map with no countryside. Why? It’s not appropriate to just start the player off in a huge Island with a city and a huge variety of small towns and everything like in San Andreas where you started in Los Santos. Also, I want Burrington to be a lot like Liberty City, Clustered together with no Rural Areas, only Suburbs, and an industrial area with an Airport, and a big City. Burrington should be home to many ethnic groups, and a long list of crime riddled across the city. It is home to a stadium, an airport, many restaurants, clubs, clothing stores, drug spots, Illegal and legal weapon shops, safe houses, and more, all accessible for the player to enjoy.


Here are the main areas of which make up Burrington:



Francis Park (Benjamin Franklin Pkway; Fairmount Park) : A nice cultural area in Burrington containing a museum, a nice park, and some café’s. It is not high in crime, and is near City Hall, meaning it has a lot of people in it.


Middle Town (Center City): The thriving center of Burrington containing City Hall, a few national monuments, and a convention center. There is a Chinatown in this area. Many tourist come to this area, meaning it has loads of assets to buy.


Mandersburg (Bridesburg-Kensington-Richmond): An industrial area along the river that nearly cuts Burrington in half. A lot of the industries in this area are abandoned, however. Not much to say about this place, other than the fact that you can buy a cocaine factory here, and it could be loaded with interesting multiplayer gun fights.


North-East Burrington (Chestnut Hill, Germantown, Mt. Airy, Northeast Philadelphia): This area consists of nearly all white upper-middle class sub-urbs. It is actually very close to its not-so-well privileged neighbor, South Burrington. There are some gangs in this area despite its wealth, but don’t expect there to be a whole lot of Hispanics.


South-Burrington (North Philadelphia): I know what you’re thinking. Why is it called south Burrington when it’s based on North Philadelphia? It’s just because of the way I designed the map. Anyway, this is the area your first safe house is in. It is where most of the Hispanic Gangs are. It is the most crime-ridden place of Burrington, and has a lot of opportunities to make money.


West Burrington ( Southwest and West Philadelphia): This area has many, many things to do, and has its share of gangs. It is west of Mandersburg, and borders Carcer City. It also shares the airport with Mandersburg.




Carcer City

Being the next city in which you unlock, Carcer City is a much different area than Burrington. One of the main reasons is it has a country side left of the metropolis area that contains four little towns, a small mountain range, a large waterfall which is based on Niagara falls, a hiking trail, a beach, its own airport, a mansion which can be bought in the late story of the game, and all sorts of different stuff to do. But that’s just the outskirts of the Detroit based city. The real city has much more to explore than that. My idea is you leave Burrington in the story for whatever reason, maybe a new business proposition, or a gang forced you to flee the city, whatever. Your first choice of an alternative home is in Carcer City. Carcer City is a city which is influenced by many other cities (Just like real life Detroit), so you’ll find a little bit of everything here. There are a total of two airports in the entire island, thanks to its incredible diversity.


Carcer City countryside:


Mount Peterson:A small mountain university town.


Las Pesos: A small abandoned mining town.


Bluederry Mansion: In a small rural gated community, Bluederry Mansion is a mansion owned by Lord Bluederry, an English aristocrat with a bit too much interest in hunting. After a few missions, Ben kills him and takes the mansion.


Confucius Village: A small mountain resort town.


Ognerton: A typical American suburb.


Mandelson: Another typical American suburb, noticeably home to a TV station.



Sears City

This is a city that’s obviously based on Chicago. It is unlocked later in the game, being the second last city to be playable. I also threw in a country side to stimulate being able to travel a little west, but it’s not quit as big as Carcer City’s Country Side. It still is unique, as it has many farms and open fields, and a whole lot of backwoods rednecks, along with some moonshine distribution. (I’ll get into that later). But Sears city itself is the real star of the show. As it is based on Chicago, it will have references to the mob. This will be the main line of work, and one of the only large criminal organizations in the city. The city will have the largest array of skyscrapers and architectural brilliance in the entire game, as it will feature a spoof on one of the largest buildings in the world, the sears tower. This could mean some crazy aircraft mission action, such as a shootout all the way up the tower until you get to a helipad on top, and steal some kind of Jet or Something. There will be many stadiums, many restaurants, many shopping plazas, many opportunities to make money, and so much more in the Chicago spoof. Even the island itself is shaped just like the city of Chicago.


Sears City countryside

Split into two parts. The suburbs are based on more northern, suburban towns, which are basically suburbs of Sears City, while the actual countryside is based on the South.

(I think some GTA III neighbourhood names were derived from Illinois towns. I found Bedford Park and Harwood Heights. Might be a coincidence, but interesting anyway.)

Sears City suburbs

Griffith: A small town, with a sculpture named Kebab (a variety of cars skewered on a giant stick), a graveyard, a couple of water towers, a small commercial area and suburbs.

Carrington: A well-off town with Tudor architecture, a small entertainment district and a couple of offices.

Brideshead: A small town, with large Arabian and Polish populations.

Deer Grove City: A small town, home to a large business park, a few industries and a commercial street.

Sherwood Forest: A forest area, home to both a planned gated community and a typical American small town.

Madison Park: A suburban town.

Quarry Town: A small town surrounded by farms, small hamlets, a shopping centre, quarries and a refinery.

Sears City countryside

Carlboro: A parody of Westboro. Home to an infamous church, the Carlboro Baptist Church.

Shawa: A small, stereotypical hillbilly town.

New Maya: Another poor, small hillbilly town.

Blurbork: A relatively normal town, home to a brewery and several motels.


Patriot Island

This is a small Island which is based on three U.S. City’s is accessible from seers city only. The city’s it is based on are Nashville, Spring Field, and charlotte. The idea here is to put fill in space in between seers city and Lincolnton realistically by putting city’s that would be in between their real life counterparts, but not go into a whole lot of detail with each individual city, just showing a few references here and there. There is also a small country side, but its content is not enough to go into detail.




If Alderney is Liberty Cities ugly little sister, Trenton is the ugly bum on the side of the road you poke a stick at to Seers City. A city that's right in the middle of Patriot Island is almost compelely abandoned of business, Trenton is based off of Gary, Indiana and Columbus, Ohio. The city mainly consist of abandoned factories, the games largest projects, and small country houses in between. The large majority of the citizens are black though latinos are moving into the city. With no modern downtown skyline except the ugly factory chimneys and housing projects Trenton has no shopping centers or grogery stores and very few shops. Also a major interstate runs right though the city to Seers City from Queensbridge from the south and the country from the north. Racial tenisons are high (possible missions off of race) Also the city was further destoryed in a racial riot in 2000.


Queensbridge (look it up for the irony)


Just to the south of trenton is the upper middle class Queensbridge. QB (short for Queensbridge) has no gangs and no crime ( a sharp difference from Trenton just north.) QB has a skyline that resembles Memphis skyline from the riverside. QB is also the founder of rock and roll, slavery ( it had the first major southern tading post), and the KKK. QB is 80 percent white and looks down heavily on there neighbors to the north. It is said some city officals are part fo the KKK which is based in the north of Patriot island. When going though QB the new stations are highly conservative. Also sercetly a not so well known fact is that QB has a crack addiction problem that is largly hidden from sight. ( Drug missions and Racial missions.)


The countryside on to the north of Trenton.


The most racist part of the state. Highly Redneck and if you sneak around on some nights you might find some KKK members. This area is heavily wooded and you will find bears, raccons and all types of wood animals here. Not a very good place for a Latino to be. Also you will find the largest town here ( Beville) only has a Cluckin Bell. The rest is mainly crappy hotels, tralier parks and country appeall stores.




This is the last and most significant island in the game. It is based on Washington D.C nad some of Baltimore, and is for the most part the largest city. Its Appalachian based countryside does take up about half of the Island, though. Lincolnton has a variety of crime unlike any other city. Its north and west are a ghetto, but in the middle of the city are things like an enterable Whitehouse knock off, many museums, fancy restaurants, large monumental structures, and so much more. The president is evident, as he can be seen during some rare events like speeches, but he is impossible to kill, as of all the security and restrictions that follow him. Another restrictive note is if you fly a plane below 10000 feet when over Lincolnton, and not outside the city-part or at an airport, you will get a 5-star wanted level, and the air force will send Vulture Jet planes at you. (I will talk about ideas for added vehicles later in the forum.) The city will have many ways to make money, including missions for corrupt politicians, and maybe even helping stop a presidential assassination. If you look on the map there is a dark grey area, with a question mark. This could be a military air base, or some kind of form of military establishment.



Dyertown: A rather large town, home to an upscale housing development, a hospital and a college campus.

St. Charlotte’s: A small Amish town, with a farmers market.

Microtown: A small town, with a shopping centre and a private beach lined with desirable houses and a few high-tech industries located nearby.

Vinewood: A small town, centred around a small commercial road and home to an engineering school and a couple of high-tech industrial offices.

Hoyer Dove: A small Amish town, with a flea market and farmers market.

St. Anna’s Town: A small town, home to various archaeological sites, a tourist centre and a small college.

The Old Lighthouse: An old lighthouse building, famous for its paranormal involvement.

A naval base is situated on the river.

La camino de Copa: A residential town, with a theatre, cinema, sports fields, offices, a hospital, a nursing home and several stores and restaurants, with a large retail park north of the town. A weapons research site is located just outside the town.

Port Coffee: An almost abandoned small ghost town.

Butchersville: A former tobacco market town, now the warehouses are used for stores. Several institutions are located along the motorway along with some shops. A few houses just off the main road make up the rest of the town.

Bryan Inlet: A small village, home to a few motels, a tavern and a small marina (some seafood restaurants, a souvenir store and a hotel are located there.)

Homer: A very small farming community. A holiday camp is located to the west.

Chiloquin Beach: A small resort town. Its main locations include a railway museum (and a functioning railway station like most towns), a spa hotel, a hospital, a water park, a veterans park and marinas and piers where you can charter a boat. The south of the city is heavily wooden and has a set of cliffs.

North Chiloquin: A smaller resort town, mostly made up of residential housing. The boardwalk has hotels, condominiums, stores and an illegal gambling establishment.

Sodom: A small town, home to a gourmet grocery, hotels, a marine museum, seafood restaurants, gift shops, boardwalks, a sculpture garden, a tiki bar, concerts and harbour cruises.

Ariel: A fast-growing, well-off village, mostly with mansions.

Branby: A well-off village. It is residential outside of a small shopping centre, a train station and some green spaces.

St. Downing: A small, former fishing village.

There is also another military base, a few roadside businesses and cottages, and several small hamlets.

Mount Lubri SECS (Space Exploration and Control Society, a parody of NASA) base: In the Lincoln City countryside, this SECS base is based off Virginia's Mt. Langley.



North Virginia can be incorporated into Lincolnton.


We have to cut to a commercial now, heres a message from our sponsers:


Weight-Loss Chocolate

Man: Let’s be honest. You’re fat. You’re big. You’re obese. People like you make the world think America's fat! And you choose to blame the fast food industry, confectionery industry. Fair enough, I mean, it’s not your fault you’re a lazy irresponsible eater. You wanna lose weight. But you don’t wanna do exercise or stop eating chocolate. Well, it looks like you’re buggered. (Cheery, triumphant music plays.) UNTIL NOW! With Wendelswenn chocolate, sponsored by Weight Conscious Females, you can eat as much chocolate as you want, and thanks to the flesh-eating bacteria included, you should in theory lose weight! And isn’t the theory all what matters? Note: due to being based in an undisclosed offshore tax haven, any lawsuits will just get your neck snapped by Mafioso friends of ours.







Game Play

After you have finished reading my bragging of the cities I made, its time to look at the important aspect of the game, the game play. The idea here is now that Rockstar has gotten used to the Rage engine, it can make a larger and more varied game than GTA4. I want the realism to stay, and increase in certain areas. But I also want it to decrease in certain areas. Areas like the ammo limit, and “Realistic variety in weapons and vehicles”. I think its more realistic to have an environment in which nearly everything that someone could possibly do can be done. Like San Andreas, only with a little more to do.


Other than taxi's, there should be more ways of transportation. Yes, there should still be taxi's, but what about buses? I think that you could stand in a designated bus stop and wait for a bus to arrive. When the bus comes, you get in and it will take you to the next bus stop. Of course you can skip different bus stops. Buses would be a cheaper way to get to places, and you may discover new places along the ride. If there will be multiple airports, than airplanes would be a way to travel from city to city. It will be a bit pricey, but it may be the only way to quickly get between the citys. Taxis and buses wont go out of there own city. You can take trains, subways, and trolleys as well. Also, you could take ferrys and helicopter taxis. Just think about it, and you can ride it. A cool feature would be instead of driving your friends, you can ride shotgun and they can take you for a ride.


One thing I didn’t like about san Andreas and four is that they showed you a really cool feature, let you briefly enjoy it, and then you never got to do it again. Take three leaf clover for an example, great mission, very enjoyable once you start getting used to it, but once you finish the mission you never get to rob the bank again. I think anything that can be done in a mission can also be done during gameplay.


Idea for a control scheme to steal a moving car:

Target: LT

Shoot: RT

Free Aim: LB

Cover: RB

Kick: X

Hard Kick: X (Hold)

Vehicle Jump: B (If close enough)

Punch: A

Jump off the vehicle: Y (Similar to jumping out of a speeding car)

Left Analog Stick: Keep your balance

Right Analog Stick: Change Target (The driver cannot be selected until the other passengers are dead)


An ordinary kick will just be like how it is if you kick somebody in a normal ground fight, however a hard kick, will stun the driver for a quick second or two, causing them to swerve and possibly crash into objects and other cars, meaning you could either quickly finish them off saving your own live, it would have to be used carefully though, and probably only usable once every 30 seconds-1 minute. When a driver turns corners you’ll need to keep you balance using the left analog stick, and in some cases the driver will swerve back and forward, trying to make you fall off, which will make keeping your balance a bit harder. If you do lose you balance, you’ll have to repeatedly yank the stick over and over and try to climb back onto the vehicle, and you won’t have long to do it in. If you do come off you’ll be taking damage like you would if you jumped out of a moving vehicle, and if it’s a police car they will brake and attempt to finish you, if it’s an enemy or a civilian they’ll simply drive off, and you’ll probably fail the mission because they’ll get away, or you’ll miss out on a car jacking. Taking cover on a vehicle would involve either hanging on the side or the front/back for dear life, staying into cover there for too long will cause you to lose you’re grip, hanging on one hand and having to yank the stick over and over, very similar to losing your balance.


Some more new moves for ben:

The ability to drag bodies.


Stealth kills (killing a lone cop this way won't alert the authorities.)


Stealing clothes of police, guards and soldiers.



Human shield.


Grappling opponents.


Turf wars (with assistance from certain gangs depending on your progress.)


Wanted lvl System:

One Star: The police will try and turn you in, but it’s not there top priority.


One Star*: The police will hit you with their Batons when resisting arrest. If you have a gun out they will aim a gun at you. You could also get this for vehicle theft without weapons, or assault.


Two Stars: After resistance to gun point the police have the right to shoot you. They will pursue you with their police cars


Two Stars*: If you have injured an officer you will get more aggressive two-stars. You will also get this for man-slaughter.


Three Stars: If committed manslaughter on an officer, or a large amount of citizens, you will get a fleet of officers on your tail. They will use better weapons, and use them more often.


Three Stars*: An alternate to the first three stars would occur if you used explosive’s for the act of violence, or got to out-of hand when having three stars. The police will send a chopper to spot your location and help prevent them from losing track of you. They will also set up road-blocks.


Three Stars**: If you pose as a threat to the chopper, It will fire at you.

Four Stars: If you cause too much trouble for the police alone to handle you, they will send the NOOSE on you. The NOOSE will pursue you in their own armored helicopters, Vans, Patriots, and other vehicles. The police will still be mostly involved.


Four Stars*: For only certain occasions the NOOSE will be more common than the police officers.


Five Stars: The NOOSE team has will become much more involved. There will be two Choppers on your tail at once.


Five Stars*: If even the extra troops of NOOSE can’t stop you, the FIB will take a shot at it. The FIB are much more powerful and have better equipment. If you are in the sky, the air-force will attempt to take you down.


Six Stars: More organizations have been assigned to take you out. The CIA is involved and teams with the FIB. The CIA has slightly wittier troops than the FIB, and have different vehicles. The police have stopped all-together. You’re in the governments hands now.


Six Stars *: The National Guard have been called in. You know about them right? Also, the streets are mostly blocked off. Citizens’ are asked to stay indoors. Criminals are running around like mad men.


Six Stars**: The Army is called in. They have better weapons than the NG. They also have better helicopters.


Six Stars***: The entire globe has been warned of your actions. All the air ports are completely closed. Every door is locked. There is an all out global war on your tail.


Keep in mind, the six stars ** and *** only happen after a very long time of six stars *.





Law enforcement vehicles:

FIB Rancher

A large SUV-like vehicle, the slowest and heaviest standard FIB vehicle. It's harder to push around then an ordinary Rancher, and has several modifications, like a larger, more SUV-like appearance, sirens, a bulletproof body and windows and some moderate flame and explosion resistance. Carries 3-5 FIB agents.

FIB Buffalo

The most balanced FIB vehicle, carries 3-4 FIB agents. Is bulletproof resistance, but the explosion and fire resistance is much weaker.

FIB Turismo

By far the fastest FIB vehicle, carries 1-2 FIB agents. Compensates for its speed by being only slightly stronger then an average Turismo.

FIB Enforcer

A rare FIB vehicle, carries more heavily-armed FIB agents and equipment. Is slower and slightly weaker then the other Enforcers.

FOI Cognoscenti

Stronger and faster then the average Cognoscenti, it contains two well-equipped, heavily trained and experienced FOI agents.

FOI Admiral


FOI Dukes


FOI Rancher

FOI possesses Ranchers as well, and they are faster, but not as strong, as FIB's. It contains 2-4 FOI Agents and equipment.

NOOSE Cruiser

The NOOSE Cruiser returns, this time slightly stronger. NOOSE officers may fire weapons and chuck grenades out of the window more often then with the Patriot and particularly then when in the Enforcer.

NOOSE Enforcer

The large, bulky Enforcer is strong and dangerous. Well, when on the move, not really, as officers rarely fire out of the Enforcer and chucking grenades out of it is a no-no. But they ram you around and form a formidable block, at which point large numbers of officers jump out and sprinkle you and your vehicle with bullets.

NOOSE Patriot

Like a normal Patriot, just stronger and faster.

Rhino:The military's way of saying "f*ck you". They will send these at you later in the 6-star section.

Barracks: Can hold up to 20 Soldiers, and is the 2nd heaviest land vehicle in the game. The rhino is the first.

Hunter: A military Helicopter seen in the sky's at late-6 stars

Griffen: Another military helicopter

Rattle-snake: The last military helicopter seen.

Hydra: Can be found hunting you down in the sky's at 5-stars

Vulture: Can be found at 6-stars. In lincolnton, it can be found at five.

Military Patriot: The best variation of the patriot. Found at six stars, it is bullet-proof.



Also, in IV you got to spend time with friends, going into bars and eating restaurants and what not. But you could only do it with friends. There was only one restaurant you could go in other than fast food in the whole game. There should be a whole lot of restaurants, and enterable bars and clubs. There should also be enterable airports and stadiums and museums and ANYTHING that makes the game enjoyable, and realistic. I also think that there should be more realistic air traffic, such as planes actually taking off, landing, docking up and loading and unloading passengers, getting stored and locked, and anything like that. R* wants realism, but if they forget to make the whole thing realistic, and enjoyable, they might go downhill. In my opinion, there should be probably 5 or 6 times more enterable buildings, and fun activity’s to do with friends.




Side Missions

One thing IV lacked is side missions. This has always been one of my favorite parts of the game. I miss the old days where you could steal a taxi, ambulance, you name it, and do some fun little vehicle mission in it. Vehicle missions wont be triggered by a buttton, however. When you get in the vehicle, you can start doing that mission right away, for example, stealing a taxi and simply driving around looking for random fares. No button pressing required, its just automatic. Here's some ideas on old and new vehicle missions that should be added (Note, you dont have to do everything all at once to get an award.):

1.Taxi: Same as the GTA3 franchise. You can either steal a taxi or apply for a job at a taxi depot REWARD: After picking up 100 fares, you can get a free taxi depot asset.


2.Vigilante: Similar to the GTA4 franchise. There are also some situations where you can’t just kill the target, you have to intimidate them to drop their weapons and take them to the police station. REWARD: After 100 crimes are solved, your body armour becomes more effective. You can also viligante missions without getting a wanted level, and you have access to some restricted areas.


3.Paramedic: Different than the 3 franchise. If you are in an ambulance, you will occasionally get calls from the hospital to pick up someone from an accident, crime scene, ect. REWARD: After 100 saved lives, Your health limit is increased. Hospitals are also cheaper to buy.


4.Fireman: Same concept applies with the paramedic; accept you have to take out fires. Sometimes you will have to get out of the truck and get into the fire and take it out on foot with a firehouse. REWARD:After 100 fire missions, Fire is much, much more powerful, and, your invulnerable from it.


5.News Truck: A new idea in which you have to rush over to an important event going on, and use a video camera to capture all the action, and take the footage to the news studio. REWARD: After 50 news missions, Free newsroom asset in seers city, and you will have more media attention.


6.Pilot: This job cannot be done without a pilot license. You can’t just steal a plane and do it either. You must apply for a job at the front desk, then prepare a Jet to pick up passengers from the airport, take off correctly(Failure to do so will result in less payout), fly to the assigned airport to fly to, land, drop off the passengers, and fly back. REWARD: After 100 Flights, Free private airport in the mountains of lincolnton. Comes with a dodo and shamal, but you can purchase more planes to spawn in the airport.


7.Semi Truck: If you find a semi with a load on its back, you can steal it and finish the job the driver was assigned to do. You can also do it like in San Andreas where you took the truck from the Truck asset to do a job. It’s pretty straightforward. REWARD: After 50 trucking missions, free Truck depot asset.


8.Pizza Delivery: Same exact thing as the Semi Truck Missions. A little easier though, and less pay. REWARD: After 100 deliveries, Health become higher, free pizza stack enterprise.


9.Limo: you must get a job from the limo dealership, pick a V.I.P up, and drop him off. Simple. REWARD: After 50 V.I.P.'s are delivered, you get a free limo lot asset, and free private limo rides.


10.Bus Driver: You steal a bus, or take one from a bus lot, and stop at the bus stops in the given order. You get a certain amount of money per passenger. Stealing a bus that has passengers in it will spook them out of the bus, so you’ll have to wait till the next stop. REWARD: After you have driven through 100 bus stops, you get free bus rides and a free bus lot asset.


11. Burglary: You can do this with any kind of vehicle. You don't even need a vehicle. All though vans are the best thing to use, you can just break into a house at any point, requiring some kind of melee weapon. The crowbar is the best thing to use. You can go in the house and kill the slumbering occupants, or stealthfuly steal there expensive sh*t. Although its un advisable, you can even do this during the day. REWARD: After you make 100k from burglaries, your stealth increases. This means, you can walk faster without being noticed, and can also break peoples necks from behind. biggrin.gif


12.Street Racing: There will be a varied amount of races all across the state. It is your job to organize when you would like to do them. You can also try and egg on cars in traffic torace you. There are also BMX and dirtbike race events every 2 weeks. REWARD: After all races are completed, your driving skills are off the charts, and you get to own a huge car lot with a huge amount of suped up rides. Cash Reward: An additional 10mill.

Any other Ideas for Vehicle missions will be accepted.


Other side missions will be evident as well. Like previous GTA’s there will be multiple assets to purchase. In GTA: Lincoln State, there will be over 50 assets, with many side missions to go along with them. This could be anything. Anything that keeps players busy for a long time and that is fun will be good to add. DLC can be something to take advantage of here, maybe you can download asset packs or side mission packs for more stuff to do, making the game have endless Replay ability. Another thing that could be fun is street racing. You meet up with a street racing crew and plan a track to follow, then race it. There could be pre-made tracks you must go through in missions as well.

I also think there should be a long list of side missions that can be done for every friend, gang, or very important character in the game. There should also be random encounters like in GTA4. Like, maybe you can call up a drug dealing friend and find out when a deal is going on, or call a Packie-like friend to see if there’s a planned robbery going on. IMO, I think that you should NEVER run out of side missions. Even if there’s some repetitiveness.


Side mission idea: Well this is kind of a silly one but there could be a company called day industries who are testing a new car which has the worlds most advances AI. It is called the day industries two thousand but is also known as DITT. Anyway play this for effect http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqqOMT6OM_w...25D0B76&index=7 you are hired to test drive the DITT which is basically indistructable and while you are testing it a rival company con industries attacks you and tried to destroy DITT. Luckily they didn't expect it to be indistructable. So they block the road with a tank but you just push the turbo jet button and the car flys into the air basically like turbo boost on KITT. Once you get back the Dave industries you tell Terry Claas what happened and he then gives you DITT as a reward so that Con industries don't attack them. This car can drive it self so you will never loose it as all it takes is a phone call and it will come to you. It will also drive if you set a waypoint and put autodrive mode on.


I want assassinations back. This could be evident in Lincolnton in particular. Someone calls you requesting you assasinate a politition or something. There should be a near unlimited amount of these. Maybe the could increase in difficulty and pay each time.


There could be alot of situations where you steal a car for money. Maybe you could even just sell any car off the streets by the black market in the later half of the game. There could be many stevie's theft style missions too.


Hidden packages:


Secret Spank packages: There are 150 packages of special heroin found throught the state. Each package you collect you earn twice as much money as the last one, and the starting value is 100$


REWARD: After all packages are collected, you wil have the following weapons spawn in your safehouse: Weapon Tier 1 in safe house. Also, you will get a body armour spawn as well as an update on your Turismo, and an extra asset in your safe-houses.


Tour-De Lincoln: You will be required to take pictures of certain spots in lincolnton, similar to the snap shots in SA. There are 200 snapshots to take, some of which are very hard to get to.


REWARD: Tourist Trap Asset, $1000000, Weapon Tier2 in safe house.


Baby Eagles: Basicly the same as the pigeons and seagulls from GTAIV, only you get 3X the pay each time you kill one, starting value 200$. There are 50 Eagles in Hard to reach places thought Lincoln (State).


