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Version Date Major changes
1.0 November 30, 2008 First release
1.1 November 30, 2008 Bugs fixed
2.0 December 13, 2008 Text, timed/timelimit missions, edit/delete item, riots
2.1 December 18, 2008 Bugs fixed
3.0 January 9, 2009 Animations, objects, walking/running actors, hide and spawn concept
4.0 February 14, 2009 Cutscenes, more checkpoints, teleport objective, playonly missions
4.1 March 9, 2009 Bugs fixed
5.0 October 30, 2009 Vehicle Related Animations, Special objectives, Fire/Explosions, new tools
6.0 December 31, 2010 Storyline functionality
6.1 February 3, 2011 Mission rewards, bugs fixed
7.0 December 26, 2012 Moving cutscenes, Soundsupport, Moving objects
7.0.1 December 27, 2012 Fixed crash at end of route
7.0.2 December 28, 2012 Fixed crashes due to sound file usage
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Version 1.1 - Download


Changelog version 1:

  • Markers: make selectable for objectives
  • Markers: remove for non-objectives
  • Support interiors for player, actor, cars, en objectives(cars, actors)
  • Fix texts after placement of items.
  • Actor behaviour: stay in position, attack on sight, kill player, .......
  • Fix texts in marker color menu
  • Designtime items: actors lock in place, pickups can't be picked up.
  • Clean Mission must really destroy all designtime items
  • Friend behaviour: hold position, follow player
  • Must-live (set for friend and test during mission)
  • Show items after load and after mission.
  • Colorcode items at designtime: friend-actor:green, enemy-actor:red, objectives: white, player: blue
  • Maximum number of items
  • Automatic objective texts
  • Disable wanted level in designmode.
  • Sequence in mission menu: play mission must be first, and thus default.
  • Remove existing weapons from player at start of mission
  • Must live for cars
  • Car: health, properties(bp, fp), color
  • Fix buildings/enexes voor nonsolid interiors.
  • Spawn designtime items with full immunities
  • Implemented storage for timelimit, timeofday, weather, minwantedlevel, maxwantedlevel
  • Usage in mission for timeofday, weather, minwantedlevel, maxwantedlevel
  • Timelimit usage during mission: init timer display, check during objectoves if timer has expired.
  • Create settings menu to set: timelimit, timeofday, weather, minwantedlevel, maxwantedlevel
  • Sequence of main menu: mission, settings, player, objectives, actor, car, pickup
  • Fix helpteksten voor de nieuwe missie settings
  • Incremented ammo to 9999
  • Removed spawnmode for objective pickup (is always one)
  • Following friend improved, now also follow in car.
Changelog version 1.1
  • Fixed crash when loading a savefile
Edited by Dutchy3010
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Version 2.0 - Download


Changelog version 2.0:

  • Texts (name, author, intro & objectives)
  • Edit items
  • Delete specific items
  • "Select Objective" for adding items to old objectives
  • Support special actors.
  • Teleporter/JetPack
  • Timelimit per objective.
  • Timed missions.
  • Riots
Version 2.1 - Download


Changelog version 2.1:

  • Fixes crash if special actors were spawned
Edited by Dutchy3010
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Version 3.0 - Download


Changelog version 3.0:

  • Actor animations
  • Walking/Running Actors
  • Insert objectives after selected objective
  • Disable head shot (for actors/obj-actors).
  • Secondary carcolor
  • Player health
  • Added Parachute and Jetpack Pickup
  • Increase number of objectives to 50
  • Fixed Objective Time limits
  • Changed default health of actors and player to normal level.
  • Objects (jumps/barriers/gates etc etc)
  • Able to destroy objects after an objective (Hide Object)
  • Hide/Spawn concept for e.g. replacing
  • Car Lockable
  • Add ingame reference to the upload site.
Edited by Dutchy3010
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Version 4.0 - Download


Changelog version 4.0:

  • Added Support for Cutscene-objectives
  • Add a seperate "Add Objective" menu, the objective menu now becomes too cluthered
  • Corona's, racecheckpoints
  • Checkpoints after a car-objective must be done with that car
  • "Playonly" mission files. Publish mission. If you load a playonly file, it will start immediatly and clears afterwards
  • Teleporting objective
  • Timelimit increments from 30 sec to 10 sec
  • New tool: Interior selection
  • Reset interior when using teleport to marker
Version 4.1 - Download


Changelog version 4.1:

  • Skip cutscenes with <space> press
  • Fix Cutscenes in interiors when player is not in the same interior
  • Fixing behavior at end of designing cutscene
  • Fixed must_live property
  • Scaling Issue in weapon accuracy solved
  • Fixed issue when changing a enemy actor to friendly/neutral
  • Next objective is only displayed when in an objective-car-checkpoint sequence.
  • Previous texts were not cleared when loading V1.x missions
  • Fixed crashes when adding actor/checkpoints
Edited by Dutchy3010
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Version 5.0 - Download


