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TLAD:Freezing Bug in Weapon shop

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is anyone else getting a freeze up in the Alderney weapon shop ?


i come out of the clubhouse and switch the story mode off in the phone options (before Ray calls and tells you to go to the Libertonian), i go to the hospital for a medikit then head to the weapon shop.


i stand in front of the smg and pick it up, the game tells me it will replace existing weapon, although i don't have a weapon in that slot, i decline the weapon then it just does what you see in the screenie, he just stands there nodding.


user posted image


i can still go back into the main menu etc but ingame is still just a nodding Johnny standing there.


here are 2 screens of my stats, showing where my progress is at the time of the freeze up.


user posted image

user posted image


Edit: i have downloaded the DLC again and it has frozen up in this location every time i try to get the weapon, thats around 9 times so far confused.gif

Edited by Gforce
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My PC version freezes up whenever I bowl in Algonquin, mate. Niko just stands there and looks dumb. If you wait it out, you may regain control and the script may catch up with itself if it is the same sort of bug. After a few minutes, my bowling game actually starts, so maybe this is similar. GL icon14.gif

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i tried leaving it for 10 mins but it never fixed itself.


i have however managed to work out wtf is going on.


i flick between all my weapons and all i can see that i have is the crazy pistol, the crazy shotgun thing and a baseball bat, yet when i stand in front of the micro smg in the gun shop it asks if i want to buy ammo for it, again i scan through my weapons and see i'm not even carrying one mercie_blink.gif


sure enough, i buy the ammo and "et viola", it appears turn.gif


the main reason for buying the bigger SMG is when exiting the Libertonian you kill a guy carrying one just before you go outside and kill all of Ray's guys and i wanted to fill up on ammo for it before the mission etc.


oh well, problem cause appears to be found, but this is a bit of an odd bug that maybe R* needs to address.

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