REWARD: Hidden Cave safe house and asset, 2500000, Weapon Tier 3 in safe house








Gangs have been important in GTA since GTA2. In San Andreas, you had your own gang in which you had to defend, and build. This would be great to have again, accept different. Maybe this time you can build a gang from scratch. Maybe this time you can make allies with other gangs so they can help with your own gang, as long as you return the favor. I also think that every gang should be able to be fought with, or made allies with. Your decisions on who you want to befriend or betray could be a major impact on the story. Here is a gang respect idea made by Flesh N Bone:


“Like said, the gang system changes completely. We all know every GTA game features a great number of gangs in them and sometimes you are allied with them while enemy with others. What I have in mind is, how about a respect level for all gangs. It's between -50 (red color) to 100% (green color). The more respect, the better the gang will treat you. When you are in red color, the specific gang hates you. It's a matter of time and they will attempt a few hits on your life too. If you kill a number of 5 gang members you lose 5% of respect, each kill drops 0.5% and a total of 5 (around the same time) makes a total of 5% dropped. After -20, the gang will hate you and if you are around their turf they will attack you.


When you reach -35, the gang will send a death squad in a four door car and they will drive-by the hell off you before coming after you on foot, if you choose to do so. They will be armed with Uzi's and even shotguns or assault rifles at times. Sometimes the gangs will have trouble with rivals and police, so their turf and members will be attacked, no matter what percentage (red or green) you have with respect, you can help them and raise your respect level. This will make them like you more.


If you are in the positive line (green) then the gang will like you and you will get special abilities with them. If you have a high respect level with two rival gangs you will get into hard choices at times. You will get your chances to decided which side you are going to help, after a couple of phone calls from either leaders, if you don't do your "homework", one will call you and set you up, telling you to do them a favor however it turns out to be a trap where you are attacked by random enemies (can differ from cops to psychopaths to loyal gang members and even madmen detonating themselves with bombs).


It would fit to a more "errand" storyline like GTA3 where Claude has no gang ties and just works for whoever pays or helps him (kinda like Niko too). But it works differently, you are offered to work for all the gangs, you can choose up to 3 to help but after time if they become aware of your affiliations they will hate you suddenly.


Basically this is the keys and the respect level:


0% to -19%: The gang members will attack you if you fire a bullet in their turf or kill someone (pedestrians).

-20% to -34%: The gang hates you a lot and will attack you as you cruise past their turf.

-35% to -50% (the maximum hate): Gang hates you with their guts and will try all they can to waste you, this includes attacking anything you own such as safehouses, businesses (hopefully) and turfs for gangs that respect you to drive-by attacks.


0% to 15%: The gang is your friend and wont attack you until you start killing any of them.

16% to 49%: The gangs leader will get your number and you will be able to call him and he will help you if you ask for it.

50% to 64%: You have earned the trust of the gang and they will be up for anything you want as long as you return the favors in a time limit they give you (days, weeks etc..).

65% to 80%: You can recruit the gangs members on the streets and they will help you on certain tasks you do.

81% to 100%: The gang's leader is your friend and you can go to their house, hang out with them and they will also pay for stuff if you ask them. You can also take over territories for the gang from enemies and that will raise the hate the other gangs have towards you.



Basics to earn respect and lose it:


You have to do certain things to earn/lose respect from the gangs. If you are allied with one during the storyline, you can still lose the respect by pissing them off. You lose respect by simply piss off the gang through many ways from killing them on the streets to take over their territories, to destroy their properties and even killing high ranking members that have been spotted by your allies. To earn respect on the other hand, you need to do favors. Ways of doing this include, killing enemy gang members, helping the gang's members wiping out cops or rivals who try to muscle in their business, taking over territories for them and do other stuff like repossess cars, make stores pay protection, receive drug packages they ask for and more besides that.” Flesh N’ Bone; Feb 25, 2009


This pretty much explains what I think gangs should be like. I think maybe in Lincolnton there could be Liberals and Conservatives verbally bashing each other, or maybe a list of Mob Family’s that you have to choose one of to help get to the top in seers city. In Burrington and Carcer city there could be all kinds of gangs, as well as some parts of Lincolnton. There should also be biker gangs and rednecks in the country side. And all of these gangs have a history, enemy’s, and allies of their own, all being fully interactive. I think that some gangs should be less powerful than others. For example, a small group of Puerto Rican drug dealers would be less powerful and easier to conquer than the sears city Triads. And a sears city Mafia Family is very powerful, but not as powerful as a corrupted group of government agents.

Some gangs that only have a minor effect to the story can be wiped out completely, and can have their gang leaders killed. Other gangs are either never wiped out, or wiped out at only a certain point at the story. You can wipe out gangs by taking over all their territory. You can take territory by either buying it from them (Requiring at least 1% respect), or taking it by force by planning a gang war or just causing enough destruction and deaths of the other gang in that territory that they HAVE to give up. You can also get territory by some story missions, or completing side missions for ally gangs. Another way to wipe out a gang is to just kill their leader. You have to find him by searching through internet files or friends to find out just where he is going and when. If you can successfully kill him, the gang will most likely stop running. Or, the gang will be yours.

Of course, why wipe out a gang when you can own it yourself? You can own a gang by making your own gang powerful enough to overrule the ally gang, and causing them to request that they become a branch of your own gang. You could also take over enough territory of a rival gang that they surrender, and become of a part of yours. Oh, and gang wars are back =). There are other ways as well, but all in all, it is good to have as much gangs at your power as possible, because they help contribute to storyline and side missions alike. And as a quick note, you can’t ally with two rival gangs, unless you OWN both of them.






This has become a big thing in the GTA series, ever since Vice City came out. San Andreas nearly mastered customization, but then the series kind of let this aspect slide in the later titles. This can’t be the case in this game. I think they should bring things like haircuts, muscle, many clothing options, weapon skills, vehicle modding, and many of the other things that were in SA. They should also introduce new things like customizing your gang, modding bikes, boats, and aircraft, buying useful items for your house (At a reasonable extent), customizing weapons, the radio, and a lot more.

Customizing gangs could be very fun. You could have an option to “Buy for gang” in a clothes shop. This could mean it will cost a lot more, but what you have bought would be a clothing item used by members in your gang. You can make many outfit combinations, and colors to show different classes of your gang. They could also have the some option for gun shops. You can buy weapons for every member of your gang to use. And, if they make car dealerships, and bring back car modding, you could also do the same thing with that, for an extra price.

Weapon modding can be done at a gun shop. You could buy an already modded weapon, or to save money, have the shop mod the weapon themselves. You can put things like silencers, laser sights, advanced scopes, and more. One cool idea would be mounting weapons on vehicles. Two handed weapons come back once again, but you will need to practice with the weapon before you can correctly use two weapons at once.

Also, buying things like computers, radios, refrigerators, T.V.’s and gun safes for your safe house could be fun as well. Refrigerators could store alcohol and drugs to keep for your own use. Gun safes can store weapons you are not currently using so you don’t have to buy a new one each time you switch weapons. Many opportunities come with these features. Modding the radio could be as simple as downloading a song From Xbox live or Play station network, calling a radio station, and selecting one of the songs you downloaded for that station.


Television is expanded: Here are the new channels:


ZNN: A parodiy of CNN that spends much too much time on celebrity news and little details of the president and his wife. ( I.E what color tie he wore or what does it mean since he moved his hand at a certain part of a speech) Also the political shows are parodys of Hardball (MSNBC) and Hanninty(FOX) of cousre in GTA fashion these two are extremely extraggated. The line up is:


Newshour:Parody of Situation Room

Steelballs:Parody of Hardball

Conservative Hour: Parody of Hanninty


Then they just go in a constant loop and up date as the story moves along. the same goes for all the other channels


REALTV!: This is a parody of Tru TV. For half of the time it could be clips of your character or NPC chacacters. (That would bring different views to your killing sprees) The other half is based off of The world's dumbest crimminals with fake celebrates belittling retarded crimminals.


Video Clips


Retard Crimminals: Based off of Worlds Dumbest Crimminals


ComedyViewTV or CVT: Would be a comedy channel with all comedy rounties from real life performers ( like in GTA 4)


Reality TV Network or RTN: Would basically show all reality shows based off of the Real World, Big Brother and I Love New York. The shows line up would be


Actual World: Based off of Real World the room mates would be: Lesiben Twins, A psycho, A transexual, A gay dude who doesn't know he's gay, A dude in a hot dog suit and a wannabe gangster (O.J LOC BABY!)


Big Sister: Would be the same as Big Brother with about the same cast as Actual World only bigger but a main difference is that in the show the host takes privacy invasion to a new level.


I Love Titties: you ever wonder where Roman was in 2004? Well guess to longer! He was on the set of the hot new reality show I love Titties! Unforuentaly for him it turns out the person he would be fighting for with the titties is a man and instead of staying inside of a nice house he ends up getting sent to play a Survior type game. He can't leave because of the contract he signed. So what as Roman is surrounded by 20 gay men fighting for lard butt!


Latino Enterntainment Television: Is a parody of BET only for Latinos. So many possibliabities I'm just going to leave this one open.


The local channels would be things like:


Crappy Local News: this channel covers of your deeds and local crime and events ( so if you go on a killing spree outside of story mode it would be reported.)


Sub Prime Mortage Commericals: Ben can actually buy assesets from his channel


Local Auctions: You can buy everything! From clothes to cars to houses in these. Though a Seers City auction would have more to offer at higher prices than a QueensBridge auction. Of cousre the things on sell are random ( mostly) and you can always buy everything off the internet but for a higher price.

There are hundreds of houses to buy. There become for sale at random times during the game. you can buy houses, apartments, mansions, and even houseboats and private planes that you can sleep, eat, and store things in.






One thing four lacked big time was a large variety of weapons. They tried to make it realistic by not having crazy weapons like flamethrowers and chainsaws, but isn’t it more realistic with a whole lot of weapons to use rather than like two types per category? Also, I think some weapons should be two hand-able. Here’s my little list: (Note, Items marked “Dual” are two hand-able)



Baseball Bat, Steel Baseball Bat, Knife, Machete, crowbar, sledge hammer, pickaxe, Kantana (dual), industrial chainsaw, Combat Chainsaw, Taser, and more. Nearly anything can be a melee weapon.


92fs (Dual)(Tier1): A standard pistol that is cheap and useful. Not very fast, nor powerful, but can be easily obtained thought the game.

Glock 18 (Dual)(Tier2): Faster rate of fire than the standard pistol. In fact, it is fully automatic. It is not quite powerful though, but can be purchased fairly cheap.

Desert Eagle(Tier3): Incredibly powerful, slightly slower than the 9mm, much more expensive. Good for the richer hit man who wants the job done right.

.375 Magnum(Tier4): Most powerful pistol, with the slowest firing rate and smallest capacity. Most of the time, it is a one shot kill.



Sub Machine guns

Tec-9(Dual): Very cheap, automatic, and effective from short range. Great for drive-by’s assuming it’s all you’ve got.

Mac 10(Dual)(Tier1): More powerful and expensive than the Tec-9. Basically the next step up.

MP5(Tier2): Highly accurate, very powerful, and overall one of the best in the game. Expensive, though.

P90(Dual)(Tier3): Small just like the Tec-9 and Mac-10, but much more accurate. Highly expensive and rarely found.

AKS-74u(Tier4): Insane damage for a mere sub machine gun, this can kill an armoured opponent as fast as an AK-47. This is definitly the best large SMG



12 Guage(Tier1): A standard shotgun. Useful and cheap at the beginning of the game, but loses use towards the end. Close Range or bust.

Sawn Off DB shotgun (Dual)(Tier2): Can be shot off a bike or car. Is lightweight and can be held like a pistol. Found mostly in rural areas.

Spas 12(Tier3): Extremely powerful quick firing rate. Would be the best shotgun, but is still pump action.

Street Sweeper(Tier4): Almost as powerful as the spas-12, and can fire at the rate of an assault rifle. With 20 rounds, this gun make other guns look useless. Cannot be legally bought, very hard to find.


Assault Rifles:

M14: A powerful semi-automatic rifle available for a low price

AK47(Tier1): A actual auto assualt rifle, you get a lot for an extra dollar with the Ak-47

M4A1(Dual)(Tier2): Not quite as powerful as the Ak-47, but smaller and has a faster firing rate. You can fire two at once when remained stationary.

XM8(Tier3): Probably the best assault rifle. Equally powerful with the Ak-47, and same firing rate as the M-4: Can only be bought by martial forces.

Famas(Tier4): The fastest assault rifle in the game. At the same speed as a Mac 10, it also has a good range, and is rather accurate. This is a rare and exclusive assault rifle found only in the military shop.


Sniper Rifles

M40a1(Tier1): Good for taking out someone long range, but slow on the reload.

PSG-1(Tier2 and 4): More rounds in one clip than the bolt action sniper, and about the same power.

Armalite AR-50(Tier3): Incredibly long range, and incredible power, but must reload after every shot, and must be mounted, or It will have heavy recoil.


Heavy Machine Guns

M249 SAW(Tier1): Being a near one shot kill, it has 100 rounds per clip, and can tear up a car turning it into rubbish in a matter of seconds.

M60(Tier2): Larger, louder, and more devastating than the M249. It IS a one shot kill, and with about 6 or 7 shots, it can blow up a small car. It is VERY expensive and hard to find.

http://www.epicycle.org.uk/images/minigun2.jpg(Tier3): An interesting choice of weapon, it holds 500 rounds per clip, and fires at an unpredictable rate. Its power can destroy a car, truck, boat, or even helicopter in a matter of seconds. It is highly inaccurate though, and cannot auto-target. One of the most expensive weapons in game.




Heavy Explosive/ Fire Launchers

Thumper(Tier1): It can shoot one grenade at high speed. Can also shoot Molotov cocktails, but can fail at times.

MK47 Stiker: A fully automatic grenade launcher that can shoot up to 20 grenades without having to reload.

Flamethrower(Tier2): Highly illegal and only found in the highest level arsenal trafficking available. Shoots flames out in a long, continuous burst, perfect for killing large crowds of people in an open area.

RPG-7(Tier3): fires a special type of grenade at an incredible speed, and explodes at impact. Good to bring down helicopters. Very expensive, but not SUPER hard to find.

Stinger Missle Launcher(Tier4): Fires small auto targeting rockets at large targets. Must hold aim and stay close to a target to confirm auto targeting. Is Great for faster moving vehicles or aircraft.

Rail Gun?: I’m not too good on this idea, but a rail gun is an actual weapon that shoots objects at an invisibly fast speed and destroys targets at the sheer force of impact. This has never actually been used for combat before, so maybe it could be featured like the Jet Pack was in SA.


Projectiles (Contains Two slots. Slot number will be marked)

Molotov cocktail(Slot1)(Tier1): A glass bottle filled with explosive liquid, which is to be lit on fire and thrown at an enemy. It blows up into flames at collision and I’ll assume you know what happen next…

Grenade(Slot1)(Tier2 and 4): Same EXCACT concept as in GTAIV. Except maybe you could stick one in a car, or someone’s pocket???

C-4(Slot1)(Tier3): Just like the SA satchel charges. You throw them at something, it stick to it, and you detonate it.

Breach Charges(Slot2)(Tier1): Some-what like C-4 except used to blow down doors and kill anyone behind it.

Smoke(Slot2)(Tier 2 and 4): Fills an area with smoke to confuse enemies. Good for strategic gunplay.

Tear Gas(Slot2)(Tier3): Fills an area with non-lethal gas that weakens an enemy and may pass them out.

Anything that can be picked up can be a projectile.


Strange Weapons

Nail-Gun: Is cheap, and can be bought in a department store. Shoot nails rapidly at opponent, and can cause serious close up damage. This is used by construction workers. and small Burrington gangs.



Thick Jacket: 1/2 the amount of protection of thebullet proof vest

Bullet proof vest: Provides protection

Body Armour: Provides 1.5X more protection

Steel-plated armour:Provides 2X more protection

Advanced Ballistic Assualt armour: Provides 4X the protection



Silencer: Silences the gun, takes out the flash, and on mp hides your blip.

Red Dot scope: Umm, gives it a red dot scope.

Acog-scope: The standard scope for N.O.O.S.E members and such. Lets you scope with weapons that aren’t snipers.

High Capacity Mag: Gives it more shots per clip

High-Cal Bullets: Increases damage and penetration

Rifle Scope: Available for Assault rifles, zooms farther than the acog.

20X Sniper: A scope for a sniper that zooms in farther than the standard 12X sniper

30X Sniper: A scope for a sniper that zooms in farther than the 20X sniper

50X Sniper: A ultra powerful lenses only available for the Armalite sniper, zooms farther than it’s typical 30X sniper.

Explosive Rounds: Bullet’s that explode on impact







Ever since GTA:SA, this has been a huge part of the franchise. GTA4 took it to a whole new level. My idea, increase Realism, to a point where more variety and interesting factors contribute to the game as well as what was evident in GTA4, Graphics, realistic effects, ect. I think realism should involve anything to be possible.

I think you should be able to visit any kind of clothing store, not just what “Fits the protagonist”. Bring back Binco, Zip, Victim, Sub Urban, Prolaps, and add new clothes stores too, as well as department stores, fast food chains, fancy and casual sit-in restaurants, specialty shops, and bring back Ammu-Nation.


There should be more things to do on the streets, like replying to people remarks to you, or egging on someone to fight. You should be able to sit on benches, read magazines and news papers, store things in the trunk of your car, view wildlife in the countryside, go on hiking trips down nature trails and up mountains, go dancing at night clubs, Surf, Perform BMX and Dirt Bike stunts, go fishing, drink alcohol in your own house, take drugs, smoke cigarettes, pickpocket people, meet girls at bars, rent a hotel for the night, and so much more.


I think everything should be fully interactive. For example, you get in a severe collision with another car, then witnesses call 9-11 to alert the police and rescue department. You can just ignore the situation and most likely not much will happen on your part, or sit through the situation to just see what happens. If you drive suspiciously, a cop may ask you to pull over just so he can question you, without you actually getting a wanted level. If a dead body is lying on the street, people will call the police right away, and sooner or later they will investigate. If you act suspicious, they may question you. Resist, you may get a star.

An idea of mine is that instead of a cop just putting a gun to your face in a car and you getting busted, there could be several ways to break free. Things like just driving away quickly, striking the officer to break free, or running him over with the door of your car could all be used to resist jail. You could also at any point drop your weapon and give up, at any wanted level. If your wanted level gets high enough, they will start sending FIB agents and even National Guard at you. (read my thread on wanted level system for more details)


Planes are back, and they are more realistic. When you crash a plane by its wings, the wing will break off. If you crash it head on, it will blow up instantly, assuming you are going fast enough. Planes and helicopters can go up to 30000FT in the air, which is actually very high. There is always plane traffic in the sky, and planes always have a destination, be it another Lincolnton airport, or out to an entirely new area. Planes regularly take off and land, and its not very easy to just take a passenger plane. You need to either take a parked one and take It out just right, or buy a plane ticket and instead of taking a seat at the plane, walk up to the passenger seat and take control. This will get you around four stars, though. Smaller planes like Dodos and Shamals can be taken rather simply, and can also be owned. Military Jet planes are back, this time featuring the Hydra and Vulture. The difference between the two is the Vulture has more advanced physics, and can fire artillery and multiple rockets. Vultures are rarer than Hydras, because Hydras can be found in Some Restricted areas in airports, while Vultures can only be found in the Air Base. Keep in mind, restricted areas are guarded by powerful forces, usually the military.


Another realistic factor to GTA: LS is that every ped and every car has its own destination. They all have somewhere they ultimately plan on going, meaning you will find cars parking and taking off, instead of them just spawning and disappearing. The only time peds disappear is when they are dead. They don’t just randomly appear, either, they come to the state by plane or boat and spawn out the vehicle, or when you come in.


In fact, every ped is somewhat unique, and sometimes random peds will ask for favors to be done. That is one of the random events that happen in this game. Another random event would be the cops swarming your safe house trying to get a hold of you for something, which only happens around two to three times in a play through. Other things like random bank robberies and bomb threats happen scarcely through the play-through. But some things may never even happen, and if they do, it will never happen again. Things like a random kidnapping plot against you, or a plane crashing into countryside. But these things have like a 1/10000 chance of happening.


Realistic gun fights should be evident too. There will be different types of enemies, some weaker than others. A pedestrian would be on the ground in pain with one shot, while a trained police officer would have got three body shots to get on the ground. People with armor would have to get shot many times in the chest to weaken the vest. A shot in the head, rather obviously, kills everyone, while assuming you don’t have armor, a heart shot kills too. If you shoot someone in the legs, they have to limp away, while if you shoot them in their knee caps they won’t be able to move. An arm shot disable use of the arm, meaning that person can’t shoot with that hand. Shoot someone in the stomach and they’ll move much slower. You can disarm opponents as well. Laser sights and agog scopes can boost accuracy.


Other than gun fights, you can realistically commit other crimes as well. You can use stealth once again by coming from behind somebody and slitting their throat, while you can also make some weapons silenced to shoot someone less noticeably. Also, if you kill someone, or even a police officer correctly with stealth, you’ll never be found out unless you hang around the body. You can use this as an advantage for gang wars and evading one star cops. You can also hang on to moving cars, and jump from airplane to airplane, by using a rapid tap method. Fires should also spread, rather rapidly. If you throw a molotov in a building, eventually the building will be on fire. Flame Throwers could be very dangerous as well, because you could melt the metal off cars. Also, "when your health gets low enough the screen will flash red stimulating a heart beat. You will also breath heavier and have less stamina" Seth penguin.


"How about you have a really simple phone to start. Like a Crappeo phone, no camera, nothing. Just calls and texts. It can't even use cheats. Then, after about Mission 5, you get enough money to purhcase (a mandatory mission nessecary phone purchase) and you then get one with cheat capability, and the ability to call special phone numbers (911, pizza, taxi etc.). Finally, after about mission 20+ and then you are pointed to a phone store.


Here you can purchase better phones. Like a phone which is the exact same as the previous, except it has a camera. Then you can purchase one with a better cam, stores more photos and can text (you could receive texts, but now you can use pre-established answers to get replies.) Finally, you get the best phone (The iPhruit, $6000 a little pricy!) which has email, internet, MP3 (Songs on Indepence FM or your Hardrive can be played from here at a reasonable volume) radio (ingame songs) more special numbers, better backgronuds, excellent camera, unlimited photos, more special numbers and touchscreen interface.


Some of the numbers you could call would be pizza (whoever's idea this was, great job!) to get them to bring cheap health replenishes to you, taxis if you are far away from one and need it, maps (show bus routes, and other points of interest i.e restaruants, bars, dealerships, properties for sale etc.) Then (I'm quite proud of this one!) you can target someone, then call 911. Select police, and when they ask fro the problem, you can dial 123 and the come to arrest the person targeted!


You can arrange meets (not just to go out with friends, you can arrange side missions to begin from your current location without having to drive to a far away place.) You could even browse the web, go to Crappea and order furniture, and find it delivered at the selected safehouse! That would be great! You could perhaps organise a meeting to test drive a car at a dealership (chances to nick rare or even dealership unique cars) and select positive, negative, neutral or something else answers to friends questions, which affects there respect or like of you.


Now I know these things sound crazy or too hard to impliment, but imagine if R* did this it would really increase re-playablility. And just think, if they do this, they could add this sort of detail to many aspects of the game, it would be fantastic." El Zilcho







In a nut shell:


Ben Lopez is a 22 year old Mexican American gangster. For most of Ben’s life he has been surrounded by poverty and moral depravity, and the only comfort he could claim was that he shared these hardships with his three younger brothers. On the streets of Burrington, he had been a courier for local drug dealers, from the height of the crack epidemic to his early teens, and was renowned for his boxing skills both in and outside of the ring.


At age 16 he was approached by a bartender named Poco Alvarez, who was also a mid echelon drug dealer and fencer (of stolen goods). Poco immediately takes on Ben as a protégé and teaches him everything he knows about his trade from how to use a gun to selling drugs. One day Ben accepts an offer to run his own corner and is driven to a corner with two other members of Poco’s crew. When they arrive at the corner he notices 3 guys on a stoop, a few seconds later one of the guys in the front of the car he’s in pulls out an Uzi and opens fire on them. Two of the three corner-boys are killed and the other one, in an attempt to flee the machine gun fire, was shot in the leg a few feet away from the stoop. The driver then hands Ben a pistol and tells him to finish off the injured corner-boy. He then gets out of the car and without a second of hesitation shoots him in the head at point blank range. The group then flees the murder scene, while in the car Ben was still adrenaline rushed from committing his first murder and bestowed with pride that he now had his own little piece of turf to operate. Later that night at the Lopez house, Ben’s parents, who were very abusive to Ben and his three younger brothers, get into a heated argument that eventually ends with Ben’s father killing his mother and abandoning them, never to be seen for years to come.


Over a course of 4 years, Ben supports his 3 brothers through working in Poco’s crew, performing all sorts of activities ranging from drug dealing, home invasions, armed robberies, collecting street taxes, and occasionally murder for hire. Surprisingly Ben doesn’t get arrested for any of these crimes and earns the nickname Ben “Lucky” Lopez. However, one morning Ben’s boss, Poco, is killed in a car bomb along with his lieutenant. These two murders are followed by driveby shootings and gangland hits on 4 of Poco’s heaviest corners. At the end of the day, 18 members of the crew Ben belonged to were murdered. Fearing for his life Ben leaves the vast majority of his earnings to his brothers, asks his eldest brother to get a job to support his other brothers, and goes into hiding by enrolling in the U.S. Army at age 20, in the year 2002.


Two years later, Ben had found millions of dollars worth of diamonds, next to several bodies. Raseem Salah, a Pakistani lieutenant commanding Ben’s team to help curve the flow of drugs out of Afghanistan, was unwilling to share the diamonds with the soldiers he was commanding. So instead, Salah falsely reports to his superiors that the soldiers he was commanding killed fleeing Afghan refugees without his orders. To contain possible controversy that might arise from these “killings”, Ben, along with his fellow soldiers that he served with, is then quietly discharged from the army. An infuriated Ben decides that attempting to kill Raseem Salah, for selling his unit out for diamonds, would be a suicidal task that was out of the question. He is sent back home to Lincoln State to reconcile what he has and what he hopes to gain on the streets of Burrington. Ben was forced back home to the dreaded Burrington which he had tried to escape.


Ben’s brother Daniel, was informed of Ben’s return, and agreed to pick him up from Burrington Airport. When they arrive at his run down apartment, he explains to Ben what has happened to their neighborhood while Ben was hiding out in the Army. Apparently most of the criminals operating in the barrio have been paying street taxes to someone named Emilio “Butcher” Piedad. Daniel is working for a drug dealer named Armando Iglesias, and after a few jobs for Armando and Armando's coworker Brian (in which he meets Julio and Elizabeta Torres, starting a friendship and a relationship respectively), Daniel gives Ben some news. He explains that Paco, Ben's old mentor, left Ben the bar he operated in his will. After inheriting Paco’s bar, Ben decides to let Daniel name it “Consuelo”, relief in Spanish. Realizing that they need seed money to reopen their new business, Daniel suggests that they bring in a Puerto Rican drug dealer, named Manuel Tadeo, as a partner. They meet with him and out of respect for Ben’s reputation, Tadeo agrees to help finance Ben’s business if he does a few favors for him. After doing a few “hit” missions for Tadeo, “Consuelo” becomes available as an asset. While at the bar, Ben manages to come in contact with a stickup man named Lenny Hopkins. After stopping Hopkins from almost drinking himself to death, he explains to Ben that his girl friend was sold into prostitution to pay off an insurmountable debt and that he decided to get the money from a loan shark to pay for her freedom. Unfortunately after he made the payment, his girlfriend wasn’t let go from her pimp. So now he’s in heavy debt to a loan shark and his girlfriend is being used as a prostitute. After Ben does missions to help resolve these issues for Hopkins, which include killing a loan shark, he agrees to be a bouncer at “Consuelo”.


