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Q: What are the limitation of the number of items in DYOM?

  • 50 Objectives
  • 100 Actors
  • 100 Objects
  • 20 Cars
  • 20 Pickups
Q: My game crashes, what do I have to do?

Take a look at this topic.


Q: Do others that want to play my mission also need DYOM?

Yes. Everyone that wants to design or play DYOM missions, needs the modification.




Q: Where should I upload my missions to share them with other people?

Use the dedicated DYOM upload site. You can upload a single mission of multiple mission bundled in a ZIP or RAR file. You will be able to add a short description of your mission and can supply a screenshot that will be displayed alongside.


Q: How can I edit a mission after I uploaded it to the upload site?

After you upload a mission, you will be suplied a EDIT-link that you can use to edit your mission later. You will need to provide the correct password to be able to edit a mission.

If you forgot or lost the edit-link, you can construct it again, by taking the URL of the mission-page and substitute "show" with "edit".


Q: I get an error when I try to upload a missionfile or screenshot to the upload site?

Screenshots must be jpg, png or gif with a maximum filesize fo 400kB.

Missionfiles must be DYOMx.dat or a zip file with a maximum filesize of 400kB.




Q: How can an actor drive a car?

This is still an unsupported feature. It will probably be in version 5.


Q: I can't see more then 16 spheres?

This is a limit of SA, so there are only 16 spheres visible at the same time. But you can see it when you play the mission!

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