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Down the line...


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Since R* are crowing about raising the bar on DLC and so on... might this be a spin-off franchise for them like the Stories games? And, like them, might it reach consoles in an adapted form?


I can see this rocking it as an Xbox Live Arcade download, or on PSN... and we might see some 'haters' changing their tune.


Can you see R* making this move?

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[GTA Man]cycon77foamy[GTA Man]

They would have to remove all touch screen based events/minigames.


But no I do not see it getting ported to XBLA or PSN.


Maybe (and I emphasize maybe) an enhanced port on the Wii. Personaly I would like to see a different brand new GTA on the Wii.

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You know, when CW was 1st announced i thought it was gonna be sh*t and i held onto that stance until i saw some screens using the new camera angle(which is excellent) and did some reading on it. I think it'll sell well enough to warrant that kind of thinking and an idea i had in the GTA IV DLC 2 topic i brought up the suggestion to port it to 360/PS3 via DLC.


I don't think it will happen but the idea is surely a legitimate one

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I'd really like to play the story on the 360, but a classic-style GTA is really cool.

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The Horror Is Alive

I'm sure it will become a XBLA game eventually. The touchscreen functions are really just DS gimmicks if you think about it, and I don't think that alternatives couldn't be found (eg. Sniper doesn't have to be put together, you can shoot out the lock on gates, you press buttons to hotwire a car, etc.)

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