Meanwhile, as Ben and Tadeo continue to expand further into the drug market, independent drug dealers begin to either pay them “protection” money or become incorporated with them. With the extra cash he’s been making, Ben decides to branch out into loan sharking. He starts out by visiting the names of the customers in the black book, which he picked up from the loan shark he killed, and have them pay him. While on a debt collection trip Ben and Hopkins meet a comedian named Carlos Rodriguez. He explains that he’s unable to pay off his debt because ever sense he slept with his agent’s girl friend he’s been having a hard time getting booked at clubs for him to do his comedy act. Ben manages to sympathize with his predicament because while he was in the army, he saw Rodriguez do his act and thought it was hilarious. He and Hopkins then begin to do missions to help improve Rodriguez’s career by intimidating club owners to overpay Rodriguez to perform, killing rival stand up comedians and agents, and having a civil rights lawyer pressure a tabloid company into backing away from “smear campaigns” against Latin Americans. Ben and Rodriguez end up getting $40,000 in settlement fees from a tabloid company. In return, Rodriguez pays off his debt and lets Ben be his unofficial agent, who would receive $1500 a week from him and 10% of the weekly earnings from the clubs that booked him and his friends, amounting to $5000 a week.


Ben eventually gets involved with the Burrington Jamaican Posse (and helps them manage a few drug deals and a biker war with Heathens MC), the Polish Mob, and the Greek Mob, before Ben's success gets noted by Paolo Javier Suarez, a member of his father's gang. Paolo begins causing trouble for Ben, before finally he is able to get Ben kicked out of Burrington and into Carcer.


Ben begins to rebuild his criminal organization by taking on jobs for Silvio, his brother. Over the years Silvio has become very involved in progressive college campus politics. He has Ben help him further his ideas in campus politics by helping him kill right wing activists, high echelon employees of greedy health insurance companies, members of right wing think tanks, members of fundamentalist hate groups, and rightwing lobbyists. Ben also helps steal an election for a liberal city council man.


After helping him with his political activism, Silvio uses his connections to have Ben meet Mike Sheridan. As a high ranking union official, Mike wants to further his cause with Ben’s assistance. He has Ben perform tasks that coincide with strengthening the Brotherhood of Auto Workers (BAW), the union Mike belongs to. After destroying several Japanese car factories, Ben and his gang are tasked with killing goons hired by the Farley auto company that were trying to dismantle a union picket strike.


After defending the strikers, Mike reveals to Ben that the Gallo family, the mafia gang in Carcer city, has been getting paid large sums of money, out of the BAW pension fund, by the auto industry to silence the activities of organized labor and keep employee costs low. To fix this problem Mike tells Ben to kill the Gallo mobsters who’ve been operating this anti-union racket. After doing so, Ben is rewarded with a large sum of money from the BAW pension fund, a high paying “no show job”, and a partnership with the BAW that allows him to get corporate “kickbacks” and a percentage of profits from inflated auto contracts. Ben also uses this partnership to finance a chop shop and sell stolen car parts to all of the garages and auto retailers across Carcer City, with an auto enthusiast called Chris helping him run the business.


After the financial damage caused by the Gallo family, Ben decides to help Mike replenish the BAW pension fund. He then has Silvio arrange a meeting with another one of his connections. Ben reunites with Elizabeta, and while she quickly leaves him for "bigger fish", she turns out to be highly connected and has Ben introduced to the leader/Imam of Temple 6 Mosque, Kareem Fawwaz. Temple 6 is a branch of the African Muslim group known as the United Islam League (UIL), but unlike most of the UIL’s branches, Temple 6 is involved in many criminal enterprises. Kareem has been looking to expand into the Afghan heroin market. Having now been introduced to Ben and already hearing of him, prior to their meeting, Kareem makes a deal with Ben to help him restore the BAW pension fund and increase his cash flow. Ben agrees to help him build a drug ring for Afghan heroin, nicknamed “Easties”, and to become an equal partner in the profits gained.


He then begins to muscle pharmaceutical stores into acting as fronts for “Easties” shipments. One of these fronts is later robbed by gunmen. Afterwards, Ben is ordered to hunt them down, luckily Carlos (on a state tour) was at the pharmaceutical store when the robbery was taking place and manages to relay information about the license plate number to him. Ben and Elizabeta track down the gunmen at a club called “Blue Athens”. They then fight their way through security and execute both robbers. Afterwards Kareem informs Ben that he saw on the news that the gunmen he killed were members of the Afro Mob gang. He has Ben try to make peace with the Afro Mob by including them in their “Easties” ring. After a sit down with Tyrone Williams, the leader of the Afro Mob, Ben begins co-opting with them on taking over drug turf. Pete, Ben’s business adviser, eventually presents an idea about shipping “Easties”, Afghan heroin, to large quantity buyers by putting the product in BAW trucks, which are meant to deliver car parts, and let them get a cut of the profits. Ben puts this idea into action and it turns out to be very profitable. Just before the deal was announced, Elizabeta leaves Ben.


Unfortunately an assassin tries to make an attempt on Imam Kareem’s life. The assassin however is captured and interrogated. After the interrogation, he reveals that he was carrying out the hit on orders from Tyrone Williams. Ben retaliates against the attempted hit by leading a team to rob a really huge fundraiser being held by the A.A.A.A. (African Americans Against AIDS), a fake non-profit organization that’s a front for the Afro Mob. The heist nets $2 million. Kareem then assigns Ben to kill Tyrone. However, Daniel comes up with the plan for killing Tyrone. He explains that apparently one of the largest narcotics distribution points for the Afro Mob was at a stadium used for concerts. So he suggests that they kill Tyrone when he’s presenting the band at the next concert. Ben follows through with this plan by sneaking backstage and shooting him with a silencer equipped magnum pistol. Ben reports to Kareem after the successful hit and is officially given half of the Afghan Heroin ring to operate independently with his own gang. He also has Cassius Makin, one of Kareem’s former soldiers and a staunch ally of Ben during the missions he was doing for the UIL, join his gang.


With Ben’s drug ring up and running he’s able to restore the BAW pension fund. With the criminal enterprises he established he’s been bringing a fortune. However, the money Ben’s been bringing in is illicit income that can’t be reported to the IRS (Internal revenue service). Wanting to avoid IRS scrutiny, he begins to buy up legitimate businesses to launder his money into. Unfortunately, the profits from his legitimate enterprises come up flimsy because of mafia shakedowns. Wanting to seek immunity from the Gallo’s, or at least a better deal, without starting up a full fledged gang war he know he can’t win, Ben decides to call a meeting of other Latino criminals to solve the problem of Italian interference in their businesses. After everyone is gathered at the meeting it shortly turns into a calamity with vicious arguing and unreachable disagreements. Everyone leaves accept for Lenny Quentin. As an old school street gang leader and head of La Mexicana Nation, Lenny begins to insult Ben and explains that the Gallo’s wouldn’t be messing with him if they were aware that he was capable of backing up a heavy retaliation. Lenny then begins to laugh at Ben’s money induced ego and starts talking about how he can generate cash, but doesn’t know how to implement the basics of getting people behind him. He then offers to show Ben the ropes of gang recruitment. He accepts his offer and they drive over to Lenny’s house.


He introduces Paulo, Lenny’s son, to Ben, asking Ben to let Paulo work for him. Agreeing to bring Paulo under his fold, Ben is also introduced to a friend of Paulo’s, named Jose Delgado. Ben decides to recruit Jose also. Lenny tells him that they should meet up with a local thief named Joey Enrique at “Club Dillinger” to see if he’s willing to join also. This time however, Lenny has Ben dress up fashionably, make small talk with him about what he does and what he needs out of Joey, and has him pay for one of the strippers to have sex with Joey backstage. Ben then offers a “job” to Joey, who more than gladly accepts to be recruited. The three new gang recruits are then assigned to kill a mob associate, while he’s collecting from an appliance store that belongs to Ben, and to burn the store down, for the purpose of collecting insurance money and to erase the murder scene. Lenny then tells Ben that his new underlings will show off to their friends and over time will bring them to their hangouts to become associated with Ben and to try and join his gang. This becomes Ben’s main recruiting tool, but not his only one. Another recruitment lesson Lenny teaches him is to collect information about people in the neighborhood. And if possible, follow up on what information he receives about that person, that way they’ll be indebted to him.


Ben first applies this tactic when he hears of a local Ognerton street tough named Rafael Estevez. A few months ago Rafael’s father skipped town on a debt he owed to a crew of drug dealers, so in retribution they killed his mom, and left his two younger siblings orphans. Ever since, he’s been living on the streets, trying to track down the men who killed his mom. So far he’s managed to gun down one of them. Ben decides to follow through on Rafael’s vendetta by kidnapping the other two men involved. Ben then invites Rafael to meet him at a crowded restaurant, where he hands him a huge wad of cash and asks him to drop it off to his two siblings at the orphanage. The next day, Ben shows him the location of where he hid the two men he kidnapped, who killed Rafael’s mom. Rafael proceeds to kill them both and afterwards is handed another wad of cash and is told to go find a place for him and his siblings to stay. Ben tells him, that if he wants work, to meet him at “Jabots auto retailer”. Rafael accepts this offer, knowing that he was being recruited into gang life.


While at a BAW supervisor’s office, a factory worker named Juan Alejandro approaches Ben. He tells him that ever since he and a bunch of other union members got gigantic raises, they’ve been operating a loan shark ring. It eventually became so big that they were supplying “juice”, loan shark money, for gamblers and drug dealers. Unfortunately as the loans became larger, it became harder to get returns. To solve this problem, Ben lets Juan become incorporated into his organization. As Ben begins to flex his muscle around, heavy payments from heavy borrowers begin to come, in the forms of both cash and physical assets. Ben eventually runs into a roadblock when a biker gang that he lent money, to finance a crystal methamphetamine ring, refuses to pay up. This problem is solved when Ben brings along his entire crew to kill and rob the biker gang at their hangout.


When Joey opens a large safe, which they stole from that biker gang from the other night, greeting cards start flying out. It then becomes obvious that these greeting cards contain thin layers of crystal methamphetamine inside them. Ben decides that they should deliver these cards filled with meth to a boxer doing time, named Jaime Santiago. They then deliver the cards for him to sell. When he’s released, he joins up with Ben’s gang out of thankfulness.


The Lopez gang’s good luck begins to arise when turmoil breaks out in the Gallo family. Antonio Gallo, the boss of the Gallo family, was gunned down in a barbershop. Quickly his underlings began fighting for dominance of the family. The mafia war eventually breaks up into three factions. One faction is lead by Frankie Gallo, another faction is led by Jason Palermo, and the other faction is led by Vincent Caldacci. With the Carcer city Mafia preoccupied in destroying itself, Ben sees an opportunity to enrich his gang by filling in the power vacuum being created by this war.


Before Ben makes his move, Daniel brings in a film major from CCUA (Carcer City University of Arts), named Xavier Ferraris, to make porno movies for his new company, Adonis Inc. They’ve also been putting some of these movies on a website they created and have been stealing credit card numbers from the users. Through Lenny, Ben has Adonis Inc. become incorporated with Madame Nealson, a madam who operates a brothel. He and his gang then begin to do missions for Madame Nealson to further expand their involvement in prostitution. It starts with rival pimps being killed and having their hookers being recruited.


From being tipped off by a member of the Villa Posse, the Lopez gang finds out about a large human trafficking ring, run by the Caldacci faction of the Gallo family, designed to smuggle woman into the U.S. to work as prostitutes. Ben proceeds to hijack a truck with several of these women who were meant to be delivered to a brothel. He meets a woman, who was on the truck, named Alina Borislav. It turns out that she was a Russian heiress trying to escape her oppressive oligarch father. She decided to try and find a job in Germany to escape her boring life, but instead she got scammed into a human trafficking ring. She has Ben contact her strong-arm from Russia. This leads to Ben coming into contact with Pavlov Feodosiy, Alina’s boyfriend and a member of the feared Kpachar Pyka, a Russian mafiya group that translates into the Red Hand. With his help the Caldacci human trafficking ring is destroyed, along with several members of his crew being killed.


Pavlov also helps Ben by helping him recruit Russian models that have contracts in Carcer City. Ben’s then makes a move on a Carcer City pornography king named Milo Bonanza, by forcing him into retirement. With the assets and women he’s collected, Ben sets up a pornography convention, featuring the “Porny awards”, new items from the sex industry, and the unveiling of Sexy Aphrodite magazine, a pornographic magazine of Adonis Inc. The Lopez gang then proceeds to corner the porno magazine market by intimidating or killing off most of the competition in Carcer City. Also, Alina and Pavlov decide to remain in the U.S., with Pavlov working for Ben. And with Ben’s Carcer City Empire continuing to flourish, he moves out of Silvio’s house and into a nice looking place of his own.


Eventually, Ben gets a call to have a sit down with Jason Palermo. At the meeting, Ben agrees to assist Jason Palermo’s faction if his own gang is granted immunity from mafia interference in his business. With this agreement being reached, he begins to work with Steve Rizzutto, Jason’s under boss, on helping Jason win control of the Gallo family. They first decide to build up their war chest by providing “protection” for gang inflicted businesses. They do this in the form of them killing off the rival mobsters who were scrutinizing the businesses that they were offering protection to, for a price. The first priority of having Jason become the new boss of the Gallo family becomes destroying Caldacci’s already battered organization before going after Frankie Gallo’s faction.


Ben attends the Porny Awards, but gets stopped by Ignatius Preachman (I changed it from John because there are too many Johns and Johnnies in Lincoln State already), a highranking CCPD officer. After doing a few jobs for Ignatius (including increasing his profile, removing bad elements and eventually infiltrating the department, killing the chief and allowing Ignatius to take over), Ignatius agrees to not put any pressure on the Lopez gang and also act as an "informant".


Ben also meets Lord Bluederry, a rich, somewhat evil English aristocrat who gives Ben several jobs, and introduces him to several contacts.


After helping Palermo reach the top of the Gallo Family, Palermo introduces Ben to Johnny Malone, his cousin in Sears.


Later on in the story, one of your friends says that you can expand your empire down in Seers City. He says his cousin is in a Mafia family and would be glad to give Ben work. Ben Accepts, and him, his brother, and his dog travel to this new city together. They don't just Go strait there, however. They run into a group of Hippies who have a huge weed farm, who also own a fair slice of the diamonds, showing that his dad had distributed them across the state. They decide to do a few jobs from them to leech some money, then they kill them and take over the weed farm and have some of the diamonds. At that, they travel to Seers City with no other distractions.


The three of you stay in a hotel, and check out this business opportunity. The mobster is very useful to you, and has alot of information on your father, the diamonds, and the Sergeant. You end up being a well-known Gangster, and businessman of Both Seers and Carcer City. But he just can't get over his father. Ben tries to get in touch with the third brother, who was said to be in Lincolnton. Knowing that the bridges are blocked by the FBI due to threats to assassinate the president, he heads up the heavily guarded Windy Tower( Sears Tower), then steals Griffen Helicopter, and attemps to fly to Lincolnton.


On his way to the city, he is gunned down in mid-air by the Air force. His helicopter fell 10000 feet onto the ground, while Ben helplessly was trapped in a Huge Fire. Next thing you know, you wake up in a bright room, which is guarded by heavily armed S.W.A.T members. You ask a man in a suit how you got here. He reviels that he saved your life, and that you will have to work for him. He is a corrupt Politician who knows your father as a close friend. You are sent to a Military Sea Base where you will have to do a few jobs overseas for him. After you finish these Jobs, you are let free untill the next time he needs you.


Knowing you wont be able to get into Lincolnton, you continue working with the Mafia, and you also have a good oppurtunity to take over some of the Seers City gangs. Once your empire has reached a certain high point, the bridges to Lincolnton are open again. At this point you start looking for your brother, and ultimatley your father.


Upon arriving in Lincolnton Ben is informed by Johnny Malone that Raseem Salah, the sergeant who sold out Ben, is now operating there. Ben then gets a call from Zhuang Wu, telling him to meet up with Ronald Meyer, a rich businessman friend of Zhuang who is involved in some shady practices and owns the Weazel Network. Ronald introduces Ben to several contacts such as Billy Hudson, who is running for mayor, Richard Dixon, a shady insurance broker and Ted Schwartz, a Weazel journalist.


John Stoney, who you met in Patriot Island, gets you to foil an assassination attempt on the President. "Quentin Moran", a secret unaffiliated government agent employs you, as does the PPA, President Lawton unaware of your background.


Ben is introduced to an evangelical pastor named Dick Gluten. He has him kill a rapper named Guerilla whose lyrics he found “detrimental to Christian society”. He then has Ben kill a drug dealer who he thought was going to rat on him for laundering drug money through his “Christian Crusade” organization. Through Dick Gluten, Ben meets an actor/gun enthusiast named Milo Blades. He helps Milo by forcing out residents of low rental houses to make the land purchasable for the purpose of having high valued real-estate to be built. After shooting up boats carrying smuggled human beings, because Milo hates illegal immigrants, Ben beats the crap out of a Vinewood director that wouldn’t put Milo in a movie. In return, Milo gives Ben a stake in his real estate business.


At another Billy Hudson fundraiser, Ben has a sit down meeting with a Japanese businessman named Yoshio Miyazaki. Yoshio is known as an extremely affluent businessman in Japan and is looking to heavily expand his operations in America. He’s also involved in several illicit business ventures and is a Daigashi, under boss, in the Daimyo-Kai Yakuza, the Japanese mafia. Yoshio expresses his interest in using Ben as an American contact to solidify his overseas powerbase and has him work with him by promising Ben that he would heavily back Billy’s campaign. Yoshio first has Ben kill a group of Zaibatsu employees that were trying to shakedown a cargo company of his, by threatening to sell large shares of stock to a volatile investor. Yoshio’s next task is having Ben kill opposing contractors for the purpose of receiving a pricey contract for the construction of new public transportation projects. Afterwards Yoshio tells Ben that he wants to use his newly rewarded public works project as an opportunity to smuggle in crystal meth. To make this goal possible, and to bring in a lot of campaign money, Ben blackmails a powerful Lincolnton city councilman. In return the councilman puts forward a zoning bill that would limit expansive construction in Lincolnton. This immediately leads to a backlash of people, whose property rights feel threatened, donating to the Hudson campaign and several other conservative politicians, who end up defeating this bill.


Yoshio is kidnapped. When Ben finds the kidnappers, he is immediately knocked out. When he wakes up, he is greeted by a man named Quentin, who he knows from before and does various jobs for. He reveals to him that Yoshio is part of a far right wing group called the “Red Dragon society”, which is vehemently against immigrants. Quentin assigns Ben to work with Yoshio to curve the threat of North Korean insurgents in exchange for being able to operate without federal interference. This leads to Ben fighting North Korean drug gangs that were sent from Kim Jong Il’s private army to help raise money.


Later Ben assembles a mercenary squad consisting of his old army buddies to kill a suspected arms dealer, named Bae Machii, who was suspected of planning to sell nuclear weapons. Quentin also assigns Ben and his mercenary squad to raid a prison, called San-Fulton, which was incarcerating a suspected pro-communist terrorist named Chin Ho Seok.


Billy Hudson uses the attack on San Fulton as “proof” that his opponent, who is the incumbent mayor, was dangerously weak on law and order. Billy then goes on to win the election and becomes mayor of Lincolnton.


At the victory party, president Lawton and some of his friends get strung up on ecstasy. Ben sees the group getting really high and immediately is told by a panicking staffer to not tell anyone about this. In return for not revealing President Lawton’s drug incident the staffer reveals to Ben that one of the people he killed for Quentin was under false pretensions. Apparently Chin Ho Seok was a reformer living in Japan, whose parents previously escaped North Korea, that wanted to make North Korea a left of center social democracy that wouldn’t have to rely on drug smuggling and wouldn’t succumb to moving to far to the right when communism fell. An extremely large pharmaceutical company called SDA has been using North Korea as a distribution point for their drugs across the Asian market and felt that the type of reform Chin Ho wanted to bring was disastrous for their multi billion dollar industry. So Quentin, for the good of the country, asked you to kill him.


You get help all over the state to find your father and brother, and eventually two Triads have the solution: Your brother works for your father and can be found hiding near the Lincoln Mansion area (White House.)


You head over there right away. You find your brother with guards aiding him. You take them out, and confront your brother. He says he had worked for your father ever since you joined the army. He says that your father was going to kill you and Daniel but he wouldn't let him. He also said that his father has taken over all of Burrington and that he went to Liberty City to take over it as well. You choose at that point to kill your brother or not.


After that, you travel to Burrington (Which was blocked until now.) to take back your old empire there and to make your father defenseless as he came back.


(This is the farthest I'm gonna get with the story part for now.)






(Keep in mind, I made up the story, but pamm helped me expand the idea. Thanks alot, pamm!)







Throught the story, you become more and more aware that revenge may not be the answer to your problems, but you keep getting dragged down to the evil thoughts that have possessed your soul from your childhood through criminal activities, which causes you to care less, and eventually become a psychotic, deranged killer who cares about nothing but money, power, and revenge.

Your plan ends up giving you access to all sorts of criminal organizations, and will take you all around the state.

Storyline Script:

Introduction Mission


Daniel: Ben!

Ben: Hey, Dan.

*Ben and his brother shake hands and hug, and then begin to walk out of the airport*

Daniel: So, what happened out there? Why’d you want me here so fast, you were hardly gone long, bro!

Ben: I don’t want to talk about it..

*They approach the car*

Daniel: Okay, okay, hey, umm.. You wanna drive? Get yourself reacquainted to the good old streets of Burrington?

Ben: Oh yeah, Burrington has always been fan-f*cking-tastic. This set of wheels is just making it better.

*The two enter the vehicle, Ben is driving with Daniel in the passenger seat*


Ben: So, how’s life been for you lot?

Daniel: Okay, I suppose, I haven’t really been in contact with the others since you left.

Ben: Really, what happened?

Daniel: I don’t know, man. I think they all moved cities, so it’s sort of impossible to meet them at the moment anyway.

Ben: Really, why’s that?

Daniel: The President closed off contact from the rest of the cities due to terrorism and assassination threats. But look on the bright side, I got myself a job!

Ben: You? A job? Ha - what, wiping the floors at Burger Shot?

Daniel: Hey, man, f*ck you. Nah.

Ben: Well what then?

Daniel: Eh, I’ll tell you later, just drive for now.

*Around this time the two should have arrived*

Daniel: Here we are!

Ben: Here?

Daniel: Eh.. It looks a lot nicer inside, come on, and err.. Look for yourself.


Daniel: Here we are, home sweet home!

Ben: …

Daniel: Ben?

Ben: You really do wipe sh*t out of the toilets in Burger Shot, don’t you?

Daniel: What, no! Look, I work for this guy.

Ben: A guy?

Daniel: Yeah, a guy.

Ben: And what does the guy do?

Daniel: His this Puerto Rican guy. He, erm..

Ben: He whats?

Daniel. He’s a drug dealer.

Ben: Drugs?

Daniel: Yeah, he’s part of this gang. It’s a small gang and I-

Ben: More drugs? Damn it, I thought I was through with drugs!

Daniel: Look, Ben-

Ben: You knew I went into the Military to start a better life, to get away from the drugs trade!

Daniel: Look, Ben. Here.

*Daniel throws some keys to Ben*

Ben: What are these for? That sh*tty little thing we came here in?

Daniel: No man, I have a Turisimo parked outside.

Ben: A Turisimo?! Wow, I’m guessing this drug dealer pays good?

Daniel: You could say that.

*Daniel’s cell phone rings*

Daniel: Hey, Armando! Oh sh*t, no, I wasn’t talking to you, it was my broth-. What? Oh, um, no, I haven’t. Yeah, I’ll get on it. Ben, I’ve gotta go, come meet me at Armando’s place, it’s in the Turisimo’s GPS, can’t be that hard to find.

Ben: Okay..

Daniel: See ya!

Ben: Yeah.. Bye.


First Mission


*Ben opens the door to the drug dealers office, he looks, and then walks in. Ben wonders forward in the room, only to have 2 men armed with pistols confront him*

Armed Man 1: Freeze!

*The two men aim their pistols at Ben*

Armed Man 2: Put your hands in the air!

*Ben raises his arms*

Ben: What is this, are you two cops?

Armed Man 1: Shut up!

*The first armed man hits Ben over the head with his pistol*

Ben: Argh!

*Daniel comes running towards Ben*

Daniel: Wait, wait!

Ben: Daniel! What the f*ck is this!?

Daniel: Don’t shoot!

Armed Man 2: Hey, don’t move dickhead!

Armed Man 1: Daniel, you know him?

Daniel: Yeah, he’s my broth-

Puerto Rican Dealer: What is this? Why are you idiots waving your guns around? And who is this?!

Daniel: Armando. This is my brother, Ben. He was just kicked out of the Military and-

Armando: The Military?!

*Armando grabs Daniel by the hair*

Armando: Daniel, what the f*ck is this? Why have you brought a soldier in here?

Daniel: He’s not in the Military anymore. I told you, he was kicked out.

Armando: Oh, and that makes a lot of difference then, does it? Well, we can’t exactly supply him with a weapon, he’ll go ape sh*t and probably kill us all. You.

*Armando points at Ben*

Armando: Come here.

*Ben walks towards Armando*

Armando: You think you can collect something without f*cking it up?

*Ben folds his arms*

Ben: I can drive if that’s what you’re asking.

Armando: Good enough, I need you to fetch me a some.. Um..

Ben: Some um, huh?

Armando: Shut up and listen, there’s this guy who owns a club up north, owes us a lot of money, go see him, make him sh*t his pants.

Ben: Sounds like a good hobby.

Armando: Shut up and go.

*Ben begins to walk off*

Armando: Oh, and take your pathetic brother with you aswell

*Armando pushes Daniel towards Ben, the two walk off*


Daniel: sh*t man, what did you do?

Ben: Me? I walked in there two be greeted by two goons with guns. Probably the best greeting I have had since my return.