Changelog version 5.0:

  • Animations for actors:
    • Enter nearest car
    • Leave nearest car
    • Sit in nearest car
    • Multipoint routes also for walk and run
    • "die" animation.
  • Behaviour for actors in vehicles(cars, bikes, boats, planes, heli's):
    • Follow player
    • Attack player
    • Drive route
    • Driveby Behaviour for passengers
  • Special objectives:
    • Teleport to car
    • Timeout
    • Countdown
    • Weather
    • Wantedlevel/max wanted level
    • Ped behaviour
    • Set time of day
    • Timelimit objective
    • Start timer objective
  • Options for objectives:
    • Actor Objective: "kill all enemies" option.
    • Checkpoint objective: Add "invisible" checkpoint.
    • Destroy car objective
  • Tools:
    • "Spawn test Vehicle" tool
    • "Teleport to objective" tool
    • "Play from Selected" tool
  • Generic
    • Info-thread for displaying objective and items info
    • Standard accuracy was 100, changed to 50%
    • Add Fire and Explosion as special objects
    • Support for 10 special characters during text input, mapped on shift 1 - 9
    • Hotkeys during vehicle selection: H(eli),P(lane),B(oat),C(ar),S(pecial)
    • Increased limits: Pickups(20-> 50), Cars(20-> 50), Objectives(50->100), 400 Points
    • No traffic/peds in designmode
    • "Move objective" option
    • Radar off in interiors
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed bug when canceling load of mission.
    • Fixed bug in menu-sequencing
    • "New Game" in interior placed player way up in the air.
    • Speeded up detection of marker objective.
    • scroll back from interiour 99 did not work.
    • Fixed bug: Cancel during animation selection freezes player.
    • Cancel of "edit actor" during animation leaves player in actorskin
    • Colour car fix
    • Checkpoint sphere remains visible after checkpoint has been deleted.
    • Car animations of actors didn't work for teleport_to_car vehicle. (only for the current objective)
    • Driveby doesn't work properly for the first passenger
    • Pathpoints are not all freed, when deleting an actor or defining a new path
    • Invisible markers were not removed with editing/deleting
    • Only initiate plane landing if final targetpoint is close to the ground.
    • Crash when canceling vehicle selection in "spawn test-vehicle"
    • Fixed cancel problem in car selection
    • Display of hide after was sometime strange (after 999)
    • Deformed actors in interiors
    • Crashes after play from selected
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Version 6.0 - Download[


Changes (in comparison with version 5.0):

  • Major bug fixed. We think this caused a lot of unkown and non-reproducible crashes.
  • Colouring objective texts will be with a + instead of ~. That last sign caused lots of trouble. You can use a + with shift+2. Besides, we created a shortcut. If you type CTRL-r it will generate +r+.
  • When you edit a objective, you don't need to type your text again!!!!
  • You can write a storyline (Beta topic for more information)
  • Created a pauze menu to: abort, save progress and load progress during a storyline.
  • Copy your actor with CTRL+P (requested here).
Goal of the beta's was trying to fix as much bugs as we could. We did fix a lot of bugs, but if you find any more bugs, please report. After version 6 beta 2 we fixed some more bugs.
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V6.1 released! - Download


We just released V6.1. We fixed some major bugs and added quite a few new features.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed "outro not starting" after a progress file was loaded
  • Parachutebug: activation of parachute script was hanging in DYOMintro texts.
  • untranslated colorcodes when editing existing objective text
  • Dead enemies who were objectives should be able to be hidden after being killed.
  • Stability: Several bugs have been fixed that should prevent the random crashes when entering mission triggers

New features

  • Mission rewards: money end several "between missions" free-roaming settings (weather, riotmode, peds/cars enabled, wanted level)
  • Clean Start of storyline: reset money,remove weapons,reset health
  • Mission triggers no longer possible in interiors.
  • Player Stronger in designer mode & no hunger & no drowning
  • New Special objective: Remove Weapons
  • New Special objective: talk on phone
  • new animation: jump forward
  • Actors possible to sit/enter missioncar (e.g. pickup someone with your missioncar)
  • In designmode always only show the selected and 3 closest non-selected checkpoints as sphere.
  • Enabled all wasted/busted respawn points (spawn at nearest hospital/police when wasted/busted)
  • Option to use "enter" to make choices during browsing and in menu's
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DYOM V7.0 - Release



New Features

  • Moving cutscenes

    For cutscene objective, you can now choose between four options:

    Static: Identical to the old (v6) cutscenes

    linear: Camera moves with constant speed from the previous position to the selected position.

    smooth: Camera moves with acceleration and deceleration from the previous position to the selected position.

    Follow actor: After you position the camera, you will be able to select one of the available actors ( with Y and N), that the camera will follow during the cutscene

  • Sound Support

    This version support custom sounds during your mission, by means of mp3 files.

