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Content cut out of the mission "Politics"?

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2nd DLC, "'Old Glory"




Luis is the most discussed possible new protagonist believed to be featured in the future new, still unnamed, DLC.




He is featured in the missions 'Three Leaf Clover', 'Museum Piece', 'Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend' and lately in the Lost and Damned mission 'Diamonds in the Rough'.

You recieve the achievement 'Impossible Trinity' after completing 'Museum Piece', where Niko, Johnny and Luis meet - three characters being brought together by almost impossble events.

After completing the mission 'Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend', calling Roman will lead to Niko speaking about coincidence and about how his and a certain Dominican's paths keep crossing. (Thanks to SafetyCatch.)

During the end credits for The Lost and Damned, you see Niko and Johnny exiting the museum during the missions 'Museum Piece' and 'Diamonds In The Rough' respectively, and you get a glimpse of Luis on the roof, shooting through a skylight, possibly making his way back into the museum.

Browsing the 'american.gxt' file found in The Lost and Damned, one will come across several mentions of "fight clubs", complete with rank listings and some dialogue. It is a discovery that strengthens the theory of Luis being the next protagonist substantially. Fight Club, Rankings. (Thanks to Pikey9002.)




Dominican-American street gangster.

25 years old.

Born in Liberty City.

Lives in Northwood.

Associated with the Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers.

Works as a bodyguard for club owner and Ancelotti associate Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince.

Also works as a doorman at Prince's nightclubs, Maisonette 9 and Hercules in Lower Algonquin.

Rumored to be involved in underground fight clubs.

His criminal record also includes Grand Theft Auto in 2001, and assault in 2003.


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El Zilcho

You just copy and pasted that from the Scond Episode topic didn't you?

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You just copy and pasted that from the Scond Episode topic didn't you?

Ding ding ding ding ding!!! Good answer,men

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And that's useless -________-

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