Daniel: Heh, well I fail to see how this’ll be difficult. Just walk in there, ask for the money, maybe smack ‘em around a bit, and walk off.

Ben: And what if he’s armed?

Daniel: Doubt it.

Ben: It was less threatening in the military then it is here.


*Ben and Daniel walk into the strip club to find the man dead on the floor*

Daniel: sh*t..

Ben: Well, that’s odd.

Daniel: sh*t, umm, maybe it was a heart attack?

Ben: A bullet in the face is more than enough to give anyone a heart attack.

Daniel: This isn’t exactly a time to f*ck around, is it?!

*Police sirens sound in the background*

Daniel: Oh, sh*t.

Ben: You’re right, no time for joking now, is there?

Daniel: sh*t, run out back, if I’m right this guys car should be parked round back.


Ben must run outside and enter the parked convertible Mannana.


Daniel: C’mon, you know how to hotwire a car, surely!

Ben: Yeah, because you can do so much better.


Ben must lose his 2 star wanted level.


Daniel: sh*t, I better tell Armando the guys dead. Talk to you later, bro.


Second Mission


*Ben walks into Armando’s office*

Armando: Oh, it’s you. Sit down.

Ben: I’m fine standing.

*Armando sighs*

Ben: Daniel told me I should come to you for work.

Armando: Oh, did he? Well, Daniel has been known to talk a lot of sh*t.

Ben: I speak from experience.

Armando: Heh, yes. He tells me that the guy I told you to collect payment from was found dead in the club. Correct?

Ben: Yeah..

Armando: What a pity.

Ben: You knew him well?

Armando: No. In fact I could care less.

Ben: So, is there something I can do?

Armando. Yes. Pick up a well known buyer of mine. Elizabeta Torres. She text me saying she needs a ride. Use my car.

Ben: Okay, sure.


Elizabeta: Hey, haha. So, who are you? One of Armando’s dealers?

Ben: Names Ben. Not exactly in the drugs trade, once was, hoping not to go back.

Elizabeta: Oh c’mon, there’s no trade like the drugs trade! You know you want to go back really!

Ben: Really.

Elizabeta: Huh. So then why’s a nice man like yourself giving someone like me a ride?

Ben: Look, are you drunk?

Elizabeta: What? No-. A bit high maybe, not drunk.

Ben: Urgh.

*The two arrive at the destination*

Ben: Here we are.

Elizabeta: Haha, alright! See ya later, honey!

*Ben calls Armando*


Ben: Armando, you’re friend’s arrived safely.

Armando: Good. I can’t risk having my best buyer hurt.

Ben: Is that it? No more work?

Armando: Who said you were working for me?

Ben: What? But I've just-

*Armando hangs up*

Ben: Hello? Urgh.


*Daniel calls Ben*

Daniel: Hey, bro! How’s things going with Armando.

Ben: Oh yeah, brilliant. Now I have no work at all.

Daniel: Really? What happened? Actually nevermind that, come meet me at Armando’s place. We must be able to work something out.


Third Mission


*Ben walks into Armando’s office, to hear him and Daniel arguing in the background*

Armando: Look! I’m not having some f*cking ex-cop-

Ben: Soldier!

Armando: Like it makes a difference! I’m not going to let him ruin what I’ve worked so hard to get!

*Armando pushes Daniel to the floor, Ben rushes in between the two and breaks up the fight*

Ben: The f*ck is this? What’s going on?

Armando: Argh!

*Armando walks off in distress, Ben folds his arms*

Armando: Considering you’re here, maybe you can sort out a problem for me, eh?

Ben: Really?

Armando: Really.

Ben: And you think I should?

Armando: Your brothers going to have a hard time if you don’t.

Ben: And what do you mean by that?

Armando: Look, go and sort out a couple of opposing gang members for me. Beat them up a little bit. Then come back and see me here.

Ben: …

Armando: What do you say?

*Daniel gets up*

Daniel: Ben, come on.

*Ben follows Daniel out, whilst Armando mumbles to himself*

Armando: Should be more than enough to get there asses kicked.


Ben: I really think we shouldn’t do this. Quit this sh*t, get a real job.

Daniel: How? Neither of us are going to be able to do anything.

Ben: I don’t think this is exactly the best thing to do, either.

Daniel: Look, don’t worry. Don’t be afraid of Armando. If anything it’s the gangs leader who should be feared. And even then there’s someone way more powerful than him.

Ben: So we’re at the bottom of the food chain.

Daniel: Looks that way.


Daniel: Alright, let’s set these guys straight.

Ben: I think you should stay here.

Daniel: What? C’mon! I can more than handle myself!

Ben: Look, I don't think this is a good idea in the first place!

Daniel: Man! f*ck you! You care too much, stop treating me like the little kid I was!

Ben: You’re always going to be a little kid!

Daniel: You’re a f*cking pussy!

Ben: What?!

*Ben grabs Daniel by the throat and holds him up in the air*

Ben: Now what have you got to say? Huh?! Urgh…

*Ben lets Daniel go*

Gang Member 1: Hey, who the f*ck are you guys?!

Daniel: Oh, sh*t.

Gang Member 2: Hey that’s the stupid prick who works for Armando! Who's he with?

Gang Member 1: Probably some random prick. Get them! Bring them both here!


*A cutscene starts showing Ben’s first person view, he is hit over the head with an brick, and you can faintly see Daniel being choked and pulled. Ben awakes in an abandoned warehouse, next to Daniel*

Ben: What the?

*He looks at Daniel*

Ben: Nice gag.

Daniel: (Muffled) Untie it you idiot!

Ben: What?

Daniel: Untie it!

Ben: Heh, I could have all the fun I want with that, but then I’d have nobody to talk to.

Daniel: You’re such a prick!

*Ben unties the gag in Daniel’s mouth*

Daniel: Head hurt?

Ben: No sh*t.

*Footsteps are heard in the background*

Daniel: Wait, shut up. You hear that? Someone’s coming.

Ben: Wow, took your brain that long to find that out?

*The gang members enter the room*

Gang Member 2: Awake then. I bet Armando will pay a lot to have this guy back.

Ben: Ha, yeah he’ll pay a mother-f*cking fortune for him.

Gang Member 1: What?

Gang Member 2: Are you trying to be f*cking funny, kid?

Ben: I try.


Ben is now controllable again. You can either beat up the two guys first. Or listen to them talk some more about Armando. If you don’t hit them first Daniel will hit the second gang member first, and you’ll have to help.


Daniel: Go, go!

Ben: Yeah, I’m gonna stand there all night and wait for someone to find me next to two unconscious idiots with knifes.


A cutscene starts when the two reach the car.


Daniel: The hell is that?

*An engine can be heard in the background*

Ben: It’s just a car, now get in.

Daniel: The only reason a car would come down here would be-

Gang Member 1: That was a real f*cking stupid thing to do, prick!

Daniel: sh*t! Get in! I’ll drive!

*The two get in the car and Daniel drives*

Ben: Hey, what’s this? A pistol, eh? Keep driving!


Ben now has to shoot the enemy gang cars coming towards them, before they destroy his car.

*Daniel drives off-road into grass after awhile*

Ben: Where the f*ck are you going? You’ve completely gone off-road!

Daniel: They’ll never expect, the unexpected!

Ben: Isn’t that exactly what unexpected means?


A cutscene plays, Daniel drives towards the river, a dirt ramp is there, and it doesn’t look like it will support the cars weight. Daniel speeds up and rides over the ramp.

Ben: Daniel-! You stupid prick!

The two make it across the river, the dirt ramp is destroyed by the cars weight and the other cars fly down into the river.

Ben: You are so f*cking lucky we made that.

Daniel: Nothing to do with luck, bro!


Daniel: I’m gonna tell Armando that we set those guys straight. Catch you later.

Ben: I’m sure he’ll be well interested in this tale.




Ben enters Armando's crib to see whats up.

Ben: Armando, did Daniel give you the news on those gang members?

Armando: Yes, in a matter of a fact he did. Great job. The gang is starting to like you.

Ben: Lets just cut to the chase, do you have any paying opportunities for me?

Armando: Strait to business Eh? If your looking for work, I need you to retrieve some packages from a ship. He is unloading them into the Mandersburg Docks. Get over there now, one of my boys will be there to protect you.

Ben: Dare I ask whats in those crates?

Armando: Use your imagination. Now stop f*cking around!

Ben enters the docks, and is greeted by Armando's friend Julio.

Ben: You must be Armando's boy.

Julio: Yeah, that's me. There's f*cking sh*t-loads of guards on that boat...Want some Purple Haze?

Ben: Not now man, how are we going to get past the men?

Julio: Here, take this knife, and sneak up on anyone in your way. Use this nine if things get too out of hand. You should pick up at least four crates.

Ben: Great, now these pricks want me on record for murder too...

Julio: What?

Ben: I said stay on look out!

Julio: Aight.

You must pick up at least four crates, loading each one into the pick-up van. You also half to use stealth kills to lose the guards attention. You may use your pistol too, but it would be more necessary to use stealth.

Ben: I got the crates, lets get the hell out of here!

Julio: Ok, you drive, your probably the designated driver right now....

Ben: Ok, just kill any pendejo that follows us.

Julio: So, do you work for Armando often?

Ben: No, I just got into Burrington about a day ago. I've already been threatened, kidnapped, and framed because of him. He's probably a nice guy at heart though...

Julio: I dont think Armando is the kind of guy you'd want to run your kids nursery....

Ben: I heard that.

After the drive, they lock the van in the gangs lock-up.

Julio, later man, I'll take a cab from here.

Ben: Bye, see you soon I hope.


Julio later becomes your friend.


Mission 5


Ben walks into the room. He finds Armando, Julio, and Daniel high on a couch.

Ben: The f*ck you call me in here for?

Armando: Sit down...Hey man, you should seriously take a hit of this...

Ben: Not now...

Armando: Dont be a buzz-kill. Smoke some or I wont give you this job...

Ben: What if I dont want the job? Daniel, lets go...

Daniel: What kkind of brother are you...when a man tells you to smoke his weed, smoke it....

Ben: Just give me the god damn job!

They all laugh at Ben.

Armando: Alright man...Damn. All I want you to do is go and bust a cap into a rival dealer man...

Ben: You want me to kill some one? Why?

Armando: Because he's trying to take that coke we stole. Kill him.

Ben: Will it just be him?

Armando: Just him and his buddies. Your a f*cking soldier. Dont worry.


Ben walks out. He arrives at the dealers location.

Ben: Hey man, you got some crack?

Dealer: Yeah, what'll it be man, I got some angry turtle, some jumping lights, some...

Ben: Just give me some god-damn drugs

Dealer: How much?

Ben: f*ck it...

He pulls out his pistol, but then a plethora of bullets fire from a window of a building.

Ben: sh*t!!!

You must kill all the gang members attacking you. The dealer escapes. You must pursue him by car. Give him a shot in the head, and the mission should be over.


Ben calls Armando.

Ben: I killed him.

Armando: What?

Ben: I killed the dealer.


Ben: Well?

Armando: I expected you to be dead...Daniel's already burying a grave right now....sh*t, I gotta show you to Brian....I'll call you later. Thank you so much hombre.



Mission 6:

Ben walks into Brians house. They don't notice him over the music playing.

Armando: I'm telling you man, this beaner is Ice cold. Give him a gat and he get's it done.

Brian: He must be a rat. How did he survive that trap? Most people can't survive that many bullets.

Armando: Ben Lopez isn't like most people man.

Enter Ben

Ben: Enough! You wanted me over here, so here I am. What is it?

Brian: He's a scrawny little dude, damn!

Ben: Pendejo, I don't have time for your f*cking comments. What do you want?

Brian: I want to know if I can trust you.

Ben: Ok.

Brian: That coke you apparently stole, well it has a buyer. Go over to the deal with armando. You ride in the passenger seat, let Armando drive. I'm not letting some border-hopper crash my car.

Ben: I've lived here in Burington all my life.

Armando: Dont listen to him, lets go.


They get to the deal


Buyer: Wheres my stuff?

Ben: In this briefcase.

Buyer: Heres the money

Armando: This is two g's. I asked for three.

Buyer: This is all I've got for now, but i can..

Armando points a gun at the guy

Armando: Thats not f*cking good enough!

Ben: Just give us the money, and we wont kill you.

Armando: Good idea, ben. Yeah, listen to him.

Ben: Come on, let me see the money...

The guy hits them in the head with a baseball bat and runs off


Ben chases him down and kills him. All of a sudden you have a harsh two star wanted level


Ben: The cops...Lets go.

Armando: You've got the money?

Ben: Yeah.

Armando: Don't tell Brian you killed that guy.

Ben: Why not?

Armando: He is Brian's step-brother

Ben: sh*t! How are we going to explain why we have the missing coke?

Armando: We aren't. I'll keep it to sell in private later. You'll get a cut from that, too.

Ben: We have to make it seem like someone else killed that guy.

Armando: Exactly. Since it was your idea, you find out how. Then, I'll inform you on that secret deal.

Ben: After that deal, I want out. I want to show Daniel the right way to live, and not how to be a criminal.

Armando: I'll be ok with that. I don't know how you will make any money other than this, though.

Ben: I'll invest the drug money.

Armando: Good enough.


They arrive at Brians house

Armando: I'll do the talking. Cover up the murder, then give me a ring. Your cars parked down the street.

Ben: Thanks.



Mission 7:

Ben has to find a way to make it seem like someone else killed the buyer. You can do it multiple ways. One way is to locate where he lives by word of mouth on the street, dress up as a rival gangster, locate his body, and dump in his house, and cause a big gang war. You can also steal his car, and blow it up with his body in it. After you have covered up the murder, you call Armando.


Ben: Brian wont think it was us now.

Armando: Good. I'm looking for a good buyer for this coke. I'll ring you when I get one.

Ben: What should I do in the mean time?

Armando: Have fun for once. Call up your brother and smoke a joint or something.

Ben:(Laughs) I could use a joint right now. I hope after this, this criminal phase of our lives will be over.

Armando: I hope so too, for your sake.




Ben gets a call one day later:

Armando: I got a buyer.

Ben: Where do you want to meet?

Armando: Me, you, and Julio will meet at the deal.

Ben: I'll be there.


Ben drives to where the deal takes place, at the buyers house.


Ben: Hey guys, are you ready? Will this end our little view of the underworld?

Armando: Yours, maybe, but Julio and I are just getting started.

Ben: Great for you. Is that our guy?

Armando: That's him alright.


Buyer: You got the stuff, eh? How much?

Julio: Ten grand.

Buyer: For all of it? Damn, I dont know man. How bout I buy half? For five G's?

Ben: Julio?

Julio: Armando?

Armando: Nothing can just go right in this city. I can't just f*cking wake up, take a sh*t, and survive in the morning without one person f*cking something up? Six G's for half.

Buyer: Five point five.

Armando: This isn't a negotiation. It's inconvenience tax, bitch.

Buyer: Five point nine?



Ben: Goddammit! f*cking Armando! f*cking drugs! Lets get out of here and take his cash, the cops are coming!


Ben and the gang make a run for it over fences and shrubs in the sub-urban backyards of homes. They reach the main road and get in a taxi. They blend in with the rest of traffic.


Armando: Lets see how much this motherf*cker has in here.....

His face turns blank

Julio: Well?

Armando: He's got 100 g's

Ben: Looks like we got profit after all!

Armando: In board game money.

Ben: f*ck.

Taxi Driver: Look, guys, I dont even want to know what you guys are up to right now, but keep it down, ok?

Julio: *Whispering*Should we kill him? I really think we should kill this guy.

Ben: If we weren't cruising down the highway at 80, I might come around to the idea. But for now, chill.


They get to the block

Ben: Let me guess? We'll sort this out?

Armando: You bet. Later.

Daniel: How'd the deal go? Are we rich?

Ben: No. The guy tried to rip us off. Don't worry. It will all be over soon. We'll take the money, and move to Liberty City.

Daniel: Lets not think of that for now. Want a beer or two?

Ben: I'll take twelve.

Daniel: Haha, you always knew how to make me laugh.

Ben: I wasn't trying to.




Ben Get's a call from Brian

Brian: I need you to meet me at my crib. There's some important sh*t I need you to know

Ben: I'm done with this. I'm done with crime, brian. Goodbye.

Brian: Ben, this really can't just be ignored. You come to my house, and I'll never make you do anything again. But after this, I think you'll have a dfferent mindset about things.

Ben: Ok...


Ben enters the house. Brian shortly after greets him. They sit on parallel couches


Ben: What is it...

Brian: If I'm correct, your last name is...Lopez? Right?

Ben: Sure...

Brian: I don't know how to put this...

Ben: Then I'll leave.

Brian: NO! Look, It's about your f*cking dad!

Ben gets up and knocks brian down with his couch, and slams his foot on his throat. What do you know?

Brian: f*ck! Ok, get your filthy shoe off my face!

Ben follows directions

Brian: Your father, is a big-shot in Lincoln. He's a politician, must own lot's of money. He's...got a criminal empire.

Ben is speechless.

Brian: Word says he just did a million dollar diamond deal. the say some corrupted criminal from the army killed some miners to get them from IRAQ. He's into some serious sh*t man. You should seriously call him up. He's a player.


Ben whips out his gun and aim's it to his head.

Brian: What in f*cks name....

Ben: Get the f*ck out of here! Get the f*ck out! My life is in sh*t right now! Get the f*ck out brian!

Daniel walks into the room

Daniel: sh*t! Ben! Don't do it! I'll stop crack man!

Ben drops the gun...

Ben: It's not that...It's dad man.

Daniel: Dude, it was like, SIX YEARS ago. Get over it man. Move on...

Ben: Dad's the reason why I got kicked out the army. He's a f*cking sniveling politition who works in the criminal underworld. We are left to rot in this sh*t-hole while the rest of our family is in god knows where, with luxury mansions and f*cking a criminal bussiness at their hands. Daniel, the legitimate way, it's the morally right way. But you wont get anywhere for being honest. I want the best for you...for me. Brian, I'm working for you now. I know now what I need to do.

Brian: sh*t man, I don't know what your father did, but I'm not going to talk about it. Good thing you've finally came to your senses.

Ben: I've been to my senses. This is just a reality check.


Mission 10


One game day later, you get a call from armando.

Julio:Ben, I know your not...uh...Bad any more, but Brian is having this party today, and it would be cool if you came.

Ben: I changed my mind about that dude, I still am in the game. And sure, I'll come.

Julio: Cool man, don't bring Daniel though, hes f*cking annoying sometimes.

Ben: No problem


You arrive


Julio: Hey man! Glad you could make it! Let me introduce my friend!

Julio:Ben, this is Elizabetha. Elizabetha, Ben.

Elizabetha: Hey.


Brian staggers in the room.

Brian:Hey, Ben, your back for good right?

Ben: Yeah.

Brian: Good. Good. Come on, lets have a good time.

They all get high and drunk.

1 hour later

Julio:Hey guys, lets f*cking get some hookers, and get f*cking LAID!

Julio passes out.

Elizabetha:Hey, could.... you drive me.... home? I'm not.... feeling so good...

Ben:Sure, why not....I'm not necessarily a designated driver, though...

Elizabetha: I'm a.... sh*tty driver when i'm.... somber. Just think about how many.... tickets I'll get for driving like..... this.

Ben: Alright...Lets go.

Elizabetha: Is that...a turismo?


Elizabetha: I like....Turismos. Yours looks a little dirty....but...I like it.

Ben: Thanks

They get in the car. The screen is really blurry, shaky, and at some points trippy.

Elizabetha: How do you...know Brian...

Ben: Armando

Elizabetha: How do you.... know Armando

Ben: My brother, Daniel.

Elizabetha: Is that so...That kid....is not smart.

Ben: No?

Elizabetha: No.

Ben:How is that.

Elizabeta: He...f*cking... cant start...a f*cking conver...sation.

Ben: What?

Elizabtha: He's a trip...Ha, a trip. Ben, I L.....

She passes out.

Ben: Jesus...

Once you get there, you pick her up and put her by her doorstep.

Ben: What a crazy girl....











Your Criminal Empire

The main goal in this game is to build up your empire and overthrow your father. In the beginning, you start out by dealing drugs, robbing shops, and helping gangs out. Once you become more known, you can do big tasks for gangs, and eventually recruit people for your own. There will be storyline missions thought the game, but most of them you unlock by getting to a certain point in your empire.


To enhance your empire, you must do big tasks like bank robberies and gang wars to up street respect. To make big money, you can sell a variety of drugs, and even liquors on the street. You can grow your own weed if you buy your own weed farm in the countryside. You can also make your own crack cocaine and heroin buy purchasing a pricey factory.


Properties are key here. Why? They provide large amounts of money, which means large amounts of benefits. Some properties cost more than others, obviously. Also, instead of going to the property to get the money from it, you can get all the money from the safe house. You can buy almost any store you can walk into. You can even buy an entire Franchise, like the Sprunk franchise. There are other not-so-legal assets as well, such as weapon distributers and drug farms. ALL properties have side missions and advantages and basically, lots of stuff to do. Keep in mind, money is much, much, more valuable, and less simple to get, but there are more ways of obtaining it.


Other than properties, you need to keep your reputation strong by making hits on rival gangs, selling cocaine via maritime trafficking, heisting casinos and banks, planning prison break-outs, and so much more. Without reputation, you will be less likely to make important connections to support your empire, People will be less intimidated to see you on the streets, and gangs won’t even think twice about making a bounty hit on you. Basically,Keep in mind, money is much, much, more valuable, and less simple to get, but there are more ways to receive it. You also deal with billions of dollars if you own many enterprises, which are highly pricey. criminal activities will be much, much more in depth than before.

*sending goons to collect protection money, make drug deals and do various errands*


*trading in counterfeit items. Not just drugs or liquor, but others.*


*you only really get a gang in the latter half of the game, and it's quite small at first*







The old ones

Air Tug- ???

Admiral- Mercedes Benz C-class


Ambulance- Standard Ambulance


Banshee- 03' Dodge Viper


Benson -Ford F-650


Biff- Mack Pinnacle



Blista Compact- Honda CRX


Bobcat -GMC Canyon-Pickup


Bucanneer -Oldsmobile Cutlass


Bus -East Lancs Greenway

Cabby (Limited)- Chevy Something


Cavalcade- Cadillac Escalade


Cavalcade FXT- Cadillac Escalade EXT


Chavos- Subaru Legacy


Cognoscenti -Maybach 62


Comet- Porsche 911


Contender- Ford F-150


Coquette- Chevrolet Corvette (Obviously…)



DF8-90- BMW 6-Series


Dilettante -Toyota Prius


Dukes- Dodge Charger


Emperor -Cadillac Brougham



Enforcer -International Navistar (Badass)


Esperanto -Chevrolet Malibu


Faction -Buick Grand National


Faggio- Piaggio BV-200


Feltzer- Mercedes Benz SLK

http://images.automotive.com/stock/300/MER...2CA.JPGdes-Benz SLK

Feroci -Infiniti I30


FIB Buffalo -Dodge Charger


Fire Truck- ???


Forklift -???


Fortune- Ford Thunderbird


Freeway -Harley-Davidson Sportster


Habanero -Lexus RX


Hellfury- ???


Huntley Sport -Land Rover Range Rover Sport



Infernus- Lamborghini Gallardo


Ingot -Subaru Loyal


Intruder -Infiniti M


Landstalker -Ford Expedition


Manana- Cadillac Eldorado


Marbelle- Lincoln Continental


Merit -Chevrolet Impala


Minivan -Ford Windstar


Moonbeam- Chevrolet Astro Van


Mr. Tasty -Chevy Step Van



Mule -???


Noose Patriot -Hummer H2


NRG 900 -Kawasaki Ninja 500 / Suzuki GSX-R



Oracle- BMW 7-Series


Packer -Freightliner


Patriot- Hummer H2


PCJ 600 -Ducati Monster


Phantom –Rolls Royce (Complete Change)


Perennial -Honda Odyssey


Pinnacle- Infiniti G35


Peyote -Lincoln Premiere


PMP 600 -Chrysler 300


Police Patrol – Dodge Charger-Badass


Police Cruiser- Chevrolet Impala


Presidente -Cadillac CTS


Primo -Chevrolet Caprice


Rancher -Ford Bronco


Rebla -Volkswagen Golf Plus



Ruiner -Pontiac Firebird / Chevrolet Camaro


Sabre- Buick Regal


Sabre GT -Ford Shelby


Schafter -Mercedes-Benz E-Class


Securicar -International Navistar


Sentinel -BMW M3


Speedo -Ford E-Series


Stallion -Pontiac GTO http://krang.highperformancepontiac.com/fr...to_1024x768.jpg -

Stratum -Citroen BX Estate


Stretch –Chrysler Limo


Sultan- Mitsubishi Evolution


Super GT- Aston Martin Vanquish


Taxi- Unknown


Taxi Car- Chevrolet Impala


Trashmaster -???


Turismo- Ferrari 328


Uranus- Merkur XR4Ti


Vigero -Chevrolet Camaro


Vincent -Mitsubishi Galant


Virgo -Buick Riviera


Voodoo -Chevrolet Impala


Washington -Cadillac DeVille


Zombie -Triumph Chopper




New Cars

Bullet: Ford GT



Cheetah: Ferrari Enzo


Comet SX: Carrera GT


Army Patriot: Hummer H1


Nationalist- Hummer Limo



Venom: Bugatti Veyron (Prototype)



Carter: Mini Cooper



Grenouille : Peugeot 206


Dago : '03 Fiat Panda


Ginzo : Fiat 500


Siesta (Spanish for Nap): Ford Fiesta Mk. 4


Dumbo: Smart Car


Renoncer (French for Surrender): Citroen C1


Betsy: Massey Ferguson 165


Quad: Massey Ferguson Artic Cat 500cc Quad


Land Stalker: Land Rover Range Rover Classic


Clavizda: Mazda RX8



New Stallion: 2004 Ford Mustang


Sultan Z-150: Mitsubishi Spyder


Patriotic Infernus: “Rambo Lambo”


Blista: Honda Odyssey



Stingray:1974 Lancia stratos HF Stradale


Turismo T500: 2004 Ferrari430


Turismo gt1000: 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO


Punch Buggy: 2004 VW Beetle


Slap Buggy: 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser


Scorcher: 2004 Chrysler Crossfire


Huntley: 1990 Land Rover


Slivia: 2000 Honda s2000


Stallion 65: 1965 Mustang



Cazza-Fiat Punto http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/1/17/Punto3.jpg

Carey-Dodge Ram Van http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/comm...dge-Ram-Van.jpg

Boxville-Chevy Step Van http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/comm...ndJillTruck.jpg (same as Mr. Tasty really, only without the decorations.)

