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Rotating Le Camera


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To get straight to the point, Can you rotate the camera in this GTA game..?


Annd.. How do you do that?


I've played every GTA game which has been released to date & most of 'em usually the latest ones.. you can rotate the camera around the 3D character model/vehicle/whatever.


If you do not know then it doesn't matter, Okay? smile.gif


Thank you & good day! moto_whistle.gif

Edited by StreetRacer1337
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Obviously you will have the ability to rotate the camera... Altough I don't know how since the game hasn't even been released yet, but most likely with the shoulder buttons.

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I kinda think that the only rotating will be along with the character/vehicle.


The whole point of the isometric view is to diminish draw distance. Basically the ds can handle the 3d graphics on "Chinatown Wars" due to the fact that it's only rendering a small radius around the player/vehicle as opposed to the other games where you can literally see miles in the distance.


Since the technical limitations of the ds restrict what you see to that radius surrounding the player/vehicle there's little reason to rotate the camera when simply rotating the ds in your hands would be just as effective.


Furthermore, with no analog sticks and two less shoulder buttons than console controllers a lot of those things will be dropped. I imagine the shoulder buttons on the ds will go to more essential things than rotating the camera.


But we'll know for sure in a few days.

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shadow magikarp

yup rotating camera is possible

by sliding the stylus on a particular spot on the toch screen(top right corner)

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The Horror Is Alive

And how do you know this? confused.gif

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George Brosnan

Im putting my money on the same way as GTA III and GTA: VC, were it moves with the car.

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look on screenshots you see a camera on the lowest screen that can change the angle etc

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look on screenshots you see a camera on the lowest screen that can change the angle etc

I'd have thought that was about controlling view distance and/or style rather than tweaking the cam left or right as you play?

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