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First review: ONM: 94%

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Thanks for the note, should be interesting to read the whole thing when it's out.

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cool.gif I'll take a look

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Solid game so far.


Graphics are much better than you think.

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Thanks for the tip off but...



eview is in issue 41 of the Official Nintendo Magazine,


Ouch, of course they will hard sell the game and say it's great... Just like the old days with nintendo power, and I would put money on the fact that if anyone here reads that review in the actual mag, there WILL be hints at "sh*t" as per the Angry Video Game Nerd where he covers Nintendo Power gave shining examples.


Yea, that was poorly typed, sorry.


But... Personally... I will be surprised if this is a fairly accurate preview of what review scores we can expect for the game...


To me, there are way too many bouncing pixels, shifting model edges (models appear to shake against each other) and the textures in some areas are far too large for the tiny pixel count of the screen, this it looks like they are very grainy - which is very bad when Grain comes from screen resolution and not lack of mip maps (I mean, it looks particularly worse in the causes for this game)


However, to be completely fair, I have only seen Video of the game so far - this may be encoding or resizing artifacts that don't appear in the game. Even the "textures are too large for res" - I could be wrong about that, it could just be a smooshed set of videos - but ALL videos I've seen exhibit the issues I talk about that I suspect Many games will literally complain of real life headaches when coupled with the effort it takes to actually view a small screen.


We'll see. I hope it's good enough to port and upscale it to something less... ugly.


Trash cans are bigger than cars and people shrink and grow in and out of cars. It's gonna flop lol. Oh well, not like they can't afford it after IV, i bet.


edit: Yea man, look at that, that's bullsh*t peds and the player are like 10 ft tall compared to niko. Look how tiny roads, sidewalks cars, and lanes are compared to people...


If the people were just smaller, I don't think I'd nitpick it. It just seems like this sh*t is way bad scale. Compare this to Niko and these men are 10 or 15 feet tall, 500 pounds:


As you can see, though, cars have "real" suspension, that's pretty awesome for such a small game...


but watch when he steals a car and the person lays on the ground and is longer than the car. lol. sh*t like that I can not look past in games that are based in cities with cars and people instead of fantasy worlds in space...


In fact, i will go as far as to say that this game is really just a beta/tech demo to the next PSP game... That might be a little far, but we'll see. I bet this liberty is on PSP in no time...


Edited by chngdman

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The Horror Is Alive

IMO, it's the best... yes, the very best GTA game so far.

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It does look better in person then in those videos, yeah there are scaling issues with peds and other objects but they are easily forgettable once you get into it. It won't be a flop trust me. The Nintendo DS community are already going wild about it and that's just the flashcard crowd who have the leaked ROM.

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I'm sure I read somewhere that the scaling issues were forced - when they tried more accurate scaling, the game became hard to read visually.


AFAICT, some peds are larger-scale than others in order to make them more visible because they're important for gameplay - eg, Huang and cops...

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The scaling is not an issue, it's intentional and works well

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I just got the email from Rockstar tonight, the GAME IS OUT! THE REVIEWS ARE IN!!


Everyone Rockstar used gave a glowing review of it, and I think it's again, not without warrant, BUT, I assume not all you guys would give it those marks, in the same way GTA4 fell short, you'd start saying it's enough to knock the scores back to a realistic level...but as the head of Rockstar Leeds, Gordon is quoted saying that any Mature title to DS before one can use as a yardstick is pretty much a non issue. They are going to make an impact in how most OLDER gamers will approach the DS system, and they hope their game impacts further development, much as Lucas made his STAR WARS movie to inspire others to do more of the same! It's very much that line of thinking at work here...as a by-product of what GTA is and what impact it can have on the industry!

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