Burrito-Chevrolet Van http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/comm...b0/GMCRally.jpg

Meadow-Chevrolet Express http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/comm..._07-09-2009.jpg

Canton-1956 International Pickup http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/comm...onal_pickup.jpg

Renal: Toyota Corolla


Renal GT: Toyota Camry Solaria


Hermes: 1953 Mercedes SL convertible


Subayai: Nissan 350z


Subayai Custom: Nissan 350z


Kutabare: Toyota Celica


Kutabare Custom: Toyota Celica


Folgay XL: Segway PT http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/comm...rider_on_i2.jpg

















Shamal PMP












And a car



































PLEASE, feel free to post more vehicles!!!




Binco(From SA): Not sure what it is based on, but it has the cheapest variety of clothes for a large clothing enterprise.


Sub-Urban(SA): Based on stores like hollister and aeropostal. Sells stylish, casual clothing.


Zip(III): Based on Gap. Sells all sorts of casual clothing, plus some formal clothing.


Victim(SA): Not sure what its based on. Sells Formal and stylish clothing alike.


Didier Sachs(SA): Based on very high-end stores. Sells high-end formal clothing for the very rich.


Modo(IV): Again, I have no clue what they based this on. It sells casual clothing for the middle class


Perseus(IV): Based on stores like Coach. Sells high end clothing, but not quite as high end as DS.


Gangsterwear: Not neccasarily based on anything. Sells all sorts of gang colors and street physique.


Pro Laps(SA): Based on stores like nike. Sells sports clothing.


Coutry Clothes shops: Scattered across the countryside. You can buy all sorts of out doors an redneck clothes.


Now another word from our sponsors....


Hello there. Do you have an iPhruit phone? If not, why not? This latest phone from Fruit Inc has all the features you never asked for. Two cameras! Tourist guides! Recipe books! Games and gizmos!


In fact, why not download one of many iPhruit apps? From the StimulatorSimulator, which allows you to shake your iPhruit as you would pleasure your trouser snake, to the x-ray vision camera (not recommended for use against people weak against radiation), to night vision and thermal vision goggles, to calculators and more. We even have games, such as the ever-popular platformer SnotBoy, to run-and-gun action in War Thug, we have something for everyone!


Buy your overpriced iPhruit today!




Burger shot(III, I think): Based on burger king. You can buy fattening meals like hamburgers and fries here.


Clukin' Bell(SA): Based on KFC. Good for unhealthy feasts like chicken baskets.


Pizza Stack(III): Based on pizza hut. You can buy healther foods than burger shot and cluckin bell here. Like... pizza...


Taco World: Based on taco bell. It pleases Ben more than any other fast food restaurant.


69th Street Diner(IV): Based on american diners. Its the cheapest sit-down restaurant in the game.


Paul Smith's Beef house: Based on ruth chris steak house. Maybe you can meet paul smith in-game?


Lobster-Hut: Based on Joe's Crab shack. You can buy pricey seafood dishes that appeal to some Caribbean friends.


Esperanto Grille: Based on Mexican restaurants as a whole. Ben's favorite place to eat, obviously.




Illegal street shops(IV): These are small, hidden gunshops unlocked in the beggining of the game. These are run by gangs, most of the time, and if you are an enemy with the shops gang, you wont be able to buy from it.




Mac 10





Bolt action-Sniper

Molotov Cocktail


Amunation(III): Legal gun shops found in the city's of Carcer and Sears city. They have more weapons than the Illegal Street shops.




.375 Revolver







Spas 12

Bolt Action Sniper


M249 SPW


Grenade Launcher



Breach- Charges


Countryside Weapon Trafficking:Illegal gun shops found in rural backwoods near Carcer city and Lincolnton.



Desert Eagle

.375 Revolver


Mac 10


12 Gauge


Bolt-Action Sniper

AR armalite sniper


Flame Thrower


Grenade Launcher

Multiple Grenade Launcher

Molotov Cocktail




Mafia Weapon Supplies: Illegal Mafia-run street shops. These can be accessible when you ally with any mafia family.




Desert Eagle

.375 Revolver




12-Gauge Shotgun

Spas-12 shotgun

PSG-1 sniper rifle

Arma-light AR sniper







Molotov Cocktail




Militaristic Weapon Supply: Found only in a tall mountain near Lincolnton, and there is one in that area marked with a question mark. These are only unlocked much later in the game.


Desert Eagle



Auto- Shotgun







Armalite sniper




Multiple Grenade Launcher





Breach Charges


Lincoln State Classifieds:


The Italiano Taste

A leading Sears City restaurant located in the cosmopolitan Little Italy district, between the Eggstravaganza! and the pawnbrokers establishments. Run by the competent double team of Leonardo di Ferranti and Johnny Malone, two hardworking Italian-Americans, it has the edge over its competitors.


Email: [email protected]


Fergus's Demolitions Co

Fergus Bryn is the leading demolitions expert and equipment supplier in the southern half of the state, and is considering expanding to northern Lincoln and other parts of the country.


Email: [email protected]


Carlboro Baptist Church

The infamous Baptist Church located in the small town of Carlboro near Sears City. Offering you enlightenment and escape from the anti-God, fag-infested world of today, Carlboro Baptist Church will gladly welcome you based on your demographics.


NOTE: Journalist infiltrators and Australian pranksters WILL be shot


Email: [email protected]


The Lincoln Debate

Owned by the hugely successful multinational conglomerate the Meyer Company, the Lincoln Debate is the best stop for political and social discussion in the region.


Email: [email protected]


Lifestyle FM

Owned by the hugely successful multinational conglomerate Truth Inc., Lifestyle FM has shows about childcare, fashion, cooking and everything else that directs YOUR life, unlike some boring stuffy political stations...


Email: [email protected]


Some more Lincoln State Classifieds:

[email protected]


Teenage skaters need restraining. Weirdos need brutalising. Paperwork needs completing. Protesters need bullying. People asking for directions need arresting. Street gangs need some form of action...


Help solve these problems and more by the joining the LPD (damn Liberty City, we deserve that abbreviation more) and be a hero!


[email protected]

Tony Medici owns this quaint little furniture shop in Little Italy, and he and his friends can clean up a variety of problems beyond simply interior decoration, from pests to security.


[email protected]

The multinational computer and technology tycoon will gladly accept emails ranging from technical support to praise to questions about products.



More coming soon.





























The Game 101.3: Rap/Hip Hop


ICP-Jokers Wild

Royce Da 5'9 ft Cutty Mack-Gangsta

ICP-Nedin Game

Bone Thugs n Harmony -If I could teach the world

Eminem-Lose Yourself

D12 Ft.-Eminem My Band

Eminem Ft. D12-One Shot Two Shot

ICP-Posse On Vernor

MC Breed ft Tupac-Gotta Get Mine

D-12-Purple Pills

ICP-Ghetto Freakshow

Atmosphere-Trying to Find a Balance

ABK-I Can't Help It

Violent J-Homies 2 Smoke With

Blaze Ya Dead Homie-Nasty

Skee-Lo-I wish http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McmXzAfl8k8...rom=PL&index=34

Rage against the machine-How I Could Just Kill A man http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZmQCTRAcxw

Jumpsteady-Chaos Theory

ICP-I'm Going Home

Psychopathic Rydaz-Crackin


Notorious B.I.G-Gimme The Loot

DMX-Party Up

G Dep-Child Of The Ghetto

Kool G Rap-A Thugs Love Story

Junior M.A.F.I.A-Get Money

Nas ft Quan-Just A Momment


Styles P-Good Times

Cage-Suicidal Failure

Necro-You Did It

Mr Lif-Earthcrusher

The Lox-Wild Out

Beastie Boys-Sure Shot

Marley Marl - "The Symphony"

Das EFX - "They Want EFX"

Ultramagnetic MC's - "Ego Trippin'"

Biz Markie - "Nobody Beats The Biz"

Big Daddy Kane - "Raw"

Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five - "The Message"

Scarface - "I Seen A Man Die"

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - "Ill Street Blues"

Brand Nubian - "Slow Down"

MC Lyte - "Paper Thin"

GangStarr - "Illest Brother"

Eric B & Rakim - "Paid In Full"





The Lincoln Vibe:R&B/Pop



Black eyed peas

The way you moveOutkast


Used to love you John legend

On and on-Jay Sean http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOwsum46n6Q

Fill Me In-Craig David

One Sweet Day-Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men

Survivor-Destiny's Child http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Q_7QG2d528

R Kelly-The World's Greatest

SWV-You're Always on my mind

Janet Jackson-Together Again http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MROVvcmSyeI

Masta Killa - "Old Man"

The Roots - "Stay Cool"

Kanye West - "Jesus Walks"

Cam'ron - "Killa Cam"

Masta Ace - "H.O.O.D."

Ghostface Killah - "Run"

Nas - "Suicide Bounce"

Mobb Deep - "Throw Your Hands In The Air"

Madvillain - "All Caps"

De La Soul - "He Comes"

Murs - "Hustle"

Saigon - "Come Again"






EAGLE 104.9: Classic Rock


Thunder StruckAC/DC




Ozzy Osbourne

Still Loving YouScorpions

Sweet EmotionAerosmith



Gimme Shelter-The Rolling Stones http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJMnES7WoT4

Hold the Line-Toto http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9f-cEM1l7Ks

She Loves You-The Beatles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_3TK0TARZ0

Mr. Blue Sky-ELO

Stairway to Heaven-Led Zeppelin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81eSIwsLcWg

Layla-Derek And The Dominoes

Take Me Home Tonight-Eddie Money http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xec1IMIlUBU...rom=PL&index=22

Barracuda-Heart http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eivnbf0vbTo...rom=PL&index=46

The Beat Goes On-The Kings http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTjG8E1utyA

Don't Fear the Reaper-Blue oyster cult http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tpy_pYXSpPA...rom=PL&index=37

Piano Man-Billy Joel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=se9rfWucgeY

Jessie's Girl-Rick Springfield http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adaYUM5wl7c

Gimme All Your Lovin'-ZZ Top http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDI-z6Gomm8

We Are The Champions-Queen

Dance Dance- Beth Andersen:

Turn out the Light- Amy Holland: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fKAoRH_DVo

Land down under- men at work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNT7uZf7lew

Shake it up- Elizabeth dailey : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXw8qmlp0Pk

don't stop beleiving-Journey : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGzwNdTVHJo

Bon Jovi- It's my life : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8I7DVjb8TM

Do ya- ELO :

Bon Jovi: You give love a bad name : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6DmoAp1q6w

Goonies R Good enough-Cyndi Lauper (Must Listen!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JibrvcFyFNY&feature=related

John Lennon-Imagine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okd3hLlvvLw

David Bowie-Suffragette's Cityhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLnPd7lzT4g

Genesis-Land of Confusion

Bon Jovi-Living on a prayer

Michael Jackson-Beat It http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcdpiooajjI

Survivor-Eye of the Tiger http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mu9xx5Ri278

Joe Cocker-Feelin' Alright http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiTcmahEjiY








Tunes of the Country


Cotton Eyed Joe-Rednex http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDdlHmzIdn8 (odd one out, but my favourite)

Mama Tried-Merle Haggard

You Ain't Met My Girl-Jeremy Castle

If It Weren't For Country Music-Clinton Gregory http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8ZnEFrWyeg&feature=related

The Spanish Merchant's Daughter-The Stoneman Family http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1GuT9iKTjI&feature=related

Mountaineer's Courtship-Ernest Stoneman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9C7KcBRHctE&feature=related

Country Roads-John Denver http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eaaR1Ay5P0&feature=related

Working Man Blues-Merle Haggard

Thunder Rolls-Garth Brooks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZ-barbH6Qw&feature=related

A Country Boy Can Survive-Hank Williams Jr. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4s0nzsU1Wg...rom=PL&index=18

Sweet Home Alabama-Lynyrd Skynyrd

Who's Julie-Mel Tillis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exkl9tKJTnw

Old Rivers-Walter Brennan

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry-Hank Williams http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hDPMJ5HJ3M&feature=related




Rant FM: Talk Show

Description: Rant is a Talk Show hosted by Sage (who the DJ of Radio X in SA) a mentally insane women in her late 20's who busted out of an mental instatution when she was 13 and hosted a radio station until she was kicked out a year later after the station's manager found out she was underaged. She now host a talk show that brodcast from Burrington.



88.9 The Blues: Chicago Blues



Soul Man-Blues Brothers

Payin' the Cost To Be the Boss-B.B King

If I Had Possesion Over Judgement Day-Robert Johnson

Tin Pan Alley (Roughest Place In Town)--Stevie Ray Vaughan

Bo Diddely-Bo Diddely

Sentimental Blues-Ray Charles

(Youtube Videos please?)


The Lincoln Debate

A political radio station. Has the following programmes:

Standard Chat: The hosts alternate between Chris Hattrick, a disgraced, desperate left wing Senator, Bobby Henderson, a fanatical, moronic right-winger and Alison Meyer, a dumb imbecile who only got the job due to having a distant relationship with the station's owner, Ronald Meyer. Special segments include "Probe a politician", "The Q & A Hour" and "The Love & Sex Story".

Gardening and its mysteries: A gardening programme hosted by Derek Bridgeton, a man who hates gardening.

TechnoZone: A technology program with interviews (including one from an UltraTech executive about a "Blue Square of Death" reported on their game consoles), gadgets and websites.

The Little World Outside: A show focusing on foreign affairs, with xenophobic, America-centric views.

What's Up in Politics: A current affairs show. Notably has a debate between the two Presidential candidates at one point.

Weazel News: The Meyer-owned news station.

Crime Patrol: A crime-centred show, also a TV show.

The Talk of the Week: A topical comedy news quiz.

The occasional documentary or fiction show (such as an archived WWII propaganda show or an imported British soap.)


Lifestyle FM

A lifestyle station.

Diets For You: A dieting show of questionable usefulness.

The Nannynator: Also a popular TV show (along with the fashion show How to Look Like A Whore), it shows a nanny sorting out troublesome families using unorthodox methods.

How to Look Like a Whore: A fashion show.

Food Hour: A food show.

Interviews: Interviews with a public figure.

Truth News: The Turnbull-owned news station.

The Skies Are Alive: A UFO and conspiracy theory show.


Lazlow's Chatterbox 2.0:

After love media dissapeared from Liberty city from Donald Loves strange disappearance, Lazlow moves to Lincoln to try and make Chatterbox on the air again by using the Meyer enterprise.


Cancion No es Culpa-Daddy Yankee http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xp1xAaP1FEo...rom=PL&index=12

Superheroes-Wisin y Yandel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDzWsxhmzhY&feature=related

Carita De Angel-Angel Y Khriz

Move Ya Body-Nina Sky http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLThBFeMXaY

Sola-Hector "El Father"

Un Million De Rosas-Le Mafia

ME He Enamorado De TI-Arcangel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0_Ic7kEXks&feature=related

Ven A Mi-Jay Perez http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLZqB27wyXE...rom=PL&index=11

Dreaming of You-Selena http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_U9BSpdDH_c...rom=PL&index=17


The Olive Tree: A station with opera and classical.

Pavarotti-Ave Maria http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uYrmYXsujI

Pavarotti-Nessun Dorma

Kreisler-Liebeslied http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nvtnmpvp48...re=channel_page


Tchaikovsky-The Nutcracker Suite, Dance of the Red Flutes

Brahms-Hungarian Dance No. 6

Johann Strauss II-The Blue Danube Waltz

Andrea Bocelli-Caruso http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9NYZQ5bh0c...DD5E54F&index=7

Alexander Borodin-Polovtsian Dance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sPdWcb2mn8

Three Tenors-La donna e mobile http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfJyiGmVuo0&feature=related

Un Ballo in maschera

Joseph Shore-Pari Siamo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P-AMeGVuKo&feature=related

Richard Tauber-Serenade http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kVrbz_oJ3g...3B1B5A&index=12

Gioachino Rossini-Overture (The Barber of Seville) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OloXRhesab0...2C7C03E&index=0

Mikhail Glinka-Overture (Ruslan and Ludmilla) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkBhbH0LezM...C7C03E&index=16

Franz von Suppe-Overture (Light Cavalry) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aF5nhMIyeqI...2C7C03E&index=6

Felix Mendelssohn-Overture (The Hebrides, Fingal's Cave)


Edward Elgar-Salut D'Amour http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWrs5sGun-Y...993989&index=10

Erik Satie-Gymnopedie No. 1


Haydn-Emporor's Hymn http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_chH88_--A...C993989&index=7

Beethoven-Minuet in G http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSXRJwspGU0...re=channel_page

Mozart-Serenade For Winds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Up4X1JHwqI...re=channel_page

Mozart-Magic Flute (Overture)


Alykum106.3 (Middle eastern music) You should listen to them to see if you like them.


El eyoon-Rashed Al Majid : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CR_Sz6aSyc&feature=related

Habeena Habeena-Farid Al-Atrash : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOuGa5TNoac...re=channel_page

So Ya so-Mohamed Munir : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTAYL5u-Aso

El allem Allah-Arm Diab : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9H_1WWwc074

Not sure-Rashed Al Majid :

Maya abi Saad-Belly Dancer :

Mostafa Qamar-Hayati :

Hisham Abbas-Nari Narien : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lfcwqb3QFDQ

Meslissa Ft Dr Alban-Habibi : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkcifRUJT_I


Shwedagon23.6 (South-east Asian Music/Tunes) (Burmese, Thai, Cambodian, Chinese)


Sad Ending-Pai-Thet Kyaw (Burmese): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPp424c4c30

Arakan-Maung-Ko Ko (Burmese) :

East China Sea-Ma Sheng Long (Chinese) :

Fly-Xui Yang (Chinese) :

Rock N Roll-Khmer (Cambodian) :

Bie the star-Jung wa hua jai (Thai) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zegDRi73Vw

One Peace- Beleive (Japanese) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38a8xY7kiG4

Vitamin Love-yuko Ogura (Japanese) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jfk4WbW5lp0...from=PL&index=7


The Clubhouse 84.9

Chicago house

Vincent Floyd-Your Eyes

Jamie Principle-Your Love

Pablo Gonzalez-I Want You

Screamin Rachael-Rock Me

Mr. Fingers-Can You Feel It

Fast Eddie-It's House

Jesse Saunders-Funk You Up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKSfm0MWYt4&feature=related

House to House Feat. Kym Mazelle-Taste My Love http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJr2Lgz7ENM...4D20048&index=9

JM Silk-Music Is the Key http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JN87qnyhAbM...D20048&index=19






Patriot's Patriots: A station catered to the xenophobes, racists, rednecks, scum and other citizenry of Patriot Island (and the hillbilly areas of Sears countryside).

Hunting Now: A hunting show.

The Adventures of Eddie the talking hillbilly: This children's show stars a horse, Steve, who is surprised when his hillbilly owner starts talking. They then go on crazy adventures.

Jimmy and the gang: A comedy show starring a panel of stand-up hillbillies.

Daily Prayer: Headed by Pastor Billy Marsh of the Carlboro Baptist Church.

Protecting your family: A paranoid, racist show about "protecting your family the AMERICAN way."

Dr. Menzo: A call-in doctor show, in which Dr. Menzo answers viewer's questions.

The True History of America: A "factually-accurate" history of America from a hillbilly view.

The World We Live In: A show about geography and science.


WNKR: Carcer's radio station.

The Sights of Carcer: A tourist show promoting Carcer.

Officer on the beat: A show with officers apprehending Carcer's criminals.

Arts in Carcer: An arts and culture show.

Industry Today: A show about Carcer's industry, particularly the car industry.

Politics and you: A show about Carcer's politics.

Druggie No More: A drama about a former druggie and gangbanger.

Out of the closet: A stressed out-chemist teacher finds the devil in his closet and starts a relationship in this hilarious comedy!



Chill Pill 108.4

Lincoln State's home of ambient, chillout and New Age music.

Xela-Last Breath http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-0VKYai49g

Way Out West-Chasing Rainbows http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lncj4dmC0I...from=PL&index=2

Hyperborea-Dream Scape's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unRc9RAazMI&feature=related

Caspian Eluvium-Ice Storm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgiPVHpgdmU&feature=related

Philip Glass-Prophecies http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsOPR9659Ww&feature=related

Equinox-Change of Seasons http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3eKgc0cNSY...re=channel_page

Darren Worth-The Sahara

Borjen-Blue Sky

Latin Lovers-J Robert Weldon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tUvi0J5wRg...re=channel_page


Gatecrashers FM

A station with trance music.

Jocelyn Enriques-A Little of Ecstasy

George Acosta-Set You Free (Planet Soul Remix)

4 Strings-Take Me Away

Dj Teisto and Adain-Beautiful Things

Majistrate & Nicol-Mr Nice Guy


D Land Classics 87.7FM: Classic Chicago jazz

Louis Armstrong and his Hot Seven-Potato Head Blues http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Z6BxJF6q1Q

Muggsy Spanier-Lonesome Road

Eddie Condon-China Boy

Bud Freeman-Sugar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ebn4ip--kk

Louis Armstrong and his Hot Seven-Alligator blues http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ebn4ip--kk


RMRE FM (Real Music, Real Emotions) Emotional Hardcore/Post-Hardcore (original, not the sh*tty stuff you hear on the radio that claims to be "emo"):


* Rites of Spring - For Want Of

* Gray Matter - Burn No Bridges

* Beefeater - Move Me Strong

* Dag Nasty - Justification

* Jawbreaker - Busy

* Jimmy Eat World - Blister

* Texas Is The Reason - Blue Boy

* Sunn Day Real Estate - Seven

* Fugazi - Waiting Room


Lincoln Hardcore RadioHardcore punk/punk rock:


* Bad Brains - Riot Squad

* Teen Idles - Deadhead

* Minor Threat - Seein' Red

* Void - Who Are You?/Why Am I Here?

* Naked Raygun - Vanilla Blue

* Articles of Fath - Buried Alive

* Government Issue - Boycott Stabb

* S.O.A. - No Policy

* The Slickee Boys - Ya Gotta Tell Me Why

Opera Tree:


An Italian tenor, Flavio Pusceddu, a religious man with love for women, wine and food. He has an unsavoury past as a porn actor. He hosts the opera (from both famous operas as well as individual songs) songs.

A strict, reactionary old German composer and arts critic, Heinrich von Hinden, he simultaneously hosts the classical music songs and a culture show where he reviews books, TV and performances, often displaying unfounded hatred and cultural ignorance. He is so rude and aggressive to his callers he at one point gets zero callers.

Some more opera songs:

Richard Wagner-Der Ring des Nibelungen, Das Rheingold Act 2: Part IX-Act 3: Prologue

Giacomo Meyerbeer-Il crociato in egitto “Giovinetto cavalier”

George Handel-Music for the Royal Fireworks “La Rejouissance” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1heHf8e_fP4

Claudio Monteverdi-L'incoronazione di Poppea Final Duet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiU9alaW_v8


Shwedagon 23.6

Liang Wei: A bitter, pessimistic Chinese immigrant who regrets moving to America, and is constantly pointing out problems with the country.


D Land Classics 87.7FM

Liam Stallone: An elderly, black relaxed jazz musician and pacifist, very nostalgic about his youth.


The Game 101.3

Quarter-Pounder: A commercialised rapper and “gangsta”, however he still lives with his mother and attends university.


Tunes of the Country

Billy Heath-Peterson: An old, drunk, senile hillbilly with many an irrelevant story to tell, many a sign of incest to show and many a racist joke to tell.


And I think we should add DJ sections (ideas for some above) and slogans (some ideas below) to the radio stations.


Shwedagon 23.6

"Same sweatshops, same gangs, same food, same architecture, same porn, same neighbours, same music...welcome to America."


Olive Tree

"The best music...no fancy electronics, no fancy beats, no fancy English."


Eagle 104.9

"Will be back in fashion any time soon."










Character Ideas:


Ben Lopez

Home:Lincoln State


Occupation: Here is the sequence of his criminal career:

1.Drug dealer

2.Army soldier

3.Drug dealers aid

4.Drug dealer/gang banger

5.Gang leader

4.Criminal Enterpriser



A cutscene shows Ben walking the streets of Burrington


Ben: My name is Ben Lopez


Thunder sounds off into a rainy storm


Brian: I just don't understand... Most people can't survive that many bullets...

Armando: Ben Lopez isn't like most people...


A cutscene shows Ben running from a chaingun from a helicopter jumping from building to building.


I left Lincoln to escape my past..


A cutscene shows Ben blow up a landing Plane with an RPG


Now the only reason I'm staying is to avenge it...


In big Letters:


Grand Theft Auto: Lincoln State


Daniel Lopez

Home: Lincoln state


Occupation: Career Sequence:

1.Drug dealers aid

2.Fellow Gang banger

3..Vice President of the Lopez enterprise.




Age: 26

Occupation:Drug dealer




Ben and Daniel go to beat up someone at a club, but find him dead



Ben must drive Elizebetha Torres to a deal



Ben and Daniel must beat up gang members, but get kidnapped, and manage to escape



Ben steals packages of coke off a boat. He meets Julio as well.



Ben Kills a rival dealer but is set up. He manages to escape.



Ben meets the gang leader, Brian. He and Armando attempt to sell the coke, but decide to just kill the buyer and take the money and keep the coke for themselves.



Home: Burrington

Age: 30

Occupation: Gang leader





Ronald Meyer

Home: Lincolnton

Age: 48

Occupation: Media tycoon

A parody of Rupert Murdoch. It is implied he and Angie Pennwalt are having an affair.


Ronald Meyer gets introduced to the protagonist via Johnny Malone, now working for the Gravelli family. Ronald has a political ally who is running for Mayor, and gets the Mayor-to-be to drop all current charges and instigate a citywide search for the protagonist’s wife if he helps get him to power. Ronald Meyer also introduces you to the following side mission characters: explosives expert Fergus Bryn, union boss Derrick Hinders, insurance manager Richard Dixon and his girlfriend Annabel Stewart and shady journalist Ted Schwartz. Ronald Meyer has you do some missions involving blowing things up, such as a prison bus, a district of Lloyds, a nosy FIB agent’s house, a few criminal-run warehouses and a skyscraper the Meyer Company was considering to move into.

Missions for Ronald Meyer:

1. Imprisonment of Information

After being introduced to Ronald Meyer via the Gravelli family, Ronald Meyer, upon hearing of your problems, sends you to hijack a Securicar van containing vital information. He says it contains some information about your predicament.

2. Birthday Hits

It’s Ronald Meyer Jr.’s party, and Ronald introduces you to some of his acquaintances. He then informs you that a journalist from a rival media company, Turnbull family-run Truth Incorporated, has gained “photos of me [Ronald] that could be misinterpreted.” Ronald tasks you with stealing the journalist’s car, dumping it in the water, then attacking the journalist’s estate, killing the journalist, wrecking the house and stealing the documents. When you return, Ronald says he will only help you and give you information if you help him some more. Missions for Dixon and Schwartz are unlocked.