    Each mission is assigned a random "audiocode" when created (or saved for the first time with V7)

    This code determines the directory where the mp3 files for the mission must be placed.

    The audiocode can be viewed in the missions menu.

    mp3 files must be stored in my documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\SD\XXXXX\

    where "XXXXX" is replaced by a random 5 character code.

    Two types of mp3-files can be placed here:

    am.mp3 : file with ambient-sound, that is looped during your entire mission

    01.mp3, 02.mp3, 03.mp3, nn.mp3: sounds that will be player once at the start of each objective.

    If a objective doesn't need a sound, you can just skipt the mp3 file for that mission.

    Pause ambient sound during specific objectives.

    To pause ambient sound for a objective, you create a file in the same directory as the sound files with the name: 01.noa, 02.noa, 03.noa, ......

    The content of the file doesn't matter, it can just be an empty textfile. But the extension should be "noa" (no ambient). For each objective were there exist a NOA file, the ambient sound is paused.


    The directoryname: SD\XXXXX is in uppercase.

    The filenames: am.mp3, 01.mp3, .. are in lowercase

  • Teleport to car as passenger with option to enable drive-by

    For Teleport to car the menu is extended with 'seat selection' and driveby. This allows you to put the player in a passenger seat, and assign another actor as driver.

    If you switch-on drive-by, the player can shoot from the window.

  • Moving object on approach

    When placing an object, a menu is shown, in which you can select "move on approach". You are than enabled to select another position for the same object. The object will normally at the first position, but is the player approaches the object, it will move to the second position. You can configure the distance at which the player triggers the movement as well as the time it takes the object to move between the two positions. This can for example be used for gates.

  • Moving objects along path

    In the new menu when placing an object there is another entry to let an object move along a path. You can choose between three speeds, and you can define a number of positions/orientations for the route. This works similar to defining a walking route for an actor. You can choose between a single movement or a repeated loop over the route.

  • Ammo configurable

    For player, teleport, actors, objective actors and weapon pickups.

  • Healthbar option for 1 actor

    The actor menu has the option to display a healthbar for that actor. Note that only one healthbar can be display at a time. If you have multiple actors with healthbars, only one of them will be shown.

  • "must survive" option available for all actors

    This is now a regular option in the actor menu, and can be used for any actor, not just for friends.

  • A second enemy gang

    There are noe two enemy gangs for actors and objectove actors, which will not only fight the player and friends, but also eachother. Note that "kill all enemies" has been changed to "kill whole gang", thus refers to al actors of the same gang as the objective actor.

  • Pickup all similar pickups (optional with counter), for Pickup objective

    Similar to "kill all enemies/kill whole gang" this option for an objective pickup, makes you have to pickup all available pickups of the same kind as the objective pickup itself.

  • "Sprint" route animation

    Walking a route with a speed above "running"

  • "crouch" route animation

    Walking a route in a "crouched" walk.

  • "Multiple locations" animation. Chooses randomly from set list of possible locations

    An "animation" for an actor. You can select several positions for this actor, and when playing, one of those positions is choosen at random, and the actor is positioned there. The orientation of the actor will be such, that it faces the original location, where the actor was defined.

  • "Random" option for actors

    When choosing actor-models, you can now choose "random". In game, a random skin will be choosen.

  • "Random" option for weapons

    When choosing weapons, you can now choose "random". In game, a random weapon will be choosen.

  • New objects

    stairs, houses, walls, bridges, loopings, trees, furniture, roadblocks

  • New Animations

    swat-moves, stances, etc

  • Camera movable during object placement

    To make it easier to position objects, during object placement you now have the option to move the camera. BY holding the capslock lock, you can use the cursor keys to reposition the camera.

  • AI route driving improved

    The code responsible for AI route driving has been rewritten. It should now be more stable, (better following of roads, backup and retry if stuck). None of the three route options will stop for traffic lights or other traffic. The rewrite also solved the limit of 64 points for AI driving routes, this does no longer exist. Also will passengers with "leave car" animations, leave the car at the end of the route.

Minor Improvements
  • Shift-6 gives ":" instead of "="
  • display model-id during actor, object and car model selection
  • Better camera placement during carselection
  • Display during routepoint now indicates and checks maximum of 64 points per route (existing limit)
Bug Fixes
  • Several stability issues solved
  • Health regeneration fixed
  • Route edit improved (faster, more stable)
  • Phone model shown during "talk on phone"
  • Turn of CJ's voice when not in CJ's skin
  • Display bug during editing pickups fixed
  • Space during cutscene skips "all in a row"
  • Error in timelimit handling fixed
  • Fix handling of secondary color during "edit vehicle"
  • Fix messages referring to 'ENTER' key for cancel
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DYOM V7.0.1 - Release



Fixed Crash at end of car-route


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DYOM V7.0.2 - Release



Fixed Soundfiles crash

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