3. Satellite Decommission

Ronald Meyer sends you to destroy some Truth Incorporated assets (company cars, satellites, newspaper stands and such.)

4. Robbie Pennwalt

Meyer formally introduces you to Robbie Pennwalt, a friend of his, who is running for Lincolnton City Mayor. Robbie promises to do favours for you if you help him win. To gain his trust, he sends you to get some incriminating photos of his rival, Billy Hudson. Pennwalt’s story mission strand is now unlocked.

5. The Whole Truth

Meyer wants you to destroy a Truth Incorporated helicopter.

6. Terrorism for dummies

Meyer wants you to blow up a Truth Incorporated news outpost in the countryside so he can gain control over the area.

7. Mob war correspondent

Meyer wishes you to drive Schwartz and a few other journalists around so they can get stories regarding the recent mob wars, as well as disrupting Truth Incorporated coverage.

8. Outpostman Pat

Meyer wants you to further disrupt Truth Inc operations in the countryside. As a reward, you get a safehouse in the countryside and a side mission to further cause Truth Inc damage.

9. FIBber FIBber, pants on fire

Meyer picks you up in his limo. He wishes you to “illegally demolish” a nosy FIB agent and his house.

10. Prisoner’s Dilemma

There are 3 prison buses located across the city: Meyer wants you to destroy one with RC bombs, another by planting bombs on the bridge and hijack another and bring the inmates to a rural warehouse.

11. Insurance 11

There were two skyscrapers being built to accommodate the Meyer company in Lincolnton, the main reason Ronald has been in the city so much recently. However, he has decided on one, and the other one will be almost useless. Thus, Ronald wants you to blow the whole thing up so he can claim insurance.

12. Boom Boom Boomshine Moonshine

To take the heat of the various “terrorist” operations, Ronald asks you to blow up a few criminal-run warehouses.

13. Tear for a Beer

Ronald Meyer introduces you to a colleague of his, Mr. Heston, the owner of the old brewery being demolished. Ronald Meyer tells you a city architect has blueprints for a structurally unstable part of a slum “ghetto” district. Ronald thinks it would be a great spot for a new “revitalised district”, Mr. Heston thinks it’ll make a nice location for a new brewery, and Ronald thinks Robbie could be tricked into making it a revitalisation spot for the area. You agree to help demolish the neighbourhood on two conditions, one: casualties are minimised. Two: Meyer actually helps you. You kidnap the architect with the plans by posing as a taxi driver.

14. Spreading the word

Meyer gets you to drop him off at the Emergency Management Centre, while you deliver pamphlets getting people out of the area on the night and to buy insurance.

15. There goes the neighbourhood

Using bombs supplied by Fergus Bryn, Meyer gets you to level the neighbourhood.

16. Keeping it in the family

Meyer has you kill his father, Waldorf Meyer, who is arriving at Lincolnton’s Airport. One of the reasons he states is “There’s a private auction soon and he has some stuff I’d like to sell. Right now, the items I’m selling consists of some paperwork and a couple of CDs and a few pieces of my artwork.”

17. To the highest bidder

Meyer revealed that he sold the files to someone else (Marcus, a serial credit card fraudster after the financial information) and you have to retrieve it, first by seeking out Marcus’s address, then chasing him down and killing him. He then gets you to deliver it to a countryside computer nerd, known only as “The Fragger” for encrypting.

18. More Money, Less Problems

After helping the nerd encrypt the files, it turns out Meyer had obviously, unintentionally, vandalised it. You torture Meyer to get the details, but the only new things he reveals are minor, supposedly trivial details.

19. Leaving Lincolnton

Meyer wishes to leave the unpopular, financially unstable (for him) city to deal with business elsewhere. Driving his limo, you pick up the transvestite prostitutes Mona and Misty, then drop him at his private airfield in the country. As a reward, you gain Meyer’s private airfield.

20. Contract Lenses

Meyer gives you a call, and you meet him in Lincolnton’s version of the National Mall. He introduces you to Mr. Broker and Mr. Dukes, the campaign managers for the two Presidential candidates. Mr. Broker sends you to kill the optician Mr. Bohan, a funder of Mr. Dukes’s client’s campaign. Mr. Dukes sends you to kill the factory owner Mr. Algonquin, a funder of Mr. Broker’s client’s campaign.

21. Investigating Meyer

“Quentin Moran” and several others want Meyer dead. Quentin has you investigate Meyer then bring back the info for him. (The cutscene you must do to unlock this mission is a mission from Quentin.)

22. Breaking News

This is an optional mission, unlocked after completing the 20 Meyer missions and Ted Schwartz’s missions with Meyer involved. You must both blow up the Meyer skyscraper and kill him.



Ronald Meyer first draft

(A picture of Ronald Meyer standing in front of Lincolnton's Washington Monument. A patriotic, subtle tune starts.)

Ronald Meyer: I'm Ronald Meyer, the CEO of the Meyer Corporation and America's latest business and media visionary. My recipe for success? (A flyover of random Meyer assets.) The right assets...(a shot of Weazel News), the right views...(a shot of Ben Lopez) the right employees. (Back to Ronald Meyer sitting on his desk.) Ah, it's great being me. (The character name and main tune starts. A shot of journalists rushing towards a crowd, a helicopter and a line of sports cars. Ronald Meyer is sitting in the back of his limo, on the phone.) I AM the United States of America. (A scene showing Ronald Meyer sitting out of his limo hitting mailboxes with a baseball bat. A shot of an explosion and a plane flying out of a private airfield. A shot of Meyer talking to Ben at the former's penthouse.) The more...selfless....the so-called crime, the bigger the payout.

Logos appear.





Andrew Maxwell

Home: Lincolnton

Age: 28

Occupation: Apprentice to Meyer


Richard Dixon

Home: Lincolnton

Age: 36

Occupation: Co-manager of insurance firm. Gives you side missions involving insurance fraud (destroying vehicles and killing lives in a way not covered by insurance.)


Annabel Stewart

Home: Lincolnton

Age: 34

Occupation: Co-manager of insurance firm. Upon hearing of Richard’s plan, asks you to give him a taste of his own medicine, then take’s over the business.


Robbie Pennwalt

Home: Lincolnton

Age: 51

Occupation: Mayoral candidate supported by Ronald Meyer


Angie Pennwalt

Home: Lincolnton

Age: 47

Occupation: Businesswoman


Billy Hudson

Home: Lincolnton

Age: 45

Occupation: Mayoral candidate


Fergus Bryn

Home: Lincolnton

Age: 44

Occupation: Demolitions expert. Becomes a friend.



(A flyover of Bryn's various shops.)

Bryn: I'm a demolitionist, and I'm the finest of my craft...

(Screen changes to Bryn drinking, Scottish inspired music starts)

Bryn: I think.

(The character name appears. A clip shows Bryn stumbling, drunk, through heavy traffic.)

Bryn: You evil metal turtles won't get my booze!

(Bryn attacks a car with his bottle, only to get run over. A couple of clips show various explosions and then a clip of Bryn begging to Ben.)

Bryn: Please, I need that liquor to do my job and live my life! I'm so desperate I'm drinking anti-freeze and I might even start drinking non-alcoholic beverages soon!

(A couple of clips showing other explosions, then a clip of Bryn being driven by Ben.

Ben Lopez: How do you cope with the hangovers?

Bryn: More booze.

(Bryn is in a car crash. He charges, drunk, towards the other driver.)

Bryn: I'm drunk! You don't have a excuse!

The logos appear.


Ted Schwartz

Home: Lincolnton

Age: 31

Occupation: Journalist. He has some side missions involving creating stories and taking embarrassing celebrity pics.


Shane Atherton

Home: Lincolnton

Age: 40

Occupation: Corrupt Police Chief, in the same vein as Francis McReary or Ray Machowski


Mr. Heston

Occupation: owner of the brewery



Occupation: Meyer’s secretary


“The Fragger”

Occupation: Computer nerd


“The Fragger’s” mum

Occupation: Mother



Occupation: Serial fraudster


Ronald Meyer Jr.

Occupation: Apprentice and son and second-in-command to Meyer


Mr. Dukes

Occupation: Campaign manager for Jerry McIntosh


Mr. Broker

Occupation: Campaign manager for Steve Kozak


“Quentin Moran”

Home: countryside village

Occupation: Government agent


Mario Vercelli

The boss of the small, once-great Trapani family (Vincent Medici's roots originate from this gang), now resorted to small time business. One of your first Sears City bosses.


Leo Caprioni

The underboss, an idealist, unrealistic guy with crazy plans to take over the city.


Vincent Medici

Home: Sears City

Age: 66

Occupation: Don of the Medici Family

The Medici Family are, one of the largest families in Sears City and have fingers in every pie, even pies they don’t care about. Vincent Medici started off by bullying those at school and demanding protection money from the school nerds, and worked his way up from there. He and his son and mother have hostile relationships.

Tony Medici

Home: Sears City

Age: 35

Occupation: Heir to the Medici throne

The ambitious, eager heir to the Medici throne. Unlike his siblings, who have gone off to get legal jobs, Tony has decided to follow the family path, and is as treacherous and vile as they come. His girlfriend is Maria Visconti.

Tony’s missions

1. Rat Poison

After the admittedly small Palleoni family gets almost completely wiped out due to police informants, Vincent sends you to Tony Medici to help him find the rats within the Medici family. Tony has you tail several suspected informants and search some houses.

2. Remember Kids, Use Protection

Tony needs you to collect protection from an "unwanted little problem", Luigi's Antiques Shop. Tony has you bully the owner.

3. Brotherly Love and other Oxymorons

Tony has you cause some damage to Luigi's Antiques Shop. Finally, the owner, revealed as Tony's younger brother, pays up.

4. Hack and Slash

Tony has you hack into the police computer and send the data back to him.

5. Out with the Old….

Tony knows his father will die soon. Thus, he wants all the rats and “anti-Tony wise guys” dead. He sends you to murder a Medici capo and his crew, “some of whom might be stuffy, holier-then-thou rats.”

6. The Father…

Tony, angry at Mr. Visconti, Maria’s father, orders you to kill him. If you don’t, he dies anyway, when run down by another Medici hitman.

7. The Son…

Tony wants you to murder a few of Vincent’s closest associates.

8. And The Holy Font

Tony orders you to kill Father Perini (an informant. “Pa was always too lenient with informants. If a man of God is a rat, he’s still a rat.”) However, you refuse to kill him and decide to defend him from the hitmen.

9. Italian Porridge

Tony, knowing he will be jailed soon after causing an all-out mob war against the much stronger Gravelli family, gets you to get several of his closest allies arrested so he can have protection in prison.




Camera fades in from black. Tony Medici is sitting behind a large desk smoking a cigar. He takes a drag from it and stubs it out in the ashtray.


Tony Medici

I'm Tony Medici. Son of Vincent Medici. Do you know what that means? It's means that nobody f*cks with me. You hear? Nobody!


He points at the camera and the scene pauses. His name appears on screen. After the scene resumes itself Tony stands up and slams his fists on the table.


Tony Medici

It's dirty business - this thing of ours - you've got to do what you've got to do to stay on top.


Cuts to scene showing Tony beating up a shopkeeper for protection money. He hits him across the face with a baseball bat then wraps it around the back of his head and knees him in the nose.


Tony Medici

Some people want me dead and that's fine. As long as I get to them first - what harm can they do?


Cuts to a scene showing Tony standing over a beaten mobster. Tony pulls out a silenced pistol and aims it at the back of his head. He pulls the trigger and kills the mobster.


Tony Medici

At the end of the day, it's just business - and business pays.


Cuts to a scene showing Tony and his men driving through Sears City in large black estate cars.


Tony Medici

Now, are you going to do what I say, or do I have to whack you's and all?!


Tony picks up the ashtray and throws it at the camera.




Mama Medici

Home: Sears City

Age: 89

Occupation: Retired former secretary

For an 89 year old, Mama Medici is healthy and strong. Unlike her only son, she or her recently deceased husband did not disgrace the family moral fibre by becoming a wretched criminal. To this day, she tries to get her dying son to quit the crime business.

Random character appearance:

After the mission Jailhouse Knock (in which you kill an incarcerated Tony Medici), Mama Medici appears as a random character, sitting on a bench in Lincolnton by a river. She is about to commit suicide, depressed about the choices Vincent and Tony made and their fates. She is then reminded about her grandson Luigi, about to get married, and her granddaughter Maria (about to give birth.) She feels guilty about considering suicide, and decides to carry on with life, looking forward to Luigi’s marriage and Maria’s child. She gives the protagonist $10,000, as it was dirty money Vincent and Tony made, and she felt like a criminal and is reminded of the tragic lives her son and grandson had when carrying it.


Johnny Malone

Home: Sears City

Age: 38

Occupation: Medici family Consigliore and restaurateur

A philosophical, well-educated businessman who constantly frets over the morals off what he’s doing. The Medici family Consigliore, he runs a restaurant with a civilian friend, Leonardo Di Ferranti. Johnny is mocked in criminal circles for having never been known to have killed a man.


Johnny gets put in contact with you. He introduces you to the Medici family, and after several favours, Vincent tells you that the Marnincieni family were causing trouble for you. It turns out this was a lie (“a test”), but Vincent finally tells you the Gravelli family are close to several of your enemies and have assisted them in the past. There is a deal between the Medici and Gravelli families. Unfortunately, Tony, taking over after the death of his father, backstabs the Gravellis. The Gravellis agree to spare Johnny and the protagonist if they help the family, firstly be assassinating the incarcerated Tony. Johnny becomes a firm ally. Becomes a friend.

Criminal record:

1989-Arrested for 5 charges of theft and a charge of assault. 6 months served.

1995-Arrested for aiding and abetting organised crime. 1 year served.

2004-Arrested for dealing in counterfeit goods, money laundering, illegal gambling and aiding and abetting crime. 3 years and 6 months served.



Camera fades in from black. Johnny Malone is standing besides Tony Medici, who is sitting down behind his large desk. Johnny is trying to convince Tony to take his advice but he is ignoring him, staring blissfully into the camera.


Johnny Malone

I just think that attacking such a powerful organization isn't going to bode so well for us. You've got to understand that our men are few and far between, I think as your adviser you should listen to me.


Tony Medici grows angry. He stands up and knocks Johnny's papers off of the desk, sending them flying into the air.


Tony Medici

When, exactly, did I ask for your advice? If I want to know how to cook the perfect spaghetti and meat balls - then I'll ask your advice. Now beat it.


Scene pauses showing Tony pointing his finger in Johnny's face. Johnny Malone's name appears on screen for a few seconds before the scene resumes and fades to black.


Cuts to a scene showing Johnny waiting people at his restaurant.


Johnny Malone

Hello I'm Johnny Malone and I'll be your waiter today, how can I help you?


Johnny Malone (Voice over)

There aren't that many people who can say they moonlight for the mob, but I'm one of them. I'm Johnny Malone, Consiligere to the Medici Family. I'm the brains behind the family. I do all the thinking.


Cuts to a scene showing Johnny watch over a group of mobsters as they attack a rival family member.


Johnny Malone

That doesn't mean I'm not ruthless though - I've killed people - hundreds of people.


A random mobster walks through the scene.



No you haven't.


Johnny Malone

Maybe I haven't! Though that doesn't mean I'm not dangerous in my own way.


Cuts to a scene showing Johnny being surrounded by a group of rival mobsters. He kicks one of them in the crotch and runs away screaming.


Johnny Malone

I mean, what is power without co-ordination, right? Right?


Johnny sighs and the screen fades to black.


Gravelli family

A very powerful Mafia family, Tony Medici foolishly betrays them, leading to his imprisonment and execution.

1. Arresting the Arrester

Johnny Malone introduces you to the Gravelli family. After Tony Medici betrayed them, the Medicis have been reduced to almost nothing, and to spare the lives of Ben, Johnny and several other Medicis, Johnny has arranged for the Medici participants in the deal to assassinate Tony Medici. That includes you. The Gravellis task you with kidnapping a prison officer, then taking his clothes, and bringing him to the other Medicis who will interrogate him.

2. The Light of the Full Moonshine

Fergus Bryn can produce some great explosives to knock down the more stronger parts of the prison defences, but he has a craving for the new redneck moonshine. Unfortunately, due to police investigation, his supplier is getting it taken out of the state. Fergus wants you to stop them, and bring back the pickup with the moonshine.

3. Jailhouse Knock

You arrive at the prison in your prison officer garments. You get given the necessary information to infiltrate the prison, and after stocking up on weapons from Lucas Peppone, you go inside the compound, close down several of the security systems and then the electricity, you give the signal to detonate the charges on the main gate, then you fight your way through the chaotic darkness to your gang (comprised of a few Medici mobsters and a couple of mercenaries, with Johnny, Fergus, Lucas and Emilio acting in support) in the courtyard. You then make your way (along with a few goons) through the prison complex, fighting through prison officers, and later NOOSE officers and FIB agents, before you meet Tony's private prison guard. The ones who don't surrender or run away put up a tough fight, but eventually you reach Tony, on the toilet. After killing him, you then make your way out of the prison, greeted by a 5-star wanted level. You, Lucas and Fergus escape in a prison officer's Turismo (the rest of your gang escape in a NOOSE Enforcer, a police cruiser, a few civilian cars, the cars they arrived in and a motorbike), then drive away. Your 5-star level decreases to 3 (as the officers are distracted by escaping prisoners and them causing mayhem. At this point, Lucas, the original driver of the vehicle lets you drive while he holds off the remaining cops and goons, while you receive calls from Emilio), then slowly to none, with the only threat being a few of Tony's prison guard pursuing you.

You soon receive more jobs from the secretive Gravelli family.


“Cosmo” Angelo

Home: Sears City

Age: 32

Occupation: Medici family drug dealer and soldier


Lucas Peppone

Home: Sears City

Age: 42

Occupation: Medici capo and arms dealer, often mocked due to his somewhat mixed ancestry (German and Cuban, but mostly Italian).


Salvatore Merino

Home: Sears City

Age: 28

Occupation: Medici family soldier and bodyguard


Frankie Salieri

Home: Sears City

Age: 54

Occupation: Medici family capo and businessman


Jealous of your repeated successes and quick rise within the Medici family, Frankie Salieri works behind the scenes to limit your progress. He steals the money in an important Gravelli-Medici deal, thus starting a mob war.


Emilio Balducci

Home: Countryside

Age: 58

Occupation: Medici family capo in charge of non-Bornacoola Medici actions in the region

Emilio is the capo, one of Vincent’s most trusted friends (Emilio helped Vincent become successful). He is first introduced when Tony sends you to help him.


Marco Leone

Home: Sears City

Age: 31

Occupation: Medici family capo that Tony wants dead


Ralph Puccini

Home: Sears City

Age: 23

Occupation: Mechanic and Medici family associate


Luigi Medici

Home: Sears City

Age: 33

Occupation: Vincent’s son, an antiques shop owner. The Medici family collect protection money using the same brutal methods however.


Father Perini

Home: Sears City

Age: 52

Occupation: Catholic priest (no relation to organised crime)

Father Perini, a large player in the area’s religious scene, is currently caught up trying to stop the members of his flock who found organised crime a good career choice. Father Perini gives you several anti-crime missions, but orders you to not kill anyone. Tony Medici, just before his father’s death, orders you to kill him. Vincent knew he was giving the police information, but as he was a harmless, friendly man of God, prevented anyone from doing anything about it. Tony, knowing his father is near-death so won’t even know about it, orders you to kill him so he won’t give Tony any trouble.


Dr. Gharib

Home: Sears City

Age: 46

Occupation: Doctor

Dr. Gharib is a doctor whose most famous patient is Vincent Medici.


Triple K's: The largest racist organization in the country. The Triple K's were formed after the Civil War and set up headquarters in what is now Northern Patriot Island. The heavy minority population to the south (Trenton) has tried many times to destory the Triple K from up North from racial means to legal action but every time there efforts have failed. It is assumed the Triple K have resources in Seers City and even congress and that's what keeps them from being destoryed.


The Triple K are said to be responible for over 10000 murders in the past 200 years and it is said they caused the 2000 race riots by "protesting" in the city during a culutral event. There main criminal activates are murder, rape ( though they deny the claims of rape of "inferior people"), assulat and they main source of income is illegal gun manufacturing, protection, kidnapping and human slavery ( sexual black market. They deny these claims too.)


The Triple K are often considered one of the main reasons why Trenton can not attract business; they always burn them down. The Triple K can be spotted heavily at night in the Northern part of the island and can even be seen in Beville at night every once in a while. They meet every night at the very tip of Patriot in the woods. The Triple K are always emenies to Ben ( unless he's dressed in a full body suit that does show his skin color) and will shoot on sight if they see him. Also the Triple K have the law enforcement of Northern Patriot on there side and Ben will get an automatic 2 stars if he attacks back at the Triple K members and police are around.


The Triple K's main weapon is the dual barrier shotgun and the revoler. Triple K are rarely seen outside of Northern Patriot.


Trenton's Gangs:


Trenton has so many gangs that not one can even become large enough to gain more than one asset and those are always heavily contested. The operations of these gangs include; robbery, homicides, chop shops, protection, grand theft auto and drug sells and disturbtion to there communities and some even sell crack to Queenbridge citizens. The average gang member is Black or Latino is wearing baggy clothes and only carries a 9-mm and some drugs. They mainly operate only in Ternton and northern Queensbridge.


Queenbridge Serucity Force:


Is one of the most corrupt seructiy forces in the state and are known to be involved in Money Launderying and Weapon and Drug transport. There members wear basically a police uniform with body armor and carry different types of UZIs. They are seen in all of Queensbridge protecting the city.( The city in the steps of Regan privitized the police force so until you get 3 stars only QSF members will try to arrest or more likely kill you.


Medici Family: Middle-ranking Italian crime family. Led by Vincent Medici.


Trapani Family: Small, formerly great, family.


Gravelli family: A secretive family, but the most powerful.


Palleoni family: A small family that was almost completely destroyed by snitches.


Marninciene family: A middle-ranking family, enemies of the Medicis.


The O'Dawkins Mob: An Irish crime group.


Sin Kings: A parody of the Vice Lords, an African-American gang.


Spanish Lords: A parody of the Latin Kings makes a return.


Villa Posse: An Arab-American gang.


The Prophets: An African-American group.


Seers Hustlers: An African-American drug smuggling gang.


Seers City Big Wigs: A multiracial street gang.


Gangsta Messiahs: An African-American gang.


La Mexicana Nation: A Mexican-Hispanic gang.


Almighty Latin Birds: A Hispanic street gang.


Crazy Hispanics: A Hispanic street gang.


The Spanish Venom: A Hispanic street gang.


South Side Vicars: A mostly white street gang.


The Walt Gang: An Islamic/African-American street gang.


cobblestone gang: An African-American street gang.


Blood and Gore gangs: Two national rival street gangs, one of the Common and one of the Public.


The respect of the Common and Public groups (most street gangs and non-Italian groups come under one of the banners, Irish Mobs a notable exception) is tied to their greater affiliation.


Name: John Preachman

Age: 48

Occupation: Chief of Carcer City Police Department

Bio: The corrupt chief of the Carcer City Police Department. John is ruthless and cold hearted. He is responisble for the dissaperance of many political conspiritors.


Hao Wu

Age: 27

Occupation: Triad boss

An immature, slimy Triad boss. Upon hearing of you, informs you he may know where your father is and gives you missions to try and find him (don't worry, his missions won't have a serious affect on the storyline at all.)


Zhuang Wu

Age: 75

Occupation: Triad Leader

Hao's father, an oldfashioned, honourable man.


Hao and Zhuang are standing on Zhuang’s balcony.

Zhuang: One day, my son, all this may be yours. The whole city, your Triad oyster.

Hao: So…when you die and I inherit the city….

Zhuang: (laughs) Oh no, I don’t own the city, if I did, I’d leave it to someone who wasn’t a stupid playboy jerk. I meant if you actually did some work, it might be yours. (Character titles and music starts. A clip of a Triad gunfight, then Hao arguing with someone.)

Hao: Hey, no need to get so pissed. It was only a white lie, only a few little people died.

(Zhuang is trying to use a computer.)

Zhuang: I don’t see how this makes crime easier, no money’s coming out!(Another clip of a Triad gunfight, then a clip of Zhuang sending Hao to his room.)

Zhuang: Hao, you disgraceful child, think about what you did!

(A clip of Hao driving a fast car, while a Triad henchman fires an Uzi at an opponent.)


Zhuang: (Voiceover) This is why I wish I pulled out.



(Being carjacked)

“How am I gonna pollute the environment now?”

“Now I’ll have to use my retard cousin for transport!”

“Guess I’m back to using pigs for transport!”

“You foreign or something?”

“I was gonna get that car turned into a NASCAR car!”

“You snobby city folk don’t own mah property!”

“Well, now I’m living like its 1860 again!”

“How am I gonna get from one to the other of my small village now?”

(Carjacking the carjacker)

“You don’t still a redneck car, and don’t expect to face the posse!”

“I gonna teach you respect!”

“Go use a girl bike as a vehicle!”

“I won awards for carjacking back in the day!”

“I need this car! The moonshine’s in it!”

“You not stealing mah family property!”

(Seeing a murder)

“Get a room or a desolate field like us decent folk!”

“Kids, guess what’s for dinner!”


“Now THIS is all-American family entertainment!”

(Being pushed out of the way)

“You wanna be steak?”

“We don’t take kind to fa**otry around these parts.”

“You stuck-up rude bigheaded city scumbag….”

“You just done busted my toe-bone!”

“You don’t appreciate how much we get our hands dirty…”

“I got a gun and a year or two of education. Don’t mess with me!”

“You on the moonshine as well?”

(Seeing a police chase)

“Looks like some guy just done did something bad.”

“I love high-violence car chases!”

“The police are distracted, eh? Time to move that stuff and deal with that bitch.”

“I hope the police go back to good old brutality.”

(Being arrested)

“But I swear officer, I’m a responsible, law-abiding citizen, I only use guns when I have a really big urge.”

“I swear she was just my cousin!”

“Where you taking me?”

“This some commie conspiracy?”

(Being revived)

“Did somebody just done touch me like a gay when I was down?”

“Jesus woulda saved me.”


“You wanna do this?”


Space Man

A 36-year old crazed countryside citizen who believes he is Space Man. Lives with his mother (or “female human adoption service provider”) and in poverty.

(Being revived)

“That was appreciated but unnecessary, as I have cloning chambers back on the mothership!”

“Your humble primitive human medicine intrigues me!”

“I was just reorganising my resources…”

“Erm…this is quite…uncomfortable…how embarrassing.”

(Being shot)

“I may bleed and feel pain, but that is simply my disguise!”

“I gotta be bulletproof…I must be bulletproof…”

“You are just increasing my power!”

“Your puny human weapons are just going to get you abducted and vaporised!”


“It tickles!”


“Do you know you are messing with Space Man?”

“As you are but a vile, weak, ordinary human, I will not use my powers!”

“I must exercise compassion and not instantly use my superpowers to vaporise you!”

“I am Space Man! You cannot defeat me, really!”

“I am here to defend the innocent against you!”

“Reason and warnings will not work against this ordinary scumbag!”

“You should know better then to provoke Space Man!”

“I will teach you to respect intergalactic superheroes!”

“You should not have angered me!”

“I will teach you some respect!”

“Do NOT make me use my powers, or else you’ll miss your legs!”

“Some of your species must be exterminated!”

“I feel in a good mood today, so you shall live!”

“You dare challenge Space Man?”

“I command you to surrender!”

“You obviously do not realise the gravity of the situation you have got yourself into!”

“You do not realise you are messing with an intergalactic superhero!”

“You are under the influence of dark forces, and I shall beat them out of you!”

(Being carjacked)

“Guess I’ll have to teleport!”

“Meh, your human transport is inadequate and pitiful anyway!”

“Despite the temptations, I will not use my powers against such a low-level criminal!”

“No, my human adoption service provider will be so disappointed!”

“Space Man worked hard for that!”

“Guess I’ll have to travel in the spaceship!”

(Carjacking the carjacker)

“You should learn the error of your ways!”

“My human surrogate mother will be so proud!”

“Do not make Space Man angry!”

(Gun aimed at)

“Do you realise you are messing with an intergalactic saviour?”

“THAT is such a weak weapon!”

“You are really tempting me to just liquidise your brains!”

“You dare point a gun at Space Man?”

“Do what you will to me, as I am invincible, but spare the weak, poor civilians!”

“Do you realise who you are messing with?”

(Being arrested)

“Don’t you realise by incarcerating me you are leaving your planet open to evil space conquerors?”

“Space Man knows that this is just a mistake!”

“Oh, the surrogate human mother figure will be so disappointed!”

“As I know you are just innocent law enforcement providers who’ve made a mistake, I will not retaliate and escape using my powers.”

“Do you realise what you are doing?”

(Running away)

“I do not want to vaporise you for your mistake!”

“I am running away for YOUR sake!”

“I do not have the mental concentration to just mentally fling you away!”

“I do not have time to waste on a small cheese like you!”

“I must go!”

“Space Man has been called to the mothership!”

“Erm…I weren’t here!”

“Wrong to use my powers against an ordinary human!”

(Being pushed out of the way)


“Your rudeness is one of the many reasons your planet is at risk!”

“Your human shoves are just a mild annoyance!”

“Sometimes I am tempted to not save your society!”

“Maybe I should just check on your society from the mothership where I can’t be pushed around!”

“My sincerest apologies, kind citizen!”

“Do not worry about it!”

(Being mugged)

“I do not understand your human preoccupation with money!”

“Take it, the money was just holding Space Man back anyway!”

“Space Man will, one day, get revenge on you for your actions!”

(Dodging a car)

“Do not make me crush your car!”

“Your driving is disruptive!”

“You must be careful with your human automobile!”

“You must not cause damage with your vehicle!”

(Car gets damaged)

“It is no worry, I will simply use my mental powers to repair the damage caused later.”

“Do not make me destroy your car!”

(Getting into a taxi)

“My Earth mother has given me a list of chores, so I would like you to take me to the necessary destination!”

“Normally I would teleport to my destination, but I am unable to at this current moment, thus I require your kind services!”

“You will greatly help fight intergalactic super-villains by transporting me to my destination!”



A 42-year old farmer who dresses up and acts like a cowboy.

(Being carjacked)

“Well, back to the good old horse.”

“Looks like this is highway robbery!”

“No, my artificial transportation!”

“How am I gonna get to the gold rush now?”

“No, not my family car!”

(Gun aimed at him)

“Who wanna shoot-out?”

“This ain’t fair!”

“You shouldn’t be doing that!”

“Quick draw!”

“Looks like it’s gonna be another cowboy shootout!”

“That ain’t proper!”

“Wow, you, you got me there.”

“You almost gave me a heart attack! Well, you and cigarettes, stress and fatty meat.”


“This ain’t proper duelling procedure!”

“You stupid ignorant punk!”

“Argh, that’s a scar!”

“Ohhh, that’s how the pain feels….”

“Tell my family I love them!”

“Gah! I’ve been hit!”


“I’m gonna beat you like a disobedient mule!”

“You wanna feel my cowboy fists?”

“It had to come to this, didn’t it?”

“Just run away!”

“You’ve pissed me off good and proper!”

“You wanna cowboy knuckle sandwich?”


Fred Phelps-wannabe

A 79-year old preacher with hateful, extremist, homophobic views.

(Being pushed out of the way)

“Are you sexually molesting me?”

“It’s people like you who are dooming America!”

“You sick, godless evil man!”

“God hates fags like you!”

“You are a sick, twisted, strange man!”

“You liberals think you own the streets!”

“Do not disrespect your elders and betters!”


“Burn in hell!”

“You dare disrupt our righteous street preaching?”

“God hates you and your country!”

“You fag-enabler!”

“You’ve doomed yourself, you idiotic sinner!”

“It’s my duty to cleanse the world of sinners like you!”


Abusive husband

An abusive hillbilly husband and father


“I’m gonna beat you like a member of my own family!”

“I’m gonna beat you like a mule, you hear me?”

“I’m pissed off today!”

“You’re lucky I’m not drunk or carrying my gun!”

“I learnt this move from my dad!”

“I’ll beat you like my family beats each other!”

“I’m gonna beat you like I beat my dumb wife!”

“You stupid asshole!”

“You annoyed me, I beat you! Them’s the rules!”

(In a traffic jam)

“Hurry up, I got my job to go to!”

“Out of the way, I gotta loving family to beat!”

“Move it, I’ve got therapy!”


Amish hillbilly

An ignorant Amish.

(Almost being run over)

“Careful, you almost hit me with your shiny metal speedy thing!”

“You stupid outsider!”

“Eyes on the road, you jerk!”

(Gun aimed at)

“Oh, now where’s your family discipline?”

“Now, what’s all this?”

“Oh, help me Lord!”

“That’s not very helpful!”

“Save me papa!”


“This is a last resort!”

“I’m gonna get you turned into furniture!”

“You gonna be abused!”

“You are going to hell!”

“I’ll show you how an inbred fights!”

“I’m not normally a violent fellow…”

(Being pushed)

“You inbred too?”

“Careful, I’ve just had a hard days work.”

“Only papa can touch me like that!”

“Now that’s rude, boy.”

“No need for pushing and shoving round here!”

(Being shot)

“Ah, the pain!”

“My inbred genes can’t take this!”

“Ah, I need a medic!”

“You evil city folk!”

“Ah, this isn’t natural!”



Countryside policeman 1

A hillbilly in a police uniform

(Chasing somebody for a minor crime)

“Come here, we just wanna help ya!”

“You made a bad choice in doing that!”

“You wanna taste of redneck justice?”

“It’s either come peacefully and get brutalised, or come violently and get brutalised!”

“They should legalise lynching…”

“You stupid hooligan!”

“We don’t take kindly to screwing around round these parts!”

“Come back here, we just wanna help you!”

“I joined the force for two reasons: one cos I don’t read so day and two cos I wanna clean up the streets!”

“Break the law, I sh*t in your mouth!”

(Chasing somebody for a major crime at a low wanted level)

“What dya do that for?”

“I don’t understand why you do that, punk!”

“You’re in trouble now!”

“You do know we have the death penalty!”

“You cruel, sick, crazed bastard!”

“Rural tranquillity fights back!”

“You’re dead!”

“Think about the consequences!”

“Do that again and you’ll be gagged with your own testes!”

“I’ll whip ya with your own intestines!”


“Ma, look, I’m arresting someone!”

“When the detective turns off the lamp and the journalist leaves, yep, that’s when the fun begins!”

“You shoulda known better then to mess with the law!”

“I always get my man! But I’m not gay. No siree bob I’m not gay.”

“You gonna get phonebook marks all over ya….”


“I swear, donkeys were legal!”

“I wish I could just watch car races and drink beer all day.”

“I gotta pick up some stuff for Ma after work.”

“You know, bigotry and being a hillbilly are basically my political views.”

“The chief said if I get busted for police brutality one more time…everyone does it, I’m just out of the closet about it!”

“And then I broke his arm. Looking at an officer that way should be made a federal offence.”

“Heh, that’s good on ya.”

“Well, let’s throw a party!”

“I agree wholeheartedly about that.”

“Say that again, so I can savour it.”

“Just goes to show education never helped nobody!”

“Good times.”

“Well, don’t look at me.”

“I know sh*t all about that as well.”

“Meh, I don’t care. Not my problem.”

“Oh, that’s even stupider and inbred then me!”

“You some kind of pansy commie?”

“Well, I don’t like that.”

“You trying to make me laugh? Not working.”

“That’s just stupid.”

“No. Simple. No.”

(Going in)

“Cover me, but don’t be sodomising me!”

“I’m gonna kick that bastard’s ass!”

“I’m going in! He’s going out!”

“I’m going in! Ma will be so proud!”

“We’re coming to get you!”

“Right, let’s go in!”

“The race starts on the TV soon, so I’m going in, get this sh*t over with!”

“I can’t wait around, I be going in! Who’s with me?”


Video Game Addict

(Getting Carjacked)


"Wait, let get my PSP out of there!"

"I need that to get a new game!"

"Don't steal my my new copy of (INSERT GAME NAME)!"


"Time to use some level 10 whoop ass on you."

"I wouldn't mess with me, I beat Punch Out when I was 6"

"All Your Base Belong To Us!"


Gangsta Wannabe

A Person that acts gangsta but really isn't.

(Getting Carjacked)

"Dog, I'm gonna smoke yo ass"

"That's my ride homes!"

"Ah sh*t"

"Damn, dog"


"I'm gonna pop a cap yo ass. Ya know what I mean?"

"You want. Ok I'll give you beef"

"You want you go homes?"


Preppy Girl:

Getting Car Jacked

"No! Dont make me have to get my daddy to buy me one of these"

"But I just got a text from my B.F.F."

"You messed up my tampon!"

"Ok, Ok, take it, just hand me my make-up"



"I'm on my way to a party, kill me after!"

"If you shoot me I swear to god, I'll call my daddy on you!"


"Your kinda cute"


Getting Beat Up

"Why would you hit a girl? WHY?"

"My boyfriend will kick your ass!"

"Want a free blow-job instead?"

"Hang on, I just got a text..."


Some unfinished pedestrian dialogue.


Logos appear.


Character ideas


Alan Dawkins

Occupation: Soldier

A friend of Ben's in the military, returns to the State later in the story.


Kyle Dawson

Occupation: street gang leader


Andy Manton

Occupation: Street gang leader




(A flyover of various Lincoln State landmarks.)


Alan Dawkins: (Soldier friend of Ben Lopez.) You cannot escape your past! Your past escapes you!


(Action sequence starts, with occasional lines from characters.)


Tony Medici: Morals are just an invention by the weak!


Zhuang Wu: You trying to wipe out the entire state, you f*cking maniac?


Robbie Pennwalt: I got involved in politics to meet ladies and get money. Much like why you're a gangster.


Andre Romeo: Where is my money? Where's my f*cking money?


Johnny Malone: It's a dog eat dog food world out there. Most of us become dog food in the end.


English cab driver

An English taxi driver, often has stereotypical English taxi driver views.

(Being carjacked)

“God, you Americans are worse then the morons back home!”

“This is why I don’t stop for you weirdos!”

“Bloody immigrants!”

“You need to be taught a lesson!”

“You thief, I need this taxi!”

“Ugh, I’m so pissed about this!”

“I heard all about you hoodlums on the radio!”

“I’ll be writing about this!”


“You shouldn’t mess with me!”

“Come on, I’ve got a stiff upper lip!”

“I’ll teach you a goddamn lesson!”

“Now this just makes me rant!”

“Fight like a true man!”

“Ugh, you bloody foreign idiot!”

“I don’t understand you crazy young punks!”

“Right, Guv’nor, I’m taking you down a peg or two!”

(Car damaged)

“This is what happens when an entire country drives on the wrong side of the road!”

“Oh, Gov, I’m pissed about that!”

“You see Guv, country’s gone to the dogs!”

“You see Guv, all bloody stupid!”

“You scratched my taxi, you wanker!”

(Car blocked)

“Move it, you arsehole, I’m on a shift!”

“You Americans ever heard of moving your fat arses?”

“Go somewhere else, you bloody wanker!”

“Bloody lazy dumb sh*thole…”

“What’s wrong up there?”

(Dropping off a passenger)

“Right, enjoy your day.”

“Enjoy your stay in this sh*thole.”

“Right, have a nice day, see you around.”

“Bye, hope you didn’t leave too much of a mess.”

“Right, bye, now pay.”

“See you around.”

(Running someone down and getting out of his vehicle))

“Are you poor chaps alright?”

“God, is everything okay here?”

“You look like you need to see a doctor…”

“You should relax.”

“I’m sorry for that.”

“Listen, I’m sorry, entirely my fault, it’s a failure on my part…”


Arabian taxi driver

A young sex maniac

(Being carjacked)

“No, how am I gonna meet hot chicks now?”

“I should have stayed in the family business!”

“No, my wheels!”

“You stupid scumbag!”

“My car HAD to be snatched by a smelly dogscrewing asshole!”

“Oh, now I’m in deep trouble…”

(Car damaged)

“No, damaged wheels don’t impress the chicks!”

“I got a uni degree for this?”


“I’m a macho macho man!”

“Time to show you my discipline!”

“You mess with me, I mess with your balls!”

“You’ll be crying home to your stupid mother!”

“Taxi drivers are doing it for themselves!”

“I’m going to kill you!”

“Your blood will lubricate the taxi engine!”

“I’ll give you a free ride…to the bottom of a grave!”


Posh man

This pedestrian is a posh, refined 46-year old man with a snooty face, receeding hairline and polo shirt. Sometimes has tweed jacket, tie, moustache or glasses.


“You will unleash the inner demons!”

“I am not in the mood for this today!”

“It seems I must resort to mild violence in this situation!”

“I am afraid you have pushed me too far!”

“Normally I’m a quiet, restrained chap….”

“It seems you have left me no other option!”

“Have at you, foul beast!”

“I work out and do a martial art!”

“Someone’s got to teach you a lesson!”

“As much as I regret having to do this…”

“Just run away!”

“It seems reason and diplomacy cannot work here!”

(Watching a fight)

“Hopefully no one will get hurt!”

“Oh, street fights are so immature.”

“Oh, those poor hooligans.”

“Use your opponent’s strength against them!”

“What a nasty sight!”

“Somebody break up that fight!”

(Being pushed)

“More care must be taken!”

“Oh, almost lost my balance!”

“Pardon me kind sir!”

“Never mind.”

“Excuse me, must be on my way.”

“Sorry, my fault entirely.”

(Being carjacked)

“Oh, how despicable!”

“Sir, you seem to have stolen my car!”

“I must protest very strongly!”

“Sir, you have committed a crime!”

“Are you aware you stole my vehicle?”

“Sir, that is simply not proper!”


Johnny Malone

1. Love Thy Traitor

You've been introduced to Johnny and you've found your feet in Sears City. Now Johnny has your first proper job. He wants you to tail a Medici family Soldier who may be giving info to the Trapani family.

2. Gun Politics

The Mayor is getting the city's Ammunations to close down, so Johnny wishes you to get the vacant site firmly under Medici control.

3. Low Blow Fish

Johnny and some Soldiers are going to meet some Yakuza "ambassadors" from Japan. He wishes you to watch over the meeting (as they trade counterfeit items) with a sniper rifle in case the Yakuza act up. Instead, the person chairing the meeting is revealed to be a SCPD (Sears City Police Dept.) cop and you must protect Johnny and his crew as they flee the scene.

4. Tony's Chauffeur

Johnny introduces you to Frankie Salieri, a Capo who instantly distrusts you for your non-Italian heritage, and Tony Medici, who must go on his daily protection runs. You must drive him from place to place, protecting him from rival gangs.

5. Un-United Nations

Malone is angry at the way street gangs are damaging the scene, so gets you to weaken the ceasefire between the Public and Common Nations.

6. The Japanese Job

The SCPD ceased the counterfeit items that were being traded during the mission "Low Blow Fish". Frankie Salieri is reluctantly forced by Malone into sending a couple of his Soldiers with you. You must raid a Securicar-centred police convoy.

7. Meet the Family

Johnny Malone introduces you to Vincent Medici, who gives you several jobs. You also later get jobs from Frankie, Emilio Balducci, Lucas Peppone and Tony Medici.


Emilio Balducci

1. Protecting our country

Emilio wants you to deal with a biker gang that is attacking a Medici asset in the countryside.

2-5. Redneck-blooded countrymen

Emilio wants you to do several smaller missions in the countryside, from blowing up a moonshine distillery to collecting protection.


Frankie Salieri

1. Wiping out the trash

Frankie wants you to steal a Trashmaster-but you get jumped.

2. Demolition 101

Using the expertise of Fergus Bryn, Frankie wants you to blow up a car.

3. No More Zeroes

Frankie wants you to collect some protection from a few betting shops.

4. Just a white lie

Frankie wants you to murder a Medici family member who was apparently a "liar".

It is later revealed Frankie was deliberately trying to get you killed or your reputation ruined, as he did not trust you and felt threatened and disgruntled by a non-Italian newbie becoming so successful. He betrays the family after Vincent's death, no longer viewing it as profitable and good to fight for.


Some Carcer City gangs:


Sin Kings: A gang who also appear in other cities.


African-American Mafia: A large organised crime ring.


Lost MC: You know these guys.


The Road Robbers MC: A motorcycle gang inspired by the Highwaymen MC.


Mara Ave: A parody of MS-13.


Carcer Union: A parody of the Detroit Partnership.


The Hunters: A group of bored rich men.


Several other gangs also appear.


Lucas Peppone

1. The Arms Trade

Lucas wants you to accompany him to an arms trade. After this mission, arms trading, buying and selling is now available.

2. Armed and not Dangerous

AmmuNation, effectively kicked out of the city, is being sent into the countryside and surrounding cities. Lucas wants you to hijack an AmmuNation truck.

3. Removing the surplus

Lucas wishes you to rob an army surplus store.

4. All Aboard

Lucas wants you to go to a railyard and find a train carrying millitary hardware so you can hijack it and bring it to an old freight depot where Lucas is waiting to pick it up via semi-truck.





Sal is an old war veteran who is being beaten up by a group of hoodlums. He wants you to send them away. You can do this by either killing them or beating them up.



Jerry, upon hearing of your "gangster" lifestyle, is intrigued and introduces you to his son, who has previously said he's interested in "gangster". Jerry does not realise how bad it is, and when Jerry's son gets involved with bad people, a furious Jerry wants you to get him out of it.



Tiffany is a young woman who's life has descended into becoming a crack-addled prostitute. She first wants you to take her to clients, but then decides to start her life again and has you kill her pimp.



An elderly, well-off housewife, her ex-husband has stolen her car. She asks you to return it, optionally teaching her husband a lesson at the same time.



A new immigrant (who had a horrible life back home in wartorn Gaza), he asks you to take him to his new employers. Later it turns out his new life has been even more horrible and confusing, so asks you to take him back to the airport and have some money ($500) to buy a ticket. A while later he calls you, reveals he made it rich back home and gives you $10000 as thanks.


Ronald Meyer Jr.-Appears in Lincoln after killing Meyer in the optional mission. Reveals that the Meyer reputation has been in the ditch lately (partly due to Ben still having stakes in the gang). Asks you to go kill a nosy Truth Inc journalist.


Mr. Patten-A deli owner in Carcer City. After his first encounter, gives you a series of missions that involve taking out "troublesome" people and bringing them to "make good use of bad rubbish".


Stanislaw-A new immigrant in Sears City who is being bullied by his cruel neighbours.



Ed is a 32 year old thrill seeker. Ed loves to have fun and excitment but most of the time he is alone so he ask you go to do stuff with him.


Sammy Piaga

Sammy Piaga is an Italian-American citizen from Lincoln D.C. He is an amateur paparazzi who specializes in political journalism. Sammy can't get any decent shots of the politicians because the professionals are hogging all the good spots. He asks Ben to distract the other paparazzi long enough for him to snap some great shots of the politician. This involves stealing a estate car and driving it past the paparazzi and drawing them away from the real politician.


The US Government







NOOSE (SWAT/Homeland Security)



Government officials


Lawton administration, 2004, pre-election


Jacob Lawton (President)


Gary McLaughlin (Vice President)


Laurence Steinfeld (Defence Secretary)

Albert Ashdown (Attorney General)

Jonny Stevens (Secretary of State)

Richard Granson (Treasury Secretary)

Jenny Martin (Interior Secretary)

Coleen Duncan (Agriculture Secretary)

Constantin Gonzalez (Commerce Secretary)

Sarah Hin (Labour Secretary)

Bill Williamson (Health Secretary)

Ned Kulinsky (Education Secretary)

Peter Johnson (Housing Secretary)

Kyle Erwing (Transport Secretary)

Isaac Jones (Energy Secretary)

Jim Pilinsi (Veterans Secretary)

Jack Lebedev (Homeland Security Secretary)


Freddy Hunt (Chief of Staff)

Connor Hardley (Head of the EPA parody)

Robert McIntosh (Head of the Management and Budget office)

Joe Anderson (Head of drug policy)

Orlando Neville (US trade representative)


Vincent L Walter (FIB director)

Tom S Merchant (FOI director)


Old rich father


“This can’t happen to me! I’m white!”

“Oh, my body’s too old for this!”

“But I’m rich….”

“No, this ruins my schedule!”

“Gah, this is a disgrace!”

(Gun aimed at)

“Oh, I don’t need this right now!”

“You’re a hired assassin I bet?”

“Just calm down…go back to your housecleaning job…everybody’s happy.”

“Well….I weren’t expecting that.”

“This is the thanks I get?!?”

“Oh, even my children don’t put me through this crap!”

(Being pushed)

“Now my suit’s all greasy!”

“Do you know who I am?”

“I’m more important then you, move out of the way!”

“You never built a business empire, did you? Thought so.”

“Poor stupid little street scum.”

“This is my city, move out of the way!”

“You’re more disgraceful then my stupid children!”

“Show me the due respect and admiration!”

“Only my gold diggers can do that!”


“You are more of a stupid weakling then my failure of a son!”

“I’m old and ferocious!”

“You dare mess with a big cheese?”

“I’m rich, you’re not, I win anyway!”

“Beat me, I still sue you!”

“Ah, you’ll die!”

“I despise your lazy, greasy type!”

“Time to defend my status!”

“I must defend my way of life!”

“I will get my friends to send people to fight you!”

“I’m angry, I’m grumpy, my son’s failed at running my empire and you pushed me over the edge!”

“Time to install some values into you!”

“You’ll never make it big in business or life!”


“I don’t need this sh*t!”

“Where’s my lawyer?”

“I’m too old, rich and white for this!”

“I don’t wanna die!”

“I just want to retire in peace!”

“Please, spare me!”

“I need to live my retirement in peace!”

“This ain’t good!”

(Car damaged)

“Repairing those scratches will cost your annual salary!”

“You parasite!”

“My son drives better then you!”

“This is why only we rich respectable folk should drive!”

(Traffic jam)

“Move it!”

“I own you people, move!”

“I don’t care, just move your crappy vehicle!”

“I got an appointment, move!”

“What you trying to do, make a jam that goes from Sears to Burrington?”

(Almost being run over)

“Get off the road and back to where you come from!”

“This is how the city repays me?”

“Did my son or my business rival pay you to do that?”

“You, sir, are a failure!”

“If you can’t drive, at least hire a chauffeur! I wait, you can’t!”

(Being carjacked)

“Get your dirty hands off my car!”

“You lazy freeloading parasite!”

“Ugh, guess my daughter will be inheriting one less car!”

“Well, that’s a couple of my gold diggers lost…”

“You rude thieving bastard!”

“Ugh…I’ll have to use one of my other identical cars…”

“Now I’ll have to walk to that stupid meeting…”

“Now I must take…*shudder* public transport…”

“How will I get to the dinner party now?”

“How will I reach the lacrosse game now?”

(Carjacking the carjacker)

“That’s what I think of communism!”

“I’ll beat you later!”

“You stupid morons need to be taught respect and obedience!”

(Seeing a murder)

“Ah, I’ll make sure my hitmen are more professional…”

“Lincoln State has gone to the dogs!”

“Oh, that sight isn’t pleasant!”

“Ah, I’m going back to my peaceful sheltered upper-class lifestyle!”

“Oh, that poor person!”

“This is quite disgraceful!”

“Can’t they keep this sh*t in the ghettoes?”

(Being arrested)

“After another bribe, officer? Could of asked.”

“I needed to kill time.”

“Do you know who I am?”

“You’ll be fired in a jiffy!”

“I know the chief of police!”


“Oh, hello.”

“Oh, hi. It’s you!”

“Pleasure to talk to you!”

“How are things on your end?”

“How are things, personally and business-wise?”

“How are you this average day?”

“I’m fine.”

“Aside from those lawsuits and my son ruining my empire, everything’s fine.”

“Fine, just brought a new hotel suite.”

“Fine, got a holiday planned.”

“Meh, could be worse.”

“And how are you?”

“And you?”

“Well, that’s pleasant.”

“Heh, nice and idyllic.”


“Couldn’t agree more.”

“The snobby elitist privileges were earned!”

“Yes, I support.”

“Well, everyone who matters has.”

“Well, yes.”

“Of course I have!”

“Well, that’s great and all…”

“Good news at last!”

“Oh, bugger.”

“Well, that is much a failure as my son is!”

“Who the hell let that crap happen?”

“Should be laws against that!”

“Oh, just the news I didn’t need…”

“I’m so angry I’m calling my lawyer and writing a strongly-worded letter!”

“Country’s going to the dogs!”

“Well, no.”

“I don’t think so.”

“I’m afraid not.”

“No can do.”

“I’m retired, I’m not bothered, so no.”

“Hmm….I’ve been thinking…”

“By the way…”

“Sorry to change the subject, but…”

“Anyway, something I must mention…”

“A word of advice: never leave a bumbling playboy son in charge of a business empire!”

“Aren’t gold diggers a great consolation to life’s inadequacies?”

“I find rich over-paid designers make decent cars and clothing!”

“Though no use to me, I still follow the financial news.”

“I must buy another luxury car…maybe a limo…or another Infernus…”

“Having a rich millionaire heiress as a daughter has its pros and cons…”

“I find the recent wave of immigrants is only good for menial work and chores!”

“Have you got a boring busy schedule?”

“Maybe I’ll just sit back, play some golf, do some useless boring crap…”

“I am partially responsible for this city’s growth, you know.”

“Do you think I’m a great business icon?”

“Oh, do you realise the horrors of slaving away in a luxury office doing a bit of paperwork and raking in the cash?”

“I swear, gold diggers, servants, luxury items, piles of money rotting away, lawyers and accountants are necessary for an even vaguely satisfying life!”

“You would not believe the state of moral and economic decay since then!”

“You ever been on a business trip, then decided to buy the hotel you stayed in?”

“Well, I must go. My son’s probably chopped our share price in half by now…”

“I must go now. Got an appointment soon…”

“I mustn’t keep everyone waiting. Bye.”

“See you soon.”


“Okay, bye.”

“Okay, bye. Stay well.”

(Ordering food)

“I’ll have that.”

“I’ll have your finest, most expensive products.”

“Can I have that, looks posh.”


“Here’s a cheque to pay for it.”

“Okay, can I have this?”

“I’d like to purchase this.”


“Thanking you.”

“Good sir, thank you.”

(Hailing a taxi)


“Hey, street taxi, I need emergency transportation!”

(Getting in the taxi)

“Can you get me to my destination?”

“Get me to my destination or else I’ll get you fired!”

(Getting off the taxi)

“Thank you, a successful trip.”

“Maybe this common transportation isn’t so bad after all…”


Some quotes for Ben Lopez


(Running people over)

"Thanks for moving out of my way!"

"Ah, did I hurt you?"

"Get out of my way!"

"Hey, you dented my car! Oh, you look pretty screwed up as well, but my car!"

"Learn to dodge!"

"It's nothing personal!"

"You should use some ointment, patch yourself up!"

"Ah, sh*t happens."

(Injuring someone)

"You got in my way, mate."

"You got health insurance, right?"

"Don't make me angrier!"

"Oh, that looks nasty."

"Just stay down and don't screw around!"

(Aiming a gun at someone)

"Oh, look, a gun!"

"Run and hide!"

"Now, you listen to me!"

"Wanna argue?"

"I have a gun. Your opinions are invalid."

"I weren't happy to see you, it was a gun."

"I'm a loose cannon, don't be the human cannonball!"

(When carjacking someone)

"You had it coming."

"The dealership sent me get this back."

"Sucks to be you."

"Life sucks, deal with it."

"I need a ride and they took my license"

"I'll try to bring it back."

Lenny Quentin: A gangster who assists you in Carcer City, originally met when you are ambushed by a pissed off rival gang of Quentin's.


Boris Mercedes: A European gangster. You kill one of his loan sharks when you buy a new Carcer safehouse, but he likes you and gives you jobs.


Jimmy Decks: A snuff film director, introduces you to some of Carcer's gangs and big wigs.


Sheik Abu Mustafah Harun Abdul Karim Ibn Al-Yasa Ibn Yusef Al-Khalid

An Arabian business tycoon, with offices in Sears City. Introduced to Ben via Ronald Meyer. He gives you missions from his luxury cruise liner, his office or his villa.


Leo Gutierrez

A drug tycoon, currently enjoying his stay in Lincoln State. Gives you jobs, mostly against smaller drug "cartels" (eg, blowing up a weed farm run by a bunch of uni students, killing some unemployed Granite Island dockworkers using an abandoned warehouse for drugs running, destroying a hillbilly drugs farm).















Bringing you all the news they want you to see


Hide and go seek in Iraq

Giovanni Saloreno

More news on the Iraqi War, as Defence Secretary Laurence Steinfeld admitted at a press conference "The Iraqis seem to hidden their WMDs and terrorists somewhere. It is a well known unknown known that the Iraqis possibly, in all likelihood, may have, at some point, had WMDs. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we look, no matter how hard we bomb, we can't find them. It is a shame that no matter where we dig, we can only find sand, rubbish, and large quantities of oil. However, we are turning this unfortunate fact that we cannot find the WMDs that are their somewhere, into a positive, by investing our rebuilding money in oil pipelines, something that will obviously have a massive impact on the lives of the normal Iraqi. The world should know, and if you don't know you're a stupid commie terrorist, that this war will play a vital part in the Middle Eastern peace process and rebuilding the post-war Iraqi economy." Laurence Steinfeld's lies are 72 years old (the first one being when the pregnancy test turned out negative.)



Thomas Bloomberg

Sears City, home to nearly 3 million people, is currently in the grip of a massive gun control law argument. On one side, the Mayor, Jeffrey S Bailey, claims that guns are no longer necessary "Aside from street gangs, terrorists and other people with guns, what do you need guns to defend yourself from?" He went on to make his new gun control law clear, which would get all AmmuNation shops in Sears City closed and force people to either "get off their fat asses and buy a gun elsewhere" or do it the good old "American way" and buy it illegally.


However, the leader of the pro-gun group Guns and Fun, Henry Q Billson, claims that "We have guns for two reasons: protecting our family from tasty wild animals and keeping the English out of our hair. Now, with extremist English terrorism stronger then ever, surely we all need guns."


Leader of the centrist think tank Clear Thinking said "You're all f*cking nuts."


A beacon of hope in Central Africa

Stephen Wallins

As wars rage in poverty-stricken Central Africa, a beacon of hope emerged for the region. 53-year old British singer, Alicia Prima, looking surprisingly sexy in her old age (with her designer leopard skin boots and golden hair, is a beacon of hope on her own), condemned the attacks publicly and vowed to take serious action by adopting a 6-month old Mulawi boy, who, in order to integrate him into civilised western society, will be called "Nice Thing". This will signal a new start for the region, which, in a terribly bad day, experienced 612 deaths due to the war yesterday alone. Hopefully the primitive tribes will be humbled into peace by those glorious golden locks and that lovely rhino skin bag.




Tony Medici a "legitimate businessman"

Laura Dickson

Tony Medici, son of the dying suspected mob boss Vincent Medici, is well known in Sears City for his premium quality furniture (he is famous for his end tables). He was found a humourous figure by the local community, and tales of him brutally beating an unsatisfied customer with a coat hanger still earn many laughs. However, recently charges have emerged against the Italian-American entrepreneur, namely assault, racketeering, disorderly behaviour, organised crime connections and noisy lovemaking (or watching noisy lovemaking.) He was released due to lack of concrete evidence (concrete shoes, for example) and was released without punishment. Tony Medici hopes the guys over at the Lost & Found office find some of their evidence, and the search parties find that witness that took a swim and reportedly got taken by the current to Vice City.


Tony said to reporters "I'm not admitting to any illegal stuff, y'know, cos it's wrong. You still think I'm a crook? Listen, I ain't no associate of any crime family! Say that again and I won't just break your arm, I'll get the family on you!"


Meyer Family Inheritance

Timothy Heswall

The Meyer Family business empire, spanning banking, media, property, banana republics, industry, toilet paper, political corruption and more, is going through major changes. Recently, Waldorf Meyer, the entrepreneur who made a large amount of his non-inherited fortune by investing in Las Venturas County in San Andreas during the 70's, has been giving more and more positions in his company to his children, particularly his eldest son Ronald. Now, he is officially stepping down from his position as CEO to "enjoy [his] retirement screwing around and making even more money", and handing the company to Ronald.


When questioned by journalists regarding nepotism, Waldorf said "Listen, just because the people who I think are the most trustworthy and helpful members of the company are all members of my family, doesn't mean I'm a nepotist. It's all, most likely, a coincidence."


Ronald Meyer has already named his admittedly stupid son Ronald Meyer Jr as successor. Ronald Meyer also says that inheriting stuff from his rich father makes up for the abuse and neglect of his childhood.


Artist Valientes revealed to be “3-year old baby”

The world of modern art was shocked today when one of its most talented and renowned artists, the publicity shy French resident Maliessa Valientes was revealed to be a 3-year old girl. Valientes, producers of such works as “Pile of poop, the beauty of crude nature” and “Colourful Scribbles”, which are currently on exhibition in a British art gallery, was regarded by many as a “revolutionary conceptualist”, with deep, exquisite works drawing in the crowds.

The revelation of the age has been met with mixed response. Gerald Huthermore, an American art critic, had this to say “It just goes to show, any art past the time of Monet was crap, and all you kids should just give up. Picasso and his Euro friends should stop pulling off this modern art stunts, and just let us live our boring dull lives without the intrusions of this “art.” Artistic talent in this competitive world means you’ll end up strip searching Mexican drug mules or teaching illiterate hobos.” However, modern art has responded.

“The age of this artist has shown our inclusive our art form is. As long as you’re clever enough to make up satisfactory explanations for your piece, anything goes. These snobby elitists should just accept our art style is the best” said Ronald Milligan, the curator of the Randolf Art Center in Liberty City.

In this reporter’s opinion, modern art is a blessing. It makes us all feel superior, and if we get an opportunity, it allows us to become world-famous artists with zero talent and effort.


Mass shootout in Block 28 leaves several dead, wounded

Block 28, for those of you who have been residing under a rock playing too many violent video games, is a currently vacant lot in downtown Sears near City Hall and other governmental buildings. Recently sold to the Floren Co development company, some work has started on building the mixed-use development planned.

Unfortunately, just this week, work was disrupted. A branch of the Sears City Mafia Outfit and some Yakuza emissaries met at the empty site, in a disastrous deal and trade which threatened the lives of you and your children. Luckily, the SCPD had a mole who busted the deal, bravely sacrificing the lives of young men to end the lives of other young men. While many officers and several thugs died, and very few valuables were recovered and no arrests were made, at least the threat of the Mafia and Yakuza interbreeding to create a super mobster has been postponed. Work on Block 28 will soon continue as normal, with the rule on hard hats being more strictly enforced then ever.


Crime wave in Deer Grove City

The suburban town of Deer Grove City has recently rocked by what the SCPD calls a “string of crimes being reported, possibly a crime wave in the making”. The crime report for just an average seven hours reveals a startling amount and frequency of crimes:

0:12am: 94-year old resident Colin Nyle calls the police complaining of loud noises, emerges he has regained his hearing.

0:45am: Neighbour reports 16-year old playing M-rated FPS game, NOOSE team dispatched to investigate

1:34am: Dead duck found by roadside

1:38am: Dead duck found by another roadside; suspicious live duck found nearby

2:02am: A Dr. A Walisham pulled over by police for driving 2 miles over the speed limit.

2:36am: Elderly black man seen window shopping carrying suspicious brown stick, arrested, claims stick is for “walking aid”, but could be a murder weapon

2:51am: Reports of a cat meowing, cat unable to be found

4:00am: Drunk reveller calls police claiming aliens are in his back yard, FIB team dispatched to arrest him

4:49am: Teenage girl pulled over for driving at a speed that might be slightly dangerous; arrested for violent misconduct when an officer slipped and touched her breast for an extended period of time

5:35am: A Cynthia Archer reports a strange hat in her kitchen.

5:39am: Lovemaking reported, officers sent for surveillance purposes

6:01am: Man arrested for making slightly un-PC joke.

6:27am: Two men arrested for discarding used cigarette butts on floor.

6:44am: A 19-year old mother of two wants son arrested for nicking biscuits.

Explanations for this rise in petty and serious crime are numerous and varied, including such out-there claims that the residents are overreacting or the police are overzealous, to more down-to-earth theories that organised crime, terrorists and socialist elements are funding chaotic terrorism. Regardless, until further notice, police presence has increased in the small town.



President Lawton’s crusades for justice in Iraq and Afghanistan have been accused of starting a variety of problems, from terrorism to higher oil prices to Iran laughing at us, and doing little noteworthy good. Pictures of wounded children, abused POWs and traumatised mothers crying have sparked claims by Lawton’s political opponent, Democrat bruiser Steve Kozak, that “Iraq and Afghanistan are crying”.

However, Vice President Gary McLaughlin, speaking on behalf of the President who was battling an injury caused by a fundamentalist nacho, claimed “We have loads of secret intel revealing that our reasons were just, both economically and whatever the other thing is. Oh yeah, our PR agents can vouch for that. There is no scandal. Everything is a-okay. Sure, bad things are happening, but sh*t happens. Our brave troops want to install the right kind of democracy in the region, that takes time. Now, enough details, enough stupid questions. I have to visit a friend who somehow received 12 bullet wounds in his ass following a hunting trip with yours truly.” When confronted with the crying claim, Gary McLaughlin simply said liberals were giving them onions as part of their "veggie health drives".

Both sides intend to exploit this issue for as long as they can.



A first in recent history (e.g times of my life I weren't drugged up during, the time before my life I can't be bothered to research) the election has been put back to the Christmas season, due to the threat of terrorism, political scandal and low opinion ratings. The Lawton administration claims this has no effect on democracy, culture or the nation's future, a decision the Democrats can't be assed to argue with.

This means festive cheer will be met with political apathy, and we at the Lincoln Enquirer hope to milk this strange set of circumstances (posters with licenced dolls made in China with lead paint next to a campaign poster with a smug prick using botox, subliminal messaging inviting you to buy Christmas themed sex dolls mixed with subliminals encouraging you to piss in Steve Kozak's mail box and throwing yeast at his toupee), will be milked by us at the Lincoln Enquirer for as long as possible, with columnists ranting and praising, grumpy hillbillies blaming political correctness and feature articles with lists of politically themed Christmas jokes and decorations, and articles on how to put festive cheer on your ballot paper.


Some missions for Sheik Al-Khalid, in no particular order.

The great Persian carpet robbery

The Sheik wants some new Persian carpets. You must steal some from a museum, evading or killing the guards, load them in a van and bring them back to the Sheik.

From Russia with Tough Love

Sergei Kuznetsov, a Russian oligarch and crime lord, is coming to Sears City on a business trip. The Sheik has requested Sergei, a business rival, to be killed along with his convoy before he arrives at the meeting.

Al-Khalid and sons

The Sheik’s son, Mustafah, is giving the Sheik a bad name. He wants him dead. You must kill him as he goes on a helicopter joy ride around Sears.

It’ll be Oil Right

The Sheik is angry at the fact one of his oil platforms is being sold to a rival company by the workers. He wants the managers (Frederick Tompkinson, Stewie Valois and Daniel Patten) dead and he wants no more trouble to come from the platform. “If I can’t have it, nobody can!” You kill the managers and destroy the platform.

What goes up, must stay up

The Sheik has heavily invested in a nice suburban town. For prices to remain high, he wants you to remove all undesirable elements, such as bad cars, tramps and hoodlums.

The whistleblower job

An annoying whistleblower (Tariq Salim) could seriously harm the Sheik’s public image. The Sheik wants him and the journalist (Laura Watson) buying the info DEAD. They are meeting on a boat near Phallus Island.

Stealing Life

The Sheik has heard a street gang are planning a robbery on his luxurious suburban villa. The Sheik wants you to stand guard and snipe the burglars before they escape with too much.

Sheik Down

Ben arrives at Sheik's office to find him fuming. Sheik tells him that three of his major investors have pulled out of his latest project; living him fund the whole thing himself. He wants Ben to find the three investors and 'persuade' them not to pull out. The first investor can be found driving around the city in his limosuine. Ram it off the road and pull him out of the car in order to convince him to reinvest. The second is on his private yacht in the ocean; you need to take a Jet Ski and drive out to the yacht and beat him up. The third is arriving by helicopter at his corporate building. You need to find your way to the roof of his building and intimidate him.

At peace with the Earth

A shipment of expensive crude oil is arriving at some Patriot Island docks. Unfortunately, the Sheik has heard a bunch of crazy, violent extremist environmentalists are planning on attacking the ship as it docks. He wants you to protect the ship as it docks, protect the workers as they load the oil onto the oil tankers, then protect the tankers as they head to the Trenton Refinery.

Oil crisis

The Sheik knows how expensive oil is becoming. Thus, he wants you to hijack a heavily guarded oil tanker as it makes its way to the Trenton Refinery.


Some missions for the Queensbridge Security Force, who blackmail Ben into working for them:

Amerikkka's Most Wanted

Queenbridge Serucity Force sends Ben to find and kill several members of the Triple K's who have been killing off their assocites. The mission is named after an album made by the rapper Ice Cube.

We Like To Party

Queenbridge Serucity Force sends Ben out to disrupt a party we're people are protesting against Queenbridge Serucity Force's action/

To Tell A Fib

Queenbridge Serucity Force sends Ben to assainate a FIB agent who has gathered possible eveidence that can ruin Queenbridge Serucity Force.

A Dish Served Cold '04

Queenbridge Serucity Force sends Ben on one last mission. Basicly an employee of Queenbridge Serucity Force has threatened to press corruption charges against the Queenbridge Serucity Force unless they give him 2 million dollars in cash. Queenbridge Serucity Force sends Ben to meet the man and kill him. After killing the man, Queenbridge Serucity Force asks Ben to do one last favor for them. Ben, in outrage, heads over to Queenbridge Serucity Force's headquaters and raids it, destroys the evidence that Queenbridge Serucity Force is blackmailing him with and kills the CEO of the Queenbridge Serucity Force. Ben also burns the head quaters down so that th Queenbridge Serucity Force canbe dispersed.



Klaus H Stauss: The leader of the gang, treats his fellow mercenaries with a drill sergeant-like attitude. A "former Vietnam vet", he claims to be the "toughest man in Lincoln". However, when Ben hires the gang to help him on a big job, Gerry runs away in fear. It is later revealed he was a spoiled rich brat who escaped the war by joining the National Guard. ( cookie.gif if you spot the reference in his surname.)


Konstantin Ivanovich: A drunk, drug abusing deputy of the gang.


Kwasi Afuom: A former mercenary from Ghana, a guy who takes his job seriously.


Jennifer Raul: A grumpy mercenary who hates everything, is a recluse.


Garret Hyde: An Irish mercenary, the bookish brains of the gang.


Mary Steade: Another mercenary, a psychotic evil maniac and former bank robber.


Anthony Aston: Another mercenary, the stupid brute force and former security guard.



More Coming soon!


A special thanks to:

Gerneral Goose






Grope For that date



Flesh n Bone

Gta freak josh






Mainland marunder



Feel free to suggest ANYTHING you would like to see in this post, be it weapons, vehicles, songs, mission and story ideas, and more. This is a democracy; I’ll let the repliers control this forum. After all, its all about you wink.gif

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Urban Legend

I... don't know man. Not everyone can make these topics. sigh.gif


I like the map though. It has potential.

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I... don't know man. Not everyone can make these topics. sigh.gif


I like the map though. It has potential.

Thanks, and what do you mean by not everyone can make these topics smile.gif

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I like it, however I don't think it should be set in the past, I think Rockstar has already gone and done that. Also, how can it be set in 2004 if he left for the army in 2003, and two years later found the diamonds in 2005?


And if you do find your father, I think there should be a choice to either execute him, or let him live. I think it would be a very hard choice for people then.


For new gameplay there's still an somewhat neglected idea I had that I think is pretty cool.


For all who care it can be found here; http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtop...entry1059042097

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I like it, however I don't think it should be set in the past, I think Rockstar has already gone and done that. Also, how can it be set in 2004 if he left for the army in 2003, and two years later found the diamonds in 2005?


And if you do find your father, I think there should be a choice to either execute him, or let him live. I think it would be a very hard choice for people then.


For new gameplay there's still an somewhat neglected idea I had that I think is pretty cool.


For all who care it can be found here; http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtop...entry1059042097

I like the idea you put. And yes, you locate your father towards the very end and you can choose to execute him. It is kind of like the whole darko-brevik nikko thing. And i fixed the dates, you enlist in the army in 2002, then get kicked out in 2004. I pu 2003 because thats when Bush started the war in Iraq, but I geuss he could have just joined the army a year before.

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Wow, that map is really really good, when I looked at it I could picture it as being an actual map in a GTA.

Keep up the good work.

I like the mexican protagonist Idea, something we havent seen.

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Wow, that map is really really good, when I looked at it I could picture it as being an actual map in a GTA.

Keep up the good work.

I like the mexican protagonist Idea, something we havent seen.

Thanks alot for the support, I'm glad you read through it enough to get the mexican protaganist part. I'm upgrading this thread by the minute.

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I like the idea of the mexican protagonist. The first post is a little long winded, and the map isn't great, but the storyline is good, and the sidemissions are a nice mix, good to see the pizza boy back in action aswell biggrin.gif . Congrats on making a good thread.


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I like the idea of the mexican protagonist. The first post is a little long winded, and the map isn't great, but the storyline is good, and the sidemissions are a nice mix, good to see the pizza boy back in action aswell  biggrin.gif . Congrats on making a good thread.

cookie.gif  cookie.gif  cookie.gif  cookie.gif

Nice to see a wide variety of opinions. Some people like the map, while some people like the story. turn.gif Keep in mind, add SUGGESTIONS as well as opinions.

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Coming soon!


Prehaps there should be a radio station that plays MidWestern Rap/Hip Hop songs made by artist such as ICP, Eminem, Twista, Bone-Thugs In Harmony, ETC.

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Coming soon!


Prehaps there should be a radio station that plays MidWestern Rap/Hip Hop songs made by artist such as ICP, Eminem, Twista, Bone-Thugs In Harmony, ETC.

Very good idea. Do you have any idea of what it could be called?

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Coming soon!


Prehaps there should be a radio station that plays MidWestern Rap/Hip Hop songs made by artist such as ICP, Eminem, Twista, Bone-Thugs In Harmony, ETC.

Very good idea. Do you have any idea of what it could be called?

The Beats 95.7

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Coming soon!


Prehaps there should be a radio station that plays MidWestern Rap/Hip Hop songs made by artist such as ICP, Eminem, Twista, Bone-Thugs In Harmony, ETC.

Very good idea. Do you have any idea of what it could be called?

The Beats 95.7

Very cool. I'll add it. Just can't think of any good songs for it. If anyone can help me with songs, that would be cool. Other station ideas are appreciated.

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Coming soon!


Prehaps there should be a radio station that plays MidWestern Rap/Hip Hop songs made by artist such as ICP, Eminem, Twista, Bone-Thugs In Harmony, ETC.

Very good idea. Do you have any idea of what it could be called?

The Beats 95.7

Very rock and roll. I'll add it.

What do you mean by "Very Rock and Roll?"

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Coming soon!


Prehaps there should be a radio station that plays MidWestern Rap/Hip Hop songs made by artist such as ICP, Eminem, Twista, Bone-Thugs In Harmony, ETC.

Very good idea. Do you have any idea of what it could be called?

The Beats 95.7

Very rock and roll. I'll add it.

What domean by "Very Rock and Roll?"

Lol, I dont really know. I just mean "Cool".

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Coming soon!


Prehaps there should be a radio station that plays MidWestern Rap/Hip Hop songs made by artist such as ICP, Eminem, Twista, Bone-Thugs In Harmony, ETC.

Very good idea. Do you have any idea of what it could be called?

The Beats 95.7

Very rock and roll. I'll add it.

What domean by "Very Rock and Roll?"

Lol, I dont really know. I just mean "Cool".

Oh I see. Now what about the playlist?

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I'm not sure about what songs to put. Do you have any ideas? I'm not a big hip hop fan.

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To my knowledge radio stations in GTA games have been based on real radio stations. Like in Liberty City the radio stations were based on New York's radio stations. (LCHC was NYHC).


But considering I'm not from America I don't exactly know any radio stations from there.


Also the first car you should start off with should be old, dirty and barely drivable. Maybe something like this old 2 doored Mini Austin.user posted image

Obviously looking alot worse and runned down.

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To my knowledge radio stations in GTA games have been based on real radio stations. Like in Liberty City the radio stations were based on New York's radio stations. (LCHC was NYHC).


But considering I'm not from America I don't exactly know any radio stations from there.


Also the first car you should start off with should be old, dirty and barely drivable. Maybe something like this old 2 doored Mini Austin.user posted image

Obviously looking alot worse and runned down.

Cool, maybe not as bad as a mini- austin, but I'll add that vehicle to the vehicles list. Maybe like a beat-down sedan or beat-down old sports car, like an old 1980's Sabre GT that gets upgraded throught the game. Like, I dont want a crappy car, I want it in a crappy condition. You get me, right?

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What about something like an Turisimo-328 then? Based on an Ferrari-328. It's not too old, has a 3.2 litre engine and can just be in a crappy condition.

user posted image


And also, something to do with realism which I didn't like in GTA IV was that in the story we lived with Roman, but we never really saw Roman in the safehouse watching TV or something, maybe whilst Niko woke up Roman could have said something like "Good morning cousin" and whilst leaving he could say something other like "Going out? See you later, cousin." Just not in there all the time, maybe when you just load up the game and you get out of bed you could just see your brother in GTA:LS.

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Maybe you should thumbnail your vehicles list, as it would look to big and un organised in the post.

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What about something like an Turisimo-328 then? Based on an Ferrari-328. It's not too old, has a 3.2 litre engine and can just be in a crappy condition.

user posted image


And also, something to do with realism which I didn't like in GTA IV was that in the story we lived with Roman, but we never really saw Roman in the safehouse watching TV or something, maybe whilst Niko woke up Roman could have said something like "Good morning cousin" and whilst leaving he could say something other like "Going out? See you later, cousin." Just not in there all the time, maybe when you just load up the game and you get out of bed you could just see your brother in GTA:LS.

I like that idea for the car. I might use that one, for sure. And I also really liek the idea of seeing your brother in his house. Keep in mind, the only safehouse that is his is the very first one you get, but he also may live with you in the Carcer City apartment.

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How do you thumbnail?

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Maybe you should thumbnail your vehicles list, as it would look to big and un organised in the post.

Yeah, I was about to suggest the same.

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Ok, but how do you thumbnail?

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How do you thumbnail?

Upload it on imageshack, and then copy the thumbnail code to here.

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I'm not sure about what songs to put. Do you have any ideas? I'm not a big hip hop fan.

These are just suggestions (that I organized by artist), listen to them and find the ones you find will fit.









Bone Thugs-n-Harmony












I'll add more soon.

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Ok, I put three of those songs up, but I can't do the damned thumbnails.

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It doesn't really matter anyway, considering this thread is on page 2 now not many people are going to care how long the OP is.


Also, I'm trying to re-do the story, using your basic ideas and advancing them. I'm currently at the unlocking of the second island and will probably stop when the second safehouse is unlocked. I'll post it when done.

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It doesn't really matter anyway, considering this thread is on page 2 now not many people are going to care how long the OP is.


Also, I'm trying to re-do the story, using your basic ideas and advancing them. I'm currently at the unlocking of the second island and will probably stop when the second safehouse is unlocked. I'll post it when done.

Cool, thanks. i love the support.

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